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As area chefs offer crazy combinations and unconventional ingredients, diners show a willingness to walk on the wild side


By Pam George

f you visit Drip Café in Pike Creek for breakfast, don’t expect to see anyone eating boring bacon and eggs. Instead, you might spot a hash made with kale, bacon, and gold, red and sweet potatoes, all topped with maple syrup and a sunny-side-up egg. “It’s one my best sellers,” says owner Greg Vogeley. “People are freaked out by the maple syrup. It’s the secret ingredient!” For lunch, Vogeley also puts kale and bacon in a barbecue meatloaf and serves it open-faced with cranberry coleslaw. It may sound a bit, well, unconventional, but get used to it. In Delaware’s restaurants, bucking the status quo is becoming mainstream. ► APRIL 2014 | OUTANDABOUTNOW.COM

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