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writer, runner, blogger & adidas athlete PS. My email address is tori@fitchicksandfastwomen. com for thoughts, ideas, and suggestions… or just to say hello!

This column in recent months has seen me in gay Paris, running the 83km-ish EcoTrail, in stunning Lijiang, China, running the mountains that border Tibet, in the fabulous foothills of Nepal, volunteering at Hamro Gaun and in the French Alps, battling the snow and the winds of Val D’Isere’s Ice Trail. So this month, I thought it’s about time I covered something closer to home … and I daresay, my bank manager will thoroughly agree. Besides, we are utterly spoilt here in the UAE with a number of super cool adventure facilities boasting state-of-the-art equipment unrivalled anywhere. But as is often the case, we fail to take advantage of those right on our doorstep, except when planning a corporate event or entertaining out-of-town guests. After my visit to Al Forsan however, I made a strict mental note to not only return myself, but to spread the word about this fantastic venue.

Have you been yourself?

If yes, I suspect you too thought the place great. And if not, I suggest you plan a date because this place rocks. It really rocks!

Al Forsan is a sprawling and spectacular sports project with a huge array of activities from karting to buggying, shooting to archery, riding to polo, wakeboarding and water skiing, flight simulation and much more. I can think of no other set up quite like it in the world, nevermind the region. I went along with my very own 007 … first up, we checked out the flight simulator, then headed to the handgun range and let loose.

Fly baby fly

Stepping from a waiting area and into a dark cockpit is pretty surreal, especially when you then sit down to fly a 747 around Sydney. 007 was captain and I first officer – a good move with my track record behind the wheel although having said that, I’m still revelling in the fact that my last collision saw me handed the green slip rather than the pink. Wonders never cease! Having been a massive traveller my entire life, I found the whole experience too cool to convey, especially considering you could never go into the cockpit now during a flight. The days of being a kid and going into the cockpit during the flight to chat up the pilots and getting your little frequent flyer logbook filled are a distant memory now! We took off very easy then flew all around Sydney, taking in the dense urban landscape, the CBD, the iconic landmarks and the spectacular coastline. Landing seemed the only really tricky part and I truly marvelled at the sheer technology and computer automation that goes into these planes now – I wonder whether pilots will ever find themselves out of jobs altogether?



Hitting the mark

A quick refreshment then we headed to the range for some shooting. LOVED it! My previous experiences have been limited to either shooting at boarding school with the CCF (forced and I went to great lengths to come up with extravagant excuses to avoid) and the odd clay pigeon or game shoot, back home in bonnie Scotland. I’d never shot with handguns before though, and fancied myself as a character straight out of a Bond film. Fitting, don’t you think?! We shot a good few rounds. The focus required is addictive and it requires just the sort of mind : body connection that Adventure Chick loves. This coming autumn, Al Forsan’s shooting options will extend to include a Sniper Riffle range, which sounds pretty cool too.

Now it’s your turn …

The long hot summer will soon draw to a close, our lives will return to their usual fast pace and before we know it, the year will be out. Scary but true! I remind myself of this when not maximising every possible opportunity to do great things in great places with friends and family, old and new. Al Forsan is full of great things and is without doubt a great place, so make sure it’s at the forefront of your mind when next planning some fun here in the UAE!

Love Tori x

Writer, runner, blogger & Adidas athlete.

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