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Welcome to Outdoor Galore - the one and only publication created and designed by local Northern California outdoor living enthusiasts and small business owners! This quarterly magazine is designed to highlight local Sacramento businesses who sell products or services specializing in outdoor living. Each issue will focus on the current season and different events taking place in our local communities. If you are as obsessed with outdoor living as we are, you already know how fortunate we are to live in a region that provides unlimited opportunities to turn our backyards into extensions of our homes. Outdoor Galore introduces you to local professionals who can help make your outdoor living dreams a reality. Also, you can explore the latest trends and tips from our outdoor professionals.

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We embrace true outdoor enthusiasts who love what they do and are passionate about sharing their talents with others.

Thanks, enjoy and share. Outdoor Galore Staff Featured on the Cover Rubicon Brewing Company - Monkey Knife Fight Pale Ale Bear Republic Brewing Company – Racer 5 IPA Track 7 Brewing Company – Panic IPA

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NOW TRENDING How to master gardening with Ahmed Hasan

TURN ON THE HEAT Spend more time outdoors with the right heaters.

RIDING THE RAILS Sacramento Beer Train

FIREPIT BREWERY How to make home made stein beer

ART OF GARDEN Raised beds made easy

Outdoor Space Designs


Pacific Shade Sails


Infratech Heaters


Green Acres


Classic Fence Co.


Cal Wild Landscape Design


Patio Perfections


Delta Bluegrass


Petretti Landscaping


Outdeco USA


Sacramento Breweries



DIY CORNER Having fun with Succulents



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OUTDOOR DECORATING & design planning It’s the little things that make all the difference.

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SPRING neutrals in grey

fire tables outdoor lighting

colorful accents

natural textures & decor

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Made entirely of aluminum and equipped with a retractable cover on guides, Nomo is a new generation structure. It is possible to couple more modules to create protected, independent and elegant areas. Designed in harmony with nature, for open space or private areas: a structure that has all comforts and the option of adding an integrated vertical sun screen .

The Nomo pergola guarantees uniqueness and safety thanks to 5 patents . Among them is the patent dedicated to the tilting gutter that avoids vaporization of water within the structure.


This one does it all. With the push of a button, you have shade and shelter. When you want the sun to shine in, push that same button and the whole roof retracts. The next generation in shade structures


Now Trending Spring is more than in the air... In Northern California, February is essentially early spring. Now that March is here, you're almost behind if you haven’t started on your edible garden. Lucky for you, I'm here to give you a few tips on how to grow an easy, fruitful garden , starting... Wait for it… Hmmm... Definitely within the next few weeks.


Ahmed Hassan Landscape Expert

QA &

with Ahmed


Q: How do you keep pests out of the Garden? Keep things clean and balanced .Don’t over fertilize and be sure you have correct sun/shade exposure. Too much shade and moisture will encourage mildew, disease and incite pest problems. Too much sun will scorch your plants.

Q: How do you make your

A Raised Garden Bed vs in ground gardening A good garden depends on “good” soil. Using liberal amounts of organic compost will improve the workability of your existing soil. While soil and compost can easily be worked directly into or what we call “amended” or improved soil, most folks appreciate a specific location for growing their gardens.

own compost? Compost happens. If it grew from the earth it contains nutrients and will decompose naturally. The timing of this decomposition typically takes 99 days. In cooler weather it takes longer, in warmer weather like spring and summer you can get home grown compost even faster. Your job is to maintain a balanced amount of greens and browns, meaning live, colorful, juicy organic waste and dead, dry fibrous organic waste. The process of this breakdown of your greens and browns provides you with home-grown compost.

Photo credit - Jill Plumb

Raised garden beds offer several benefits like improved drainage, larger quantities of that "good” soil and ease of gardening due to increased bed height. These boxes also offer and an attractive architectural element and can be built to match, compliment and enhance your home and garden. A few years ago, I met business owner and local gal Jill Plumb. She's the CEO and lead designer at Art of the Garden. Many of my residential clients and charity projects around the country have benefited from our relationship, acquiring beautiful, easy to build raised beds utilizing Art of the Garden braces. My favorite is the HighRiser® It come in several designs, requiring minimal effort, creating custom, beautiful beds in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Once you’ve got your raised bed completely built, you'll need to make that soil "good". Do this by mixing 50% organic mater, aka compost with native soil Chicken manure, steer manure, and bagged compost are all acceptable soil additives. They each have nutritional content and will decompose providing beneficial nutrients microscopic nutritional content. A rule of thumb to follow is “everything in moderation”. Finally, it's time for plants. I know, I know. You're wondering, seed or starter plants... My answer is both. Seeds if you've got em’ and if there's still time enough for them to grow and deliver on the goods. Starter plants cost a lil’ more, but if you're anything like me and tend to procrastinate...starter plants are your saving grace. There you have it! Your spring garden is ready to be watered regularly and if you've located the proper exposure with regards to sun and shade, you my friend will soon be eating some tasty fruits and veggies.




for your GARDEN Grow Beautifully

Raised bed braces made of 100% recycled steel right here, in Galt, CA

Owner and Founder - Jill Plumb

Above: Authentic Haven Brand Soil Conditioner

A portion of every sale supports LOCAL school and community gardens.



CREATING HOME Often overlooked, a fence can set the tone for your living space. From creating a quiet and private retreat, to adding dimension and brightness to your yard, a fence can transform the feeling of your outdoor living space. 12



If you haven’t taken the time to experience riding the rails these days, I would highly recommend it. I recently took a ride on the Sacramento beer train from West Sacramento to Woodland along the Sacramento river and through the valley. It was an experience that might be hard to explain. Once underway, you will notice the train cars have a slight rock to them. This is normal. As you travel from car to car to get another taste of some amazing brew, you find yourself thinking that maybe you have had too many…but it’s not you, it’s the car. My first thought was this might aggravate some, but it was the opposite. It became a challenge to get through from each car. Not only is the car moving, rocking side to side, but the hallways in each car are very narrow, sort of a one way street. You either squeeze in, or wait to pass. As the afternoon turned into evening, I realized that people became more connected to each other rather than their cell phones. Each car was filled with talking, laughter and sharing. As people made eye contact with others to either pass through, or laugh as they stumbled through the cars it became apparent the Sacramento River Train was on to something. I sat down with Chris Hart, Senior VP of Tourism of Sierra Railroads and he explained how the process came about to create this adventure. We agreed this was the best way to enjoy 3 hours of your day and reconnect with others while sampling some great beers. He expressed his excitement about the train’s future. They offer many different types of train rides such as, Beer Train, Old Vine Express, Murder Mystery, Sunset Dinner, Great Train Robbery, Zombie Train and Holiday themed trains. Check them out at and plan your next adventure on the rails.


Outdoor fire pits can be beautiful, but what about functional? As in, brewing beer functional! Long ago, before the invention of metal pots, the Germans realized when putting their wooden pots on the fire to boil their wort (the liquid that becomes beer) the pots didn’t last very long. An enterprising young German, realized he could put rocks in the fire pit, get them super hot, and put them in the pot to make a boil. Steinbier was born!

Once a year, I abandon my 15 barrel brew house to reconnect with my 15 gallon kettle and fire pit recreating this centuries old method of brewing. The day begins very early. It takes serval hours to get the stones in the fire pit red hot. The recipe is designed to give a very malty and slightly alcoholic (7 – 8%) brew. When slowly dropped into the kettle, the stones create an incredibly, vigorous boil. As they cool, they are replaced with hotter stones, but they also go back into the fire. The reused stones are coated with sweet, sticky wort which caramelizes on the rocks. They also pick up smoke and ash which is transferred into the beer when returned to the kettle. The result is an incredibly smokey, malty, flavorful brew that is fermented for about 30 days.

Truth be told, I built the fire pit just for this purpose. Of course, it also helps to have a multi-tap kegerator available because making Steinbier is a lot of work!

Article written by

Michael Frenn Owner/Brewer Old Hangtown Beer Works


Take control of the elements in your own backyard

ADJUSTABLE APOLLO Opening Roof System Keep the Rain out! The Apollo Opening Roof is an innovative solution for Commercial and Residential outdoor living and dining areas. The Apollo Opening Roof is a unique system that provides protection from the rain, while allowing the flexibility of variable shading and light. By opening the louvers slightly heat escapes, allowing natural ventilation and additional cooling. In the cooler months open the Apollo louvers for direct light to increase solar heat and brighten interior spaces.



Design Philosophy We offer a unique approach to the design- build process; this process can be overwhelming without the right company. As a client you will work closely with Larry Petretti, owner of PLS with over 30 years of industry experience, to ensure you are completely satisfied with every step of the project. We are just as excited as you are to make the most of your landscape investment.

Full Service Landscape since 1981

Commitment to Honesty Integrity Quality Customer Service & Value

Services Landscape Design/Construction

Custom Pool Design, Fireplaces, Arbors, Concrete and Pavers Outdoor Kitchens & Lighting Fencing Irrigation Services Ponds & Waterfalls Retaining Walls Synthetic Turf




Inspired by serene, Northern CA landscape,



these homeowners transformed their backyard into multiple areas of relaxing and entertaining. Their main goal was to remain true to the natural surroundings by adding simple and elegant spaces.

Photo Credit-Marc Sanders

Photo Credit-Marc Sanders

This spacious deck built with natural bamboo materials, provides a stunning focal point to the many beautiful areas this backyard has to offer.

Surrounded by natural stone, the pool sits below the spa. It is just big enough to jump in and cool off on those hot Sacramento summer days. 23

Photo Credit-Marc Sanders

The large teak dining table is ideal for hosting outdoor dinner parties. Soft neutrals with light pops color fit seamlessly into the expansive landscape. Photo Credit-Marc Sanders

Natural Elements are the common theme throughout the space. Pathways and dry creek beds were incorporated into the landscape, as well as low-water, oak friendly plantings. An oyster shell bocce ball court and seating area was tucked into the wide side yard, creating another destination for guests to enjoy.

Photo Credit-Marc Sanders

BACKYARD & DESIGN CREDITS: Landscape Design: Kate Bowers, Kate Bowers Landscape Design Swimming Pool & Spa: Wayne Kelly, WK Design Consulting Landscape Installation: Eric Moore, Middleton Gardens Deck: Jonny Stevens, Creative Carpentry Bocce Court: Eric Moore, Middleton Gardens Photo Credit-Marc Sanders

Photo Credit-Marc Sanders


BACKYARD designs

C: Rich Baum Photography

Kate partners with clients along with their architects, builders, pool designers and landscape contractors to create one of a kind entertaining and outdoor living spaces that incorporate her homeowners' personal style. Kate coordinates these elements with contractors, craftsmen and artists. She works onsite until the last plant and accessory has been placed in the finished landscape. Often times her task is to create a customized gathering space that incorporates unique or reclaimed bar counter materials, custom beer taps and beverage storage . The results are beautiful and dramatic landscapes that compliment each home’s unique architecture and the surrounding property.

Customized Landscape Design Services

Kate Bowers Land

916.718.1577 25

Photo Credit: Rich Baum Photography


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Clayton Winter I was visiting a friend and picking up some Girl Scout cookies when the topic of potting tables came up. We moved to the backyard where she showed me her current potting table. The size was too small and she expressed really wanting a larger one. I informed her about my many projects using wood pallets & crates. When I told her I could build one, she excitedly agreed. She requested the dimensions to be 80” across, 20” deep and 36” tall and mentioned she would like to stain it with her kids. I let her know it would only take me a couple of days and invited them over for dinner to pick it up. When I got home, everything I needed was all stacked and ready to go right in front of me! I drew up a little sketch of the dimensions and size so I could get all my cuts done at once. After I finished the drawing, I set up all my tools and began measuring out pieces making sure my cuts were square and accurate. TOOL LIST: 

tape measure


framing square


screw gun

3” exterior grade screws and 1 ½” exterior grade screws

For this particular project, I also used a piece of metal grid as a utility hanging back wall so I needed a metal cut off tool, and a drill and ¼” drill bit. With all my pieces cut, I measured everything one more time (remember, measure twice, cut once). I started assembling sections of the framework, and then put each section together completing the frame. All the framing was screwed together with the 3” screws. Once the framing was complete, I put on the slats to create the table top, lower shelf and the back utility wall. I used 1 ½” screws for all the slats and 3” screws for the utility wall supports. I also drilled holes in the supports and the table top. This created a nice snug fit for the metal wire ends without the need for any metal connectors of welding. Here is the completed potting table ready to be picked up after some homemade pizza and IPA. This is one happy family with their new potting table ready for stain on the next sunny day! By Clayton Winter of Rising Sun Designs

If you are like many of us, you have a boring fence for a view as stare out your window washing dishes. This is a great idea to add a little life and color just outside your window. Grab some gutter sections from the local hardware store and paint them in your favorite colors. You could even get daring and grab a color that you wouldn’t normally choose. Be sure to use a quality spray paint like RustOleum or other spray paint that will hold up well outdoors. Fill them with succulents, or even herbs that you could grab when cooking up a meal.


Credit for this project goes to Chris McCracken of Lincoln, CA

YES succulents are the “in” thing now. I have to say I am definitely addicted to succulents. Everywhere I go, I am looking for unique containers to put them in. Metal, wood, ceramic or what ever will hold dirt. Each succulent has character of its own and will always spark a conversation wherever you place them. Not only do they look great indoors and outdoors, they are tough and require very little attention. Mix and match anywhere and add a little life to your space. Get creative with containers and have fun! By Erika Pierce



Elk Grove

Moonraker Brewing Co. Knee Deep Brewing Co. (530)797-HOPS Crooked Lane Brewing Co. Auburn Alehouse (530)885-2537

Flatland Brewing Co.

Rancho Cordova

Carmichael River City Brewing Co. (916)447-2739

Winters Camino Jack Russell Brewing Co. (530)647-9420

Lockdown Brewing Co. Lincoln American River Brewing Co. Goathouse Brewing Co. 916)635-2537 (916)740-9100 Claimstake Brewing Co. Dueling Dogs Brewing Co. Opening Soon!

El Dorado Hills Mraz Brewing Co. (916)934-0744 EDH Brewing Co. (916)939-6827

Davis Three Mile Brewing Co. (530)564-4351 Sudwerk Brewing Co. (530)756-2739

Roseville Roseville Brewing Co. (916)783-2337 The Monks Cellar (916)786-6665

Berryessa Brewing Co. (530)795-3526

Woodland Black Dragon Brewery (530)666-5347 Blue Note Brewing Co. (530)358-4677

Loomis Loomis Basin Brewing Co. (916)259-2739

Rocklin Dragas Brewing Co. (916)905-7710 Boneshaker Brewing Co. (916)672-6292 Out of Bounds Brewing Co. (916)259-1511

Sacramento New Helvita Brewing Co. (916)469-9889 Fountainhead Brewing Co. Track Seven Brewing Co. (916)520-4677 Rubicon Brewing Co. (916)448-7032

Sacramento Continued

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Ruhstaller (530)601-8240 King Cong Brewing Co. Big Stump Brewing Co. Twelve Rounds Brewing Co. (916)476-5384 Hoppy Brewing Co. (916)451-6328 Oak Park Brewing Co. (916)660-2723 Device Brewing Co. (916)737-2739 New Glory Craft Brewery (916)760-8306 (530)790-7999

Revision Brewing Co. JackRabbit Brewing Co. (916)873-8659 Yolo Brewing Co. (916)379-7585

Yuba City Sutter Buttes Brewing Co. (530)790-7999

Placerville CA

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Photo Curtesy of Chase Snook

Outdoor Galore Magazine - Spring 2016  

Spring is in the air here in California. This edition is full of great ideas for your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Galore Magazine - Spring 2016  

Spring is in the air here in California. This edition is full of great ideas for your outdoor spaces.