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You Betta Work! “T Noah Jordan

here are Denver restaurants, and then there’s Work & Class.” That’s what I always tell people when they ask about the local food scene. It’s in a class by itself (see what I did there?): casual but completely assured, full of life and noise but never too loud, a place where you can feel celebratory and festive but still manage to carry on a serious conversation. It’s simply the place to go for serious food that never takes itself too seriously. And it’s one of the best restaurants in Denver, both because and in spite of the fact that it never tried to be that way. When the restaurant opened in the RiNo neighborhood just over a year ago, the owners’ only goal was to get people in the door. What if nobody

little — it’s time to think about dessert. And you must think about dessert. Order the apple tart and wash it down with some delicious whiskey eggnog. Not your jam? Go with the chocolate bread or butterscotch puddings. Still not it? How about Mexican banana cake or Loca’s carrot cake? If there isn’t a single dessert that piques your interest, something might be wrong with your taste buds. The trick to this restaurant is simple: Get there early if you don’t want to wait! Because even though, on super busy nights, they allow you to dart across the street for a drink at Dada Art Bar while you wait, nobody really loves waiting. And when the hungry strikes, people can become insufferable — don’t be insufferable. It’s below your class.

showed up? What if they put all this time and energy into a restaurant that sat open and empty? If they only knew back then what they know now, they could’ve eliminated so much stress. Now, the 52-seat restaurant is consistently packed and on everyone’s “Oh, I gotta check that place out” list. Looking at the menu, it’s simple and it’s supposed to be that way. Work & Class creates a menu of items that are easy to remember, easy to crave, and easy to afford. Unlike most restaurants, the menu is divided in a way that allows you to pick and choose only what you want. If you want just the meat, you can order just the meat. If you want just the sides, you can order just the sides. If you’re feeling really hungry, start with an order of lamb pozole while you sip your spiced cran-apple cider. If you’re just looking to snack, order the golden beet and fennel salad and swap your cider for the Yucatan orange-clove. And then, when you’re finished the starters and really ready to dive in, order the New Jersey Ernie’s meatballs, some chipotle-cheesy tomato mac, maybe some shrimp and grits, and finish off the table with either the cochinita or (if you’re feeling adventurous) the roasted goat. You won’t be disappointed. When the table is successfully cleared — and maybe after you’ve loosened your belt just a

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Feb. 18, 2015 :: Trains, Planes, and Bikes  
Feb. 18, 2015 :: Trains, Planes, and Bikes