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Mobile Coupon Marketing - Using Mobile Coupons to Grow Your Business-Discount Coupons On Mobiles _____________________________________________ By Mycroft Nigel - SMS advertising is an interesting way to interact with your clients. This is not just personal, specific and affordable, but it's also providing the maximum reach for all kinds of mobile marketing strategies. In case you would like a good SMS campaign to utilize in your local small business in order to generate sales, mobile coupon marketing will be a good starting point. Learn More About Discount Coupons On Mobiles

A mobile coupon is actually a discount or sales coupon delivered through text to customers and they can utilize it in retail stores, restaurants and any kind of business. This will normally incorporate a redeemable special offer which includes one free product with purchase, 2 for 1 or 30% off. These types of coupons are very popular with coffee shops, retail stores, carpet cleaners and all local businesses offering a service or product. Reports indicate that mobile-based coupons will proceed to increase in popularity in future years with users worldwide.

Quite a few large brand names are utilizing mobile coupons in order to get in touch with their clients. National retailers such as Target had actually been the very first retailer to embrace mobile coupons at all the locations across the United States. Consumers had been encouraged to sign up to get coupons through text messaging using the word COUPONS as the short code. Rite Aid also introduced a textbased program for coupons not too long ago where consumers could register to get SMS based special discounts and offers that can be used while shopping at the store.

The fast food chains also love to use text coupons. KFC offered these types of text-based coupons recently with offers such as buy 1 and get 1 free to all customers who send this short code KFC4FREE in a message. This campaign was promoted on the internet, via e-mail and also in store in order to get a mobile list of 6000 customers. Carl Jr Burger chain also uses these coupons to generate sales and recently a new rewards program was launched throughout its 27 locations in Oklahoma. Clients have been encouraged to sign up for a brand-new text rewards club in order to get coupons weekly.

Mobile coupon marketing will continue to be a great tool for small business owners for many years since it will be easy to make and quick to send out to customers who love the benefit of utilizing moneysaving deals directly from their mobile phone. Development in these coupons was enormous within the last year and this trend is set to carry on. is a trusted online source for the mobile Web and marketing strategies for local businesses. The small business owner is just starting to hear about mobile coupon marketing. As a local business owner you can get the jump on the competition in your community by utilizing the new and exciting mobile marketing strategies starting with the creation of a mobile friendly website. Visit us today at and learn about the best mobile techniques you need to implement to connect with the local mobile users.

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