Loving Outdoor Living Magazine 2020 Edition

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BEACH SAND TOY SET BY FOXPRINT If you are looking to enrich your child’s development with some fun in the sand, this beach sand toy kit is a great choice. These top-rated plastic beach toys come in a variety of shapes and bright colors, guaranteed to stimulate your child’s imagination. By promoting essential skills such as hand-eye coordination and critical thinking, your child is sure to be entertained for hours. These durable plastic sandcastle toys are sure to have your childing building and decorating their own castle in no time. The 16-piece set comes with multiple animal shapes, 2 castle wall molds, 2 round castles, 1 castle bucket, a sand sifter, watering can, rake, and shovel. You don’t have to stress about losing a piece because this set comes with a clear plastic storage bag that is easily zipped shut. Your child can easily grab the handles and tote their sandcastle toys to and from the beach. Another great benefit of these beach sand toys is that they can be played with independently or with a friend. Parents can relax on a beach

SUNNY PATCH SAND BRICK-BUILDING SET BY MELISSA AND DOUG If you are looking to add to your collection of sandcastle toys or you just want to build your castle with bricks, this Sunny Patch Sand Brick-Building Set by Melissa and Doug can add another element of fun to a day at the beach. The two-piece sand molding set is made of durable plastic, which snap together for easy storage. The box lid had a space for the trowel to slide into and snap in place, ensuring you won’t lose any pieces. The Sunny Patch characters of a turtle on the box and crab on the trowel, are the perfect design to make this sandcastle toy kid friendly. You can easily clean the set by just giving it a quick rinse with water. To use the mold, simply slide out the red trowel from its place and remove the lid. There is no other open side, so to pack in the sand and slide it out, the lid must be removed. When not in use the set stores together to ensure no piece is lost. This sandcastle toy is sure to have your child’s imagination running wild and they can spend their day at the beach building the sandcastle of their dreams. Whether they want a castle or a wall, your child can fill, pack, and play in the sand for hours.


blanket while their child digs and fills the molds or children can learn to share by playing with a friend. Children who play with friends can learn important social life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. The plastic pieces are hard, durable, and easy to clean. You don’t have to worry as they can withstand sand, water, and sun. You can be sure that your child will let their imagination soar with a day at the beach when they bring the Beach Sand Toy Set by FoxPrint.

KIDS BEACH TOYS SET BY KANGAROO If you are looking for a larger sandcastle toy set, this Kids Beach Toys Set by Kangaroo may be just right for you. This large piece plastic mold set features 23 pieces, making it one of the best beach toys for kids. These sandcastle toys by Kangaroo feature mold designs that cannot be found in other sets. You can be sure to find unique molds in this colorful set such as a dinosaur, butterfly, shark, and many more. Also provided in the set are a castle mold, castle wall mold, mini bucket, sand sifter, rake, sand sifter scoop, and shovels. If you are ready to go to the beach or leave, you can do so with ease as this set comes with its own zip up storage bag. With the storage bag you can have ease of mind that a piece won’t be lost,

or you won’t be scrambling to carry each mold individually. For an easy grab and go, simply zip the pieces up in their case and use the handles to carry the set off to your next adventure. The size of this set also makes it ideal for sharing. With plenty of shovels, scoops, and rakes your child can easily play alongside you or a friend. Let them develop their social skills and learn to share with others by playing with this toy set. Kangaroo has also ensured that the plastic is durable and will last. This set can withstand all the grains of sand and any process you choose to clean the toys. The Kids Beach Toys Set by Kangaroo is sure to last years and grow with your child as they learn and experience the beach.

KIDS BEACH SAND TOYS SET SAND WATER WHEEL BY FUN LITTLE TOYS To catch a break from building sandcastles and popping out molds, this 19 piece Kids Beach Sand Toys Set Sand Water Wheel by FUN LITTLE TOYS can bring a new activity to fun in the sand. This sand toy for toddlers is a fun toy that can show how the weight of sand effects a set of spinning wheels. For endless fun, all you do is pour sand into the funnel at the top and watch it drop and spin the two rotating wheels. A plastic mesh bottom ensures that you will not have to worry about

any sand removal. This toy can promote a child’s creativity and imagination as they watch the wheels turn. To add variety to the toy, you can also pour in water. The same as sand, the weight of water will get the wheels turning. It is also a great way to rinse if off after a day in the sand. For a different twist on sandcastle toys, this sand wheel can bring entertainment to your kids as they enjoy their day at the beach.

SEACOPTER BY GREEN TOYS If you are looking for a fun beach toy that can be used in both the sand and water, the Seacopter by Green Toys is an excellent choice. This helicopter figure is made of hard, durable, and plastic that was recycled from milk jugs. It is friendly to the Earth, as well as to your kids. This plastic is BPA free and contains no phthalates, PVC, or external coatings which ensures the product is free of toxins and lead paint. Green Toys provide entertainment for your children while also helping the environment. The toy is manufactured in the USA with a local supply chain that seeks to reduce their carbon footprint. As well, this supports the domestic economy. Using recycled plastic reduces greenhouse emissions and reduces the amount of energy. In turn, all of this helps the Earth and its environment. The packaging goes even further to

protect the environment and uses 100% recycled materials and soy inks. The design allows for this Seacopter to float, ensuring that it is safe even in water landings. With oversized pontoons, you can be sure that it won’t capsize in water either. Green Toys made a smart and engaging design with a moving top and tail rotor, as well as the Seacopter bear pilot figurine. The open designed cockpit ensures a quick placement and removal of the bear pilot. For an easy clean, this toy can be washed in the dishwasher. This product can be easily enjoyed in both the indoors and outdoors, as well as in or out of water. If you are looking for a product that is safe for your child, helps the environment, and is versatile, this beach toy is the perfect choice for you. You can be sure your child will make many sand and water landings with the Seacopter at the beach.