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HITTING THE WALL A & J’s Boot camp training for the ADNIC 10km Run Words: Angelo Cabrera

Follow one out of the

two of OutdoorUAE’s team members’ (Angelo Cabrera) as he shares the first in his series of personal accounts during his two-month training itinerary from Ignite Fitness (one of the leading wellness and fitness companies in the UAE); in a bid to get fit for the 10km ADNIC Yas Run in November.

“Good heavens, what have you put yourself into”, was the pressing question reverberating inside my sweating skull as I huffed and puffed pushing on for another sit-up crunch. But the struggle, I believe, will be sweet in the end when you have come to achieve the result that you have toiled for. For me, it would be passing through the 10km ADNIC Yas Run finish line this coming November, the first run that I have ever entered. I didn’t imagine myself to be entering this sort of stuff before; entirely not a fan of



running at all. But because of the annoying amount of weight that I put on in the early part of the year, that I was hoping to shed, the encouragement from the people in our office and the urge to know just how far I can go in accomplishing a feat of endeavor such as a 10km run, I can’t help myself but to say “yes” in entering the ADNIC Yas Run and make my adventurous and outdoorsy team proud. So with that, myself and Jane, another one of OutdoorUAE’s team members, had gone off for our first fitness assessment. Jane had the same reason as I did in agreeing to this challenge, but had been very anxious as to what sorts of tests would we have to endure and how will our trainer be. Having not had exercise for the past several months she was worried we would not be fit enough for certain conditions, so she expects to the training to yield good results to her health when it has all been completed

The first day was hard – grueling, gutwrenchingly hard, though Fabian from Ignite Fitness, our hardy fitness trainer said that this was the easy part; Jane and I were made to do as many sit-ups, push-ups, squats as we could in 60 seconds, do the fastest run and time that we could to hit the 800-meter mark on the treadmill and finally, hold our body on a plank stance the longest that we could. If that was just the easy part, I wouldn’t want to think about as to what Fabian would have us do as we get to the hard part – the boot camp! “Push on!” my inner-self scorned adamantly, a commander rallying a worn-out warrior; “Push on! Do not surrender to it!” it said, as I was beginning to hit that so-called “barrier” and was taking its toll on my physical being. Many times I have crossed the straining

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