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always a Red Head version of the lure in every manufacturer’s catalogue. There is no fish with that colour in the wild; the closest you would ever get would be koi and goldfish, fish that a wahoo would never see in its lifetime, yet it is one of the best colours for anything that eats fish. Glow in the dark lures work well in deep water

Tech Talk When you deal with colours, you deal with light. Remember that white light, as we see it, is a mix of the colours of the rainbow – ROYGBIV – Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Researchers say that after 3 metres red disappears – this is probably the reason why you see a lot of red coloured lines for sale today. In ideal conditions with the sun directly above you and the waters glass calm, the penetration of red Dark colors keep their color at depth and are my light only goes up top choice for deep divers to 3 metres. On the other end of the spectrum, blues and violets penetrate the deepest, at about 61 metres. This is the reason why at that depth, everything takes on a bluish hue. If you take this into consideration, it gives you a great guide on what colours to start with. As with almost everything fishing, it is about preferences. What lures and their colours you choose to tie at the end of your fishing line, is your decision.

Light wind? No problem.

The Fly goes in virtually no wind and is incredibly fun to ride. Its exceptionally light weight is primarily the result of removing the center strut. In doing this, the center section of the canopy performs like a spinnaker and generates incredible power in light wind. The Fly uses the Park’s proven easy-handling design, which gives it superior turning ability, but it incorporates more overall sweep, which helps the Fly relaunch in marginal wind conditions.

Silver and Gold Handing Joe back his rod, I asked him, “Do you honestly think that the silver and flash on my lure makes a difference from the gold in yours?” “Honestly, I always use silvers in the morning and when the sun is still bright, and then switch to gold in the afternoons. I read Natural color patterns often work well especially if the fish are it somewhere and feeding specifically on a type of baitfish I have seen this sort of thing happen a few times… but you never know, it’s fishing!” Joe said. I went back to my tackle box and took out an entirely different lure. By the time I finished walking to the car and tying it on, almost all the golden light from the sun was gone. “A black lure, are you really going to use that?” Joe asked. Casting the lure out, I twitched it a few times and felt a heavy thump. “It’s a snapper!” Till next tide change,

Kit Belen

Key Features: • Exceptionally lightweight • Based on the proven Park platform • The power of an 18 with the turning of a 12 • Two strut design • Amazing low-end • Superior water relaunch in light winds • Includes 10m extension lines OCEAN SPORTS FZE +971 (0) 55 935 2735 > Photo: Mike Duhaime

OutdoorUAE September 2012  

OutdoorUAE September 2012

OutdoorUAE September 2012  

OutdoorUAE September 2012