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Q&A Where to rent Quads in Dubai?

Atif Mahmood sent us by email the question where to rent a Quad bike in Dubai. He wanted to have the information before his visit to Dubai and of course he got his answer: Thank you for the kind query. The nearest quad bike shop that provides rental services around your place in Al Barsha would be along the strip of Sheikh Zayed Road. You can try and get in touch with Sandstorm Motorcycles (+97143470270, And if you would like, you can also try the Golden Desert Motorcycle Rentals (+971507842020,; the latter business would be far out in the Dubai-Hatta Road, but their manager said that they can make travel arrangements for you from your location to their spot. The two will businesses be more than happy to accommodate you with other information that you would need to know regarding rates and offers. You can check the commercial directory at the back to see the list of other ATV rentals that might pique your interest, and our online commercial directory at, too! We hope that this would answer your query well enough! Your Outdooruae team.

What are the new border rules to cross the Dibba border post? Ian Ganderton sent us by email a request if we know more about the new border regulations on the Dibba Border post at the East Cost, since rumors are going around that it’s not possible anymore to cross the checkpoint if you haven’t registered before for an entry permit with any tourist business in Dibba. Lisa Schwaiger from Sheesa Beach Travel & Tourism in Dibba was so kind to provide us with the current border rules: Please note that all UAE residents are required to send 1 week prior the trip to Dibba a copy of their passport visa page as well as a copy of the front page (the one with your photo on) to the hotel or dhow operator. No need to send copies for guests on UAE tourist/visit visa. They will submit this information to the police check point prior entering Dibba Oman which is new ruling from the UAE government. The original passport is required on the day of entering Dibba Oman at the check point for all people. Please be informed that there are no restrictions to enter into Dibba Oman for certain nationalities. (You still might be lucky and will not be checked and make it though the border post without the preparation in advance. Unfortunately yet, there is no rule or information how to enter Dibba Oman for a private trip – by the new rule it would not be possible.) Have you got any questions about the outdoors and the activities that we cover? You can post them up on our Facebook wall at or send them to and we’ll answer them the best way we can!

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