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The LIFESTYLE We’re passionate about the entire lifestyle in Cornwall; we’re relaxed, friendly, attractive, healthy, social, beach-lovers, pasty-eaters and nature-freaks! Everything that goes on in Cornwall is unique which is why OUTFIT Cornwall is all about the cool lifestyle. Put simply, the Lifestyle you live here, we call it the OUTFIT. So show the UK how your wear yours.

Sam Guy Sam Guy Performance

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Surfed Up for Cornwall | P16

Contents JULY 2013 | ISSUE 1

Dive into our first issue of OUTFIT Cornwall! Here’s a taster of what’s to come:

P08 Science of Surfing

Personal trainer Sam Guy gives us his take on what makes a great surf body.

Beach Side Caf of the month | P20

P16 Surfed Up for Cornwall

Go for a picnic...treat yourself to something special.

P26 Unleash Your Wild Side

Get the look this summer with some of the best OUTFIT’s from Animal

P38 OUTFIT Cornwall called Dreckly. Exclusive interview with the Youtube Hit 'Call me Dreckly."

Science of Surfing | P08

Featured things P30 Emotional Performance

Jessie J lets the world know of her love for Cornwall

P30 From Cornish Girl to Supermodel A day in the life of Brandy Brewer

P20 Beach Side Cafe of the Month

Our award winning must see beach side cafe of the month

P32 Was it you...

We annouce the winners of great prizes straight from Zaini Hats and Wave Hunter Surf Lessons.

Jessie J at Eden | P30

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General Fitness


Obvious! You need a good general fitness for surfing...

What can you do? Conditioning... with weighted circuits, 30 seconds on each station. Examples:

Not quite sure what all those random words mean? Let us shed some light...

Single leg squats Lunges


Alternating shoulder press Single arm rows Woodchops Clap-Press-ups to help your “Pop-Up”

Metabolic Conditioning “Met Con”

How you increase energy levels to your muscles through exercise.


SURF STRENGTH Sam Guy is a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and local beach-bum from Truro College and Gloucester University. He gave us the low-down on what’s behind the science of surfing and how you can hone your technique... Words: Sam Guy | Article Edited by Ian Pogonowski

Bang for Buck

Surfing means awkward positions... So you need to work on your Flexibility and Stretching!


Are you an average weekend warrior wanting to improve your surfing performance as well as general conditioning and overall aesthetics? A well-structured resistance training programme would be a good start, working on “bang for buck” exercises such as squats, deadlifts, chin ups and bench press for strength.

The “Pop up” Besides strength, low level power work is essential to improve such aspects like the “pop up”. Exercises such as speed squats, speed bench and speed deadlifts are easy to perform. Kettle bell cleans, snatches and swings are great exercises to improve power and nail in terms of technique.

Flexibility/Mobility/Stretching needs to be worked on, for surfing and life in general! Surfing means awkward positions... So you need to work on your Flexibility and Stretching! Mobility work should be done at the start of each work-out; this simply means taking a joint through its full range of motion. Why? So you warm up fully. This has a direct crossover to surfing: if you can squat properly, standing on a surfboard will be easier! So there you have it! Surfing is a great all-rounder. Get fit in and out of the gym, look fit on the beach, soak up the Vitamin D, swallow yourself some sea-water and have a great time doing it all!

02 03


First form of “Met Con”: Short duration exercises like Weightlifting etc.

Aerobic: Second form of “Met Con” Exercise done typically to increase endurance Jogging / Swimming etc.

As simple as... OUTFIT Cornwall!


Sam is looking for an elite athlete to provide S&C training for a 3 month period as part of his continual professional development.

Get in touch for details! Why not facebook us your surf pics or twitter us your thoughts on this article? Have a sport you'd like to see featured in the next issue? Drop us a line!

Surfing requires both the anaerobic and aerobic energy system. The anaerobic for the quick powerful Strength & Conditioning bursts before Coach & Personal Trainer popping up on Call: 07640 491 013 the wave. The twitter: aerobic system for samguy1990 the longer paddle back out.

Speed • Power • Strength • Endurance • Mobility • Stability



1 2 3 4 5

Drink Plenty!

You never know how dehydrated you are with the spike in temperatures.

Avoid Exercising when the Sun is High

Try to avoid exercising between 12-4pm when the sun is at its peak. You should be at work any way!

© Emma Jane Lee Art and Photography

Reschedule Exercise Keep to your programme no matter what. If you need to swap your Monday 6pm Jog till 8pm, compensate by eating an earlier/ later dinner.

Slow it Down!

Sweating in the

summer sun OUTFIT Cornwall know’s it is hot! Infact it’s become so hot recently some would say we finally have a summer. Really?! More importantly though, what does this mean for you and your exercise motivation? 10 | OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013

If like us you’ve had to swap and change the times of your workouts because:

1 2

It’s too hot in the early evening for that run...

Your social life changes with the sun so you find yourself in popular demand...


You’ve discovered something new and it’s taken your interest... Whatever the reason, here are some tips to keep your motivation levels up and keep that exercise programme going!

Slow down on your exercise... With soaring temperatures take it a little slower giving your body time to adjust.

Motivate with Music

There's nothing better than plugging into some new summer music. Keep your motivation high by plugging into tunes with solid tempos and banging beats, Avicii Wake Me Up is massive!

Tweet / Fa your id cebook how to eas on c this su ool off mmer !

THE FUN APPROACH... Besides all of this, the good news is the lazy days on the beach are just as productive for losing weight if that’s your goal! If you find the normal exercise in the heat is too much OUTFIT Cornwall can suggest some easier options... 1. Bathing in the sun is similar to sitting in a sauna, but with the added benefits of Vitamin D and a sun tan to match! You’ll also shed weight through sweat, also essential salts. So remember to drink water, eat food, and an Ice-Cream too. Don’t get sun-burnt by stopping out too long!

2. Go for a swim in the sea! Play on the beach! Build a sandcastle you’ve always wanted to build! The alternative exercise by using different muscles here will still keep you active so try something new. Your body and your mind will appreciate this!

3. Try a totally new sport you wouldn’t necessarily do! Kayaking in the sunshine is bliss. Have you tried para-gliding? How about Water Skiing? Again the different muscles used here should give your body and mind a nice spice to the norm.

Ultimately, we’re saying that in spite of the summer sun, being outside is brilliant! So enjoy it as much as you can, and keep the exercise going... Try something new if needs be, or make a change to your usual programme. OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013 | 11

Have a SUP on


tranquil. The feel of riding the earth’s heart is stunning, and the sights are what make SUP’n so immense.

do it in groups, and a great way to explore the local waters. You can see dolphins, seals, basking sharks and fish...”

SUP has been around for a year or so in Cornwall, 5-8 in the UK and has taken off steadily in this time. From the main base in Falmouth, through Gylly Adventures, WeSUP promotes SUP on a commercial basis as the only UK based BCU Beach Side SUP club.

OUTFIT Cornwall wanted to know how SUP compares physically to other water sports... “Basically SUP offers a full body workout. You’re paddling with your upper body, standing on your legs, keeping your balance. You get a great core workout”.

The sport is aimed to enrich your life as an ocean sport that will improve your fitness, your surfing, and allow you to stay on the water for 80% more of the time than other water sports... How good’s your balance?

Liam described SUP in 3 words:

A word from the Pro...

OUTFIT Cornwall caught up with Liam from Gylly Adventures... “Paddleboarding is an accessible sport offering a great opportunity to get on the water if the conditions aren’t right for other sports. It’s a great social sport because you

“Accessible, Lifestyle, Inclusive” Some final words of inspiration from Liam to OUTFIT Cornwall, “You just need to try it, give SUP a go. It’s not a complicated sport! There are different disciplines in SUP such as Surf, Explore, Race... Just give it a go and discover if for yourself”! So there you have it... OUTFIT Cornwall’s take on SUP’n. We’d like to say a massive thanks to WeSUP part of Gylly Adventures for bringing this sport to the fore-front in Cornwall. It’s such a unique way to explore the coast line, and as we mentioned, it’s cheap and easy to do too so there’s no excuse!

SUP for you?

So what exactly does SUP do for you?

The paddling action tones and builds great muscles

Have a SUP on freedom. OUTFIT Cornwall has seen those people standing on the water, Jesus-like... Have you? What are they doing? With the rising sun, the setting sun or the baking sun, having a SUP of freedom can’t be beaten. The joy of paddling side to side as you explore the coastline, seeing the beach from a different angle is immense. You’ll definitely have an experience like never before so give it a go!

The History...

You’re in Hawaii, on a tropical island heading to the mainland to collect supplies you’d SUP over in your tribal 12 | OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013

wear, tans glowing, ripped bodies, perhaps a spear for fishing too... This is the dream anyway... In the last 10 years the sport has grown larger around the world, primarily as a pass-time for surfers to go out further on the water. In a similar fashion to the butterfly stroke in swimming, SUP’n is a great way to exercise. The Reality... You adventure around the Cornish coast to discover a new secret beach / retreat in your group as you explore. The quest along the way is great. The difference in sound you’ll notice as being

Staying on your board on the water is great for your balance The core strength from standing up whilst balancing and paddling rips your muscles! The mental happiness is great experiencing the walking on water effect The pictures you can take are very unique! Get a go-pro... Experience the water morning, day or night... Try a headlamp at night? The social life is great amongst like-minded people

Want to try SUP’n? OUTFIT Cornwall exclusive Group offer with Gylly Adventures. £5 for 2 hours with some instruction Wednesdays 5.00-7.00pm. Normal price £25.00 an hour... Do it now! Call 01326 619987 Quote “OUTFIT Loves WESUP” as your code OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013 | 13

Committing yourself... Launching out into space and preparing yourself for an icy blast as you hit the swirling waters below. All of course under the watchful supervision of traine professionals.

© Newquay Adventure Centre

Sounds like orienteering but... on the coast? Well that sums it up pretty much yes, but coasteering is much more than just what it sounds like. You Scramble, You Swim, You Jump... You chat, You laugh, You smile. Grabbing onto the granite and bouldering through the barnacles... Feeling sky-high when you jump into the ocean below, there’s nothing that can beat the all-rounded high of coasteering.

The Fitness... OUTFIT Cornwall are amazed with the fitness with this “sport” as it’s not the typical you’d expect. Usually fitness can be seen as a chore. But why not make spice it up and turn it into something you enjoy. The essence of Coasteering hits your “feel good” zones in many ways.

It’s all about getting around the coast from one point to another, and exploring it in a new and adventurous fashion.

1. Seeing new sights, sounds and getting down and gritty with nature gives you great pleasure.

© Newquay Adventure Centre.

3. Trust, confidence and people bonding is a skill developed here. The connections you make with other people coasteering spikes your personal levels of satisfaction! 4. You become brave and ambitious! Jumping off a rock into the water demands courage... so by doing this you develop core-skills that other sports can’t offer.


in Cornwall

5. Looking for personal development? This sport is a mix between team / individual work. So you do it individually, but in a team you develop a connection.



2. Leave with a happy-sigh! When you finish your adventure you leave with such euphoria that can’t be gotten anywhere else

The Risk... OUTFIT Cornwall can’t deny that there are some dangers... The coast can be dangerous... but if managed correctly that’s part of the challenge. Taking you out of your comfort zone develops you as a person. So being safe is a key element to coasteering. Safety hats, buoyancy aids, wetsuits... this is all part of the safety gear which you should use. Put this with your ambition and desire and you’ll have a great time, the only risk you make is the risk to grow yourself.

From the Experts... OUTFIT Cornwall caught up with the Outdoor Adventure Manager Ollie and Newquay Activity Centre Manager Rob to find out a little about their passions for Coasteering: Rob told OUTFIT Cornwall that Coasteering is the “most awesome outdoor work out that I’ve ever partaken in. An incredible fusion of sea air, adrenaline and salt water” adding that “It’s not all about jumping off cliffs, it’s an assault on the senses that takes in the best of UK nature. You’ll be swimming with a Grey Seal one second, negotiating through a half lit smugglers cave the next and riding a natural sluice a second later”. Ollie added to this by saying after doing the sport for 10 years, “No two sessions are ever the same as the conditions are always different, which makes for lots of fun. Come rain or shine it`s the outdoors we love!” Ending with some words of inspiration “Come and discover this unique new sea level view of our amazing coastline for yourself. Coasteering really is an adventure, it has something for everyone from wild swimming to scrambling and lots more! Getting to see some of the most stunning beaches in North Cornwall and meeting the wildlife along the way. You don`t need to be a super fit madman to enjoy our sessions as they are tailored to your abilities. Wow! There it is... Get up and give it a go today... OUTFIT Cornwall recommends you join in a local coasteering club, take the plunge and just do it!

Have you been coasteering? Let OUTFIT Cornwall know what you thought Tweet and Facebook us!


Surfed Up from Cornwall... OUTFIT Cornwall caught up with Melodie from the Good Cornwall Guide to find out what makes Cornwall Special, and healthy, and what was in season this summer to create a fabulous Picnic item that little bit special...

Nullam eu tempor purus. Nunc a leo magna, sit amet consequat risus. Etiam faucibus tortor a ipsum vehicula sed hendrerit eros suscipit.

dine at his Seafood and Grill is to fall in love. His two Michelin starred status is well deserved with fish so flavoursome that it dances across your taste buds. Nathan uses local Cornish fish as some of the best available, with Porthilly oysters a favourite. For more info visit:

Where to go... The Cornish Food Market have developed something seriously special in Cornwall. Noting that as consumers we are becoming savvier about how we source our sustenance. With purchases being made based on food miles, provenance and local quality now more so than in seasons hence, Cornwall Food Market simply spotted an opportunity. They have revolutionised the traditional farmers market. Taking the hassle out of shopping independently of the supermarkets, they offer online food shopping from Cornish producers and suppliers. For both the local contingency and visiting tourists, ordering your weekly shop packed full of seasonal goodies and delivered to

your door is an easy and delightful way to access the best local produce. From street food to fine dining, farm

shops to artisan delis, produce from the south west is unrivalled for quality and diversity.

The Good Cornwall Guide Why Cornwall?

Wake up!

Credit it to the salty sea air or a raw entrepreneurial spirit Cornwall is fast being recognised as a cool and exciting destination for foodies. From the picturesque fishing villages and the gritty mining towns Cornwall has a hidden wealth of tantalising talent. We are being marked by the respected food through consistently amazing feats. The attraction is shrewd; we are producing innovative food, talented chefs and the freshest produce in the West.

For coffee addicts and caffeine connoisseurs Origin Coffee quite simply make mornings a blissful experience. They roast all their coffee in their Helston warehouse taking the time for exacting blends creating subtle differences in flavour, resulting in the smoothest coffee at a world championship level. They are advocates of independent and artisan coffee shops with a brand policy of training each would-be barista in house to ensure that their coffee is served as it should be. For more info visit:

Fishing with a bear! For those with a passion for sea-food you simply can’t talk fish without mentioning Nathan Outlaw. Arguably the most teddy-bear like man ever to set foot on Saturday Morning Kitchen, Nathan is a chef who oozes warmth and superior seafood knowledge. To 16 | OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013


Photography Š Adam Gibbard

Head out to your local farmers market/ deli to create a sumptuous picnic:

A Special Place... St Agnes was voted in the top 20 coastal towns in The Times and with street venues like the Cornish Pizza Company it is easy to see why. Following the street food trend Vicky and Jon have been tossing dough for a little under a year but already have a reputation for the best base in the business. Developing their bread-base with Baker Tom was an important part of the process. A good dough, made fresh to order using solely Cornish suppliers, is the key to pizza perfection. Their menu has mastered the art of reinvention, taking traditional pizzas and mixing them with regional ingredients as well as creating their own bespoke recipes. Think quality takeaway with cosmopolitan class. For more info visit:

Fresh Crab

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Fresh Local Bread

Locally caught fresh brown crabs - grab the real thing and pick yourself or just visit the crab man in Truro to buy the white/ brown meat

Add some sweet chilli sauce

Sandwich between some super fresh Baker Tom bread - delish.

Add in a bottle of Polgoon Elderflower Fizz and throw in a secret picnic beach spot for a perfect picnic recipe.

For those outside of Cornwall taste a bit of Cornwall through Whisk. OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013 | 17

Food in Season

OUTFIT Cornwall is big on image and a massive part of this is healthy eating.


Eating in season, eating fresh, eating healthy and simple yet easy to buy we bring you what’s hot this month...

1. Mackerel helps your exercise. The oils in the fish help your blood flow which in turn means better uptake of oxygen to your muscles.

Eat Healthy, Live well...

Did you know?

2. Mackerel makes you clever! The high density of Omega 3 & 6 oils helps your brain development. 3. Walk around with a shine! Mackerel being so oily, let this rub off into you and get a natural shine from the inside - out.

100g Splash Fat - 14% Omega 3 - 2g Calories - 167 Iron - 6% (Based on 2000 calorie diet)

4. Mackerel helps headaches. The oils in the fish help your body reduce the pains. 5. Mackerel helps lower cholesterol. Thinning the blood makes your body stronger at ridding it of cholesterol.


Did you know?

1. Beetroots help your spinal cord. The really high amount of Folic Acid is essential for tissue growth, and especially in babies it’s great for the development of the spinal cord... 2. Beetroots help keep tiredness at bay. They contain iron which is a great for when you’re sleepy.

100g Splash Folic Acid - 75% Potassium - 11% Calories - 36 Fibre - 8% (Based on 2000 calorie diet)

3. Beetroots are a very strong colour... Perhaps you can become as healthy as one by eating it? 4. Beetroots help your workouts. They contain Nitrates which help your blood flow in your body. 5. Beetroots help your hangover. They are rich in anti-oxidants which help your body recover from free-radicals.

Cherries 1. Cherries help you sleep... With the warmer nights here now, you can chomp into some cherries before tucking up. The melatonin helps tell your brain that it’s time for sleep! 2. Cherries help your heart... They contain a particular antioxidant called anthocyanin. This helps protect your cells when they react with Oxygen. It’s the same stuff found in red wine. 3. Cherries help your brain... They help your brain function at it’s best. Again this is thanks to the melatonin. 4. Cherries help promote bone health... Because cherries contain Boron, this works with the calcium in your body to help bones grow and stay strong.

Strawberries Did you know? 100g Splash Vitamin A - 25% Vitamin C - 16% Calories - 50 Potassium - 4% (Based on 2000 calorie diet)

5. Cherries help control your blood pressure... The high potassium levels help your body balance fluids and sodium levels.


1. Strawberries help keep your teeth healthy! The polyphenols help to stop sugars sticking as plaque on your teeth! 2. Strawberries help your overall health! Packed with Vitamin C it’s such a good all-rounder. 3. Strawberries look sexy! The heart shape of a strawberry is telling you something!

Did you know? 100g Splash Vitamin C - 97% Potassium - 4% Calories - 33 Magnesium - 3% (Based on 2000 calorie diet)

4. Strawberries can help prevent Cancer. With such high Vitamin C levels... there could be something in this. 5. Strawberries help your eye-sight. Again the Vitamin C is to thank for this.


3 Word Challenge:


Beach Cafe

This month OUTFIT Cornwall are featuring what so many of you call a very special Beach Retreat. From the day-time rest, to the night-time energy, from the stunning views to the special dates. Words: Ian Pogonowski OUTFIT Cornwall managed to squeeze some time to catch up with the busy yet happy manager Mark to find out how Gylly Cafe maintains such a quality and growing reputation!

and serve out the best food we can.” At affordable prices for everybody...

"There’s no denying it... Gylly Beach has a prime location in Falmouth, on one of the most popular beaches along the Sea-Front." But of greater importance Mark says that it is the team who pulls everything together. He takes as much pride in the “great bunch from the cleaners, front of house and chefs, to the owners. Everyone brings such enthusiasm here which helps create

Continuing in the energetic fashion Mark started, OUTFIT Cornwall wanted to know exactly what made the staff so friendly! And how does this happen?!

Happy Staff / Cheeky Manager?

“Good management! Ha! Im just joking, I think actually the reason is that Gylly Beach Café is a great place to work. It’s always busy so that keeps a great tempo and I honestly believe that the staff here really enjoy their job… I am sure it has nothing to do with the big end of summer party we have!” Yeah right! As we know everybody likes a good party... Good food, good vibes... Gylly Beach cafe this July just launched their amazing full-time open air BBQ! What better place to grab a BBQ after a swim / surf or sunbathe, rock on down to the tempting smells of the BBQ and fix yourself up with something quality.


I honestly believe that the staff here really enjoy their job...

Quality OUTFIT Cornwall wants to stress quality. Gylly Beach is a big advocate for Green awareness. Having just been nominated in the top 3 cafes in the UK for Green Tourism. Mark added that: “Green@gylly really means caring about every aspect of this location and how we operate our beach café affects that. From recycling that bottle of coke to local sourcing of food, waste reduction, right the way through to community support. It’s something we are very passionate about and we’re happy we’re being recognised for our efforts.”

The Taste Test... Now... what sort of Cornish Beach Cafe would Gylly be without Fish&Chips?! Their best selling dish- homemade fish & chips is incredible! Buying local fish from St. Ives, with homemade beer batter, hand-cut chips with a wedge of lemon… “It’s a true marker of a great beach café!”

OUTFIT Cornwall asked what would sum up Gylly Beach Cafe in 3 words? Mark commented:




OUTFIT Cornwall wants to know how would you describe Gylly Cafe in 3 words Tweet us or Find us on Facebook!

So there you have it. Gylly Beach Cafe in Falmouth... Experienced by OUTFIT Cornwall Cornwall’s Beach Cafe of the month and rightly so!

Check it out: OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013 | 21

Falmouth Week 2013 Falmouth will once again come alive for 10 days between 9 th-18 th August and OUTFIT Cornwall will be there to pick up the highlights.

THE TOWN MANAGERS TAKE... OUTFIT Cornwall caught up with Falmouth Town Manager Richard to hear a bit more behind the scenes of what actually goes on!

Animal Bike Tour 2012


ne of the biggest Cornish events of the year, Falmouth Week attracts a huge audience from in and out of the County to soak up the sailing regatta, the day-time festivities, the night-time frolics and a healthy dose of extravagance from the Red Arrows and more. Falmouth Week has an established reputation now, with each year getting bigger and better with growing strength. The focus on the week being the Sailing Regatta sponsored by Henri Lloyd, but the off-shore events muster a great attraction for the community. 2013 is set to be great, with a large programme of water and land based events to cater for everybody. The main regatta lasts 7 days, and mixing up with this is a wide range of events ashore from the Carnival and party, 22 | OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013

Fireworks, Red-Arrows, and others including 80’s vs 90’s, The Wursels , Queen Tribute, music on the moor and lots more too.

OUTFIT HIGHLIGHT... • Fancy fun with the RNLI? Join the fun on the 14th to see Water Polo, the Limpet Games and much more. • Fancy being a scientist for a day? Following on from last year, the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus Science in the Square will return and you can see what this is about here Friday 16th. • Fancy yourself a fireman?! Check Gylly Beach on the 17th to see the Trident Challenge... Enter yourself and see how you compare...

© Lee Whitehead

OUTFIT Cornwall were keen to know what drives Richard through such a busy time of the year: “I am very passionate about Falmouth and the calendar is becoming busier all the time with events, you do feel sometimes like you are spinning plates but I take a lot of motivation from developing an idea which thousands of people then enjoy. The week has to be professional and well organised because otherwise it reflects on the town, Falmouth is becoming well recognised as an event hub within Cornwall.” Based on this, OUTFIT Cornwall wondered how much sleep Richard got?! Laughing whilst telling us quite simply it was a “not much”! Out of all the events coming up in Falmouth week Richard said there’s so much to choose from, but “The Animal Bike Tour is always very impressive on Church Street car park and people often watch this just before the Red Arrows display.”

WHAT TO EXPECT... All in all, Falmouth Week will be a maelstrom of activity for the family, the sporty, the party go-er and the culturally interested! OUTFIT Cornwall wants to see you there, so we’ll be out and about checking it all. If you see us be sure to say hi!

© Crown

© Cornwall Marine Network

Richard told us that in comparison to the likes of Boardmasters, Run to the Sun and Beach Break Live that “All events across the county are judged on their own merit and their target audience, the key factor for Henri Lloyd Falmouth Week is that it has something for everyone. This will range from children’s interactive entertainment on the Moor to Events Square entertainment where Thurs 15th-Sat 17th is over 18’s and the remainder of the week is available to all ages. We work hard to balance the range of activities taking place and many are free, this could not be possible without the support of our sponsors and partners.”

Don't F orget...

Tweet a nd Face book your ph otos & t h o ughts to OUT FIT Cor n w all as it ha ppens.. . FALMOUTH WEEK 2013

When: 9th - 18th August Visit: OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013 | 23

WHERE’S YOUR HAT? OUTFIT Cornwall met with the owner from Zaini Hats, the world’s coolest handmade hats! We had a lovely little chat and sampled some of the products... We must say they were fabulous! We loved them that much we have 3 of your choice, to give away... Because we’re lovely! Realistically though, the hats themselves are great. Endorsed by celebrities like JLS, Made in Chelsea, and Binky in particular, and sponsoring the likes of England Rugby Star Dylan Hartley.

Come on Cornwall - where’s your Hat?! Get it on! Show us what you’ve got!


Crazy? You’d think it’s a bit crazy to wear a hat in the summer... But what about those evenings after a surf, a swim, or just a romantic walk along the coast? Or the evening around the BBQ? Yeah! You want to look cool and attractive and this product has it all... Poser? If you’re a keen poser, then the black and white image shot makes the colours look fab, so get your phone out and snap away. You’ll have a new profile pic that everyone will be wondering if you’ve been on a modelling shoot! (Of course you tell them yes!)

Sporty? Zaini also do Head-Bands, for the ultimate fashion and sport conscious amongst you... The longlasting appeal of these is great. So by the time Autumn comes you’ll already have a product worth taking out again...

For the chance to win one of our three hats or bands... Follow and Like OUTFIT Cornwall on Twitter / Facebook and we want to see a photo of you in any hat... and why you should deserve a free Zaini hat instead!






Checks in the summer? YES! The ultimate surfer look, you have to wear this shirt even if you try it on! The cool beach stroll in this will turn heads, you’ll feel confident on a night out, and the long-stripes will enhance your buffness for sure!

Outfit Ratings Look: Price:

OUTFIT Cornwall spoke to Animal about some of their HOT Summer products, Guys and Girls and with a great prize-giveaway too, they really want you to get the look... ANIMAL LOHANNA SUN DRESS


ANIMAL CARILION SUN HAT The summer wouldn’t be complete without a sunhat... And this one is brilliant! Mediterranean in look, with a bright whiteness, and beads to stand out. Ascot may be over but set the style this summer and look sexy all the way!

Perfect for the summer, the ocean blue, mixed with palm trees and flower patterns will live up to the life you’re living in Cornwall. If you’re not in Cornwall, then you’ll look like you have been and people WILL be jealous!

Outfit Ratings Look:



Outfit Ratings



Keys, Phone, Wallet? Yes, time to splash out on a new one and get to standards with this beauty. Intricate design work with a bold manly pattern. Slim fit and great look. You can’t go wrong. Longlasting definitely worth the price.

Price: Summer:

ANIMAL BROGUE BOARDIES It’s great to be different isn’t it?! Well these boardies won’t let you down! The manly colours radiating confidence and strength will set you apart. For the day on the beach, and even for a party later, very transferable and a great purchase.

Outfit Ratings Look: Price: Summer:


Outfit Ratings

ANIMAL FLAVIA BOARDIES With the sunshine out, you’ll want as much tan on your legs as possible! No denying these boardies will give you a great exposure, whilst maintaining a really cool look, feel, and image to match the brand. Summer 2013 all over!

Outfit Ratings Look: Price: Summer:

Look: Price: Summer:


this amazing pair of Animal Bonepart Boardshorts. RRP £40.

For your chance to win simply follow and like OUTFIT Cornwall on Twitter and Facebook and let us know...

Where your favourite beach in Cornwall is and why! (Photos a bonus)


Animal Bonepa rt Boarsh orts


OR visit your local store Animal Truro 25 Kings Street Truro Cornwall TR1 2RQ

Animal Falmouth 47 Church Street Falmouth Cornwall TR11 3EG

01872 274792

01326 317124

OUTFIT Cornwall went to Beach Break Live 2013! Student Festival of the year... This year it came back home to Newquay and we LOVED it! Words: Ian Pogonowski With 300 acts over 30 venues, Newquay was transformed into a miscellany of Mischief. The event attracted thousands, and the main stage on Fistral Beach was the start of the 100 hour Town FIESTA! OUTFIT Cornwall headed down to see what it was about...

Aluna George was a crowd pleaser. Thrown into the music mix was a host of Beach Sports, Activities and workshops, making a great time for everybody visiting and locals.

In true Cornwall Fashion, we had the sun, the surf, the special places. The vibes were great, the people fun, and as a whole, this was OUTFIT! 300 acts meant soooo much music. Take your pick! With some really great chilled tunes in the daytime, and then to PARTY in the evening, even including a Rio style Carnival for Sunday! It really was Pick n Mix.

Spotting around, there were many happy faces, tanned body’s and cool outfits to match... Speaking to a people across the UK, OUTFIT Cornwall learnt a few interesting things. All the way from Newcastle a couple of student “lads” had come for the sun, party and friends... (yeh right!). A few from London had come for the vibes and to party in Cornwall without their family, and a few from Wales had come to check out the surf on the better coastline – naturally... One question that still bugs us here at OUTFIT Cornwall the amount of wellies worn... Surely in Cornwall for a summer festival you’d wear flip-flops? Apparently not! We may have countryside but in the surf capital of of the UK we’re more likely to be a beach-bum than a farmer! 28 | OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013

How Beachbr was eak for you?2013

Tweet a nd Faceb ook your ph otos and thought s!

View Beach Break 2013 on Vimeo Video Produced by ClayPath Productions

All photography © Ian Stackhouse and thanks to Full Fat Media OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013 | 29

Left to right:


KEEPING THE HEAT ALIVE AT THE EDEN SESSIONS Article by: Ian Pogonowski Photography: APEX/ Eden Project

with Jessie J

Following an eternal heatwave, OUTFIT Cornwall headed to The Eden Sessions where the heat was kept hot by Jessie J, AME and Hot d Jour. The Build-Up... OUTFIT Cornwall went to meet the crowds on the Sunday, wedged right in the front, central, we got the best of the views and noise! Broadcast to the world via YouTube we had a fab time. Hot D Jour started the set with some electro / D&B tunes which got the crowd going. The high-energy vibes set the mood for a warm evening perfectly. Great up and coming artist! Next on stage AME took full focus. Again with high-energy AME got the crowd pumped in advance of Jessie with a brilliant voice and some bass that got your shorts and t-shirts vibrating! Building the tension, mixed between the sets were nice breaks... so naturally OUTFIT Cornwall headed down to the cafe for a very tasty BBQ Eden Burger; perfect for a Sunday evening.


The Highlight... Admittedly Jessie J was the high-light... The anticipation was building throughout the night and in the hour wait for Jessie to come on stage, glimpses of her mini-bus and some say Jessie herself got shouts of “Jessie, Jessie, Jessie” as everyone waited in anticipation. 10 minutes later than expected Jessie J came on stage... Led by the jogging band and backing singers, the scene was set for an awesome performance! Jessie came on stage to roars from the crowd, and started the night off with Price Tag. Jessie was in the OUTFIT Fashion we like to see, encouraging the crowd to join in “going to the gym” in Laser Light... wearing wedged trainers on stage and with an energetic performance including side-lunges, starjumps and general jogging on the spot with some sprints up and down the stage steps and across the stage... Jessie we admire you for this! Transfusing this energy into the crowd by getting everyone to jog

up and down in the chorus to the beats of David Guetta... Promoting the inclusivity of performance, Jessie believes Music brings people together... As a child, Jessie used to love going on her fathers shoulders at gigs to see, and gave big love to those who were on parent’s shoulders this evening, “You guys rock”! Getting people to hug those next to them and wave their arms in Rainbow added to Jessie’s belief. Ending the night with Domino... Jessie had the crowd in a frenzy transferring her energy to the crowd for the way home...

The Personal... Topping off a brilliant performance Jessica Cornish opened up emotionally to say a few things about her time and connection to Cornwall. Jessie used to sing at a holiday park to ensure she could come back the following year. Returning for the past 20 to Cornwall, Jessie loves her memories from

Mullion Cove and Penzance... Getting tearful at the welcome she received from the people in Cornwall, Jessie added that even she isn’t perfect and is “Still building dreams”... Jessie was impressed shouting “Cornish Pasties” as nowhere else in the world would she would get such a reaction from! Very true! Well done Cornwall! Stopping in Cornwall following her performance, Jessie completed her final single for her new album. Conquer the World is about her and her best friend; whenever they feel lost or down as a reminder they can still Conquer the World. Jessie commented that she hopes to finish the song in a field, with sheep, Cornish Pasties and Cornish water, which got a roaring cheer!

Making full use of the stage, Jessie J energised the crowd treating them to a truly memorable Eden Session.

The End...

“Absolutely amazing!” “Best night ever!” “Worth waiting for!” Were you at the Jessie J Eden Session? Tweet or Facebook us and tell us your best bit!


and all the family would meet us there and we'd have huge family BBQ's those are my fondest memories”.

Brandy’s favourite place in Cornwall...

“Is St Michael's Mount I love it, I don't really have any particular reason for loving it I just do maybe it’s because it’s so beautiful and the story about the giant is pretty cool too!”

You have to have self-belief Follow your Dreams:

“I was a child model started at 5, I got scouted when I was out with my aunty, and I just knew I wanted this for life and I became more and more focused, I just fell in love with the Camera I was determined to make it as a successful model and then as I got older it was like an obsession. It's all I thought about and I worked really hard and never gave up on my dreams. You have to have self belief, I kinda feel like no one else believed in me or pushed me enough. You don't have to know how you're gonna get there, just know you will no matter what - sorry I'm very passionate about my career and people pursuing their dreams”


ith a lifetime growing up in Cornwall, Brandy has spent the the last 4 in London following her passion for the camera. OUTFIT Cornwall were amazed with her connection to Cornwall so read on! Photography: Main Left & Brandy in Hat - ©Carmen Labresse. Others - ©Vivien Edge

The first Cornish girl to be published topless in lads mags and on page 3, the winner of the last ever Nuts Boardmasters Bikini competition... OUTFIT Cornwall were right on the trail to get an interview with Cornwall’s hottest export since the Pasty... and Proud Cornish Maid too, it’s Brandy Brewer! 32 | OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013

Memory to Cornwall

“I feel so blessed to have grown up in one of, if not the prettiest place in the country, we don't realise how lucky we are! Growing up my dad had a boat so we would always go down the river to our fav beach

Cornish and proud?

“Ha is the pope catholic? I'm extremely proud!! Even though I've lived in London for 4 years now whenever I do interviews I always mention I'm Cornish any excuse to boast about our beautiful county. I'm trying to

put Cornwall on the map and represent, it would mean so much to me to know I had Cornwall's support behind me and to make you guys proud - I even have the Cornish flag tattooed on my foot so I'll never forget who I really am I'll always be grounded you can take the girl out of Cornwall...

Favourite Food:

“Any kind of Take-Away”

Favourite Music Style:

“Hiphop or indie rock”

Anything else?

“I love pasties and rattler lol Also I recently starred in Kernow kings latest video 'Camborne maid' worth a watch it's hilarious!”

So there you have it...

OUTFIT Cornwall and Brandy Brewer, proving hot things other than the weather do come from Cornwall. Thankyou so much for the inspiration to follow your dreams and get to where you want!

You can buy Brandy’s 2013 calendar >HERE< Tweet / Facebook OUTFIT and tell us what inspires you to do and be more in life...


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© John Such / Visit Cornwall

© John Such / Visit Cornwall

THE CITYVs Cornwall OUTFIT Cornwall wanted to highlight the difference between living in the City compared to Cornwall and used the summer as a comparison... We decided to compare particular themes:

• Sport

• Social Life

• Work

• Views


Sport in Cornwall... Drive your car to be a...Surfbum? Ok... but what about the rest? Coasteering, Water Skiing, Para-gliding, SandBall, Frisbee, SUP’n... etc Sport in a city... Drive your car to... the Tennis club, the football pitch, the gym... standard! Social Life in Cornwall... Jump out of bed on a Saturday, head to the beach with your mates, play some volleyball, have a pub-lunch, check the RNLI teams, do a beach BBQ and watch the sun-set over the water... then party!

Social Life in a City... Step out of bed on a Saturday... switch on the TV... Do your chores, shop in town, buy some new clothes, eat out, head back to watch the TV or go-out and party...

© Visit Britain / Visit Cornwall

Work Life in Cornwall... Wednesday is here you’ve been for a morning swim in the sea, you head to your office where everybody’s tanned and happy. Oh and you know most of the team! You eat out in the sun, finish a great afternoon, head home to chill with family / friends. Work Life in a City... Wednesday is here, you’ve been on your jog around the park, commute into work where everybody’s drinking their coffee and eating breakfast as they go. You’re blanked by the people in your office! You grab your lunch from the city quickly, glued to your phone, finish your afternoon, late, head home to eat and watch TV or go the gym...

Views in Cornwall... Look out of your car window and you’ll breeze past arrays of colourful flowers, and over the top of the hedges you’ll see the ocean and yellow sands... Views in a City... Look out of your car window and you’ll breeze past the blocks of houses, array of graffiti colours. Over the top of other cars you’ll see the next street in front... Of course this is just a comparison, but we think it’s pretty true! We’d love to hear your take on Cornwall vs the City... Tweet and Facebook us your thoughts.


Found your desert island...

Evening gold... Priceless

The best view...

with the cheapest rate.


Like Glamping, but on the Beach OUTFIT Cornwall caught up with Alex a young lover of Cornwall, now working in Canary Wharf... We wanted to know exactly what it was that made Cornwall so special to him... What’s been your Ambition? To discover and camp on the most concealed beaches. Considering the extent of Cornwall, it is no surprise the coastline is littered with numerous wild coves and corners that rarely get a reference in any publication! How to Do It? Understandably, it might take a while to locate such unique places. So it’d be rude to not make the most of the occasion. Include a bunch of guys / girls an armful of firewood, food and drink supplies and you are on for a winner. 36 | OUTFIT CORNWALL JULY 2013

Anything else? There are some other things that will help you on your pursuit for Bamping. Sounds obvious, but a good OS map really helps. The first time we explored Nanjizal we didn’t anticipate it would be a 40 minute walk from the nearest road. Fun! And the company? Awesome people, like Cornwall as a whole! People who smile with no toilet facilities or laugh at an overcast sky. But bonus goes to those with access to cool transport - minibuses, a wee boat to ferry people two by two across the Fal estuary to the secluded Great Molunan beach.

...the coastline is littered with numerous wild coves and corners Scene

So, next time you fancy a holiday fitting to the OUTFIT Lifestyle, we suggest swapping your pillow for a pebble and checking out the natural bedrooms on offer around the coast. Where's your favourite secret beach? Tweet/ Facebook your places and photos... if you dare!

A word of caution from experience... 1

Make friends with cows - if you don’t they will charge you down the beach...

Watch out for abandoned houses on the Penwith peninsula - they are spooky and have skeletons in the garden…


Check the legal stuff - we once camped in some towans only to see the “£2,000 fine” sign when leaving in the morning...


Respect the locals - driving a minibus down a private lane so narrow that you’re scraping the hedge on both sides is not going to go down well...


Finally, check the tides - otherwise, the alarm clock may become more alarming than you would appreciate.



Cornish Highlights of the Month...

Call Me Dreckly TIME TO GET YOUR PING ON! Throughout the County this month you’ll be sure to come across some Ping-Pong tables, free to play... Running until Aug 18th, be sure to join in and have some fun as a social, as a competition, or to try something new. The idea behind Ping Cornwall is simple. Bill Shearer from English Table Tennis said “Table tennis is a hugely inclusive sport, for all ages, shapes and sizes and we look forward to a summer of ping pong mania. Don’t miss out”.


OUTFIT Cornwall are pleased to share the story of 2 Cornish girls who set a Youtube sensation with a take of Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe, with a Cornish twist... Call me Dreckly... You must have heard this by now? If not click on the image above to take a look! With a view rating over 125,000 views OUTFIT Cornwall are really impressed! With lines such as: “Where you to tonight my Birdie” “Spilt Cottage pie on me arm but you’re still lovely” “Before you took me Trago Mills” “An this is Ansum”

Phil Smith, Head of Sport at Sport England added that “I would encourage everyone to pick up a bat and give this sport a go.”

This made Jodie and friend the Cornish stars of this video on Youtube.

From Penzance, to Truro, to Newquay there will be a table near you to play just look for the tables to play.

The inspiration came naturally to Jodie... “We tend to just mess around a lot and the song came on and we just started singing random lines with the song such as 'call me Dreckly'; instead of 'maybe' and then we thought it would be funny to put in as many Cornish sayings as possible and decided to change the whole song. “

If you’re on lunch... take your office for a quick game. If you’re late for a meeting... tell them the truth you were playing Ping-Pong!

OUTFIT Cornwall caught up with Jodie to find out about the Video...

The success of the video was never predicted... Jodie “thought we’d share it with friends and then when we realised it was being shared everywhere we were really shocked”! OUTFIT Cornwall wanted to know if there were any more hits in the pipeline... Jodie says “ anything can happen when we are together so I expect there might be another one. “ Jodie wanted to add that “People who think we were taking the mick out of the Cornish or giving us a bad name, we are Cornish ourselves. There was nothing serious to this song, just light hearted comedy and is being ourselves. We're glad the majority of Cornish people loved it :) ” We’re keen to hear more Cornish based inspiration... Following in the Gangam Police footsteps, Call me Dreckly is the latest, we wonder what’s around the corner?!

STADIUM FOR CORNWALL... ONE STEP CLOSER OUTFIT Cornwall is pleased to share Cornwall is getting closer to having it’s own Sports Stadium! The stadium is set to be housed on the outskirts of Truro and following news in July that a £400 million development budget had been approved brings hope to us all! The idea of the Stadium has come from a shared idea to provide inspiration to the Cornish Population in providing ambition and skills through sport and life. The stadium will house 10,000 fans, and will be used by the Cornish Pirates and Truro City FC. Alongside this, the stadium will provide 1500 affordable homes, and training opportunities for people in the Cornwall sports world. OUTFIT Cornwall are very excited about this development, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on this through our Twitter or Facebook.


GOLD FOR CORNWALL STAR! OUTFIT Cornwall are pleased to share that Cornish Star Melissa Read won gold mid July whilst competing in Liverpool in the British Para-triathlon Championships. 22 year old Melissa from Mount Hawke who trains in Falmouth with Gyllyngvase Surf life Saving + Triathlon club stormed to the finish line in a fast 1 hour, 11 minutes and 46 seconds, 3 minutes ahead of second place! Cornish and proud, Melissa was wearing her Outfit sponsored by Gyllngvase SLS. She commented “I couldn't have reached this level without the support of the Cornish people. Including local supporters Cycle Logic, At Your Pace, Cornwall Sports Partnership and Oliver Hughes Physiotherapy. I'm also grateful to Blue Seventy, Tank/Matrix Cycles and Saucony for providing me with amazing equipment to train and race with." Melissa is aiming for the Rio Olympics in 2016, and we wish her all the best in her quest for this! We’re thinking a Gold would be fab! To keep upto date with the Cornish star - See her Website and Tweet / Facebook your thoughts to OUTFIT Cornwall!

SEWAGE SURF WAX OUTFIT Cornwall are tired of not knowing what we’re surfing in! Are you? Well a group of entrepreneurial school children have invented a new Surfing Wax. The surf wax called Waste Wax is designed to tell you depending on the PH in the water you’re surfing, what it is you’re surfing in! If you’re in nasty waste matter, the wax will change colour signalling you to move away. Aptly the wax is shaped as dog poo! A very clever idea from the children at Richard Lander School in Truro, they took their invention to London for the Teen Tech Awards Finals this summer with the chance to meet HRH Duke of York for tea at Buckingham Palace as well as £1000 to the school. OUTFIT Cornwall caught up with the main teacher Tara to find a little more. The students wanted to “develop a

concept to tackle a local issue. They all love the sea and surfing and were aware of the problem of sewage. They read some stats and figures and looked into

OUTFIT Cornwall is pleased to introduce you to... SANDBALL! The new and exclusive sport to Cornwall is a variation on the traditional Beach Handball. The major difference - 10 guesses? Well you play on sand of course... but the major difference here is...

SHOWBOATING! The more you big up your goal, the more points you get. Basically, if the referee likes your celebration you gain an extra point! If you were struggling with the usual Frisbee, Nerf, Volleyball games on the beach, see what impact you can make with Sandball, one for the football crowd we feel! Inspired by the Olympics, Newquay Handball club lead the way with Sandball, and are lucky to have Juergen Koenen in the County with the club.

diseases, realised that raw sewage being pumped into the seas presented a real health hazard.” Waste Wax also won the STEM project award in the South West at the Big Bang Southwest Competition. OUTFIT Cornwall have our fingers crossed for their product, and here’s hoping you will know what you’re surfing in for the future.

This week on the 27th July at Watergate Bay in Newquay the 2013 Sandball Tournament kicks off at 1pm. You can register to play - click here to check it out...

Have you played Sandball? Tell OUTFIT Cornwall by Twitter or Facebook what you think?!


Outfit Cornwall, Issue 1, July 2013  

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