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right? So choosing that theme can be a fairly important first step. Perhaps you want to throw a Mexican Fiesta, a Summer Carnival, a Basic Family Barbeque, an Appetizer Extravaganza, Adults Night Out, a Luau, or a rockin’ Tiki party! Setting that theme allows you to be creative with your party wares, but also gives your guests an idea of what to bring to the summer feast. Plan for the Food and Party Supplies As the host/hostess, it’s customary to provide the “staples” of

the barbeque—meat, buns, and condiments. Shop the grocery store advertisements for the best meat deals, or visit your favorite butcher shop. Depending on your theme, a trip to the party store might be a good idea. Get basic paper products (plates, cups, silverware, etc.), and you may even want a few plastic serving dishes for your party, depending on the menu. While you’re there, you may find some fun party decorations; also, pick up a couple of balloons to put on the mailbox to be sure your guests know where the party is. Summer 2009  13

Outdoor Design & Living Guide - Summer 2009  
Outdoor Design & Living Guide - Summer 2009  

Issue 1 - Summer 2009 issue of Outdoor Design & Living Guide of Fargo-Moorhead