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Expormim General Warranty General guarantee of 5 years

All the products in the catalogue, except covers and cushions, are guaranteed for domestic use for a period of time of 5 years, under normal conditions of use and maintenance, and against any manufacturing fault that affects the functionality of the product. In no case will this guarantee cover defects or imperfections resulting from the use or the passage of time. As a reference, this guarantee will not cover discolorations, shades on the color of the fibers, scratches or breakages resulting from the use, etc. Regarding the use of our products in the contract sector, under the aforementioned conditions, the period of guarantee will be 2 years. In the event of a complaint, please contact our representative or directly our offices. Once we check the product, if it is a manufacture problem, OutDesign Group will decide to change the piece of furniture or repair it.

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