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know what you'll find," he suggests. With hardier and improved new varieties regularly entering the market, the nursery holds plenty of surprises. Sticking with plants rated for USDA growing zone 4 generally leads to a safe kind of adventure, he says — especially in more established areas of town, where homes are closer together and established trees offer some protection from wind. New yards in still-open developments require more caution: "I'd think a little harder in more exposed situations," he admits. "It pays to be more cautious out there." He points to problems with rabbits and voles, too, that offer greater challenges near open fields. When the green portion of the landscape has put down roots, the masterpiece is ready for its final touches. Long summer evenings give sunlight plenty of time to shape the landscape with highlight and shadow. But as days grow shorter, garden lighting becomes a prized addition to the outdoor landscape. "When it's used with a light hand, lighting adds subtle interest and beauty to the landscape," Klocke says. "The contrast between light and dark draws the eye to points of interest and adds a warm, soft texture. You can leave the drapes open in the house and enjoy your yard around the clock. It doesn't look forbidding and creepy. "Illumination gives your landscape a totally different look in the

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