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bag – is being replaced by the more serene sound of “grasscycling” (also commonly known as mulching). It's good for the environment and the pocketbook, reducing the need to fertilize. And without the need to bag, it can cut mowing time in half. "Grasscycling" is defined as recycling grass clippings into your soil. Instead of discarding grass clippings, which can account for as much as 50 percent of residential urban trash, homeowners can take advantage of the nutrient-rich scraps to re-enrich their lawns. Clippings return essential plant nutrients to the lawn; among them, usable organic nitrogen. Nitrogen is the main ingredient of commercial lawn fertilizer. “Grasscycling” starts with a mower equal to the task. Most models built in the past five to ten years are capable of mulching (shredding and evenly discharging) grass clippings. Sharp mower

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blades are essential for good grasscycling. So is regular mowing. Mulching is not recommended when your lawn has grown too tall or when conditions are wet. Then clippings must be gathered. When you do have to bag, use the clippings as mulch to shade and cool soil around bedding plants and in the garden — as long as weed killers have not been used recently. Or, you can turn to the city for disposal. Moorhead continues to collect yard and garden waste curbside as long as it's packaged in transparent lawn bags. It can also be dropped off at the city compost site at Highway 75 and 15th Avenue North. Fargo and West Fargo maintain collection sites where homeowners can drop off grass clippings and yard waste for transport to the city compost sites. Once nature has turned the collected clippings into rich brown humus, it's Summer 2009  7

Outdoor Design & Living Guide - Summer 2009  

Issue 1 - Summer 2009 issue of Outdoor Design & Living Guide of Fargo-Moorhead