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“Honey, we need a fence.”

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Winter fades and the lush green grass and budding trees of spring return to beautify our world. We spend more and more time enjoying our neighborhoods, especially our own backyards. With the increased amount of time we spend outside, we begin to notice our landscape may be missing something. “Honey, we need a fence.” With proper planning and education, nearly anyone can construct a fence. Most fences are designed so the average home owner can tackle the project with little difficulty. However, if you decide it’s more than you want to handle, our area has several fence contractors and hardware stores you can choose to assist with your project. If you’re ready for a little challenge, this article will give you the basics to building your first fence. Often home owners choose to build fences for privacy, to keep children safe, or to keep pets in or out of the yard, but people have lots of reason to construct fences. Fences can provide safety, add visual interest to a garden or give a whimsical charm to your particular house style. Whatever your reason for building a fence, you will need to engage in pre-construction planning and preparation before you begin. Prior to any construction, check local ordinances to see if a permit is necessary to build. Additionally, you may need to receive

Outdoor Design & Living Guide - Summer 2009  

Issue 1 - Summer 2009 issue of Outdoor Design & Living Guide of Fargo-Moorhead