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DAY Trippin’ This narrow little state and the surrounding areas conceal many fun, quirky and fascinating destinations. Sometimes we just have to veer off the highways to find them. That’s what Day Trippin’ is all about. Have ideas? Send them to Krista at

PENNSYLVANIA RENAISSANCE FAIRE had been a gypsy in 16th century England for less than five minutes and already my sister’s halfwit lad of a boyfriend wandered into the town’s only jail cell, guided by shouts of encouragement from the guard; he would only be released if he’d “perform a jest” for her. Naturally, Jimmy offered to twerk his way to freedom. “Yes, against the cell wall,” said the female guard, who wore a Renaissance peasant dress. Although it was the year 1588, she must have been quite wellversed in tactless 21st century dance moves. “I can’t do that,” Jimmy replied, his courage gone. “That’s okay, the idea was jest enough,” the guard responded. Her mock accent was heavy and convincing as she let him go. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is a place where anything is permissible, save for (real-life) violence, debauchery and crime. It’s a land set aside for people who have retained their childhood love for dress-up and fantasy; for people who like a face-to-face interaction with history, one that can be breathed in and touched. For each of the past 33 years, this Renaissance town, the Shire of Mount Hope—located in the woods and fields of


By Krista Connor

Mount Hope Estate and Winery in Manheim—has come to life as thousands flock to its gates every weekend from August to October. On this October weekend, citizens of the Shire—members of the Faire staff in Renaissance costumes—filled the streets with improvised songs, swordplay, begging, bantering, or hurling insults and innuendos at each other as well as passersby. One peasant, covered in filth and ratty clothes, lay behind a bush holding a string that stretched across a portion of the walkway, connected to a box. He was waiting for the opportune moment to pull the string and trip someone, while people walked over and around it without even noticing him. One little girl noticed, though, and as her parents stood by she kicked the box, ruining the man’s trap. “Hey! Fix it! Fix it, you little brat!” the peasant shouted angrily while the girl skipped away. A little later, another costumed staff member walked by, and the peasant pulled the string and started a scene that ended with a lashing. ►


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