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Sc 1


pg Loca8on 1 Sara's  bedroom

Details Bed  central  -­‐  4  posts  and  bedding

A  Li%le  Princess  set/props  breakdown

Boxes  as  needed 1 Africa  -­‐  Saint  Louis umbrellas  passing  -­‐  bright  in  shadow   then  lit Laundry  on  poles



4 5 6 7

7 9 11 12

Banners  move  around Bed  turns  to  boat Africa  -­‐  Saint  Louis shoes compass Africa  -­‐  Saint  Louis Doll Sara's  bedroom leJer Sara's  bedroom Courtyard Bed  as  clothes  line  US  side

Wall  pop  ups None

ligh8ng costume window  gobo

blocking  ideas

fog  and  rain

umbrellas  pass  behind  wall,  no   all  as  packing   costumes crates assuming  drums  from  music  dept

Africa  -­‐  tall  ship   bright sails

as  above

as  above

as  above None None Spiked  top  and   urns

as  above as  above as  above 8  turned  to  grey   side  (chairs  off)

riding  habit

carpet  &  beater washing  basket  and  laundry sheets riding  crop 8

15 Courtyard

9 19 Courtyard 9a 20 Africa-­‐zuma   /courtyard

11 23 Parlour

ChaoMc  setup

aljana  mask dancers  in  white

as  above

Tent  DS  OP  cnr  &  stairs



lamps  on  short   walls

pieces  of  leJer Banners  move  around 10 21 Africa-­‐zuma/  Sara's   Poles  as  spears bedroom Bed  US  P-­‐  4  posts  -­‐  needed?

boxes all  as  packing   crates


as  sheets  off  line  for  song,   disassemble  clothes  line lx  separaMon zuma  headdress

as  above mixed   grey/crates

lx  separaMon

all  as  crates

lamps  on  short   walls

gun  -­‐  pistol Bed  as  table  centre  with  tablecloth None tea  service  -­‐  trayx2,  pot,  cupx2,  scones  

as  above

add  bedding,  not  all  poles

apron  for  spill

2  chairs,  8  grey page  1  of  4

Des5 props and set breakdown a little princess