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Blue Rope, Meltdown Series Design Tom Price, UK Blue Rope Meltdown was featured in a recent exposition at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City called ‘Second Lives’. The Meltdown Series is the result of an experimental process developed by Tom Price, which uses a variety of commonplace plastic products to create a strikingly diverse collection of sculptural seating. Drawing on techniques from his background in both fine art and design, Tom Price applies new concepts of craftsmanship in an act of wilful manipulation and material inventiveness. Despite its sculptural appearance, there is a concern for functionality and comfort. The mould of the seat is based on the familiar generic shape of an Eames chair. The juxtaposition of a modernist, mass-produced shape into a hand-crafted chair reinforces its functionality. The PP Blue Rope Meltdown Chair is created by heating and

This forms part of a series of chairs created using the same techni-

pressing a seat-shaped former into a ball of polypropylene rope.

que with different materials. The re-moulding of the material often

The rope begins to liquify as it comes into contact with the heated

creates a strong contrast in texture and appearance between the

former and, as it cools, it sets in the shape of a seat creating a

seat and remaining un-melted material that forms the base.

contrast in form and texture to the remaining rope. No additional material has been added to make the seat - it is all made from

Material: polypropylene (cable) rope

melted rope.

Dimensions: h 70cm w 95cm d 95cm Delay 6-8 weeks

Meltdown Series Design Tom Price, UK

PVC Hose, serie limitée (Collection SFMoMA)

PVC Sheet, serie limitée, w(Collection MKG Hamburg)

Cable Tie, serie limitée (Collection SFMoMA)

PVC Tube 2, serie limitée

PVC Tube, serie limitĂŠe

Adam Chair Design Jean Paul Marzais, France Illustration Stephan Dwwelafond This latest creation from French designer Jean Paul Marzais, the Adam Chair, is beautifully proportioned for both comfort and style. The body of the chair is made from the highest quality fiberglass with a luxurious finish, the base is in satin coated wired steel. The Adam chair is a collaboration between Jean Paul and illustrator Stephan Delafond. A discreet heart shaped skull designed by Stephan can be seen by the use of a mat finish on the interior of the chair. The collaboration between designer and illustrator is another example of rethinking object as art. Material: fiberglass shell, wired steel base Dimensions: seat h 32cm w 77cm h 93cm depth 84cm Color options: black, white, orange, red, grass green, taupe

Stretch Collection Design Jessica Carnevale, USA With her debut collection “Stretch�, Jessica has brought the exuberance of the fashion world into her designs, mixing textures, materials and patterns. She experimented with a number of different materials before choosing latex, bungee and rope for their bright colors and wondrous elasticity. Built by Jessica in her studio in Brooklyn she made a simple, artful chair to better frame the compositions that she created. The result is a collection of three vivid pieces which work beautifully on their own but are so much more fun mixed and matched- in your choice of combinations. Materials: Green chair, powder coated steel frame, latex tubing and bungee cord / Pink chair, powder coated steel frame, latex tubing / White chair (available soon), powder coated steel frame, silk rope & metal hog clips Dimensions: w 45cm, d 53cm, h79cm seat height 46cm Delay: 6-8 weeks

Kaluza rocker Design Erik Griffioen, , Netherlands Limited edition: 25 pieces The clean geometric lines of the Kaluza rocker capture our interest from every possible angle. This is a key component of Erik’s work. The chair is both a focal point in itself and a frame for the view which may be seen through the lines of the chair. Laser cut from 4mm steel plate Kaluza suspends the sitter and rocks in response to the sitters movement. A brilliant combination of comfort and design. Kaluza is also available with a flexible magnetic sheet cushion. Material: 4mm stainless steel Dimensions: L 120cm w 48cm h 108cm Colors: white, special colors are available by request Delay: 30 days

Ionic Bench Design Laurie Beckerman, USA The classic curves of the Greek Ionic column take an unexpected twist as a contemporary wooden bench. The curvaceous lines give a sense of movement. The choice of wood immediately captures our attention while adding both warmth and a sensual texture to the piece. The Ionic column silhouette is cut from from one inch thick Baltic Birch plywood 18 times using computer controlled saws for absolute precision. Slices of the profile are laminated together to form this light and resilient bench. Materials: Baltic birch Dimensions: L 122 cm h 53 cm w 46 cm Delay: 6- 8 weeks

Tete-à-Tete Rocker Design Laurie Beckerman, USA The original tete-a-tete seat was created during the pre-Victorian era for intimate conversation. This modern rocking version, made from Dupont Corian, a seamless and sensual material, is perfectly suited for the outdoors. Because the two lounge chairs do not face each other directly and are placed at a comfortable distance, two people are able to feel private yet can also enjoy each other’s company. The Tete-à-Tete rocker is made to order. Material: Corian Dimensions: h 76cm L 152cm w 106cm Color options: all colors produced by Dupont Corian Delay: 6- 8 weeks

Chaise lawn Design Deger Cengiz, USA An alive chaise lounge, a mobile garden, human transporter, outdoor art. A chance to lie down on the grass, watch the clouds overhead and forget the surrounding urban chaos. Recently on show at the ÂŤBest Seats on BroadwayÂť exhibition at Times Square, N.Y., Chaise Lawn blurs the line between sculpture and furniture. Grass seeds included, but the Chaise Lawn also looks great planted with wild flowers or aromatic herbs. Chaise Lawn is currently on exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City. Delay: 6- 8 weeks

Cactus Chair Deger Cengiz, USA Limited edition/13 pieces A provocative new design from Deger Cengiz, Cactus Chair examines how visual data affects the users experience. The existence of the large cactus elicits an emotional response, it is temporarily discomforting, a challenge. Though the user knows that the cactus is behind the glass and is not an actual threat he experiences a slight hesitation. Both tempted to sit and tempted to avoid the experience, Cactus Chair is an exciting new piece from Deger Cengiz that challenges our perceptions of furniture and design. Materials: green tinted high quality plexi-glass, Barrel Cactus (included), river stones Delay: 6- 8 weeks

Tongue in Cheek Design Peter Harvey, Germany Limited edition In the spirit of late 60’s and 70’s Pop, Tongue-in-Cheek is a sculptural celebration of the tongue. Capturing it’s fluid, sensual nature the chair cradles and suspends the sitter unimpaired like an outstretched hand as it flexes in reaction to the sitters movements. Tongue-in-Cheek is realized in UV resistant GRP (glass reinforced plastic) which aesthetically captures the fluid expression and dynamics of the design, has incomparable color brilliance and allows it to flex and react along the length. All pieces are signed and numbered. Materials: UV resistant Polyester gel coat for exterior use, supported on polished stainless steel base and internal support. Also available with a polished chrome base and internal support. Dimensions: h 86cm w 50cm d 70cm Colour options: Red, White, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue and Lime, other colours to order Delay: 8 weeks

Petal Chair Design Damian Barton, USA Limited Edition The visual and emotional signifigance of the Petal chair is a tribute to nature in achieving its sculptural elegance. The repetition of chair rungs replicates the lineal structure of a flower petal when viewed up close. With sincerity to the inspiration source, the chair is completely formed by hand bending the material from its usual flat bar state, into a flowing and effortless form. Material: Wood- Ash species, Aluminum-6061 flats Dimensions: h 78cm w 55cm depth 89cm Finish: Ash wood series: low sheen walnut oil, Aluminum series: Brushed mill finish Delay: 6- 8 weeks

Cortica chaise longue Design Daniel Michalik, USA The beauty of Cortica is in its simplicity. Hand made in Daniel’s Brooklyn studio, this chaise longue is made completely from cork that originates as waste material from the bottle stopper industry. Cork has tremendous potential to perform in ways unlike any other material, as well as being an environmentally responsible material. It is lightweight, naturally waterproof and buoyant. (yes, it floats !) This piece shows it’s ability to bend in two directions simultaneously. The pliability of the cork allows the user of this lounge to rock gently from side to side or backward and forward with a great degree of stability. The result is a sensation of floating weightless yet totally supported. With proper care, Cortica is a piece that will last a lifetime. Care instructions are included. Material: recycled cork (cork is 100% waterproof and impervious to rot and mold growth) Dimensions: L 183cm, w 50cm (72»L x 20»W x 26» tall) Delay: 4-6 weeks

Sifel Chaise Design Caroline Corbeau, France Master metal sculptor Caroline Corbeau’s latest work pays hommage to Gustave Eiffel and his most celebrated metal wstructure- the Eiffel Tower. A work of fine laser cuts and geometric forms, Sifel is a chair with multiple facets in both its structure and the more ephemeral play of shadows it casts. Each chair is hand crafted by Caroline in her atelier outside of Paris. Though design and form have been given high priority the most important aspect of the Sifel Chaise is its function as a comfortable chair. (a place to reflect on moments in Paris perhaps ?)

Material: 2mm stainless steel Dimensions: h 84cm, seat: w 46cm h 46cm, weight 5kg Color options: mat black, laquer red, natural aluminum Delay: 2-4 weeks

Eames Chair Illustration, Mike Perry, USA Limited edition 50 pieces Well known New York illustrator Mike Perry applies his original style to the classic lines and form of the Eames Eiffel chair. Mike’s unique drawings have been commissioned for objects as diverse as Nike shoes and bags, Lomo camera, and De’Longhi coffee maker Artista series. These chairs are drawn on by hand, by Mike, using indelible inks and his special touch. The hand drawing ensures that each chair is absolutely unique. All pieces in this collectable series are signed and numbered. Available in the classic shell chair, the rocker armchair or wooden dowel legs version (more suited to indoors). These are the authentic original Eames design with updated, eco-friendly materials and manufacturing. We love classic black and white but you may have another idea. The chairs are now available in a kaleidoscope of colors from Herman Miller. (www.hermanmiller. com/Products/Eames-Molded-Plastic-Chairs) The illustrations appear on the back and bottom side of the chair creating a clean and modern contrast. Delay: 5-7 weeks

Missing Table And Chairs Design Nobody&co, Italy

Missing chairs is a collection of seven chairs each one different from the other. Mix the different chairs together to obtain angular compositions, even a bench is possible. When placed around the table the different missing pieces create an optical illusion. This clever and elegant design allows us to participate in the composition. The collection was born from the idea that the chair never lives alone but is always part of a greater object. Material: iron tubular structure lacquered white for external use Dimensions: h 78cm w 48cm d 48cm Delay: 60 days

Missing Table completes the Missing Chairs collection respecting its typical open line design. The structure is interrupted near one of the corners, creating an unexpected fifth leg. This beautiful set works equally well outdoors or in. Material: iron tubular structure lacquered white for external use Dimensions: l 180cm w 85cm h 77cm Delay: 60 days

Bibliochaise Design Nobody&co, Italy A chair and a book shelf, a chic and practical way to have your favorite books right at hand. La Bibliochaise can hold 5 meters of books. It exists in 3 versions: Home, Plus and Glossy. Also available as a pouf. Bibliochaise Home, Matt finish in white or black, also available in other colors upon request. Leather or ‘furry’ leather cushions with removable covers in a wide range of colors. Bibliochaise Plus, venereered oak Bibliochaise Glossy, shiny laquer finish in black or white, also available in other colors upon request. Dimensions: w 101 x 84, h 74cm Delay: 60 days note: this chair is for indoor use only

Scroll Table Design Nobody&co, Italy Change the look of this table by simply turning a handle, seven beautiful motifs roll under the crystal surface. Once the desired motif is chosen the others disappear in the two rollers hidden at both ends of the table. The fabrics are designed by Timorous Beasties and chosen from their hand-printed collection. A table to change with your mood or your decor. Material: Laser cut and curved metal structure, 1,5 cm crystal top, contains 18 meters of gray hand printed linen Dimensions: L 210 x w 90 h 75cm Delay: 60 days note: this table is for indoors only

Theo table Design Con Tatto, Italy The shape and balance of an architectural building best describe this coffee table. The alternation of voids and solids bring to mind futuristic urban constructions, though the tables main inspiration comes from the early 20th century Dutch painter and architect Theo van Doesburg, who along with Mondrian was one of the founders of the De Stijl movement. The smooth, white Corian table top has exceptional durability, is suitable indoors or out, and contributes towards sustainable design. The Theo table is made in Italy. Materials: Corian, stainless steel legs Dimensions: THEO MINI 75cm x 75cm / THEO 150cm x 75cm / THEO MAX 150cm x 150cm Delay: 60 days

Modern Fabric Art Design deborah Sommers, France Contemporary fabric art hangs outdoors (or in). Bold, original graphics add another dimension to an outdoor space, reflecting not only the surrounding environment but your personal aesthetics. The light weight fabric is transparent and allows the design to be seen from both sides. A perfect choice for an atrium, outdoor wall or high ceiling interior. Choose the sensual 60’s curves of Pucci Wave or the frenetic abstract of Crazy Line. Complete catalogue is available by request. These pieces are made individually to your size specifications, formatted horizontally or vertically. The color palette may be adjusted to compliment your space. Commissioned designs are welcome. Material: Synthetic indoor/outdoor fabric, cable wire attachments included Dimensions: to order Delay: 2-4 weeks

Transit Chairs Design Boris Bally, USA The transformation of recycled street signs celebrate a raw American street-aesthetic. The unique markings and patina were earned on the road. Created with the precision of Boris’ skill as a sculptor, jeweler and industrial designer, the pure lines of the chair perfectly offset the graphics of the recycled signage. Each edge is rounded to a smooth finish. Transit chairs are made individually (based on current signage stock) in Boris’ studio, NO two chairs are alike. The stainless steel hardware is rust proof. Recycled champagne corks inserted on the bottom of all chair legs protect floors and provide added stability. Transit chairs are dismounted for easy shipping and come with easy to follow instructions, all hardware, including an easy to use hex wrench. Public collections of Bally’s work include London’s V&A Museum, Museum of Art & Design, Carnegie Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, Renwick Gallery and Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum. Materials: recycled traffic signs, champagne corks (chair foot protectors), steel hardware Techniques: Hand fabricated, pierced, brake-formed, finished Dimensions:125cm x 43cm x 55cm (49 1/2» x 17» x 22» ) Delay: 2-4 weeks

Transit Tables Design Boris Bally, USA Bally has also converted the recycled street signs into tables of various sizes. Using 1 or up to 4 signage panels Bally creates striking side tables and exceptional conference or dining tables. Table height can vary according to your specifications. Smaller tables may be shipped assembled or knock-down. Dimensions Squares: 18» x 18» x h20».....46cm x 46cm x h 50cm 36» x 36» (2 panels) xh22».....91,5cm x 91,5cm x h 55cm Rectangles: 18» x 36» (1 panel) x h22».....46cm x 91,5cm x h 55cm 36» x 54» (3 panels) x h22».....91,5cm x 137cm x h 55cm 36» x 72» (4 panels) x h22».....91,5 x 183cm x h 55cm Delay: 2-4 weeks

Original & Clone Stools Design Breaded Escalope, Austria The Original Stools are shaped by a unique process whereas the appearance of each product stands in immediate connection with its place of production. It uses the attributes of landscape and the influence of the surroundings at the different production tracks as a formative element. A robust, hollow orb is housing a flexible mould of the stools. After filling the mould with a specific mix of resin the orb is free to interact with the terrain. The unique rotations and the variations are recorded by the flexing walls of the mould. Each Original Stool is completely unique. Upcoming performances include November 18, Wien Museum Austria. Please contact us for prices and details of Original Stools or booking performances at your venue by Be. “Vienne Clone“ Embracing the distortions created when this Original mold was rolled down the streets of Vienna during their exhibition per-

Dimensions: h45cm L32cm w32cm

formance at Design Week. The Clones retain the serendipity of chance as chosen colors mix in haphazard ways. Even the Clones

Weight: 2,5 kg

from Breaded Escalope are one of a kind. Colors: choose solids or mix from these choices: white, yellow, Material: glassfiber reinforced polyurathane, color varnish, clear

turquoise, black, red, blue. If you have another color in mind, please


ask for it.

Nasse Arm Chair Design Marco Stefanini, Italy The high backed, clear, acrylic armchair flexes as you lean into it ensuring comfort to a chair with a clear artistic style. The seat and footstool of hand woven marine cord artfully wraps around a frame of stainless steel. The footstool weaving combines three complimentary colors which sets off the almost invisible structure of the armchair. The weaving is available in your choice of color combinations. Material: clear acrylic, stainless steel, marine cord Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm seat back 100cm, seat height 38cm Colors: blue, green, orange, yellow, red, gray Delay: 60 days

Axe Genoa Design Marco Stefanini, Italy The geometric simplicity of the stainless steel Axe Genoa chair is the perfect background for the colors and patterns of the marine cord. Wrapped around the back, seat and front legs in various color combinations the chair is an eye catching addition around a table or on its own. Material: stainless steel, marine cord Dimensions: height 75cm, width 30cm, depth 40cm, back 75cm Colors: blue, green, orange, yellow, red, gray Delay: 60 days

Reti Di Manilla Design Marco Stefanini, Italy The irregular angles of the chair base is reflected in the weaving of the seat and back of the chair. Hand woven with marine cord on a stainless steel frame, each chair maintains its individuality thanks to its artisan production and its perfect imperfections. Material: stainless steel, marine cord Dimensions: height 80cm, width 38cm, depth 43cm Colors: blue, green, orange, yellow, red, gray Delay: 60 days

Ondine bench Design Michael Bihain and Cedric Callewaert, Belgium Before being perceived as an element of furniture, this design tends to fascinate by its underlying complexity translated in a simple, strong form. Laureate of the Parck Design competition, Ondine is the fruit of a close collaboration between designer Michael Bihain and Belgian architect Cedric Callewaert. Ondine’s main concept is its capacity to subject its viewer, or user to multiple interpretations: it is both sculpture and bench. Divided into 3 identical modules, Ondine can be repositioned continuously. It offers a longitudinal seating element as well as a circular one. Its organic curves and its modularity offer a wide range of seating possibilities permitting it to continually adapt to various settings, urban, cultural and rural. Material: chromatised powder coated & laquered steel sheets, 8mm Dimensions: outside diameter: 245cm, inside diameter 125cm, high seat: 57cm, low seat: 17cm Color options: white, light gray, anthracite gray, grass green, sky blue, coral red, deep orange, zinc yellow, by special request silver & gold are also possible and other RAL reference colors

Soft Bench Design Lucile Soufflet, France Soft Bench is a bench with a familiar line which suddenly undulates and bends to propose a flexible and relaxed seating on half of its length. The design asks its user to slow down, take time, investing in both object and place. It is a new way to appropriate urban furniture and private spaces with the aim of relaxing and contemplating space and landscape. Soft Bench proposes new typologies for city living. Material: Steel 3mm, treated with primary zinc and epoxy powder coating Dimensions: L 275cm w 49cm seat height 38cm Process: Cut laser, folding, weld

Interference, urban bench Design Alexandre Moronnoz, France An urban bench with a calm and organic exterior and a frenetic, moving, exposed interior. A balance between order and disorder, movement and stability. Equally at home amidst urban bustle or swaying grasses, Interference is an eye catching addition to the landscape. The dimensions may be extended to suit your project. Materials: Laser cut, bent and soldered stainless steel; electroplated zinc, epoxy paint finish Dimensions: L 148cm w 60cm h 40cm

Muscle bench, Urban furniture

Design Alexandre Moronnoz, France As spectacular to gaze at as it is comfortable to rest on, Muscle is a counterproposal to traditional stiff and motionless street furniture thanks to its dynamic forms and its purified lines. A piece to compliment both contemporary architectural structures or modern landscape designs. The bench offers the possibility of sitting or lying down in response to the surface’s relief. Like the fibrous structure of a muscle, the cut metal sheets work with compression and tension to maintain the rigidity of the resting platform. The smooth gun metal gray epoxy finish reflects the light and adds to the sense of lightness. As the sun passes through the metal bars, the shadows mix with the actual piece adding yet another dimension to this exceptional urban bench. Materials: steel 8mm, primary zinc epoxy powder coating Dimensions: L 400cm w 78.5cm h 54cm total weight: 450kg

Bench Design Peter Donders, Belgium The Belgian designer created this contemporary, organic piece by twisting a single string of carbon fibre around a form that was then removed. The resulting structure is airy yet incredibly strong and has been aptly described as �calligraphy in 3D� by Rob Cassy of the Garden Design Journal. Currently the ultimate material available in terms of weight to strength ratio, carbon fiber is used to produce Formula One race cars, the highest quality sporting equipment, as well as the chassis of space crafts. This exceptional limited edition series will be limited to 10 pieces and is suitable for both public and private spaces. Material: carbon fiber Dimensions: 300cm x 40cm x 55cm Weight: 6 kilos Delay: 4-6 weeks

Stone Design, Peter Donders, Belgium Inspired by its namesake, Stone is created with the same eye for detail, depth and movement as Bench. A unique sculptural / seat, Stone is produced in a limited edition of 10 pieces. Material: carbon fiber Dimensions: 164cm x 115m x 39cm Weight: 6 kilos

Icila Chair Design Cecile Planchais, France This sleek, contemporary chair looks like the perfect accessory f or the modern home but is in fact made to withstand the abuses of public spaces. Reminiscent of the Japanese art of origami, Icila is made from a single sheet of steel, cut and folded, without welds. The extra wide seat offers a comfortable position and leaves space on either side to pose a drink, put down a bag, make room for a friend. The supple steel frame has a spring like affect which is amplified when placed on a hard surface. The solid weight and stability are a suprising paradox to the slim, elegant profile. Using the latest eco-technology the surface treatment and brilliant palette of paper white, black graphite, orange-red and varnished natural steel are produced from a vegetable base and permit both longevity and little environmental impact. Icila can be fixed in place without using cement and thus offers the option of mobility, a chair which follows the ‘life’ of its environment. Icila is easily stored and stacked during off season in its original recycled packaging, though it may of course be left outdoors year round. Icila chair, created for the 6th Biennale of Saint Etienne, France and part of the inauguration of its latest building ‘La Platine’ was recently presented at the Sustainable Luxury Fair at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Material: 8mm steel, epoxy powder coating Dimensions: w 85cm p 57,3cm h 77,6cm Color options: white, black, steel + orange

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