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In my haste to engage myself in spring planting and getting my yard back in shape, I realized that I have not planned two of my family’s scheduled (or should have been scheduled) mini-vacations. When I was a kid, my dad spent many long weekends working at our local JC Penney store, but when he said, “Let’s load up the car,” my sister and I always knew the Bestge vacation was going to be interesting. Long car rides usually meant an invisible line drawn between my sister and me. This kept the peace for several miles, all while my dad switched the A/C to vent in the family Oldsmobile to “save gas.” My point — 20-some years later — I now know how much work it is to come up with something fun and relaxing for all involved. Although I have a good idea of what I need to do, I’m relying on my father-like instinct to pull me through this pressurized season that is “Summer Vacations 2009.“ In our area we all know how the weather changes, and many times we are forced to keep our weekend plans in a liquid form. Weekend warriors are always looking at how much work can be done in our 48-hour laborintensive weekend. In this issue, we provide you with some Do-It-Yourself projects, from installing a fence to taking some of those left-over materials to create a sandbox for your kids. “Going green” can be more than just a funny little political statement as we explore how mulching nurtures your yard and how practical solar energy is in our area. And we also tell you about adding texture to your flat Red River Valley yard. Because you can’t work all the time, Outdoor Design and Living Guide set out to find some of the best patios in the area to enjoy some well-earned downtime. The “Ultimate Patio Guide” will give you sun exposure, drink specials, and ambiance reviews to keep your socializing experience hot. Do you have an indoor girl? Someone who would rather watch people outside working instead of actually being outdoors doing the work? Or do you have the girl who will attend the baseball/softball game with you, but really doesn’t want to deal with the bugs? Then you, my friend, may have an indoor girl! Don’t worry because our Indoor Girl will give all of us insight into how your indoor girl could learn to deal with the great outdoors. Finally, don’t forget to check out to submit pictures of your summer projects. Keep checking the site to see if your submission gets published. Contact us at with stories about friends and relatives who have worked very hard to create their own summer oasis. Happy in the Outdoors, Brian Bestge Editor, Outdoor Design and Living Guide

Outdoor Design & Living Guide - Summer 2009  

Issue 1 - Summer 2009 issue of Outdoor Design & Living Guide of Fargo-Moorhead

Outdoor Design & Living Guide - Summer 2009  

Issue 1 - Summer 2009 issue of Outdoor Design & Living Guide of Fargo-Moorhead