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SPOT 2013

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But What About NSO? NSO begins the day that SPOT ends. SPOT is scheduled so that all students are released to move-in as early as you’re allowed at the start of NSO on Sept. 17.

How Much Does SPOT Cost?

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SPOT isn’t about physical exertion, but instead the immersive experience and preparing for college! No problem if you’re new to the outdoors-- most are!  


What if I’ve Never Camped or Backpacked Before?

“The spirit of SPOT is Stanford culture.” -Taylor, participant 2012

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SPOT Leaders and Crew are dynamic and enthusiastic Stanford students & alums who volunteer their time, effort, and passion to welcome you to Stanford! Trip leaders complete training classes/experiences around wilderness skills, leadership, group dynamics, risk management, wilderness medicine, and more. SPOT is the first-year experience run by Stanford Outdoor Education.


Who leads/runs SPOT?

Enrollment fees, finance questions, and gear recommendations are online!







Why SPOT? Why NOT!?!

I Heard SPOT Sells Out Fast! We hope to be able to accommodate those interested in participating through a variety of trip types. It’s important to read registration content online before enrolling, and register as close to Registration’s open as you can.

What is SPOT?

Stanford Pre-Orientation Trip’s purpose is to provide a foundational immersive experience that cultivates Stanford Identity by fostering student engagement and personal growth. SPOT leads the Stanford Experience by... ... empowering personal growth through challenge, self-reflection, and mentorship. ... developing awareness of interconnectedness and the value of community within the Stanford Environment  ... contributing students to the campus community prepared to actively participate and lead.  

• embrace cooperative new friendships • camp, backpack, work together on an outing in a remote region of California • enhance your sense of self! build your own and other’s confidence • learn and improve outdoor skills • trips are five and a half days and are aimed at easing your transition to life at Stanford.  They finish immediately before NSO  • open to all experience levels (ie, no experience necessary!) trip-types described online! Be a part of THIS Stanford tradition! And have a ton of fun doing it!

All Trips Are: Open to all experience levels (ie, no experience necessary!). See for more information on trip types and descriptions!

“If you’re considering SPOT, do it! If you’re not considering SPOT: screw your head on straight and do it! I plan to become a leader so I can relive SPOT time and time again!” -Marisa, participant 2012

“I wanted to go on SPOT because I’ve always loved the outdoors. Lit tle did I know that SPOT was so much more than being outside and backpacking through the most gorgeous parts of California…” -Anja, participant 2012

“SPOT was a great way to learn about the ins and outs of Stanford from someone who’s been through it all.” -Annie, participant 2010

“Our leaders brought our group together and got us to open up. We were a lit tle family by the end!” -Red Flower group participant, 2012

“I learned a lot, actually I think I became more open-minded about people, and more cooperative.” -Dan, participant 2012

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Brochure for 2013 Fall


Brochure for 2013 Fall