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African American in movie comedy In the 1950's it was late in the evening my family and sometimes neighbors would cluster up together waiting for Amos and Andy to brighten up our television. Yes it was a new era for us the invention of television. At the time we didn't take it as some sort of belittling of the African American race but just comedy. And then came the 1970's again we were seeing African American doing their thing when it came to television comedy. Again we gather up our family and marched off to the movies as television was more on the conservative arena depicting African American in a different light. So the exploitation movies like shaft and that of Cotton comes to Harlem was a money maker. But if I'm right we did have those who felt this was glorifying drug and criminal life. We had Julia, the man from Uncle, and African American hosting their own television show to name a few. But my recollection of the 1980's is somewhat faded and total recall isn't evidence. But as far as I can remember we were somewhat on the trail of a more crossover in movies hence we were moving up the ladder developing creative writers like Spike Lee, and Gordon Parks.


So I would say that we were moving from that stereotype of time prior to the 1950's in which we were shuffling buffoons, as that of Steppin Fechit, which was the start of our comedy routine. Some defame him with self- proscribed writing by those of the African American race. As I would assume it came through the self analysis of the NAACP so long ago. I can talk for anyone else even those of the Caucasian race with comedy films. For some reason the Caucasian race are not up in arm when it comes to seeing their race in comedy. But me myself I have viewed numerous film over the year from those of artist who are in an unlighted room, and all you can see is their shinny teeth and glowing eyes within the darkness of the scene. I once confronted my grandson who is fifteen years old at the time. The question was do you watch any of Tyler Perry's movies his response was “I don't watch that stupid mess�. I didn't say that much as he laughed and we moved on to another subject. I remember some years ago, there were a group of my friends at my friend's home with beer, and liquor in hand ready to watch a Tyler Perry movie. This was when I felt something that took over my complete assessment of us as a people falling right back into something we were attempting to escape from previous years of disrespect and that of past events in our history, by making those around us laugh by belittling ourselves. Yes we have had critics over the year including Bill Crosby, who smashed the history of Amos and Andy. Which I felt was less degrading than the movies being made today. I could be off track in my assessment of this. Some of the Amos and Andy movies if you as a person would view them once again they aren't that belittling as once thought.

So if I only view movies of Tyler Perry that are more on the mainstream that of depicting everyday life an in love affair and showing a woman breaking the law that of Madea which once could be funny but now is fading in obscurity of the minds of the partakers. I will not lie, I have watched The Browns, and the House of Payne, only twice in that scopes of time it set me in a different direction of myself and my people where are we headed? Tyler Perry commented the other day “I'm so sick of hearing about damn Spike Lee. Spike can go straight to hell! You can print that. I am sick of him talking about me, I am sick of him saying, 'this is a coon, and this is a buffoon.' I am sick of him talking about black people going to see movies. This is what he said: 'you vote by what you see,' as if black people don't know what they want to see." I am sick of him - he talked about Whoopi, he talked about Oprah, he talked about me, he talked about Clint Eastwood. Spike needs to shut the hell up!" So here we go around the mulberry bush swinging our arms up in the air in confused setting some may wondering just what type of comedy should be developed to cater to the funny bones of the African American race of today. And should our writers who are producing movies accept the criticism of critics who feels they are degrading us in some way.


But the box-office is the determination of facts that being diagnosed so far or is it a time that we need to gather up that previous pain in history and call it a new day to elevate ourselves and be more serious and not look for comedy to ease the pain of pass history. Is it my assessment of Whoopi Goldberg isn't something I feel is out of step she is outspoken and I love that. As for Clint Eastwood, he is a dweller of music of African Americans Jazz, but will not stand up for the president, it looks like we can play the music but we can't' govern the country. So the foot note is what I'm I thinking: So if we as people assess our joy and conglomeration of thoughts of what we are and what we want to be in the forgoing generation. As to the groups of individuals hanging around establishments, pondering what will I do next to better my life? Will riches and fame approach me with open arms directing me into a prosperous future? Why do we have this built in notion that we should make folks laugh, for no reason. I just rode around town observing the downtrodden manifesting a past of sorrow, knowing that we don't have the capability to change anything unless it is in the deepest part of our minds. Money is the main factor of life as we see it. So its saving monies to support ourselves and our family which doesn't seem to move us up the ladder so the progressive point of view that in lingering in our mind hidden in secret lower portion of our inner lobe delaying any future development so why forge on trying to change anything. So as I reiterate money is the sort of development so why try to broaden our scope of progress. So we have the few who will direct themselves to a set pinnacle way of life investing, and

making sure their family and self are in a mindset to project any futuristic gain to set a pathway of success for their family name. So the movement from any comedy will or should be placed on the back burner and serious matters will be our direction in our overbearing lives. so me as once a comedy, which was degraded by my wife who said stop being stupid and I stopped at once and now she is viewing the comedy being expanded across the network keeping us all in stitches trying to keep the blood moving.


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