Loving Outdoor Living Magazine 2020 Edition

Page 9

it seems that Pantone® has not yet offered hues of yellow and red in a single “palette.” According to Color Institute experts, this is due to the desire to look at the future with hope. A joyful, uplifting hue seems like just what the doctor ordered.

The palette of fashionable colors enjoys bright shades and a completely unexpected dominance of fire shades

Pink Peacock



A theatrical shade of magenta, the vibrancy fans out to a feast for the fashion eyes.

A vibrant orange red, Fiesta radiates energy passion and excitement.

A spice comes to life with this lively orange that brings a hint of pungency with it.

Aspen Gold

Terrarium Moss


The name says it all with Aspen’s bright, sunny disposition bringing smiles and good cheer.

Inspired by those jewel-like tabletop fantasy farms comes this earthy hue of nature’s green foliage.

The irresistible buttery sweet treat is brought to fashion with the luxurious earth tone.


PANTONE 18-2045

PANTONE 14-2808

PANTONE 17-1564

PANTONE 19-4150

PANTONE 15-1264

PANTONE 15-0960

PANTONE 13-0850

PANTONE 17-0452

PANTONE 18-0416

PANTONE 19-1882

Princess Blue

Sweet Lilac

Living Coral

Mango Mojito

Pepper Stem

Jester Red

Out of the pages of fairytales comes this rich royal blue hue that glistens and joyfully gleams.

A fluid and romantic marriage of pink and lavender for breezy spring and summer days.

Bringing Florida shades to the forefront, this charmingly affable shade features a golden undertone.

As fresh as the most luscious market bounty is this golden yellow brimming with the slightest blush of red.

Reminiscent of nature’s bounty is this zesty yellow-green blend, perfect for outdoor fashion.

A combination of rich elegance and urbanity, Jester Red adds depth and intensity to the palette.

PANTONE 18-1031