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ALLOW US TO ENLIGHTEN YOU We’d like to talk to you about architectural and landscape lighting. From your own observation, you may have noticed that outdoor lighting beautifully enhances the distinctive façades and colorful landscapes of some hotels and resorts — and simply throws light against others. The fact is all lodging venues can be sumptuously illuminated, bringing them to life after dusk. The difference lies in factors such as the expertise of lighting designers, how a system is installed and maintained, the quality of the fixtures and technology used, and more. Hospitality Outdoor Lighting wants you to understand the key variables involved in landscape lighting before you make an investment. As the world’s premier full-service landscape and architectural lighting company since 1995, we offer unsurpassed knowledge in our field, knowledge that can benefit you. So as you consider retro-fitting or installing new landscape lighting, keep the details on the following pages in mind. And when you decide to add a custom lighting system to make your facility its most beautiful, be sure to contact Jim Morris for a no-obligation design consultation at 804-332-6242.


Enhance Curb Appeal

Elevate Guest Experience

In the hospitality and lodging industry, having professionally designed outdoor and landscape lighting isn’t just smart decor — it’s good business. The success of your enterprise depends on attracting clients and guests, making them feel welcome and providing for their safety while managing your bottom line. Outdoor lighting plays a significant role in every part of this equation, underlining the importance of choosing the right company. From design to install to ongoing service and maintenance, we handle it all, and are truly unique in this regard. We use premium fixtures to fit any design aesthetic and specialize in beautiful, seamless property and landscape integration.

Increase Safety and Security

Create New Outdoor Banquet Areas

Increase Energy and Maintenance Savings

ARTISTIC LIGHTING DESIGN The joining of form and function starts with comprehensive coverage of the areas most important to you: the lodging entrance, stairways, pathways, outdoor landscapes and gardens, and the distinguishing architectural highlights of your property. Effect, not fixtures. Your lighting design should hide each light source, keeping the focus on the area illuminated. When fixtures must remain visible, they should be aesthetically delightful in shape as well as finish. Consistent brightness throughout. Expert use of the right equipment and materials assures that each of your lights will deliver peak illumination no matter how far away they are placed.

SUPERIOR ENGINEERING & PRODUCTS FOR SUPERIOR RESULTS We use only the highest quality, corrosion-proof copper and brass lighting fixtures, wire and lamps. Every component of our outdoor lighting system is meticulously crafted with the utmost care to work efficiently for many years. And our state-of-the-art LED illumination lamps save up to 75% in energy costs while dramatically your maintenance costs.

PREMIUM QUALIT Y FOR LONG LIFE PERFORMANCE Solid copper and brass. Our fixtures take on a rich patina over time, blending beautifully into your landscape, further heightening the effect and not the fixture. We pride ourselves on using the most advanced LED technology featuring CREEŽ chips. Multiple voltage transformers. To ensure proper, consistent and balanced light intensity, multiple transformers are used to balance power loads. It’s no surprise that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers the best warranties in the industry. Both our transformers and fixtures have a lifetime warranty and our high-performance LEDs carry a 5-year warranty.


Security Lighting

Moon Lighting

Step Lighting

Wall Wash Lighting

Area Lighting

Strategically placing no-glare lighting fixtures to illuminate darker or less visible areas of your property.

The illusion of moonlight from a soft fixture shining down from a tree or elevated structure.

Illuminating a step or group of steps to improve visibility and safety.

Soft illumination that accentuates the texture of exterior surfaces.

Illuminating a large exterior area without accentuating a specific object or feature.

Up Lighting Pointing ground level fixtures upward to dramatically illuminate architectural and landscaping elements.

Water & Pond Lighting Placing fixtures in water to add general illumination to highlight underwater objects and fountain presentations.

Spot Lighting



Lighting to illuminate a specific entrance or object, such as a tree, statue, flag, fountain or architectural feature.

Causing a tree, fountain or architectural element to cast a shapely shadow against a wall.

Back-lighting an area to more effectively show an architectural detail or object.

THE MOST TRUSTED SOURCE IN OUTDOOR LIGHTING SINCE 1995 The Hospitality Outdoor Lighting difference is apparent at every point and turn. See for yourself and use this checklist as you research outdoor lighting providers for this most important investment to your business.

Warranty • Fixtures have a lifetime warranty • Transformers have a lifetime warranty • 5-year warranty on all LEDs • Expert troubleshooting on all systems • One-year warranty on timers and photocells Products • Heavy gauge brass and copper fixture housings • Most advanced LED technology featuring CREE® chips • Commercial grade stainless steel transformers Service • One year of service included with installation • Ongoing maintenance plans • Expert troubleshooting on all systems Installation • Field-tested best practices since 1995 • Use of secure and water-tight connections • Proper burial of wire to meet or exceed National Electric Code • Established standards of care for client’s property • Nighttime adjustment ensures design integrity

Design • Customized lighting design for any property or landscape • Your Hospitality Outdoor Lighting Consultant will use the lighting principles of safety, security, usability and aesthetics to create a cohesive design • The design consultant’s focus will be on the lighting effect and not the source • All systems are designed with expansion in mind for future cost savings History • 20+ years of experience • Largest professional landscape lighting company in North America • Strategically placed locations nationally and abroad • Completion of more than 100,000 installations worldwide • Turnkey solution: expert design, installation and service

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HOTEL RENOVATIONS RAMP UP GUEST EXPERIENCE AND DIAL DOWN ENERGY CONSUMPTION From Times Square to Downtown Atlanta to Las Vegas and beyond, major hotel companies are in “re” mode. They’re renovating, rebranding and refreshing their properties with the all kinds of floors, finishes, furnishings and amenities. To enhance guest experiences, they’re featuring everything from high-end, in-room coffee brewing systems and individual sound systems to Zen gardens with greenery walls. A new hotel renovation in Atlantic City even includes a music amenity program offering complimentary in-room Fender guitar checkouts. Those kind of extras “wow” guests and give hotel brands a distinct competitive advantage in high-travel marketplaces. But the hospitality engineers behind the innovative renovations have another goal in mind – energy efficiency. Rising occupancy rates coupled with increasing use of electronic equipment, higher comfort standards, and operating enhancements have all turned up the dial on energy consumption.

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“LED placement is becoming a larger part of what we do going forward because costs have come down, LED bulb designs have changed for the better, and the light quality has improved. We’re more comfortable rolling out these efforts on a larger scale.” Craig Amos, Executive Vice President of Capital Investments, Apple Hospitality REIT, which owns 180 hotels in the Marriott and Hilton families

According to The United Nations World Tourism Organization, the 25 million people who traveled in 1950 grew to 1 billion in 2012. Even more dramatic, numbers of travelers are forecasted to reach 1.8 billion in 2030. Over just one decade, growth in occupancy helped push energy consumption in hotels from 25 to 30 percent. But there were other factors at work too. Guests clearly have more devices and want enhancements that use more energy. But they are also more demanding about resource conservation. More and more often, they want their favorite hotel to visibly show their commitment to saving energy, protecting the Earth’s resources and supporting sustainability. Unlike in the airline industry, where companies benefit from the synergy of international alliances, implementing widespread sustainability measures across the hospitality industry seems daunting indeed. Until you consider that hospitality has a not-so-secret weapon: global hotel companies. The major hotels have a strong influence because they are internationally renowned, welcome legions of guests every year from all over the world, and understand how sustainability initiatives can affect their brands. Given that energy accounts for 60 percent of a property’s carbon footprint, it’s no wonder that global hotel companies have become committed to taking low-cost, high-impact steps to cut energy consumption in both new builds and renovations. Over time, energy-smart Property Improvement Plans (PIPs) pay off in terms of both sustainability and long-term asset value.

B R I G HTE R I D E A S Given the current environment, it’s not surprisingly that major hotel companies ranging from Marriott to Hyatt to Hilton Brands Worldwide haven’t just publically spelled out their goals for energy management and environmental sustainability on their websites. They are working diligently to achieve them at a record pace. But judging by all the news you read about renovations on industry news sites and in hospitality-focused publications, hotel revamps are focused primarily on their buildings and not the space around them. Outdoor lighting systems in particular seem to suffer from last-century thinking and still have energy-unfriendly technology. Anyone who has ever watched the sun come up or witnessed a moonrise that backlights an entire ocean understands the power of illumination in beautifying environments. Today, LED is key to making outdoor lighting both energy efficient and emotionally appealing.

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LE D CO M E S O F AG E Hospitality Outdoor Lighting says that highly-efficient LED lighting installations can reduce energy consumption by up to 75 percent. Whether a property wisely chooses to retro-fit an outdated system during a renovation, or a hospitality engineer incorporates LED lighting into a new build, it’s become smarter than ever to incorporate the latest LED technologies and premium fixtures. “Energy use intensity (EUI) ranges from less than 100 to more than 800 kBtu/ft2 across all hotels, with those at the 95th percentile using almost 4 times the energy of those at the 5th percentile. Energy Star® Portfolio Manager

As Hospitality Outdoor Lighting points out, creating beautiful outdoor spaces in all kinds of places, from homes to event venues, is more popular than ever. Investing in LED technology now will help hotel and hospitality brands enhance their competitive advantage, show industry leadership, and, in the process, save energy for years to come. Unlike energy-efficiency innovations that may diminish guest perceptions of a hotel’s overall service, hotel and lodging architects, designers and engineers all attest to the fact that LED lighting systems, in every instance, greatly enhance guest experiences. The experts also agree that a favorable cost-benefit analysis tends to be the determining factor in deciding to upgrade lighting systems. With such a win-win effect, it’s no wonder that LED commercial usage is expected to increase 95 percent by 2025.

W H E R E DO W E G O F RO M H E R E? Energy-saving possibilities for the hotel and hospitality industry are almost endless: Œ Interconnecting a hotel’s energy management system and property management system to minimize energy use when a room isn’t occupied  Re-lamping initiatives that involve replacing incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent lighting to generate up to 75 percent savings Ž Establishing credit toward LEED certification in the use of electricity by implementing renewable energy programs that employs wind power, run-of-river power, solar power, window tinting and other techniques  Considering alternative strategies such as drying laundered items in the sun, collecting rain water and placing water meters in guestrooms to track water usage, and grinding guest soaps to use as laundry detergent for hotel uniforms. Some hotels are even introducing a community component by reducing garbage generated and donating savings to community and school projects.

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G ET TI N G A H E A D O F TH E CU RV E The fact remains that energy is the second largest spending category for a hotel after employment. According to Energy Solutions, energy represents 3-to-6 percent of hotel operating costs and accounts for approximately 60 percent of its CO2 emissions. The adoption of energy-management solutions, including those like LED lighting systems that are so easy to implement, is also taking hold in the hospitality market and will remain a key component as hotel owners, management companies and developers strive to increase asset value in the years to come. If green building, renovations and retrofits in everything from comfort and lighting systems to water heating are not already near the top of your priority list, they absolutely should be. What are you waiting for?

Presented by Hospitality Outdoor Lighting, a specialty division expressly for the Hotel and Lodging industries of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Since 1995, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been pioneering the use of highly-energy efficient exterior lighting systems, focusing on the effect of warm glows of illumination to highlight architectural details, landscapes and outdoor areas of interest. For more information and a free design consultation for your property, contact Jim Morris at 804-332-6242.

Š Outdoor Lighting Perspectives 2017

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