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Aging It was a day that I thought would never come, as I held it distant in my mind from me and others, I knew it was somewhere in the distant evolving and headed my way. Would it only be a growing circle of thoughts, or a vision of some sort of learning process, told by my elders, as if I would someday be reaching in the myths of controllable pinnacle of the peak of life? We see within the physical change right before my eyes. In a way of the lost of selfcontrol and panic, which would take over my life in a transformational process of reality. Oh my God what's happening to me my eye lids are sagging, my chin is drooping, my hair is turning gray, my face is winkling beyond expectation, my postural change is evident, my hair is fleeting as that of a lost soul, it’s obvious to all the expected and unexpected pronounced process of life, I say what in the hell is happening to me who am I becoming. Everything is fading out and leaving me in a new state of mind, an unrecognizable person is evolving right in front of me as my reflection is another but a gaze. It was something I knew was coming from the stories that I was told, but time was unpredictable and sneaky as it surrounded me as if I was on a merry go round enjoying fun with friends. And I wasn’t ready for what I saw, as who could ever be ready for such a dramatic change of events a transformation. As it created a destructive force from within upon my body as I remember my twenty’s so well, it was as if something came from the sky dropping bits of a new life of change that of particles of age, changing my body as if I was a chameleon from a pretty butterfly to some, and newness to me. So panic I may because I wasn’t ready to turn life forces in the direction it was headed until I had reached out to grab the mirror of the past. It was at that moment I was aware that age has set in it wasn’t just the reflection in the mirror but living proof of a transformation from what I was, to what I will be, and to those remembering me, as the wrinkles expand beyond that of a scolding moment.

Barry S Allen Sr.


My perception on the obvious that of aging.