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Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

dear tOur OperatOr, You are holding the first agent manual produced by the Outdoors Finland project. The Outdoors Finland development programme is a joint project of the Finnish Tourist Board, development organisations, tourism organisations, route network constructors and maintenance administrators as well as tourist entrepreneurs, and it covers the entire Finland. The agent manual is the first step aimed at tour operators. It currently contains 10 tested products. The manual will be extended as more products are introduced. Incoming agencies will also be added, there are several route networks well under development, and trekking and canoeing will be packaged into products in the near future. In future, the manual will be updated electronically, and an edition for sales events will be published. New map and guide material supporting cycling, trekking and canoeing will be produced in printed form and for mobile devices. The first publications are already out on the market, and new ones will be published in ample numbers in 2013. In addition to the manual, the Finnish Tourist Board will design supporting campaigns for activities in different market areas. The campaign is in its planning stage, and the first measures will be implemented in spring 2013. Subsequently, Outdoors Finland will be seen both in Finland and in selected market areas. Counterbalancing the hurried everyday life and accelerating rhythm of life, Finland offers silence and room to breathe, even in the cities. The traveller can take it easy, lead a cottage life, have a sauna, and enjoy the clean nature. Every traveller would like to experience at least one memorable adventure during their holiday. The Finnish nature provides opportunities for awesome nature activities, like cycling, trekking and canoeing. The special nature of the Finnish culture is introduced by strengthening the global phenomena springing from our culture.

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We hope that the manual and the supporting products and measures will provide you with a range of innovative choices from Finland meeting your customers’ needs! Our goal is to make Finland the number one destination in trekking, cycling and canoeing. Join us! Kind regards, Pirjo Räsänen



Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

Table of Content


FACTS And Figures



introduction AND Materials


Gained independence in

Routes 7 The historic Ox Road and our magnificent national parks Tour of Eastern Uusimaa



Total area, km 338,425 2

Population (9 August 2012)


EU member since



Founded in


Total area, km 1,433 2

Shoreline, km


Population Lappeenranta City 72,000 Finnish-speaking (%)


Other languages (%)


Hotels 12

Cultural landscapes from helsinki to hämeenlinna 14



Historic King’s Road to Hanko 16

Capital of Finland since


Total area, km 716 2

Historic King’s Road to the east, to the Russian border 18


Shoreline, km


Islands 317






1229 1809 - 1812

Population Helsinki City


Capital of Grand Duchy of Finland

Population Helsinki Region


Total area, km2 2,333

Finnish-speaking (%)


Shoreline, km

Swedish-speaking (%)


Islands 317

green capital region 30

Other languages (%)


Population Turku City


Tour around lake vesijärvi

Evangelical Lutheran (%)


Population Turku Region


Orthodox (%)


Finnish-speaking (%)


Accommodation 34

Other (%)


Swedish-speaking (%)


Incoming agencies 43

No religious denomination (%) 29

Other languages (%)


Hotels 80

Hotels 24

Towards Turku on the historic King’s Road IsLAND tour on lake saimaa

22 28 32

Moving around 44










Average Temperature (2011) C


Entire year 5.1 41.18


Warmest month (July)

21.7 71.06

Coldest month (March)

-10.4 13.28


Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

introduction AND Materials

PRACTICAL INFORMATION Border crossing Ministry of the Interior, Border Guard Headquarters, P.O.Box 3, FI-00131 Helsinki Tel. +358 (0)071 872 1000 Fax +358 (0) 071 872 1009

Finnish Customs National Board of Customs, P.O.Box 512, FI-00101 Helsinki Tel. +358 (0)9 6141 Fax +358 (0)20 492 2852

Clothing In summer, travellers can get away with lightweight clothing in the daytime, but long sleeves and long trousers or skirts are useful for the evenings. Waterproof clothes are useful throughout the year. A netting veil is useful when trekking in the mosquito season.

Currency Euro (€) since 2002.


location). Nordea Bank open Mon-Fri 10am-12am, 12.45-4.30pm. Sampo Bank Mon-Fri 10am-4.30pm.

Other Post Offices are open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, closed in weekends.

Local Time

Yellow mail boxes for collections on weekdays.

Finland is in the Eastern European Time Zone: GMT +2hours.

News Capital FM, news and topical themes in several languages, all day. More info: International edition of Finland’s leading daily newspaper: Foreign newspapers are sold in Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Turku at the airports, railway stations, major bookstores, Stockmann Department Store (in Helsinki and Turku) and most kiosks (R-kioski).

Opening Hours Department stores and shopping centres in major cities are open weekdays 9am-9pm, Saturdays 9am-6pm and Sundays 12noon-6pm (9pm). Smaller shops and shops in smaller, rural towns are usually open weekdays 10am-6pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm.

1 km = 0,62 miles

Drinking Water Tap water in Finland is safe for drinking.

Electric Appliances The electric current in Finland is 200 V (230 V), 50 Hz.

Foreign Exchange Offices Banks: open Mon-Fri 10am – 4.30pm (office hours may vary), closed on weekends. Foreign currency and travellers’ cheques can also be exchanged at several currency exchange offices in major cities in Finland. Change Group exchange points at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport open between 6am-11.30pm (varies according to


Stamps are available at post offices, bookshops and newsagents, kiosks and hotels.

Internet access, WLAN In major cities in Finland, there are several places, mainly libraries, cafés or bars, where you can use the Internet free of charge or for a small fee.

Tipping Tips are welcome when you are satisfied and happy with the service, but are not obligatory.

Outdoors Finland (OF) – national summer activities development programme Finland has a joint nationwide, extensive summer activities development programme aimed at developing route networks, products and marketing. National co-ordination creates tools on a national scale for product development, networking, developing route networks and more. The practical measures are channelled to entrepreneurs through regional projects and the product development work of regional organisations. The largest series of measures include: - the development of service provisions and infrastructure for trekking, cycling and canoeing route networks - product development - research studies in key market areas - international marketing and distribution channels In terms of the development of route networks and marketing abroad, it is essential to be able to identify the most important tourist trekking, cycling and canoeing routes of the regions, observing their profiles and strengths, to concentrate on in marketing. The objective is to select for international marketing those routes that are

maintained on a committed and long-term basis. The best routes are routes with services for tourists in the surrounding area, that are scenically beautiful or have significant natural value, and that are accessible by tourists. The environment, service provisions such as shelters and camp fire places and signage of the routes will be developed and their maintenance cared for. The productisation of the routes as easy to purchase, suitable for different distribution channels and resonating with the customer will be developed. The national co-ordination project is also responsible for the marketing measures and campaigns specific to marketing areas, jointly with the regional unit and VisitFinland. More information: Project Manager Terhi Hook, Tel. 050 5970 999 Finnish Tourist Board P.O. Box 625, Töölönkatu 11, 00101 Helsinki, Finland

Parks in Finland A national park is a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land that Finland State declares or owns. Visitors are allowed to enter, under special conditions, for inspirational, educative, cultural, and recreative purposes. A nature reserve often allows very limited access to the public. There are no services for visitors and it is not marketed as an attraction.

Post Offices General Post Office in Helsinki, Elielinaukio 2 F, FI-00100 Helsinki. Tel. +358 (0)200 71000 Open Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-6pm.

Maps and guides Fillariopas 1 and 2 – routes westwards from Helsinki and routes eastwards from Helsinki A guide for touring cyclists The Cycling Guides (Fillariopas) contain a tested range of touring cycling routes in Southern Finland. The routes included in the guide are based on national and

local cycling routes. The routes have been built so that there are interesting nature and cultural sights, and as many countryside accommodation facilities as possible, nearby. The routes also cross the most important towns and cities. The sights shown in the guide are located along the routes and are extensively marked on the map. Parts of the guides will be translated into Russian, English and German.


Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

cycling Routes

Outdoors Finland SOUTH The Outdoors Finland South project is a development project for activity routes and the related expertise and co-operation, operating in the provinces of South Karelia, Päijät-Häme, Kanta-Häme, Kymenlaakso and Uusimaa. The project aims to improve the quality and accessibility of routes for cycling (particularly touring cycling), trekking and canoeing, for independent tourists from both Finland and abroad, and for business. The aim of the project is: - to raise the level of existing routes in the region - to raise the level of and improve the information provided by route maps and guides - to utilise the above in productisation and marketing planning - to improve the availability of route maps and guides and other activity products through different distribution channels - to improve networking between different organisations and fields These goals can be reached by improving the quality of routes, producing test maps of tested routes that meet the set criteria, collecting route networks and activity packages on the basis of test results and introducing them into the distribution channels. The goals can also be reached by acting precisely within defined activities, and by carrying out co-operation with the tourist industry, route builders and designers, map-makers and organisations in the field of navigation.

Cycling and Excursions GT series 1-5, 1:200,000 and 1:250,000, printed 2009-2011 For planning of cycling, canoeing and hiking trips The Excursions GT series is an aid to all planners and providers of canoeing, cycling and trekking trips. All national and local cycling routes are marked on the road map. Surfaced and non-surfaced routes are differentiated from one another, as are pure cycling routes and road cycling routes. Information about services needed by cyclists, such as cycling shops and accommodation, are also shown on maps. The maps also show the most important trekking and canoeing routes. The maps


As a result of the project, the following can be created: In the first stage, routes and map and guide material developed on a customer-oriented basis. On the basis of these, mobile and online map, navigation and information solutions can be developed for the internet, smartphones and navigation devices. On the basis of these, activity packages and weekly programmes by companies and regions can be created for independent tourists. The project runs from 1 February 2011 to 31 August 2014, with a total budget of €1.05 million. The project is administered by the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality. The project partners are the region’s tourist organisations and travel agencies, development companies, Metsähallitus and the National Parks, the Finnish Tourist Board, the Outdoors Finland (OF) co-ordination project and related provincial projects. So far, OF South has chosen nationally and provincially significant cycling routes, drawn up maps and guidebooks for them and opened a cycling tourism portal.


Family with children

Alongside water

History National routes Regional routes

Project staff: Pirjo Räsänen Project Manager +358 44 708 1242


feature legends in Finnish, Swedish and English. On the edge of the maps, contact information for the region’s tourist information centres, online links for cyclists, and instructions on taking bicycles on public transport are provided. The maps can be ordered at http://www. The website is in Finnish and English. Mobile guides For the summer of 2013, the project will produce both electronic and printed maps and guides in different languages. Up-to-date information on this is available at The project also provides information on all regional maps and routes.


Lappeenranta Kouvola Turku



Outdoors Finland South


Outdoors Finland South


Outdoors Finland South

The historic Ox Road and our magnificent national parks Hämeenlinna-Forssa-Karkkila-Nuuksio-Helsinki Length: 257 km | Duration: 4 days/3 nights | Difficulty level: Medium

Outdoors Finland South

Day 1. On the Ox Road of Häme Hämeenlinna-Forssa 81 km The Ox Road, marked with white and brown signs, runs from Hämeenlinna to Tammela in the undulating morainic terrain of the lake highland area. The attractive main street of the Kuittila village in Renko and its dense rows of houses represent the traditional village milieu of Häme. One of the day’s highlights is the journey from the village of Porras towards Tammela and further to Forssa. The village of Porras in Tammela has a special closed quadrangular courtyard in Syrjälä. From Porras, the journey continues on a beautiful isthmus that includes the Saari National Park and its viewing tower and beach. The carefully restored factory area in Forssa and its surrounding Yhtiönpuisto park area, which is of cultural and historical significance, make a relaxing oasis in the middle of the town.

Day 2. In the lake highland area and in national parks Forssa-Karkkila 73 km

Highlights! - The historic Ox Road ( and its landscapes and destinations - The factory milieus of Forssa and Karkkila - Liesjärvi and Nuuksio National Parks

The Ox Road of Häme is the most important road in Finnish early history. Cutting through the wilderness of Häme and river landscapes of Southwestern Finland, the road was used by tradesmen, pilgrims and kings alike – as early as in the Viking times over a thousand years ago. The historical and cultural sceneries and idyllic villages of the Ox Road invite you to make frequent stops. The naturally beautiful ridge of Porras has breathtakingly charming lake views on both sides. The milieus of Forssa and Karkkila tell a tale of Finnish industrialisation. The national parks of Liesjärvi and Nuuksio crown the trip.


For a while, you can still enjoy the fantastic ridge views on the way from Porras towards Liesjärvi National Park. The area of the national park is almost entirely covered by thick forests and small, wooded marsh areas. Bold spruces dominate the landscape, with the undergrowth featuring natural yields such as lingonberries and blueberries. The most spectacular spot in the natural park is the shallow and sandy Kyynäränharju ridge that separates two lakes from each other. The route to Karkkila meanders along the shores of small lakes in a hilly terrain. Travellers will arrive in the small town of Karkkila through the southern shoreline of Lake Pyhäjärvi. In Karkkila, Högfors Ironworks’s old factory buildings, staff housing and ironworks manor with its park create a historical milieu where a new and modern iron foundry continues the industrial tradition of Karkkila.


Day 3. Finnish manor house culture and Nuuksio National Park Karkkila-Nuuksio 59 km The small towns of Karkkila and Vihti in Western Uusimaa are attractive and certainly new places for many. Entering Vihti, travellers will find themselves in the varied and hilly landscapes of the Lohjanharju ridge. Forests are dominated by deciduous broadleaved trees, and the colour green spreads everywhere. Vihti provides you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself in more detail with the Finnish manor house culture: the Olkkala Manor, for example, is situated in beautiful cultural surroundings and is the most important of the manor houses. The journey carries on to Nuuksio, which is an ideal place to stop for an afternoon excursion in the national park. Your choice of accommodation will play an important role in terms of the length of the tour.

Day 4. From the national park to the city Nuuksio-Helsinki 39 km High rocks, sandy terrains and luscious vegetation attract visitors to stay in Nuuksio for a long time. You can explore the park on bicycle, but we recommend you take a hiking trip, short or long, to the depths of the park; there is plenty of accommodation and things to occupy several days. Leaving behind the natural beauty of Nuuksio, the route runs towards inhabited areas. The Espoon keskus will greet you before long. Travellers will arrive in Helsinki through cosy residential house estates. Please note! The tour begins by train to Hämeenlinna. You can easily choose to cycle from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna instead. This would extend the tour by 2 to 4 days.

Forssa Karkkila Vihti Nuuksio

Difficulty level

Medium – Demanding The daily distances are quite long, and the terrain is relatively mixed and at times very hilly. The daily distances are also rather long. You can make the daily distances easier by taking day breaks, particularly in the national parks.

More information >matkailu > matkailu


Outdoors Finland South

Tour of Eastern Uusimaa Helsinki-Söderkulla-Isnäs-Lapinjärvi-Pukkila-Sipoo-Helsinki Length: 266 km | Duration: 6 days/5 nights | Difficulty level: Medium

Highlights! - - - - -

The historic small towns of Porvoo and Loviisa Finnish countryside and its small parish villages The historic district centre of Sipoo Viikki and Vanhankaupunginlahti, nature destinations in the capital maritime and luscious Helsinki

The tour begins in Helsinki, following along its eastern shoreline. Imposing rows of yachts in Pohjoisranta and Merihaka, opulent villas in Kulosaari and beaches in Herttoniemi display the best of maritime Helsinki. There is a shop in Itäsalmi where you can stock up with food supplies for the journey. As we get to Sipoo and leave Helsinki behind, the urban landscape changes to grove-like forests and fertile fields, birds twittering. The new residential community of Sipoonranta is on the way before arriving in Söderkulla.


Day 3. Rural peace Isnäs-Lapinjärvi 62 km We go round the sea bay, heading towards Koskenkylä. The next stop is the idyllic village of Pernaja, only a short distance from Loviisa. Loviisa is an idyllic, small maritime town with interesting history. As we arrive in the town, we will first be greeted by a view of the tall Neo-Gothic church tower of Loviisa. The pretty market square of Finnish- and Swedish-speaking Loviisa is surrounded by stone houses from the 19th century, and the old wooden-house quarters with their sand and pebble streets begin right in the centre. The sea reaches all the way to the town centre. A piece of seafaring history, the area of Laivasilta with its red salt sheds is a busy meeting and event venue in summer. After Loviisa, the route passes through fortresses built in the 18th century and continues to the north. The shores of Lake Hopom feature giant’s kettles and an impressive glacial erratic over 10 metres in height. Accommodation is provided in the small parish village of Lapinjärvi.

Day 4. The quiet countryside of Southern Finland Lapinjärvi-Pukkila 42 km

In Finland, the countryside is never far. We will cycle from the vibrant and luscious city of Helsinki through the Baltic Sea coastal cities to the countryside and back to the historic and nature sights of the metropolitan area. The towns of Porvoo and Loviisa by the Baltic Sea with their wooden houses have had a fascinating and eventful life during Swedish and Russian rule. In the countryside, we will pass through the Struve Geodetic Arc, a World Heritage Sight scarcely visible in the ground, and the giant’s kettles in Askola, among the largest in the world. The relaxed route continues to the historically significant cultural landscape of Sipoo that has a long history going back to the 14th century. The area of the last destinations, the Viikki Nature Area and the estuary of Vanhankaupunginkoski, is where the city of Helsinki was originally founded. Day 1. Maritime, luscious Helsinki and the countryside of Southern Finland Helsinki-Söderkulla 31 km

Outdoors Finland South

From Lapinjärvi, we carry on directly to Porlammi. Tornikallio in Porlammi contains one of the measuring points of the Struve Geodetic Arc, representing the history of science and technology in the World Heritage site list. The point is not visible in the ground. The road from Porlammi to Myrskylä travels in field landscapes and has a few more hilly climbs than before; the hills are long but gently sloping. The scenery becomes more wooded before Myrskylä.

Day 5. Giant’s kettles in Askola and Finnish parish villages Pukkila-Sipoo 46 km The journey continues in the natural landscapes of the Porvoonjoki River towards Askola. The giant’s kettles of Kirnukallio are situated close to the road, there are several of them, all impressive. Kirnukallio has a fantastic view to the valley of the Porvoonjoki River and to Kirveskallio. The old granary of the Askola Museum of Local History and Culture has an impressive pre-historic collection unique among the museums of Eastern Uusimaa. Go and have a look! Next stop is Pornainen, where you can stop and visit the museum of local history and culture and the Pornainen Church. The tour continues to Lake Kotojärvi and Kotojärvi Manor with a golf course and two beaches. From there, we turn on to the old King’s Road, towards Nikkilä and the village of Sipoo.

Day 6. The two churhes of Sipoo and Sotunki Sipoo-Helsinki 40 km The old district centre of Sipoo consists of a medieval granite church from the 1450s and a new brick church from the late 19th century. The King’s Road crossing through the district centre and the inhabited areas near the churches are, to a large extent, similar to what they were before 1700. As we carry on from Sipoo, the route meanders through residential areas towards the village of Sotunki. Sotunki has cultural and historical significance with plenty to see and take pictures of. The impressive rock hill of Högberget (74.6m) rises on the other side of an open field and reveals Sipoo in all its glory before your eyes. The next significant destination is the area of Viikki and Vanhankaupunginlahti that, together with the River Vantaanjoki, form a unique green area right in the middle of Helsinki. The journey from Viikki takes place on a park road from Arabianranta. The final stretch is only a stone’s throw on the Sörnäinen shore road to the city centre.

Day 2. Idyllic town of Porvoo Söderkulla-Isnäs 45 km The tour continues to Porvoo in rural landscape. Depending on the season, the view is always different, with summer meadows glowing with colourful flowers and autumn trees taking on new colours. The town of Porvoo is an interesting mixture of old and new. The cathedral keeps watch on the Old Town of Porvoo and is a good landmark. Red riverside sheds by the Porvoonjoki River, idyllic courtyards and pebbled streets create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. We continue from Porvoo to the east and towards Isnäs. The route travels in undulating rural landscapes, among residential estates and in shady forests. The milieu of an old sawmill awaits in Isnäs. The old buildings are full of history, and the region is beautiful in the summer. Accommodation in Isnäs is provided in a modest B&B.


Sipoo Isnäs Lapinjärvi

Pukkila Hinthaara Sotunki Accommodation, particularly between Lapinjärvi and Sotunki, is small-scale and scarce, and is in high demand in summertime.

Difficulty level

Medium The route is not very demanding overall, but the terrain is quite undulating, even for long stretches, from time to time.

More information


Outdoors Finland South

Cultural landscapes from helsinki to hämeenlinna Helsinki-tuusula-tour around lake tuusulanjärvijärvenpää-riihimäki-hämeenlinna Length: 152 km | Duration: 4 days/3 nights | Difficulty level: Easy

Outdoors Finland South

Day 1. The idyllic Vantaanjoki River and historic village milieu of Southern Finland Helsinki-Tuusula 40 km

Day 3. The old ironworks area of Mariefors and the premises of the old glass factory Järvenpää–Riihimäki 43 km

The route begins in central Helsinki along Pohjoisranta towards Arabianranta, an area with almost 300 works of art on display. The works include sculptures, ceramics, graphic concrete, photographs, paintings, mosaic and light works, an art park, art courtyards and communal art. The first part of the tour follows along the idyllic Vantaanjoki River towards Tuomarinkylä Manor and further to the Helsinki Parish Village. This is a good spot to spend some time. The church in the area and its milieu are part of the best preserved parish village milieu in Southern Finland. The area also has a renowned coffee shop. The tour continues along the river to the centre of Tikkurila. The Heureka science centre is right on the cycling route. Its scientific and technological exhibitions are interactive. The contents of the objects will be revealed by using them. Next, we take a cycling track from Tikkurila towards Tuusula.

From Järvenpää we head towards Kellokoski, just under 4 kilometres away. The landscape of the ironworks area of Mariefors is one of the best integrated and most beautiful memorials of the Finnish iron industry. From Kellokoski, we carry on towards Hyvinkää. The route features residential areas and rural landscape. Destinations in Hyvinkää include the Old Wool Factory and the Finnish Railway Museum. The museum exhibits Finnish railway history in a station and depot milieu of the 1870s. From Hyvinkää, we continue to Riihimäki on leisurely cycling tracks in a forest and rural setting. Riihimäen Lasi Oy (Riihimäki Glass) began its operations in the area in 1910. The glass factory took many steps to care for the wellbeing of its employees, and one these was Hyttikortteli, a housing area constructed around the glass factory definitively worth a visit.

Day 2. Cultural historic experiences in a beautiful rural landscape Tour around Lake Tuusulanjärvi 20 km

Highlights! - Tuusulanjärvi Lake, favoured by artists, and its culturally and historically significant sights - The historic ironworks area in Kellokoski - Aulanko Urban Park and Hämeenlinna The journey takes us from Helsinki to the north. Southern Finland is densely populated, and the route travels mainly through residential areas with plenty of opportunities for breaks and to explore. We head off from Helsinki through Arabianranta and the Helsinki Parish Village to the cultural landscapes of Lake Tuusulanjärvi and further to the ironworks area in Kellokoski. The region of Häme has historic castles, churches and manor houses, and you can quickly spend plenty of time exploring them. The region is the oldest cultural landscape of the inland Finland, with plenty of museums. The landscape is varied, but there are no significant rises in the terrain.


The area of Tuusulanjärvi is renowned as a popular residential choice for artists, going back for centuries. At the turn of the 20th century, several masters of the golden era of Finnish art settled on the eastern shore of Lake Tuusulan-järvi. The Russian elite also enjoyed their time by the shores of the lake. The coastal road was granted the status of a museum road in 1982, the reasons being its historical background, scenic values and the originality created by the artistic community. The road is just over three kilometres long and joins with the road to Järvenpää at both ends. There are several places of cultural and historical significance to Finland along the road.

Day 4. Cultural landscape and museums Riihimäki–Hämeenlinna 49 km The route first runs from the centre of Riihimäki past the Hunting Museum of Finland, after which we continue to Punkantie. The route to Tervakoski passes through fields, farmhouses and some residential houses. Sights in Tervakoski include the historic factory milieu of Tervakoski. After Tervakoski, we continue in rural scenery, surrounded by several rivers flowing from lakes in the area, towards the village centre of Janakkala and its landmark, St Lawrence’s Church. Pay a visit to the Laurinmäki Museum of Crofters and the cultural landscape of Hakoinen, in the centre of Janakkala. From the village of Janakkala, the route travels through the countryside, flanked by fields and forests, until we reach the city of Hämeenlinna. Composer Jean Sibelius’ birthplace, the Häme Castle and Aulanko offer something for every taste. We will return from Hämeenlinna by train. Please make a train reservation for your bicycle in advance!


Tuusula>matkailu Järvenpää>matkailu Riihimäki>matkailu Hämeenlinna

Difficulty level

Easy The route is suitable for beginners and families with children. There are plenty of stops on the way, the terrain is flat, and the daily distances are not very long. The route offers plenty of accommodation options, and nature and destinations suitable for children.


Outdoors Finland South

Historic King’s Road to Hanko Helsinki-Kirkkonummi-Inkoo-Tammisaari-Hanko Length: 176 km | Duration: 4 days/3 nights | Difficulty level: Easy

Outdoors Finland South

Day 1. Maritime Helsinki and Espoo Helsinki-Kirkkonummi 52 km Maritime Helsinki shows its most attractive features at the start of this tour. The shoreline route passes on the seaside of Kaivopuisto Park towards Lauttasaari and further to the finest residential areas of Espoo, where exquisitely beautiful gardens and houses border the shoreline route. We leave behind the urban hustle and bustle as we move on to Kirkkonummi in rural settings. Broadleaved forests and wide open fields alternate on the course of the hilly route.

Day 2. Idyllic small villages and towns of Western Uusimaa Kirkkonummi-Inkoo 37 km We leave Kirkkonummi behind and continue our journey to Siuntio. Siuntio is a community with a large number of manor houses. Several manor houses are in private ownership but still stand tall as landmarks to passers-by. The medieval stone church dedicated to St Peter stands in the centre of Siuntio. As we approach Inkoo, we start to catch glimpses of the sea. The guest boat harbour is located right next to the market square and is an ideal spot for relaxation in the evening.

Day 3. The ruins of Raseborg Castle and Finland’s oldest summer café Inkoo-Tammisaari 44 km

Highlights! - The unrushed milieu of the old postal route - The most affluent residential areas and seascapes of Helsinki and Espoo - The idyllic towns of Inkoo and Tammisaari - The journey features several fantastic nature and bird destinations - Hanko’s wooden villas with lace-like carvings

The Great Coastal Road, called the King’s Road, is a historic road from Turku to Vyborg established in the mid-14th century. Its heyday was in the 18th century, when it formed part of the mail road between Stockholm and St Petersburg. The tour travels primarily along the road and starts on the seashores of Helsinki, past the affluent residential areas, yacht harbours and beaches of Espoo to the countryside. The coastal nature of Western Uusimaa is rocky and undulating. The journey features small towns characterised by bilingualism, which are popular boating and holiday destinations. The destinations of Western Uusimaa are among the most popular cycling destination in Finland.


We explore the history of ironworks at Fagervik, where attractive red houses create a cosy atmosphere. The hilly and curved route continues from the ironworks milieu to Snappertuna Church. The old Raseborg Castle is situated on a fantastic high rock hill. The carefully maintained area


Kirkkonummi Inkoo / Degerby>matkailu Tammisaari Hanko

houses a summer theatre and café. The idyllic atmosphere of Snappertuna tempts you to stay for a long time. The tour continues to Tammisaari, where some of the town’s most attractive features include the Old Town and its wooden houses, the proximity of the sea and a relaxed atmosphere. Narrow streets are bordered by old-fashioned street lamps, and the town blocks have got amusing names, such as Salakka (The Bleak), Silli (The Herring) and Willisika (The Bore).

Day 4. Hanko Peninsula Tammisaari-Hanko 43 km This day’s route takes us towards the summer town of Hanko in a seaside scenery. The beach in the centre of Lappohja invites you to take a plunge. The scenery in Högholmen is beautiful. A nature trail leads you to a rocky cape to marvel the view. Hanko Peninsula is a bird-watcher’s paradise: the area is claimed to have over 270 avian species, and you can spot birds in Högholmen irrespective of the season. We will soon reach the furthest point of the peninsula, Hanko, a busy summer town and a dream destination for those who love boating and fishing. Boaters populate the harbours in Hanko every year. The coast in Hanko is characterised by undulating rocks and long, sandy beaches. Charming villas with lace-like wood carvings stand side by side. Cosy atmospheric restaurants in the east harbour are packed with holiday-makers and locals in the evenings. Hanko is worth spending a night in and returning back by train on the fourth day. You can take a cruise from Hanko to many of the neighbouring islands, the most popular of which is Bengtskär and its lighthouse.

Difficulty level

Easy The terrain on the route is undulating, but the daily distances are reasonable, so the route is also suitable for beginners. The route has lots to see, so you can have plenty of breaks.


Outdoors Finland South

Historic King’s Road to the east, to the Russian border Helsinki-Porvoo-Loviisa-Kotka-Hamina-Virolahti/MiehikkäläLappeenranta-Saimaa Canal-Lappeenranta Length: 413 km | Duration: 8 days/7 nights | Difficulty level: Medium

Outdoors Finland South

Day 1. Maritime Helsinki and idyllic Porvoo Helsinki-Porvoo 62 km The journey from Helsinki to Porvoo runs along the eastern coastline of the capital and opens views over the maritime and green Helsinki. Imposing rows of yachts in Pohjoisranta and Merihaka, opulent villas in Kulosaari and beaches in Herttoniemi gradually give way to grove-like forests. After Helsinki, we enter the countryside, continuing after Haikko Manor to Porvoo along the idyllic riverside of the River Porvoonjoki. Porvoo is Finland’s second oldest town and a popular tourist destination. It is also known for its history: the Diet of Porvoo in 1809 took place there on the order of Tsar Alexander I of Russia. Old Porvoo is an idyllic town with wooden houses, and in summertime its streets are filled with holiday-makers. The riverside is a well-known meeting place in the evenings where you can enjoy the Finnish midnight sun.

Day 2. Finnish countryside, the historic parish village of Perna ja and the idyllic Loviisa of wooden houses Porvoo–Loviisa 52 km

Highlights! - - - - -

The old 18th-century town centres of Porvoo and Loviisa Hamina Fortress and the unusual circular town plan The lake sceneries of Saimaa Lake and the Saimaa Canal Shared history between Finland, Sweden and Russia The route features several fantastic boat cruising destina tions (Porvoo, Kotka, Loviisa, Hamina and Lappeenranta)

The King’s Road is a postal route connecting Sweden and Russia dating back to the 15th century. The Eastern King’s Road route passes through historic, attractive small towns and villages, following the inlets of the sea bay towards the Russian border and the blue waters of Lake Saimaa. The route features the idyllic small towns of Porvoo, Loviisa, Kotka and Hamina as well as various historic and fantastic nature sights. The route provides a window to Finland’s colourful history between two empires. The journey features reminders from the periods of Swedish kings and Russian tsars. Why not go on a boat tour, available from most towns, or take a cruise on Lake Saimaa at the final destination, Lappeenranta.


From Porvoo, the tour continues east, via Veckjärvi and Jakari towards Isnäs. The route travels in undulating rural landscapes, among residential estates and in shady forests. The smell of wild strawberries, cut hay and summer waft along the route. The next stop is the parish village of Pernaja. The village has a small café and an imposing medieval church. Pernaja is the birthplace of Mikael Agricola, founder of the written Finnish language. Sights relating to his life have been sign-posted. Loviisa is only a stone’s throw from Pernaja, and its towering, Neo-Gothic church tower can be seen from a distance. Loviisa is a busy town in summer and has several nice places for accommodation. The old town is full of beautifully maintained wooden houses and gardens, and the market is bordered by stone houses from the 19th century.

Day 4. The seaside cities of Kotka and Hamina Kotka–Hamina 30 km Since the day’s journey is short, it is a good idea to explore the sights of Kotka in the morning. Destinations not to be missed include Maritime Centre Vellamo and aquarium house Maretarium. Kotka’s parks are worth a visit; as the city has put a big effort into them. The cycling route takes us quickly past residential areas to Hamina, known for its unique spherical town plan. The history of Hamina goes back to the 17th century, but the town plan dates back to the 1720s. The internationally unique, circular town with its entrenchments and town plan has been preserved well. The pivot of the circle houses the Town Hall that can be seen from every street corner. The park-like recreation area of Tervasaari by the sea is a summer oasis for travellers and locals alike.

Day 5. The Salpa Line – a massive defensive bunker line from the Second World War Hamina–Virolahti/Miehikkälä 38/49 km The museum road between Hamina and the River Virojoki breathes an air from centuries past. Habitation becomes scarce, but there are still plenty of things to see on the route. The road is part of the so-called Great Coastal Road from Turku to Vyborg from the late 14th century. The Salpa Line stretches for some 1,200 kilometres and was built as a massive defensive line in the 1940s to defend the eastern border of Finland. It is one of the strongest defensive points built during the Second World War. You can explore the Salpa Line at the Bunker Museum in Virolahti and the Salpa Line Museum in Miehikkälä. The areas around Virolahti and Miehikkälä have several places for accommodation.

Day 3. 18th-century fortresses and an ironworks village The Imperial Fishing Lodge Loviisa–Kotka 66 km The route to the east passes through fortresses built in the 18th century that can be explored on a nature trail. We follow the Old King’s Road to an 18th-century ironworks village. The atmospheric ironworks area employs artisans in the summer, and the area has accommodation, a restaurant and café. After the ironworks, the route meanders narrow and winding in forests, tree-felling areas and small rapids, before reaching the Stockfors ironworks area and Pyhtää Village. Before Kotka, the route also features the wide-flowing Langinkoski River and the Imperial Fishing Lodge on its shore, built by Tsar Alexander of Russia.


Outdoors Finland South

Day 6. The frontier region and gemstones Virolahti/Miehikkälä–Lappeenranta 94/84 km From the Salpa Line, we start our way towards the shores of Lake Saimaa. The Gem Museum of Ylämaa is an interesting place to visit, with over 5,000 different gemstones, fossils and meteorites from all over the world in its collections. The museum’s rarities include genuine dinosaur and mammoth fossil samples and different types of meteorites. From Ylämaa, it is just over 50 kilometres to Lappeenranta. There are plenty of beaches on the way but only a few services. You need to prepare by taking packed food and plenty to drink with you for the stretch. The busy bordercrossing station at Vainikkala is on the route. We will reach Lappeenranta in time for the evening.

Outdoors Finland South

Day 8. Lappeenranta We will spend the morning exploring Lappeenranta. Lappeenranta contains attractive sights worth exploring. A summer’s day is ideal to sit down in the harbour or on the market square. An expedition to the fortress and the special Sandcastle are worth fitting into the programme. Today’s Lappeenranta is very international. You can return to Helsinki from Lappeenranta by train or coach. Remember to make a reservation for the bicycle in advance! Combine your cycling tour with canoeing, sea cruises or walking trips in the towns. Enjoy the journey!

Day 7. Saimaa Canal and the Russian frontier station Lappeenranta–Saimaa Canal–Lappeenranta 70 km The route heads from Lappeenranta Harbour towards Saimaa Canal along the shoreline. After Lauritsala, we will reach a bridge that crosses the canal. You can explore the eventful history and operations of the canal at the Canal Museum. The journey continues along the canal to the Nuijamaa border-crossing station. The route passes by the Soskua lock and a small manually operated cable ferry that is accessible to cyclists to cross the canal. You can take a break at a coffee shop in Nuijamaa and visit a small church as well as a huge glacial erratic called Sormuskivi (the Ring Stone). We turn back at Nuijamaa onto a route crossing over large fields. While there, you can marvel the views or spot birds in the bird tower in Konnunsuo. The route returns back to Lappeenranta.


Porvoo Loviisa Kotka Hamina Virolahti / Miehikkälä Lappeenranta


Difficulty level

Medium: The route profile is easy, there are no demanding climbs on the route. The roads are paved, with the exception of some cycling sections (Helsinki, Porvoo). Some daily distances are long, which adds to the challenge of the route. Several accommodation providers on the route are small and may only have a couple of rooms available.


Outdoors Finland South

Towards Turku on the historic King’s Road Helsinki-Kirkkonummi-Inkoo-Tammisaari-Teijo-Salo-Turku Length: 272 km | Duration: 6 days/5 nights | Difficulty level: Medium

Outdoors Finland South

Day 1. The maritime and affluent cities of Helsinki and Espoo Helsinki-Kirkkonummi 52 km

Day 3. The ruins of Raseborg Castle and Finland’s oldest summer café Inkoo-Tammisaari 44 km

At the start of this tour, maritime Helsinki shows its most attractive features. The shoreline route passes on the seaside of Kaivopuisto Park towards Lauttasaari and further to the finest residential areas of Espoo, where exquisitely beautiful gardens and houses border the shoreline route. We leave behind the urban hustle and bustle as we move on to Kirkkonummi in rural settings. Broadleaved forests and wide open fields alternate on the course of the hilly route.

We explore the history of ironworks at Fagervik, where attractive red houses create a cosy atmosphere. The hilly and curved route continues from the ironworks milieu to Snappertuna Church. The old Raseborg Castle is situated on a fantastic high rock hill. The carefully maintained area houses a summer theatre and café. The idyllic atmosphere of the parish village of Snappertuna tempts you to stay there long. The tour continues to Tammisaari, where some of the town’s most attractive features include the Old Town and its wooden houses, the proximity of the sea and a relaxed atmosphere. Narrow streets are bordered by old-fashioned street lamps, and the town blocks have got amusing names, such as Salakka (The Bleak), Silli (The Herring) and Willisika (The Bore).

Day 2. Idyllic small villages and towns of Western Uusimaa Kirkkonummi-Inkoo 37 km Leaving Kirkkonummi behind, we continue our journey to Siuntio. Siuntio is a community of many manor houses. Several of them are in private ownership but still stand tall as landmarks to passers-by. In the centre of Siuntio stands the medieval stone church dedicated to St Peter. As we approach Inkoo, we start to catch glimpses of the sea. The guest boat harbour is located right next to the market square and is an ideal spot for relaxation in the evening.

Highlights! - - - - -

Day 4. Teijo Hiking Area and Ironworks Tammisaari-Teijo 55 km From Tenhola, our route continues in the direction of Turku towards Teijo Hiking Area. In the region of Finland Proper, the journey alternates between forest and cultural landscapes towards Teijo. Teijo Hiking Area provides opportunities for versatile activities. The varied landscape includes lakes, rocks and forests. The sea provides its own addition to the scenery and atmosphere. Contemporary Teijo is a combination of old and new. The area has a large concentration of holiday homes.

The historic King’s Road and its milieu The coastal towns of Inkoo, Tammisaari and Hanko Teijo Ironworks and Hiking Area The cultural landscapes of Halikko Turku, Finland’s oldest city

The Great Coastal Road, called the King’s Road, is a historical road from Turku to Vyborg established in the mid-14th century. Its heyday was in the 18th century, when it formed part of the mail road between Stockholm and St Petersburg. The tour travels primarily along the road and starts on the seashores of Helsinki, past the affluent residential areas, yacht harbours and beaches of Espoo towards the countryside. The coastal nature of Western Uusimaa is rocky and undulating. The journey includes small towns characterised by bilingualism, which are popular boating and holiday destinations. The destinations of Western Uusimaa are among the most popular cycling destinations in Finland. The forests of Teijo Hiking Area still feature signs of the period of ironworks, such as coal pit foundations. The legacy of the ironworks period includes plenty of old houses, structures as well as sights telling of centuries past. Teijo Ironworks is one of Finland’s early ironworks factories, dating back to the 17th century. In the region, the history of ironworks is still strongly visible. Turku is one of Finland’s most beautiful and lively summer cities and the country’s most significant cities historically.



Outdoors Finland South

Day 5. Trip to Finland’s Silicon Valley Teijo-Salo 24 km The narrow, fjord-like sea bay pushes itself inland, almost reaching the town of Salo. The route follows along the shores of the bay to Salo. Salo has a rich past and is surrounded by an affluent and lively countryside. Salo is first and foremost known as a technology town and Finland’s Silicon Valley. The centuries old market place has become an internationally known conglomeration of expertise in electronics.

Outdoors Finland South

Day 6. Distinguished cultural landscapes and the vibrant City of Turku Salo-Turku 60 km Rikala is part of the esteemed scenic areas of the River Valley of Halikonjoki River in Halikko. Rikalanmäki is a long ridge, and parts of it date back to the late Stone Age. The views from Rikalanmäki are astonishing in their splendour. From Halikko, we continue on the old Turku Road towards Paimio. Paimio is a small modern rural town where the two passageways, the historic King’s Road and the pre-historic Paimionjoki River, meet. The Aurajoki River cuts through the town centre, and the culturally and historically significant milieus as well as the wide Turku Archipelago with its natural beauty make the city unique. Historic sights, including the Turku Castle and Cathedral, are among the city’s best known attractions. Turku has good train connections to Helsinki, and you can also take the coach on your return.




Kirkkonummi Inkoo Tammisaari Teijo Salo


Difficulty level

Easy to medium The terrain is undulating, some daily distances are not very long, and you can take a rest day in several destinations. The route has lots to see, so you can have plenty of breaks. The total length of the route makes the difficulty level medium. The most popular cycling region in Finland! Book your accommodation well in advance!


Outdoors Finland South

Lake Lohjan järvi tour Karjaa-Lohja-Karjalohja-karjaa Length: 118 km | Duration: 3 days/2 nights | Difficulty level: Medium

Outdoors Finland South

Day 1. Svartå Manor and orchards in Mustio Karjaa-Lohja 54 km From Karjaa, we set off towards Mustio. The buildings of Svartå Manor stand in the middle of a beautiful park, reminiscent of the flourishing era of ironworks in the late 18th century. The history of Mustio is colourful, and it is popular among tourists today. We will see how the scenery changes after Mustio to the typical landscape of the Lohja ridge. The route runs on a sand ridge with the lake shining down below. A trip to Lohjansaari island takes the traveller in the middle of orchards. Fertile vegetation and village milieu welcome visi-tors to the island. Lohja Market plays a centre role in everything in summertime. St Lawrence’s Church stands proud in the centre with its churchyard and museum.

Day 2. Magnificent ridge scenery and groves with broadleaved trees Lohja-Karjalohja 31 km The journey continues through landscapes surrounded by beautiful waterways. We will pass through the fine Karkali Natural Park, which is worth a visit on its nature trails. Nature glows in colour in Karkali throughout the year. The landscape changes again to sandy heathlands with pine

trees, and the terrain is really undulating. The region of Karjalohja is a fertile area for plants, and nature is bound to charm you in its versatility. You can marvel the colours of nature at Tammisto Arboretum. The tiny Karjalohja offers fantastic lake views to holiday-makers.

Day 3. Ironworks villages Karjalohja-Karjaa 33 km The landscape varies in terms of nature and buildings. The traveller is charmed by the wooden houses of different colours and ages. Ansku Village provides a little break. Fiskars Village is just like from a fairytale. The beautifully restored ironworks area is a charming mixture of old factory history and contemporary services. And if the history of the ironworks is colourful and varied, so is the nature around the village. The mild climate of the area is different from the surrounding region, and the area has thus rich flora and fauna. Fiskars Village and its ironworks is a popular summer destination and has excellent opportunities for buying local handcrafted products as souvenirs. There is also a nice trail going through the area that passed through the most important sights. But the journey must go on, and we will pass Pohja to see the smaller ironworks area of Billnäs. Beautiful red cottages line the village high street. From Karjaa we will return back to Helsinki.

Lake Lohjanjärvi has excellent opportunities for canoeing. More information about canoeing at Lohjanjärvi is available at


The tour around Lake Lohjanjärvi is full of natural beauty as well as plenty to experience for those interested in culture and history. To the east of the lake rises the sandy Lohjanharju ridge and its heathland areas that provide astonishingly beautiful sceneries with pine trees and broadleaved deciduous trees bringing different shades of green into the landscape. Nature is full of colour throughout the growing season, and castles and old ironworks factories give their own flavour to the tour.


Hotels B&B and others

Difficulty level

Medium - Demanding The route travels in hilly terrains and contains some long climbs. It also features small and steep uphill and downhill sections. The daily cycling distances are quite short, however.

More information Canoeing


Outdoors Finland South

IsLAND tour on lake saimaa Lappeenranta-Saimaanranta/Taipalsaari-UtulaRuokolahti-Imatra-Lappeenranta Length: 157/170 km | Duration: 5 days/4 nights | Difficulty level: Easy

Outdoors Finland South

Day 3. Island route Utula-Ruokolahti 31 km

Day 4. Historic river route Ruokolahti-Imatra 19 km

We start the day with a trip to Vuosalmi, where the next boat crossing departs from. After crossing the narrow Vuosalmi strait, we continue in lake, forest and rural landscapes. The road passing on a dike that connects the islands of Härskiänsaari and Äitsaari provides a good view over Lake Saimaa. In Äitsaari you can see the Kolmiköytinen rock painting that dates back over 5,000 years. Ruokolahti is a good place to stock up on food and supplies and maybe to stop for a meal. Ruokolahti has an old church and a very interesting old wooden bell tower, preserved since the times of the previous church. The town has some accommodation, and there are more options as we continue towards Imatra.

After Ruokolahti, we cross a bridge that offers an impressive view to the paper mills of Kaukopää to the right. Imatra has a strong reputation as a city of forest and paper industry. After the paper mill of Kaukopää, we turn onto a cycling route towards Vuoksenniska. On the way to Vuoksenniska is the Church of the Three Crosses, designed by architect Alvar Aalto, which is exactly 100 years younger than Ruokolahti Church. After Vuoksenniska, we will cross the River Vuoksi on the Tainionkoski bridge and complete the day along the shores of the river. The waters of the largest of the Finnish waterways, Vuoksi, flow through the River Vuoksi. You can spend the evening strolling along the paths on the River Vuoksi or sampling the services of the centre.

Please note! The second route alternative from Utula to Ruokolahti travels through road 62. The routes are not very different in terms of length, but the option going through road 62 does not include a boat crossing, and this busy road section will require particular attention.

The island tour around Lake Saimaa is surrounded by Saimaa’s lake nature as well as luscious countryside and forests. The entire route travels along the shores of Finland’s largest lake. Rocky and sandy beaches as well as cottage areas alternate during the journey, until we reach Ruokolahti and Imatra. Lappeenranta and Imatra provide very versatile services and opportunities for evening entertainment. Both are important tourist cities, and the flow of travellers ensures that there are ample services available. Day 1. Forest route Lappeenranta-Saimaanranta/Taipalsaari 23-29 km We start the first day by cycling through the beautiful harbour in Lappeenranta. Carrying on, we cycle from the harbour along the shores of the Lake Saimaa and past the Kaukaa factory area towards Lauritsala. After Lauritsala, we reach the high Luukkaansalmi Bridge, which has impressive views to Lake Saimaa. After the bridge, the tour continues in lake and forest landscapes. Once we reach Vehkataipale, there is a place for swimming and relaxing on the left after the pump station. The area around Taipalsaari offers several choices for the first night’s accommodation.


Day 2. Lake route Saimaanranta/Taipalsaari-Utula 35-42 km The day begins by first cycling to where the boat departs. The boat trip can be started at Saimaanranta or Sarviniemi jetty. The boat is a great location for taking fantastic pictures: on a clear day you can see past 35 kilometres on the open waters of Lake Saimaa. Kyläniemi provides an opportunity for a break at the Rastiniemi camping site. Kyläniemi is part of the Second Salpausselkä ridge system in the middle of the largest open waters of Lake Saimaa. A ferry will take you from Kyläniemi to the mainland. Before arriving at Utula, you can stop at Huuhanranta, a long natural sandy beach. Accommodation in Utula is provided by Utula Village Cottage with room for groups small and large. Utula also has a village shop and coffee shop.


Taipalsaari Saimaanranta Holiday Centre Ruokolahti Saimaan Lomahovi Imatra Imatran Kylpylä Imatran Valtionhotelli Hotel Cumulus Imatra Hotel Vuoksenhovi Hotel Kulkuripoika Lappeenranta Holiday Club Saimaa Loma- ja kokoushotelli Marjola Sokos Hotel Lappee Hotel Cumulus Lappeenranta Scandic Patria

Day 5. Countryside route Imatra-Lappeenranta 49 km The route follows meandering small roads across the countryside, occasionally passing through small residential areas. Lake Saimaa also peeps through behind the woods every now and then. A few kilometres after Imatrankoski you can visit an automobile museum. Before Joutseno, you can catch glimpses of Lake Saimaa, and there is a beach in Hinkanranta. Another small and pretty beach after Joutseno is Ahvenlampi, where water is crystal clear. On the route there is an organic farm in the village of Ilottula, where you can see farm animals. Before arriving in Lappeenranta, you can explore the Saimaa Canal Museum and Lauritsala Church. From Lauritsala, we will continue along the same familiar route towards the harbour in Lappeenranta and the sights of the city.

B&B / holiday cottages Taipalsaari Hostel Mansikka Saimaan Paula Askon ja Maijan Maatilamajoitus Maamiehen Majat Päivölän ratsutila Utula Utulan kylätupa Äitsaari Maatilamatkailu Hertta Kesäranta Ruokolahti Saimaan Lomahovi Jaakkima Christian Institute Imatra Hostel Mansikkala Ukonlinna Kesäkoti Hakala

Karjalan Portti Joutseno Gasthaus Joutseno

Difficulty level

Easy The cycling route has only few steeper climbs. You can easily do the tour with children as well by planning where to rest and sleep in advance and taking packed food with you on the journey. If you feel exhausted on your last day, you can spend an extra night in Joutseno. Boat cruises From Taipalsaari to Kyläniemi TK–Fishing tel. 0400 886 903 From Utula to Härskiänsaari tel. 0400 456 819


Outdoors Finland South

green capital region Helsinki-Nuuksio-nurmijärvi-helsinki Length: 150 km | Duration: 3 days/2 nights | Difficulty level: Medium

Outdoors Finland South

Day 1. Helsinki and Nuuksio National Park Helsinki-Nuuksio 39 km The tour starts in central Helsinki along the shoreline of Meilahti to the west. The most interesting sights on the first part of the tour include the museum of the long-term Finnish President Urho Kekkonen in Tamminiemi. The building has been restored with its traditional features, and the interior breathes the atmosphere of the 70s. There will be plenty to admire afterwards in the park-like Viherlaakso and the beautiful houses and courtyards of northern Kauniainen. Urban housing gradually disappears as we take towards Nuuksio. The Nuuksio National Park is situated on the border of the oak zone and the southern coniferous zone. The scenery is very rocky, and the Ice Age has left its marks in the shape of gorges and valleys. The steep slopes are covered with various exotic plants, and the ponds attract avian life. The park contains plenty of routes suitable for short excursions. A sign-posted cycling route goes through the park.

Day 2. Finnish countryside landscape and small villages Nuuksio-Nurmijärvi 54 km The journey continues in an undulating landscape towards the north. Along the route there are inhabited areas located nicely between forests. The village community of Otalampi has developed along a railway line, and protected station buildings liven up the scenery. We meander through small village centres to Kiljava, where the beaches of Sääksjärvi Lake entice for a swim. The vibrant centre of Nurmijärvi offers many services.

Day 3. In Vantaanjokilaakso Nurmijärvi-Helsinki 57 km The day tour follows along the River Vantaa. Today a museum, Finnish national author Alekis Kivi’s birth-place is in Palojoki village. Next to the museum is the museum area of Taaborinvuori hill, the setting for various summer events. Myllykoski is an imposing sight particularly in the spring. It used to be one of the best mill locations in Nurmijärvi, and the first power plant in Nurmijärvi was built on its rapids in the 1920s. Myllykoski has good cycling routes for daytrips, and it is also a popular fishing area. A museum bridge for light traffic crosses the River Myllyjoki. The journey continues towards Vantaa in the south. The River Vantaa winds through the historic old Helsinki Parish Village, where landscape is dominated by stone churches, old residential houses, a graveyard, mill and coffee shop. The area is a popular recreational destination in summertime. The route ends at the Vanhankaupunginkoski rapids, and the rest of the tour to city centre runs smoothly through scenic parks.

Highlights! - - - - -

The shores of Meilahti and Munkkiniemi Nuuksio National Park The idyllic village of Nurmijärvi The historic landscape of the old Helsinki Parish Village Vantaa River

The multi-faceted nature of the Uusimaa region meets you right outside the city. Leafy deciduous forests and pleasantly undulating terrains provide an excellent setting for a cycling tour. The tour starts in seaside scenery towards Espoo. The Nuuksio National Park offers a wide variety of nature experiences in wilderness right next to the capital. We move from the luscious countryside to the centre of Nurmijärvi. The magnificent rapids in Vantaanjokilaakso guide us back to the south. Through the many parks of Helsinki, we will arrive back to the beating heart of the city.


Difficulty level

Easy to medium The daily distances are reasonable, the route has some climbs but no


long hills. The route is suitable for beginning cyclists, but you should reserve enough time for the route. The distances on the first and last day can be shortened by taking a local train to Espoon keskus and, on the return, a train from Vantaankoski to Helsinki, for example.


Outdoors Finland South

Tour around lake vesijärvi lahti-asikkala-lahti Length: 82 km | Duration: 2 days/1 nights | Difficulty level: Easy

Outdoors Finland South

Day 1. Hollola and countryside Lahti-Asikkala 51 km

Day 2. Vääksy Canal and residential areas Asikkala-Lahti 31 km

The cycling tour begins meandering along the shoreline to the enchanting Myllysaari with its natural beauty and continues to Hollola village. Hollola is located in a bay of Lake Vesijärvi, and its medieval stone church stands proud, greeting visitors to the village. The church has been preserved well, and you will also be able to go inside to marvel the interior. A bit off the route is Uskila, where we will see the Kiikunlähde spring with its clear water. A sharp-eyed observer may spot salmonid fish swimming in the 5-degree water. As the tour goes on, Vesijärvi reveals its most charming features right along the route. And after a short spurt in rural settings, we get to Vääksy in Asikkala. Vääksy is situated on a stretch of land between the Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi, in the landscape of the historic Vääksy Canal.

Leaving Vääksy behind, we move on towards the east and back to rural landscapes. The medieval Route of Ylinen Viipurintie passes through the village of Vesivehmaa, where sloping fields provide a spectacular view on to the road to Lahti. The landscape has characteristic variety created by hills and vales. Finland’s National Board of Antiquities has graded the area as a built-up cultural environment of national significance. After that, we will soon catch another view of Lake Vesijärvi and follow its shores past beautiful residential areas. Arriving at Mukkula, our route takes us past the historic Mukkula Manor and its gardens. The final stretch of the route takes us to the harbour of Lahti, an enjoyable location on a summer’s day with plenty of services and events.

Highlights! - The beautiful natural lakeside scenery of Lake Vesijärvi - the medieval granite church of Hollola - Asikkala, one of the most beautiful villages in Finland, situated on a stretch of land between Lake Vesijärvi and Lake Päijänne, Vääksy Canal - Peaceful countryside and undulating terrains The tour around Lake Vesijärvi takes place on bicycles going around the lake. The tour starts off in Lahti. In addition to the beautiful sceneries of Lake Vesijärvi, the journey features the outdoor activities centre of Messilä and the historic village centre of Hollola. The route passes through rural landscapes on to Asikkala. Vääksy in Asikkala is one of the most stunning rural settlements in our country, situated in a particularly beautiful location by a canal. From Vääksy, we turn towards Lahti. The cultural surroundings of Vesivehmaa and lively residential areas bring variety enroute to Lahti.



Hotels B&B

Difficulty level

Easy The route travels in easy terrains, and the daily journeys are short. There are a couple of steeper hills on the way from Lahti to Asikkala. Excellent for all who want to try their skills on cycling tours. Also suitable for families with children.


Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

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Contact person: Kati Kataikko (Reception manager) Address: Haminantie 261, 48810 Kotka


Tel. +358 (0) 5 227 8111 Fax: +358 (0) 5 285 803 Email: Internet:

Accommodation and comfort. Home-style accommodation in a rural setting near the centre and services. Two spacious bedrooms and atmospheric barn accommodation. Bedding and towels included in the price. Kitchen available for use, two saunas and showers, large courtyard, barbeque and shelter available. Finland’s best salmon-fishing spots nearby at the River Kymijoki and an active motor sports centre. Good cycling routes and beautiful nature for hiking, mushroom and berry picking and skiing.

Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 110€ Languages: English, Finnish

Hotel Degerby Hotel Degerby is a congress hotel with a wide range of services. It is located on a peaceful avenue in the centre of Loviisa. The hotel consists of 50 rooms. The rooms are cosy, with clean and fresh touch. Our restaurants offer versatile possibilities from lunch to unique banquets. Restaurant Styrbord serves lunch buffet from 11 am to 2 pm on weekdays and during other times, delicious à la carte. The Degerby Gille inn is a banqueting facility available by prior arrangement with a romantic, historic atmosphere.

Contact person: Mirva Moisio Address: Brandensteininkatu 17, 07900 Loviisa Tel. +358 (0) 19 505 61

Fax: +358 (0) 19 505 6200 Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 85€ Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian

The Garden Chamber of the Mayor’s House All year round accommodation in the heart of old wooden town of Hamina. The room consists of kitchen and wc/bathroom. The courtyard consists of two larger wooden empire style houses and a former outbuilding, of which one part is now beautifully turned into a room for two adults for rent. The buildings date to 1867 and the whole garden has beautifully planted heritage flowers in it.

Contact person: Kristiina Terva-Heinonen Address: Mannerheimintie 7, 49400 Hamina Tel. +358 (0)44 0568332

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 80€

Languages: English, Finnish, Russian and Swedish

Prices: starting from 85€ Languages: English, Finnish and Swedish


Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

Asuntohotelli Aallon Maja

Finnhostel Lappeenranta

Asuntohotelli Aallon Maja has hostel type accommodation for almost 50 persons. TV, fridge, bedlinen etc. in the rooms, self service kitchen, sauna, showers etc. for common use. Wireless Internet for free, self service laundy in the sauna department. The building is designed by Alvar Aalto, the most famous architect in Finland ever. Breakfast at Art Café Aino in the same building.

Finnhostel Lappeenranta is a cosy hostel by Lake Saimaa, right by the centre of Lappeenranta. The distance from the hostel to the centre is only 2 kilometres. The hostel rooms are comfortable and spacious. All rooms have an ensuite toilet, shower and TV. The surrounding area has excellent possibilities for outdoor activities. The hostel also has a cafe-restaurant that sells refreshments or provides meals on order.

Address: Valliniemenkatu 2, 48900 Kotka Tel. +358 (0) 50 591 2601 Fax: +358 (0) 5 3444 300

Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 30€ Languages: English, Finnish, German and Swedish

Asuntohotelli Hotel Petkele Asuntohotelli Hotel Petkele is an apartment hotel for almost 50 persons. TV, toilet or toilet/shower, fridge, bedlinen etc. in the rooms, sauna for common use. Wireless Internet for free, self service laundry in sauna department. The building is designed by Alvar Aalto, the most famous architect in Finland ever. Mini-kitchen in the room, so, breakfast only on request for the groups.

Address: Bernerintie 1, 49420 Hamina Tel. +358 (0) 50 591 2601 Fax: +358 (0) 5 3444 300

Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 30€ Languages: English, Finnish and Swedish

Country house with good transport connections in a peaceful location. Only 3 bedrooms. Cooking facilities.

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 45€

Languages: English, Finnish, and Swedish

Holidaystars / Lomatähdet Loviisa Lomatähdet provides high standart holiday appartments accommodation is Strömfors old iron mill area and B&B accommodation.

Contact person: Jaakko Salmi Address:Ruukintie 10, 07970 Ruotsinpyhtää Tel. +358 (0) 45 113 0459

Fax: +358 (0) 2 251 78 20 Email:

Prices: starting from 60€ Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian

Strandhagen Bed & Breakfast Strandhagen B&B is located 75 km from Helsinki and Helsinki airport. From Porvoo 17 km south-east in the silent countryside. Strandhagen is a home with 4 two-persons bedrooms, sharing two bathrooms. Breakfast and evening-tea is served to the guests.

Contact person: Mina Westerholm Address: Tiiliruukintie 97, Piirlahti, 06200 Porvoo Tel. +358 (0) 40 768 0484

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 65€

Languages: English, Finnish, German and Swedish

Prices: starting from 68€ Languages: English and Finnish

Maula Farm Farm accommodation, holiday cottages and caravan parking. By Lake Iso-Roinevesi. Lakeside saunas and rowing boats. Good fishing waters and signed nature trails.

Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 80€ Languages: English and Finnish

Hotel Krapi Krapi estate is located amid a nationally prestigious cultural environment in Tuusula, 15 km from airport and 30 km from Helsinki. Krapi comprises a hotel, restaurants, a chimneyless sauna and a large park area offering Finnish gastronomy and hospitality. Hotel Krapi by the golf course is renovated in to an old brick cowshed.

Contact person: Eija Tuppurainen Address: Rantatie 2, 04310 Tuusula Tel. +358 (0) 9 274 841

Fax: +358 (0) 9 274 84 210 Email:, Internet:

Prices: starting from 93€ Languages: English, Finnish, (German, Italian)

Scandic RIIHIMÄKI 83 room hotel located in central Riihimäki, restaurant, bar, sauna, gym, meeting facilities, wireless internet, business corner, shop, 24h reception.

Contact person: Meri Palletvuori Front Office Manager Address: Hämeenaukio 1, 11100 Riihimäki Tel. +358 (0) 197 721

Fax: +358 (0) 19729027 Email: Internet:

Prices: Room rates vary upon availability Languages: English, Finnish, and Swedish

Petäys Resort 73 hotel rooms, accommodation capasity of 118 beds and 70 extra beds. The ground floor features three family rooms accommodating four people each, as well as four pet-friendly double rooms. The pet-friendly rooms have easy outdoor access by the side door of the hotel. The interiors of the new rooms are in line with the reception and restaurants: calm earth tones and high-quality materials.Guests have access to both parking and electrical outlet places, elevators and wireless internet access.

Contact person: Pirkko Honkanen Address: Petäyksentie 35, 14620 Hattula Tel. +358 (3) 673 301


Fax: +358 (0) 5 451 5558 Email: Internet:


Contact person: Harri Maula Address: Miehoilantie 100, 14690 Torvoila Tel. +358 (0) 50 3667258

Bed and Breakfast Sinkkala

Contact person: Heli Järvenpää Address: Sinkkalantie 29, 06500 Porvoo Tel. +358 (0) 40 821 7021

Contact person: Riku Oksanen Address: Kuusimäenkatu 18, 53810 Lappeenranta Tel. +358 (0) 5 4515 555

Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 80€ Languages: English and Finnish


Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

Green capital region

King’s road to Hanko


Hotel Villa Maija

Hawkhill Nature hires high standard log Viillas inside of Nuuksio National park only 40 km from Helsinki 30 km from Espoo. We have 5 log cottages with own sauna beach and rowing boat by lake Kaitlampi and an old farmhouse in Tervalampi village. Four of the cottages we rend around year. We arrange also hikingtours, snowshoeng tours, moshroompicking tours, ridingtours, catering for groups min. 6 persons.

19th century romantic Villa in Hanko. Accomondation with very nice breakfast.

Contact person: Annu Huotari Address: Papinniementie 23, 03220 Tervalampi Tel. +358 (0) 400 240 831

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 430€/cottage

Languages: English and Finnish

Prices: starting from 79€ Languages: English, Finnish and Swedish

97 rooms (90 twin rooms and 7 single rooms) private WC and shower in every room. TV in every room. Different size of meeting rooms, auditorium for 120 persons, gymnastic hall which can be used also as a conference room for 350 persons, swimming pool and indoor sauna, sauna by the lake, restaurant services on request, meetings etc.

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 60€

Languages: English, Finnish, and Swedish

Tel. +358 (0) 9 276 2705 Fax: +358 (0) 9 276 2771 Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 71€ Languages: English and Finnish

Majvik is located 25km from Helsinki city centre along Ring road III by the shores of Espoonlahti in Kirkkonummi. We offer high-quality meeting and training rooms, accommodation, sauna and restaurant services. Our hotel has 100 rooms. Some rooms are situated by the seaside and have their own entrance. There are saunas by the seaside and in the hotel that also has a pool. Our location is peaceful, next to the sea and surrounded by nature.

Contact person: Ulla Tiinus Address: Majvikintie 1, 02340 Masala Kirkkonummi Tel. +358 (0) 9295511

Fax: +358 (0) 92976306 Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 136€ Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian

Hotel Kuninkaantie

Hotel B8

Only 350 metres from Espoo Train Station, this hotel offers free Wi-Fi, sauna and pool access. Just 20 minutes’ drive from Helsinki city centre and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Kuninkaantie Hotel offers free parking spaces.The quiet guest rooms include a minibar and a flat-screen TV. All of Hotel Kuninkaantie’s rooms have a private bathroom with a shower. Some include a balcony with a seating area. Featuring large windows with nature views.

Hotel B8 is located in the city centre of Hanko, in the old police station. The hotel offers accommodation in a nostalgic 60’s atmosphere. Walking distance from all services, the beaches, shopping street, guest harbor and restaurants. Accommodation in 1-4 persons rooms, meeting facilities and sauna available. For groups, meetings and catering services, please contact us for details.

Address: Lakelankatu 1. o2770 Espoo Tel. +358 (0) 105408340 Fax: +358 (0) 98057848


Contact person: Hannele Winter Address: Finbyntie 136, 10300 Karjaa Tel. +358 (0) 445331702

Majvik Congress Hotel

Kiljavanranta Oy

Contact person: Heini Jaakkola (Sales Executive) Address: Kotorannantie 49, 05250 Kiljava

Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish and Estonian

Hannelbacka offers small-scale Bed & Breakfast accommodation in an idyllic country environment in western Uusimaa, near Karjaa. There are two rooms, both of which are located on the second floor of the main building. The two rooms have a joint lounge, balcony, shower and WC.

Accommodation, meeting rooms, two lakeside saunas, restaurant and bar.

Email:, Internet:

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 100€


Hotelli Lepolampi

Contact person: Anna-Maija Mustonen Address: Kivilammentie 1, 02820 Espoo Tel. +358 (0) 986 791

Contact person: Mia Address: Appelgrenintie 7, 10900 Hanko Tel. +358 (0) 50 505 2013

Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 76€ Languages: English and Finnish

Contact person: Nina Rejström Address: Bulevardi 8, 10900 Hanko Tel. +358 (0) 40 485 1808

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 65€

Languages: English, Finnish and Swedish (occationally French and Spanish)


Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

Island tour On Lake Saimaa

Svartå Manor The manor hotel is situated in an idyllic park with a scenic river flowing nearby. Our guests are guaranteed a unique experience to relax in style and comfort – enjoying the tranquillity of this wonderful ancient place combined with all the modern day facilities of the hotel. Our quaint restaurant “Linnankrouvi” is inviting for superb creations made from local ingredients. The wooden Manor is nowadays a museum exhibiting the history of one of the most precious manor houses in Finland. During the summer Svartå Manor is organizing many events and happenings, like summer theatre and special art exhibitions

Contact person: Taina Sillander, Sales Manager Address: Hållsnäsvägen 89, 10360 Svartå

Tel. +358 (0) 19 36 231 Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 95€ Languages: English, Finnish, German and Swedish

gasthouse joutseno Home-style inn in the centre of Joutseno. Rooms with toilet for 1–5 persons per room. Cheap rooms for 2–7 persons per room with own fridge and shared mini kitchen, toilet and shower facilities. Additionally single, double and triple room apartments with kitchen and own entrance, some with balcony. Drying area for laundry, locked storage area for bicycles. Wood sauna and barbeque facility in the courtyard. Meeting room for groups. Free wireless internet.

Contact person: Sirkka Karjalainen Address: Saimaantie 16, 54100 Joutseno Tel. +358 (0) 5 413 2327

Fax: +358 (0) 5 453 4079 Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 50€ Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, German and Russian

Hotel-Restaurant Tigris Hotel-Restaurant Tigris is a small family-run establishment in the heart of Inkoo, near the small boats-harbour, on the other side of the river. Downstairs in the building that used to be a bank office, there is a popular food-restaurant which also offers programmes in the weekends; live music, dancing and karaoke. Upstairs there are five hotel-rooms for two persons, of which one has room for an extra bed. There is also a living-room with TV, fridge and freezer, microwave-oven, coffee- and tea-maker. We have no breakfast-service at the hotel. There might be some disturbing noise from the downstairs restaurant at night-time especially in the weekends. Opposite the hotel there is a large parking place and the beach is 3 km away.

Contact person: Josef Heskart / Siw Handroos­-Kelekay Address: Ola Westmanin puistotie 2, 10210 Inkoo

Tel. +358 (0) 73 1010 1100 or +358 (0) 44 561 0210 Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 50€ Languages: English, Finnish, Kurdish, Swedish and Turkish

70 double rooms in a beautiful natural lakeside setting, 3 different saunas, pool and beach, dining facilities, well-equipped meeting rooms, opportunities for different activities in the surrounding area, tennis court, frisbee golf, exercise trail, canoeing, rowing boats.

Fax: +358 (0) 10 770 3731 Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 55€ Languages: English, Finnish, and Swedish

The estate is located in the countryside west of Finland’s capital city, Helsinki. Here time moves more slowly and Nature awaits around the corner – our aim is to provide you with a haven in our peaceful and quiet surroundings. The estate caters for both businesses and private individuals. We offer conference facilities, a cosy estate hotel and delicious food in our own restaurant. We hope that all our guests will feel pampered and cared for, and leave Westerby rested and full of inspiration, while already dreaming of returning.


Tel. +358 (0) 9 2952589 Email: Internet:

Contact person: Sari Kiisseli Address: Siitolankatu 1, 55120 Imatra Tel. +358 (0) 5 6878 000

Fax: +358 (0) 5 6878 303 Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 85€ Languages: English and Finnish

We are located in Saikkola Village in Taipalsaari. We offer breakfast accommodation in the upstairs rooms of the main building and also barn accommodation in summer. The main building has four double rooms and one family room. The barn has four double rooms. Also a selection of activities: Icelandic horse riding, Flowpark, frisbee golf, indoor curling, wall climbing etc.

Contact person: Jari Parkkonen Address: Sammaljärventie 1, 54920 Taipalsaari Tel. +358 (0) 20 756 9684

Email: Internet:

Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, German and French

imatran kylpylä spa

Westerby Gård

Contact person: Gunilla Wikström, Jeanette Bäckström Address: Västerbyvägen 95, 10210 Ingå

At the Hotel Vuoksenhovi have 90 rooms, most rooms has a balcony or a patio. Restaurant Amanda for luch and dinner and Kartanon Krouvi pub. Free parking area in front of the hotel.

päivölän ratsutila

Raseborg’s institut

Contact person: Hanna Vikman Address: Lähdelammentie 155, 10300 Karjaa Tel. +358 (0) 10 770 3730

hotel vuoksenhovi

Prices: starting from 100€ Languages: English, Finnish and Swedish

Imatran Kylpylä offers a range of accommodation options from basic hotel rooms to more spacious and luxurious hotel rooms or holiday apartments. The hotel room rate always includes breakfast with a wide selection of options, free access to the gym and Taikametsä Spa. The restaurants of the spa offer a buffet lunch and dinner with different hot meal options. Cafe Akseli G offers quick snacks for smaller cravings as well as cafe products. The services of Imatran Kylpylä also include different spa treatments, well-being services, meeting services as well as diverse recreation and exercise services. Our location by Lake Saimaa also provides good opportunities for outdoor exercise. An ice hall, multi-activity hall (under construction), skiing tracks, nature and hiking trails nearby.

Address: Purjekuja 2, 55420 Imatra Tel. +358 (0) 20 7100 500 Fax: +358 (0) 20 7100 519

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 85€

Languages: English and Finnish


Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

Toward Turku Hotel Fjalar Hotel Fjalar is a family runned hotel, located 1-1,5 km from the center of Salo in a beautiful residential area. We have 20 well furnished hotel rooms (single & double rooms), each individually decorated, sauna and swimming pool area, a cosy meeting room for 10 people breakfast buffee is served every morning.

Contact person: Tina Kesälä Address: Rinteentie 5, 24240 Salo Tel. +358 (0) 2 777 600 Fax: +358 (0) 2 777 6060

Email: Internet:

Prices: starting from 128€ Languages: English, French, Finnish, Russian and Swedish

Hannelbacka see page 39

Majvik Congress Hotel see page 39

svartå manor see page 40

Raseborg’s institut see page 40

Westerby gård see page 40

Hotel Restaurant Tigris see page 40

Lake lohjanjärvi LäRkkulla Bed and Breakfast Lärkkulla is a Folk Academy and Course Center situated 2 km from the centre of Karjaa in Raasepori. In addition we offer Bed & Breakfast throughout the year. We have single and double rooms with en suite showers and lavatories and apartments consisting of three single/double rooms sharing shower and lavatory. Each living unit has its own lounge and cooking facilities. Although situated close to the town center with services and railway connections to both Helsinki and Turku, Lärkkulla is surrounded by beautiful and peaceful nature.

Address: Lärkkullantie 22, 10300 Karjaa Tel. +358 (0) 19 2757 200 Fax: +358 (0) 19 2757 250

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 78€

Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, German and Russian

svartå manor see page 40 Majvik Congress Hotel see page 39

Tour Around lake vesijärvi Irmas bed and breakfast Small and cosy bed and breakfast.Two rooms with two beds.

Email: Internet: Prices: starting from 60€

The Association of Finnish Travel agents (SMAL-AFTA) is dedicated to the interests of its travel agent, tour operator and incoming agent members in relation to different authorities and clients. All full members of SMAL-AFTA are registeredin the Register of Package Tour Operators maintained by the national Consumer Administration, and are thus entitled to operate within this field. Member of SMALL-AFTA in Southern Finland Helsinki Expert Porvoo Tours TTE-The Travel Experience Oy Helsinki Expert Oy Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 4, FI-00130 Helsinki Tel. +358 (0)9 2288 1222 Fax: +358 (0)9 2288 1799

Hannelbacka see page 39

Contact person: Irma Ruokolainen Address: Tarjantie 14,15900 Lahti Tel. +358 (0)40755 9065

Incoming agencies

Languages: English, Finnish, German and Swedish

Helsinki Expert Oy provides comprehensive travel services for corporate guests, leisure groups and individual travelers. They also offer efficient marketing and distribution channels for partners and suppliers in travel industry. Member of Finland Convention Bureau. goSaimaa Valtakatu 37, FI-53100 Lappeenranta Tel. +358 (0)207 120 560 goSaimaa Ltd is a corporation founded by the local cities, municipalities


and travel companies. The key aim is to boost tourism in South Karelia by marketing the diverse product selection by the travel service producers. Porvoo Tours Veckjärventie 3, FI-06150 Porvoo Tel. +358 (0)19 574 2200 Fax: +358 (0)19 574 2230 Privately owned full-service incoming company serves leisure and corporate groups in Southern Finland, especially in Porvoo area. Meetings, conferences, delegate management, tailor made incentives and leisure programmes for groups. Nature, archipelago, fishing, traditional Finnish evenings, home visits, culture experiences, transportations. TTE – The Travel Experience Ltd Eteläinen Hesperiankatu 10 A 10, FI-00100 Helsinki Tel. +358 (0)9 622 9810 Fax: +358 (0)9 6229 8120

TTE is one of Finland’s leading Destination Management Companies. They tailor-make programmes for groups, including leisure, Special Interest, incentives, conferences and technical visits. They provide accommodation and any additional travel services needed. They operate programmes all over Finland and throughout Scandinavia, Baltic States and Russia. Member of SITE. Turku Touring Aurakatu 4, FI-20100 Turku Tel. +358 (0)2 262 7444 Fax: +358 (02) 262 7679 Turku Touring is a marketing and sales organisation that provides tourism services for Southwest Finland. As an tourism expert and active operator, Turku Touring signifies a high standard actor within the tourist industry, providing services for both the inhabitants of the region and visitors to the province.


Outdoors Finland South

Outdoors Finland South

BY TRAFFIC Domestic rail traffic serves all major cities in the country and extends to the far north, including Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi and Kolari in Lapland. The efficient local traffic service caters for communities with the Southern Finland area. For details on train service to Finland and Russia, please call Tel. +358 (0)600 41 905 VR-Group Ltd, Finnish Railways P.O.Box 488, FI-00101 Helsinki Tel. +358 (0)3 0710

Moving around BY AIR Helsinki Airport Helsinki Airport is the gateway to 21 other domestic airports. It is served by direct flights from more than 120 destinations around the world. Airport is situated 19 kilometres (30 minutes) from the city centre. A regular bus connection between the city and the airport operates from the Central Railway Station. Helsinki Region Tourist Information, in Terminal 2A, provides regional travel information around the clock as well as travel material and brochures in several languages. Lappeenranta Airport Lappeenranta Airport sits on the easternmost border of the European Union. From Lappeenranta you can reach Saimaa by water and travel the Saimaa Canal all the way to Viipuri (Vyborg). The airport is only a few kilometres from the city centre. Turku Airport Turku Airport is the hub of South-West Finland. Distances: Turku 8 km, Raisio 7 km, Naantali 20 km, Salo 50 km, Uusikaupunki 60 km, Loimaa 60 km, Forssa 90 km, Rauma 90 km.

BY BUS Finland has a well-integrated longdistance bus service network. It is one of the most comprehensive networks


in Europe, covering more than 90 percent of public roads. There are more than 40, 000 daily bus departures. The timetables are usually adapted to coincide with rail, air and ship services. Express buses and other regular services from Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Turku to destinations all over the country also depart from the bus station. Matkahuolto Tel. +358 (0)200 4000

BY SEA Port of Helsinki Tel.+358 (0)9 310 1621 Fax +358 (0)9 3103 3802 The Port of Helsinki is situated in the heart of the city. The main terminals are located a short distance from the city centre. The Olympia Terminal is located at South Harbour and serves Tallink Silja’s ferries to Stockholm, Sweden. The Makasiini Terminal is located at South Harbour and serves Linda Line’s hydrofoil traffic to Tallinn, Estonia and St. Peter Line ferries to St.Petersburg, Russia. The Katajanokka Terminal is located at the western tip of Katajanokka and serves Viking Line’s ferries to Stockholm and Tallinn. The West Terminal is located at West Harbour and serves Tallink Silja’s and

Eckerö Line’s ferries to Tallinn, Estonia. The Hansa Terminal in the new Vuosaari Harvours has a daily cargo and passenger service to Rostock and Travemünde, Germany and Gdynia, Poland. Port of Lappeenranta Kipparinkatu 1, FI-53100 Lappeenranta Tel. +358 (0)5 616 6073 Fax +358 (0)5 616 6075 The port is situated on the Saimaa Canal, approximately 75 km from the Gulf of Finland and 9 km from the city centre and international airport. Visa-free trips from Lappeenranta to Vyborg, Russia with M/S Carelia. Port of Turku Linnankatu 90, FI-20100 Turku Tel. +358 (0)2 267 4111 The Port of Turku is the leading Finnish port serving Scandinavia. They have at least five daily return connections between Turku and Stockholm. In addition, there are daily connections from Turku to Germany and almost daily connections to England and to ports at the North Sea.

BUS, METRO AND LOCAL TRAIN TRANSPORTATION Helsinki Helsinki has a very efficient public transportation system, with a comprehensive network of bus routes, inner city tram services, commuter trains, and a metro system connecting the centre with several suburban areas in the eastern part of the city. Timetables, journeys planners and other information concerning Helsinki’s public transportation: Helsinki Region Transport (HRT) Lappeenranta Two major thoroughfares, Highways 6 and 13, pass through Lappeenranta. Bus companies operate frequently to Helsinki and other cities, even including St. Petersburg in Russia. Highway 13 extends to the Russian border, some 25 km from the city centre, where the Nuijamaa border station is the second busiest border crossing in Finland. The train connection to St.Petersburg departs from Vainikkala railway station, which is located about a 20 minutes drive from Lappeenranta. From Lappeenranta central railway station there is a bus connection to and from Vainikkala railway station. Turku The Brahe Trip Planner for Turku Public Transport includes information on timetables and bus routes for Turku local traffic and the regional ticket area. The Trip Planner facilitates the use of public transport both for accidental users and regular customers.


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