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20 things really should know about Ben Nevis

ain 1. Ben Nevis is 1344m (4,406ft) high; the Mount 16km around is path) tourist track/ Pony Track (aka 8 (start to finish) and you should plan to take about fit hours for an ascent of the Ben, depending on how slog! you are. It is a long climb 2. It is estimated that more than 150,000 people ‘The Ben’ (as it is known locally) each year. by 3. The first recorded ascent of the Ben was in 1771 son Robert the botanist James it 4. The track was built in 1883 for the Ben Nevis summ observatory. Meteorologists made hourly observations . there for 21 years from 1883-1904, when it closed For a while, a hotel also operated at the summit. in the 5. You can make a donation to the Friends of Nevis or (£1) NEVIS1 text or Inn Nevis Ben the cairn outside NEVIS3 (£3) to 82540 1st 6. The Ben Nevis Race takes place annually on the 25 hour 1 ? record The ber. Septem of ay Saturd

rs 12. Recommended clothing : warm, comfortable trouse fleece warm top, layer mid warm top, l therma (not jeans), type jacket, thick socks, walking boots, with ankle and support (not trainers). Remember, it will get colder

windier higher up. ss and 13. You should know how to use a map and compa , with carry these, plus food, water and a torch or whistle you at the very least. toilets 14. There are no toilets on the Ben. The only public are at the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre (open Easter to when October). Please have a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy you visit the mountain. Bridge 15. No 41 bus runs regularly from Roy Bridge, Spean er. summ the h throug Nevis Glen to William and Fort Parking is available at the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre 16. Leave a route card with either the police, your accommodation provider or in your car. This should contain your start and finish times, your intended route, what to do in the event of you not returning and your minutes! mobile phone number. Ben es 7. If that’s not gruelling enough, competitors in the 17. The start of the path is relatively easy but becom Nevis Triathlon have to complete a 1.9 km loch swim arduous and exposed. Many accidents rocky, ingly increas be and a 90km cycle before running up and down the occur coming down the mountain as the descent can Ben! as arduous and tiring as the ascent. side of you think 8. The pipes you can see coming out of the north 18. Please take all litter home with you, even things near Treig Loch from water ing the Ben are deliver fruit. like radable biodeg be may in Fersit. A 16 mile network of tunnels, hand-drilled Mobile phone reception should not be relied on in 19. te genera to water the orts transp , the 1920s encies as it is unavailable on some sections of the emerg r. smelte ium electricity for the local alumin path. Ford, a 9. Some unusual ascents have made by a Model T if include it 20. Accidents and Emergencies Consider turning back summ the to carried Items les! unicyc and bed is tiring or getting cold. Minor group your in ne an someo and beer of barrel a bed, a a piano, a wheelchair, should incidents should be assessed and reasonable effort organ! Police. the calling before n situatio the be made to resolve the If one of your party has an accident and cannot be 10. Want to see the Ben but not climb it? Here are moved: : TOP 5 PLACES TO VIEW AND PHOTOGRAPH IT • treat any injuries as best you can 1 Spean Bridge – Commando Memorial • calculate your exact position on the map 2 Glen Loy • dial 999 and ask for the police and Mountain Rescue care 3 Camusnagaul • if you have no phone signal, leave somebody to to 4 Cow Hill for the casualty whilst others descend with a map down. lower again 5 Corpach get help. Try calling • report the map grid reference where you left the : BEN THE CLIMB TO GOING E IF YOU’R casualty and details of the casualty's condition 11. Check the local mountain weather forecast at is : To summon help from the mountain, the distress signal ts or displayed in local establishmen succession, quick in flashes torch 6 or blasts whistle 6 The path. and on information boards at the start of the repeated after a 1 minute interval. weather can be very changeable and the summit the at than But, above all, enjoy The Ben! temperature can be significantly colder ain. mount the of base Ben Nevis Image courtesy of

20 things you really should know about Ben Nevis  

Ben Nevis is 1344m (4,406ft) high; the Mountain Track (aka Pony track/tourist path) is around 16km (start to finish) and you should plan to...

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