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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS After installing the Outfox TV application for Windows you will be able to watch hundreds of TV channels for free. Outfox TV is Virus, Adware and Malware free Steps to install Outfox TV 1. Launchbar

The installed launchbar is anchored neatly to the right of your desktop, easily accessible at any time. The design is clean and unobtrusive. Enjoy TV the way it should be!

2. Player

Our HD player senses your connection speed and customizes your streaming experience to suit. Great clarity and simple navigation - just what you need from Web TV.

3. Resizing and Moving the Player

Click and drag diagonally to increase the player window size, or click the full screen icon. Click and drag on the outer border of the player window to drag and drop it around your desktop.

4. Fullscreen TV

The fullscreen experience is simple. Choose Fullscreen mode by clicking the fullscreen icon. Simply click it again to revert to initial view.

Outfox tv installation instructions