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BEAUTY Know your skin: Men’s skincare for all skin types By Kelsey Lindsey, the Boulderite Beauty

Men, listen up. The days where the excuse, “I don’t know, I’m a man” are over. With bars of soap being replaced by myriad options for cleansers, astringents, creams, and scrubs, every man can now customize their skincare habits to fit their facial needs. No ifs, ands, or un-softened butts about it. The first step into this bright new world of better skin is to identify your skin type: normal, sensitive, oily, or dry. Adjusting your regimen to fit your unique skin type will (hopefully) help you maintain a clear visage and prevent signs of aging, giving you confidence and pluck every time you look in the mirror. /NORMAL With smaller pores, an even skin tone and smooth skin, those with “normal” skin have hit the jackpot of healthyskin genetics. I’ll congratulate you when I’m done reeling in jealousy. To maintain your happenstance skin, wash daily with a facial cleanser that will remove dirt, but won’t clog pores or dry it out. Bar soap is OK for this type of skin, but make sure it is a moisturizing soap with emollients and moisturizers like vitamin E oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. During summer months or after the gym, consider using a face scrub to remove any sweat and dirt that may have accumulated, which will help reduce oil buildup and keep that skin smooth. And while moisturizing is always a good idea for every skin type, look for a lotion rather than a cream, as it will provide moisture without the oil. /SENSITIVE Bad reactions to shaving, exposure to sun and wind, and perfumes all constitute sensitive skin, and it is important for men with this type of skin to choose facial products wisely. Avoid anything with fragrance, and

consider adding pre-shaving oil to your shaving regimen to reduce irritation. Wash with a gentle face wash that contains vitamin E or chamomile, which will clear away oils while still leaving skin hydrated. Lastly, moisturize daily, particularly after shaving, with an oil free moisturizer containing glycolic acid. /OILY Shine and glow – both are euphemisms to describe the underlying problem for this brand of skin-oil. With medium to large pores, men with this type of skin oftentimes have blackheads or blemishes, but the right products can help reduce their appearance. Washing daily with a face wash is a must for those with excess oil, as it will help control the buildup of oil and shine. Using a face scrub will also help dispose of dead skin and control shine, and an astringent (found in some aftershave lotions and toners) tightens the skin and narrows the pores. While a moisturizer might sound counterintuitive, oil-free gel moisturizers are quickly absorbed, leaving you with smooth, soft skin that is still oil-free. /DRY Living in moisture-deprived Colorado, dry, itchy and flaky skin can be commonplace. To gently cleanse the skin without taking away the essential oils it needs, look for face washes with natural oils like apple amino acid and enzymes like willow bark extract to exfoliate dead cells. Moisturizing is a must, as it will prevent further dryness while keeping it hydrated throughout the day. A product with soline will reduce water loss from the skin, while also restoring the skin’s support structure. ]


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March 20, 2013  

COVER STORY: Young, Gay and Broke: gay men who live outside the margins of traditional society.

March 20, 2013  

COVER STORY: Young, Gay and Broke: gay men who live outside the margins of traditional society.