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JOE TRAINOR WANTS YOU… . . . to join in the arts & music revolution in Wilmington By Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald Photos by Joe del Tufo


n talking with Joe Trainor—as we partake of breakfast smoothies at Wilmington hotspot Scrumptious— two things become apparent: Trainor loves music, and he loves this city. And he wants everyone else to love it, too. That’s why, for just over a decade, he has been on a mission to promote and advance arts and music in Wilmington. So far, he’s done one hell of a job. In person, Trainor is a private, low-key, deliberate guy—180 degrees from the lively performances of The Joe Trainor Trio (JT3), his dead-on Robert Plant wail during In the Light’s Led Zeppelin tributes, or his epic dual role as Music Director/”Judas” in City Theater Company’s Jesus Christ Superstar In Concert. Trainor is a true hybrid artist—equal parts classic rocker and singer-songwriter (think Ben Folds meets Billy Joel meets Genesis)—who seems at ease belting out a rollicking, piano-heavy number, music-directing a theatrical production or co-writing a world premiere musical. “I hate being idle,” he only half-jokes. “I’m driven by music-making; it’s the thing I do really well. “ Trainor not only has enjoyed success with his band, but he has received personal accolades as a conceptualizer, producer and “idea man” for local arts and music happenings. In that role, he’s collaborated with the likes of the Grand Opera House, Gable Music Ventures, Out & About, WSTW and City Theater Company. ►

For more than a decade, Joe Trainor has been on a mission to promote the music and arts offered by Wilmington. JUNE 2014 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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Out & About Magazine June 2014  
Out & About Magazine June 2014