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Glim Dropper after they won this year’s Musikarmageddon.

“Songs about first world problems and how success is constantly being redefined run through a number of tracks,” says Kauffman. “Searching for the right path is definitely an underlying theme.” The 2013 Musikarmageddon battle of the bands champs have been busy since their September win. Between playing shows almost every weekend and finishing up their album, they’re looking forward to what’s left of the year, and beyond. They’re even thinking about creating a light show —something visual to go along with their music. “Also, we’re injecting more humor and fun and we are trying not to take everything too seriously,” says Kauffman. Previous recordings, like last year’s album Last Days of Analog, were completed based on budget and availability, causing the group to slowly piece a project together.   For Heartsick Phenomenon, however, Glim Dropper hunkered down for two days at Morningstar Studios outside Philadelphia and cut the songs as a live trio, they say. 

“We actually did this album in a more, shall we say, ‘traditional’ sense than we had previously,” says Schnell. The album features guests who bring fresh sounds—artists Sheila Hershey and Michael Ronstadt on cello, Tracy Grammer on violin, and Beth Goldwater on backing vocals. Additionally, drummer and vocalist Schnell performs with his handmade mandolin. “We anticipate a very long list of people who we have to thank to be a part of the new album,” says Kauffman. “We feel privileged to have so many people support us and we want to make them proud.” The album will be available on iTunes,, CDBaby,, on the band’s website, and at shows. For more details, visit or For a list of upcoming shows, visit — Krista Connor


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Out & About Magazine December 2013  
Out & About Magazine December 2013  

Since 1988, Out & About has informed our audience of entertainment options in Greater Wilmington through a monthly variety magazine. Today,...