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April 2011

A new term began with a very short week, but I have been impressed with the standard of behaviour and the uniform. Year 11, in particular, are working hard in school and we hope they are also spending a few hours each evening studying. Over Easter, staff and students were involved in a number of trips. Our longstanding partnership with Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Haryana in India continues and a number of students visited the school. The exchange visits provide opportunity for both parties to learn about each country and lifestyle. As always I am grateful to the staff who led the party. A team of staff also took a large group of students on a D of E expedition. This very popular extra-curricular activity is an important part of what we do and stand for, again I am grateful to all involved. If your child went on either trip I hope they found it rewarding and character building. I hope you enjoy this edition of Ousenews - as usual we have much to celebrate.

2011 TERM DATES FOR STUDENTS SUMMER TERM Tuesday, 26th April To Friday, 27th May Monday, 6th June To Friday, 22nd July** AUTUMN TERM Wednesday, 7th September To Friday, 21st October Monday, 31st October To Friday, 16th December

Sue Carbert Headteacher

SIMS Learning Gateway for Parents The SIMS Learning Gateway allows parents to log onto a webpage from home that will display live data and information for their child/children. For example, there is access to live attendance data, commendations issued and any concerns registered, assessment data including that which is used to produce school reports and progress reviews. We are only providing log-in details to those with parental responsibility and are designated as the primary contact. This means that where parents are separated permission for an additional log-in account must come from the primary contact. To enable you to collect your log-in information you will need to present, in person, photo ID at reception. Log-in details are available for Years 7, 8, 9 & 10.

STAFF TRAINING DAYS Wednesday, 6th July Monday, 25th July Monday, 5th September Tuesday, 6th September **We shall finish the school day for the summer holiday at 1:20pm on Friday 22nd July 2011; buses/taxis will pick up from both Newport Pagnell and Olney campuses at 1:25/1:30pm.

Eco-centre Construction The Eco-centre has started to take shape which, when finished, will provide Ousedale students and partner organisations with a state of the art facility. The work that will take place in the centre will be based around understanding the environmental challenges facing our modern day, including scientific, land-based and geographical concerns. The building construction started on the 28th February with Headteacher Sue Carbert, attended by Paul Collins the Chair of Governors, Ian Carman the Mayor of Newport Pagnell and Andy Burton, Senior Deputy Headteacher, digging the first foundations. To date the build has progressed to completion of the steel super-structure and installation of the concrete beams. Once finished, the centre will boast modern energy saving photo-voltaic plates and conform to the latest energy conservation building specifications. We hope to take ownership of the centre by the end of the summer term.

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ChemNet Visit – Year 12 and 13 On Wednesday 23rd March, the RSC ChemNet team travelled to Ousedale School to meet the Year 12 and Year 13 chemistry students. Organised by Dr Rae, the event was attended by Andrew Scott, Marketing Manager for the Royal Society of Chemistry and presented by Anne Horan, Graduate Trainee. The visit commenced with a talk covering the importance of chemistry in improving our daily lives; from drug development to enhancing the sportswear of athletes using nanotechnology. Types of chemistry courses and degree options were also discussed. Students were given a real sense of the variety of different chemistry related jobs and were also told about the many transferable skills that can be gained from a chemistry degree. Students were also told about ChemNet which is provided by the RSC to support A-level or equivalent chemistry students. Every month, ChemNet members receive Chemistry World, ChemNet Newsletter, InfoChem and a whole host of other resources exclusive to ChemNet members only! ChemNet also has a dedicated zone on MyRSC – an online professional network for the Chemical Sciences. You can visit ChemNet on MyRSC here: To find out more about ChemNet visit

Students Present Cheque to Willen Hospice Year 10 and 11 played host to Mrs A Waterhouse from Willen Hospice in assembly on 28th February. She was invited in to receive a cheque on behalf of the school. This followed an amazing effort by students in Charities Week with all sorts of fund-raising activities happening. The result was that we were able to give a staggering £2120.00 to the Hospice this year! Students were told that Willen Hospice does great work and that only 25% of the 4 million pounds it costs to run comes from the NHS – all the rest comes from charitable donations and events such as Ousedale’s. The cheque was presented by Emmett and Hannah in Year 11 and was gratefully received. Congratulations to all students and staff who made this possible.

Science Quiz Number 4 1. What biological material is a rhinoceros horn made from? 2. Given a speed limit of 100km per hour, how long would it take to get to the International Space Station if it passed directly overheard? 3. Is the moon’s orbit; a) slowly getting bigger, b) staying the same, c) slowly getting smaller. 4. How many weeks of gestation must a foetus reach before it can be born and not be considered premature? 5. Which of the following is not an acid? HCl, CH3COOH, Ca(OH)2. Answers will be published in the next edition of Ousenews.

UK Intermediate Maths Challenge In February, 60 students took part in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge. Congratulations to Matthew Turner who made it through to the next round, the Pink Kangaroo. Congratulations also to Gary Brook who receives a gold certificate.

Milton Keynes Maths Challenge The Year 8 Milton Keynes Maths Challenge Final this year was held on 23rd March in the mathematical atmosphere of Bletchley Park. Lucy Attwood, Jamie Barker, Kenton Barnes and Roisin McElroy were the Ousedale representatives. Congratulations to Lucy who was part of the winning team and to Jamie who was in the runner-up team, losing only on the tie-break.

Young Enterprise Competition ANSWERS to Science Quiz 3 (published in the March edition)

This year’s Young Enterprise competition was held at Walton Hall School on Wednesday 6th April.

1. A wetland that only appears when it rains. Congratulations to all three Young Enterprise teams, Akira Shi, Waxycans and Jigframes. They all performed very well in a challeng2. A baby has about 90 more bones than an adult. A number of them fuse together to leave the 206 bones that the average adult has. 3. d. The International Space Station travels at approximately 27,724 kilometres per hour, completing about 15.7 orbits per day! 4. Australia. 5. True. The iPod Nano’s flash memory chip and the iPhone’s touchscreen are both products of nanotechnology.

ing field of 16 teams from a range of Milton Keynes schools. Best Product - Jigframes Greenest Product - Waxycans Runners up for the Best Company Report - Waxycans Best Presentation -Waxycans Overall Runners up - Waxycans This means that Waxycans will go on to the next stage of the competition on May 6th at the Open University.

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Impact Morning - 7th February 2011 Ousedale School welcomed in the New Year with a new name for Citizenship Morning. Renamed and rejuvenated, IMPACT Morning on February 7th 2011 was an all round success. Years 7 and 12 united to tackle the topic of bullying. They produced charters for Ousedale School that showed awareness of both the causes and consequences of bullying and they managed to build relationships as part of the course. Year 8 engaged in a mock trial, supported by local magistrates, including our very own Claire Sexsmith, who was invaluable on the day! Each form was transformed into a magistrates court for the morning and some tutor groups were extremely successful – namely 8SR, 8STC and 8MRG! If there had been more time, some members of these groups would have entered the local heat – good fun was had by all! Unfortunately, we live in a society where drugs and alcohol are very real concerns for our young and Year 9 benefited from a Drugs Awareness day with a hard hitting presentation delivered by Glen Banks. It was a chance for the students to develop knowledge and improve their understanding, hopefully enabling them to feel they can say ‘no’ and make the right choices when difficult situations arise. We arranged for the Gun and Knife Arches again for Year 10: a popular and effective way of conveying the serious message that weapons can and will kill. The Crime day activities provided students with strategies they can employ to prevent the problem becoming a destructive part of their future. Lastly, Year 11 experienced their last main school IMPACT Morning: an insight into terrorism and its impact on society. They adopted the role of the police to make difficult decisions and respond to real life threats in a mock scenario. An exciting and busy morning, with a variety of activities and themes; hopefully the IMPACT Morning in July will be as successful! Mrs Crawley PSHE Co-ordinator

Ousedale Staff Quiz

Friday 1st April saw over 90 members of staff gather together at the Carlton House, Olney for the 2011 Staff Quiz. Hosted by Mr Glover, who clearly did not need a microphone and managed to somehow make his “only 5 questions” last the whole night! After taking an early lead the Maths department were then caught trying to cheat by playing their ‘joker’ card twice…shame on you Mrs Barker and Mrs Carroll!! The Science geeks then took the lead but proved too rowdy for their own good and deteriorated like the half life of hydrogen…serves you right for not listening to instructions! After a pit stop for food to stock up on energy levels and Mrs Chadwick having a teenage strop when her phone was confiscated, the quiz continued. Mrs Carbert and Mrs Wheatland’s team tried desperately to retain their title as champions but failed miserably. Team PE proved too strong for the competition and snuck through by one point after the sport and picture round (bring on the jokes) to take the crown. Despite rumours of having more than four players, Team PE showed that ‘application of knowledge’ is the key to success! A big thank you to Mr Glover, his glamorous assistants and to Carlton House. We look forward to beating you all again next year! Miss Omand

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Taekwon-Do Coupled with her personal Christian values and four years of commitment Sally Scott demonstrates the tenet’s of Taekwon-Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self control and Indomitable spirit. Sally says she feels blessed to train under the watchful eye of an international instructor, Yogi Chand and is seeing some impressive results.

Sally gained Bronze and Silver medals in sparring and patterns at the Welsh Championships in February, repeating this performance with two silver medals at the UK ITF Scottish Championships in March.

Hockey Teams Remain MK Champions Across the Year Groups It was another victorious year for all the hockey teams. With the new regime of boys and girls practice both starting in September, we made an excellent start to the tournament season with the senior girls winning without losing a game. The Year 11 B team beat the A team in the senior mixed tournament to finish second. The Year 7 girls remained undefeated throughout the year culminating in a magnificent triumphant win at the tournament. The Year 8/9 girls and Year 8 boys also won their respective tournaments. Well done to all who helped to make this the most successful year so far; I look forward to the new season in September. Any student who is interested in joining our merry bunch is more than welcome. Miss Marston

Under 14’S Show Their Class The Ousedale under 14 rugby team showed their skill and potential as they crushed the opposition in the Milton Keynes 10-a-side tournament at Newport Pagnell . The Under 14s had a strong year with some good victories over the local schools which was topped off by a classy performance in the MK10’s. Ousedale were drawn in a tough group with games against St Pauls, Hazeley and Radcliffe. The wealth of talent within the squad showed immediately with convincing victories in the first 2 games, Elliot Stenson and Jack Wilkinson showing a clean pair of heels to any defender in their way. Performances from Jake Glover, Kristian Rogers and Danny Harris in the backs along with the power of Henry Westray, Cameron Moss and Jo O’Connor in the forwards gave teams very little chance of getting the ball or keeping it in the rare occasions they had possession. The Group hinged on the game between Ousedale and St Pauls both of whom were unbeaten. The depth of the Ousedale squad began to show with the class of substitutes that could be used, after being 2 scores in the lead Dan West, Austin Dobson, Zinzan Heap were all brought onto the pitch and St Pauls were chasing shadows! Ousedale won without conceding a point. Ousedale were drawn against the unknown quantity of Stantonbury who were a team that lacked technical knowledge but made up for in pace and a game style more seen in Fijian sevens than school boy rugby. The class of the Ousedale defence and quick thinking dampened the Stantonbury spirit and, with only walls to run into, their technical frailties were exposed for the Ousedale backs to pounce on. Ousedale eventually finished with an ultimately convincing victory to book their place in the final against a revenge seeking St Pauls. The final saw Ousedale playing up the hill giving St Pauls the advantage they sought and if it wasn’t for some ferocious tackling from Charlie Harris and Elliot Stenson St Pauls may have opened up a lead. With the ball in hand Ousedale looked a different class, the speed of delivery from Danny Harris and Kristian Rogers pulling the strings at 10 gaps started to appear. Again the combination of Stenson and Wilkinson and their seamless change of pace cut through the St Pauls defence as if they weren’t there. Although a valiant effort from St Pauls they just couldn’t handle the well drilled, imaginative and pacey Ousedale attack. Ousedale ran out convincing winners and for the first time in the competitions history did so without conceding a single point. They now look forward to next year’s Daily Mail competition and a chance to show their full potential. Mr Richbell

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Ski Trip—2011 I write to tell you about our ski trip to Montgenvre in February. I can report that it started with a tough journey to the Alps but it really was truly worth it. We were blessed with snow at the start followed by cool but sunny conditions for the rest of the week. Every day started soon after 7.00am and all were kept busy until about 11.00pm. Despite this tough schedule, we managed to get everybody on the slopes almost all of the time. Students skied for 1,170 hours in total with only 4.5 hours lost through injury or illness. This is a credit to our students, and obvious to you that the time lost was for really genuine reasons. Our Après ski programme was packed full and I am pleased to tell you that we all joined in. Our programme ranged from a Quiz, swimming, bum-boarding and watching a ski show and fireworks. The week concluded with a disco and presentation by both ski instructors and staff. An award was made to all students. Instructors were totally impressed with the commitment, ability and improvement that each had made. A special trophy was awarded to skiers who were the “Most Improved”. We also awarded a “Skier’s Skier” trophy where students nominated their own best skier from their group. Staff also made a “Special Award” to those who had been great trip members. We were genuinely proud of each and every one of our students. A big thanks must go to Miss Hearn, Miss Seelig, Miss Morton and a special thanks go to Mr Burgess who acted as deputy on this trip. Without them guiding, supporting and encouraging students throughout the trip could not have happened. I would also like to mention the support from our finance office, helping in the background right from the inception of this trip. Particular thanks go to Mrs Buckley and Mrs Anderson. I invited feedback from parents about the trip. Their evaluation was detailed and positive. Our next trip is already organized. We plan to return to Austria for February Half Term 2012. Mr Cross

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MK Schools Cross Country In March teams from around all the local MK schools gathered at Campbell park for the annual event, which had been postponed due to the snow season in December! We had a good standard of runners; enthusiasm and fear when seeing the course was the main feeling of the day, with optimism that we could perform really well. For some of our Year 7 runners this was only their first or second cross country attempt since joining Ousedale. As always we had some outstanding performances particularly from the Year 8, 9 and 10 teams. An impressive 1, 2, 3 result from our Year 10 girls meant that we were not caught by any other school in that event. A great performance by the Year 8 and 9 girls meant we came home as winners of the team event from that race. The Year 8 and 9 boys effort could not be faulted, with a great finish by Harry Morton.

Ousedale MK Schools Cross Country Results: Year 7 Boys (Total 44 finishers):

Year 7 Girls (Total 49 finishers): Place






Helen Sanderson








Amber Dawson




Philip Bowden




Holly Rowett




Alexander Thorpe-Morgan




Beth McCardal-Kilby




Harry Warn




Bruna Ribeiro




Matt Cooke




Kyann Nesbett


Year 8/9 Girls (Total 37 finishers):

Year 8/9 Boys (Total 54 finishers):







Leah Williamson








Jess Swanston




Harry Morton




Charley Bennett




Dan West




Katrina Innes




Kristian Rogers




Amy Mundye




Toby Herdman-Smith




Ollie Thomas




Ed Shakespeare




Matt Delaney


Year 10/11 Girls (Total 13 finishers): Place






Emily Bousfield




Leigh Inness




Lorna Adams


English Schools Cross Country Update After success at the Bucks Schools Cross Country event, Ousedale students went on to be part of, and represent, the Buckinghamshire team at the English Schools Championships; this is a great achievement and allows them to compete amongst fellow athletes of the same calibre from across England. Representing Junior boys (Years 8 and 9), Toby Herdman-Smith, who is one to look out for at the lower age in this band finished 140th out of 331 runners, the Bucks team came 15th out of 42 counties. Representing Inter Girls (Years 10 and 11) were: Jasmine Finlay (35th), Jade Leggett (91st) and Gemma Childs (121st). This is a good result for the girls who were competing against 337 runners. Their team finished 14th out of 43 counties. Representing Inter Boys (Years 10 and 11) our strongest Year 11 long distance runner Sam Redding finished in 119th place out of 320 runners; the Bucks team came 22nd out of 43 counties. Last, but by no means least, representing Senior Boys (Years 12 and 13); Matt Malcolm (214th) and Matt Puddefoot: (218th) out of 313 runners, with their Bucks team finishing 21st out of 41 counties. A Full break down of results and times can be found at: Can we take this opportunity to say well done to those that took part and thank you to the coaches, athletes and parents who have helped the students to be part of a great sporting event. We hope to see more runners compete at this level in the future. Miss Green

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Girls’ Football U15 MK SCHOOLS 5A SIDE CHAMPIONS 2010/11



The Ousedale Girls’ Football teams have seen some fantastic results in the MK 5-a-side tournaments.


The U13’s were very unlucky to lose on sudden death penalties! Miss Omand

U13 Girls Football County Cup Final

U16 Girls Football County Cup Final

After a long season battling the winter months and travelling throughout the whole of Buckinghamshire, the U13 girl’s football team reached the County Cup final at Newport Town FC. With a couple of players not available Miss Omand had to make some last minute changes but was still confident that the team were strong enough to succeed. She was not wrong! Within the first 8 minutes the girls were 1-0 up after a fantastic finish by Becca. By half-time Becca had scored another and Lizzie also netted twice so see the girls 4-0 up! The second half proved even more exciting than the first with Molly hitting the post twice and Etive also coming close to score! Final score was 4-0 and the U13 retained their title as County Champions! Miss Omand would like to thank the girls for all their hard work and continued dedication to the school team…..bring on next year!!

The U16 team reached the County Cup final against Lord Grey for the second year running. Both teams have dominated their age group in both Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire so it was a game not to be missed! Due to a number of injuries the team had to make some changes, with goal keeper Stacey having to play out field. The first half started with Ousedale dominating with possession but after a superb free kick under the cross bar went 1-0 down. Showing true determination they equalised from an awesome shot by striker Laura. The second half did not go quite to plan. After a few players taking some knocks, Lord Grey managed to capitalise on this and score two more past the Ousedale blues. The game finished 3-1 but the year 10’s are confident next year the title will be theirs! Miss Omand would like to thank all players and parents for their continued support. Bring on next season!!

Miss Omand

Mr Walsh

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Ousenews April 2011