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Spring/Summer 2010

In this Issue: •

Hear from both the Sales Centre Director and Alumni Chair

Exciting news from fellow Sales Centre Alumni

An internship reflection from a recent Sales Centre graduate

A look back from Class of 2010 SCC Chair and a look forward at what is coming next for SCC’s

What can we do, to What do you want from the Alumni Association? & Linked in Site for Alumni and Students only, with updates and new job postings every week & Todd Roppa (07’) made his recent career move through Kristen Janutolo and Erin Riley (Both Alumni) and 1 Yvette Alexander (P.S.A.B Member) & What do you want us to be doing? & We have had 7 strait Alumni Experience Days with at least 20 Alumni in Attendance & We had over 25 Alumni and Friends attend a Reds game together in 2009 & We miss YOU & Mike Cady (01’) found a new career with Oracle through the mentoring of Jerry Colletti (P.S.A.B) & Recognized as an official alumni society after only 2 years (since 2004) & What do you want to do to be involved? & This is our 8th Bi-Annual Newsletter & What do you want us to be doing? & We have hosted 3 golf outings 2 in Columbus 1 in Cleveland with as many as 80 Alumni, P.S.A.B. Members and Friends & We miss YOU & Amy Rotella (09’) networked into her first job through Lauren Topolosky (Alumni) & We have our own website & What do you want us to be doing? & Alumni are now part of the student interview process & What do you want to do to be involved? & 4 Alumni are on the Professional Sales Advisory Board & Mike Cady and Chris Johnson awarded the first Alumni Established Scholarship at Alumni Experience Day this year & We miss YOU & Vanessa Roberts (08’) found her job at Alliance Data through a job posting on through the Sales Centre Alumni Linked-In Site & We miss YOU & Hannah Krause, Maria Nikolakis and Casey Smith were hired on to Alliance Data through the Alumni Network of Lauren Topolosky, Vanessa Roberts and Amy Rotella & What do you want from the Alumni Association? & Through Alumni networking Brian Rosenblatt (02’) helped Bob Fenner (08’) adjust to the West Coast by helping him network & We miss YOU & Adam Wonus has been able to expand his businesses through both Alumni and P.S.A.B members & What do you want us to be doing? & We now have 500

alumni to network, build, train students, give back, and on and on….. Contact any board member through our Linked-In Site or call Chris Johnson at 614.799.2900 or Todd Roppa at 614.899.8244

Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre Alumni Society

Letter from the Executive Director By: Kenneth Hartung

Greetings from Athens and your Schey Sales Centre! We had another eventful spring quarter. As you will vividly recall, your alma mater’s campus is a beautiful place in springtime. Flip flops are seen everywhere! Seniors start thinking about graduation and life after college. The “old” Candidate Advisory Council held its 6th annual “Acknowledgement” campfire at Uncle Bucks and handed off student ownership to a new Candidate Advisory Council. Highlights of the quarter included your Alumni Society’s 7th annual Alumni Sales Experience Day…yes, it’s hard to believe but the first day was held in 2004. Twenty plus alums came back to campus in May to help current Sales Certificate Candidates expand their knowledge of sales in general; gain insight into the actual sales world of many different industries; and establish a formal network with some of the Real Product of the Centre that are doing what Candidates want to do in the future….sell professionally. Next year’s date has been tentatively set for May 7, 2011. The Centre also held its 13th annual Sales Symposium in May. The focus was on how to sell more through technology. Participants learned how to make a more effective web selling presentation and how to use social media, particularly blogging, to connect better. Candidates actually established their own Human Business Team with the assistance of one of the speakers. Mark your calendars now for the 14th annual Sales Symposium to be held on Thursday May 19, 2011! The evening of the symposium we held our Annual Award and Scholarship Celebration in the Baker Center Ballroom. $25,000 in scholarships and awards were presented to Sales Certificate Candidates including the first annual, $1000 Doer Scholarship given by two Sales Centre alums: Chris Johnson and Mike Cady. Alum Kristin Janutolo was also honored with the Lifetime Friend of the Sales Centre award. The next day the Professional Sales Advisory Board held their spring meeting with thirty five plus members attending. I particularly want to share the message I delivered to the board. This past year, another 75+ Candidates received their sales certificate. That puts the Center at almost 500 alums…what I call critical mass. Assuming the current graduation rate continues, by 2016 that number grows to almost 1000. Not bad for a program that had only twenty two students enrolled in the fall of 2003. Here’s the point I made to the Advisory Board that I want all alums to know…“The alumni of the Schey Sales Centre are the real future of the Centre. They are the ones who should be sitting at this board table in the years to come. They ‘owned’ the Centre when they were undergraduates. They need to ‘own’ it again as they become successful sales practitioners and leaders. But just like when they were here on campus, ownership will require responsibility and accountability if the Centre is to continue to prosper in a tough economy and sustain national prominence long term.”

I look forward to seeing you whenever you’re back on campus. I hope you take great pride in what your Sales Centre is doing. And always remember, you are the Real Product of the Centre! Good selling everyone!


FEATURED SCC Chelsea Kovak

Who is your current employer and what is your job description?

What has been your role this year in TSC or in the past?:

EMC—Headquartered in Hopkinton, MA. I am responsible for “penetrating, developing and maintaining installed and net new accounts within the Small/Medium Business Segment of EMC”. In other words I am responsible for driving revenue for EMC’s Small/Medium segment by selling all of EMC’s products.

I was your average candidate this past year. Although I did not have the opportunity to obtain a leadership role until this year, I chose to leave a footprint in the meantime. Getting to know corporate contacts and other students within TSC verified my passion for the organization over the past year. I cannot wait to see where we can take the upcoming school year!

When and why did you join the Sales Centre?

What have you gained throughout your time in TSC?:

I joined the Sales Centre in the fall of 2007. There are a number of reasons that I joined: personal/professional development; networking opportunities with fellow candidates, alumni and professional coaches and lastly to help differentiate myself in the competitive job market. How do you feel the Sales Centre prepared you for your current job? I felt it was invaluable in my preparation for my first job. The confidence level and the way I approached simple, yet some times difficult tasks, like public speaking, carrying a conversation with C-Level executives and basic work place etiquette is a direct reflection on my lessons I learned from the Sales Centre. What was your favorite even organized by the Sales Centre? I’d have to say Professional Development day. I’ll still listen to the CD that John Costigan left behind, “What to Say and How to Say it” and will never forget the excitement he brought to the room that day. What is one hobby that you have picked up since College? I wouldn’t say it is a hobby I just picked up after college, but I am trying to play more Golf. I still have a lot of work to do! What was your favorite OU past time? Court Street. I’m sure I am the first to say that! Other than that, relaxing and hanging out with close friends.

First, networking is clutch. I am just finishing up an internship here at Paychex, and networking has proved to be the most effective way for me to conduct successful business. It truly is incredible how much people will do for you when you simply ask and then return the favor. Without the required internship I may not have gained this perspective! Second, be brave. I was terrified when I walked into a room of 200 students I didn’t know one Monday night! As long as you are open, friendly, and willing to mingle those 200 people can become your support system. What was your favorite event that you were a part of in TSC?: Sales Symposium hands down! What a fun way to interact with our corporate partners! This event is not only focused on recruiting students, but assist in educating our corporate partners to help their own businesses. What is something interesting about yourself that you would like to share with the Alumni?: Although I am pursing a sales career there are two hobbies of mine I wish could provide the same lifestyle for me as sales will. Dogs and music. If you need a dog-trainer/sitter I would be more than happy to negotiate prices As for music, I just can’t get enough of it. My ideal job in life would be to match the music to scenes in movies. What is your favorite thing about being a Bobcat?:

Hellllooo OU network! Being a Bobcat allows you the opportunity of a lifetime! People who have graduated from OU are more willing to help a fellow Bobcat than any other school’s alumni!

“DO-ER” SCHOLARSHIP by Kevin LaJudice At this year’s Annual Spring Scholarship and Awards Celebration on May 20th Alumni Board members Mike Cady and Chris Johnson presented the “Doer” Scholarship Award. Fully titled “The Mike Cady and Chris Johnson “Doer” Scholarship Award for Proven Ability to Make it Happen”, this award requires a number of distinguishing criteria. To be eligible, a Sales Centre Candidate must have attained Sophomore or Junior status. He or she must be active in one organization other than The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre and hold a leadership position in that organization (Athletic, Educational, Social, etc). In addition, any eligible student must hold a leadership position in The Sales Centre. The student must also have performed a minimum of 10 hours of Community Service work in the previous six months. Students eligible for the award were required to submit a professional resume and a two-page essay explaining why they are a “doer”.

Winning the award demonstrates success professionally, academically, in the community, and as a Sales Centre Leader. The candidate must possess the ability to and demonstrate proof through example on how they meet or exceed the eligibility criteria outlined above. The primary requirement is finishing on top and excellence in everything done, no matter what obstacles or objections are presented. A “Do-er” is a person that truly perseveres when faced with a challenge and exemplifies a “can and will do” attitude. This year’s recipient was Jessica Huizenga. Jessica will be receiving an annual scholarship of $1,000. Congratulations Jessica, and thanks to Chris Johnson and Mike Cady for recognizing her hard work!

HOW TO GET INVOLVED We are changing our membership goals and dues. We are no longer going to be looking at paying dues. We are going to be joining forces with The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre to raise money for the program itself as well as the Sales Centre Alumni Society. Introducing the REAL PRODUCT CLUB. The Real Product Club is $250 to be a part of. Of the $250, the majority, $175 will go to the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre to help sustain the program and will be considered a charitable contribution. The remaining $75 will got to help pay for things like Alumni Experience Day, Newsletters, and other events in the future, such as an extended Alumni Networking Program in Athens once a year.

To join the Real Product Club you can go to This concept was conceived by the Sales Centre and Alumni together at the last Alumni Experience Day, including Alumni of all years such as Allison Stalter, Lynn Walsh, Kristen Janutolo (Gabor), Todd Roppa, Andrea Borcziak, Lauren Topolosky, Amy Rotella, Elise Yinger, Julie Anstine, and many more. We are very excited about helping to support and the long term viability of The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre.

Alumni Announcements Lynn Walsh (‘08) has been living in Houston, Texas working for Texas Watchdog-. nonprofit news agency that focuses on government transparency -as an investigative video reporter since January of this year. Lynn was also one of only 30 people selected to attend a recent Poynter Training Workshop in Florida. Whitney Hicks (’07) was the first person on her sales team to close a client through our new sales training program. She received a $1000 bonus due to the size of the sale and recognized by corporate. Shaun Holloway and wife welcomed a new baby girl to their family, Kiiera Fox Holloway, born on May 27th. Amanda (Jacubec) Seifert (‘03) has been with Kaiser Permanente since April of 2008. In January of 2009 she and husband Scott welcomed a future bobcat - a baby girl, who is also the granddaughter of Sales Centre co- founder and PSAB member Larry McHale! Matt Miller (‘07) attended the Abbott’s President’s Club trip, Abbott’s top sales honor, to China at the end of May for his 2009 results. Amy Rotella (‘09) was promoted to a Senior Coordinator within the Alliance Data, Client Sales organization in April 2010. Amy has quickly proven herself as a huge asset to the Client Sales department by proving she is not afraid to take the lead on projects and showing the initiative and Kristin Gabor Janutolo (‘05) was promoted to Vice President of Employee Benefits at Huntington Insurance. She is now responsible for the Large Commercial Relationships. Mike Cady (’01) will be advancing his career with Cisco Systems as an enterprise account director for the Retail Vertical in Ohio. Mike spent the last 3 years at Oracle as a specialist and is very excited to get back into an individual contributor position. Erin McKinstry-Riley (‘04) was promoted to Private Financial Group (PFG) Insurance Sales and Relationship Manager in April of 2010 at Huntington Insurance. Michael M D'Arienzo (‘02) started with Chase Bank in March of 2003 as a Personal Banker in Retail Financial Services. After being recognized as a national achiever (top 10% nationally) he was promoted to a Business Banker in March of 2006. Michael was again recognized as a national achiever as a Business Banker and in December 2009 was promoted to the Business Banking Relationship Management channel. Lauren Topolosky (‘06) was promoted to a Manager within the Alliance Data, Client Sales organization in February 2010. Lauren has held a multitude of roles in her four years at the company and has worked very closely with over 12 leading US Retailers during this time. After four years as a top producing Business Banker, Natalie Z D'Arienzo (class of 2004) was recently promoted to a Business Banking Sales Trainer at JP Morgan Chase. Natalie currently uses her expertise with the business banking sales process to train new Small Business Specialists. Natalie is responsible for growing the business sales production of 20 retail banking centers in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. Former Alliance Data interns Maria Nikolakis, Casey Smith and Hannah Krause (‘10) were each extended offers for Client Sales Coordinator positions and each accepted them.

Ariel Dreskin (‘07) recently got engaged to a University of Miami graduate, Matt Wellman. They moved to Chicago after graduation where Ariel works as a telecom account rep and Matt is an accountant for a consulting company. Natalie Voican was just recently promoted last week to Inside Account Manager for EMC Commercial BRS. This move from sales development will give me responsibility for closing Net New EMC BRS business in the lower-end commercial accounts. Bob Fenner (08) was recently promoted to Manager, Account Development Team at Merced Systems. He is currently managing our North American Inside Sales Team and Sales Development Internship Program. Caitlin King was recently promoted with The Dannon Co. to a sales position as a Key Account Manager. With her promotion, Caitlin has moved to Chicago, where she directly calls on independent accounts. Chris Johnson ('00) just became an Ameriprise Platinum Financial Services Practice. Only 15% of the advisors at Ameriprise qualify for Platinum Status and the average advisor age in the company is 50 years old.

Allison Stalter (09) was promoted from a sales associate to an inside account manager in February 2010. She is now the core account manager for all companies with 250 employees and below in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. Last quarter she was 150% of goal on opening net new EMC accounts in this territory. Lauren Deuser (’08) recently made the switch from Data Domain/EMC's BRS Division to NetApp. It's a promotion and she is now an Inside Account Manager. Matt Athey was recently promoted to an Enterprise Account Rep for EMC. I was an Inside Sales rep out of Boston for 2 years before moving back to Cincinnati. I'm now covering 10 accounts around Cincy and Dayton. Let me know if you need anything else. Todd Roppa was made a Banking Officer at Huntington Bank at the end of the first fiscal quarter. Vanessa Roberts (’08) responded to an Alliance Data job posting on the Sales Centre Alumni Linkedin Site last May and was welcomed to Alliance a few weeks later. Vanessa immediately impressed the organization with her professionalism, drive and passion and celebrated her one-year anniversary in June. Andrea Borcziak (‘10) recently started IGS Energy in April of 2010. She is now responsible for 450 account relationships and over 6 million dollars of revenue. Generated $375,000 in gross profit in the 4 months at IGS Energy.

Congratulations to all! Have some great news to be featured in the next alumni newsletter? Send it to Lynn Walsh, or @LWalsh on Twitter.

Alumni Experience Day By Adam Budd

Alumni from around the country congregated in Athens, Ohio for the sixth annual Alumni Experience Day on May 8th, 2010. 18 alumni attended and brought with them real world knowledge and experiences to share with Sales Centre Candidates (SCCs). This year’s Alumni Experience Day opened with a thirty minute speed networking round and continued with three forty minute break out sessions in which alumni discussed topics relevant to sales in the real world. The speed networking round consisted of 10 minute sessions in which alumni rotated from table to table in order to network, give background on themselves, and share real life experiences and knowledge with SCCs. These sessions gave the SCCs the chance to ask alumni questions, receive valuable advice, and get to know alumni on a much more personal basis. SCCs posed questions including but not limited to: What’s better, salary or commission? How much different is the real world from college? Alumni Experience Day wrapped up with break out sessions that featured several alumni in each room that answered specific questions students had regarding the topic(s) in each room for discussion. The first session was “Sales Skills”. In this session, alumni gave real world advice to SCCs about what kind of skills they need in order to become successful salespeople in their careers and what skills employers look for in new hires. The second session was “Growth and Development” in which alumni discussed how SCCs can grow personally and professionally in order to get the most out of their college and career experiences. SCCs then asked alumni what they do for personal growth, answers included reading books and including seminars. The third session was called “Finance and Budgeting”. SCCs were given advice on how to spend and save their money in intelligent ways so they may prepare for the future. There was a senior-only session called “Senior Transition”. Alumni gave graduating seniors insight on how they can effectively make the transition from senior year to a job in the real world. Alumni lent advice regarding how graduating seniors can find a place to live, keep in touch with people, and join the Sales Centre Alumni Society. Overall, Alumni Experience Day was a great success as it has been in the past. The Sales Centre Candidates that attended this year’s event are eagerly anticipating this networking and learning opportunity again next year.

2010 Schey Sales Symposium: How to Sell More Through Technology by Kaitlin Daly Picture this…sales professionals in Baker Ballroom at Ohio University, 2 speakers, a live Twitter feed with constant comments from audience members guided by the expertise of future sales stars. This is a clip from the 2010 Sales Symposium. For this year’s symposium the topic for the day was: How to Sell More through Technology. The two speakers were both experts in their respected fields. The first speaker was Roger Courville, founder of the 1080 group and author of “The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook.” Courville spoke on “Using Virtual Presentations to Sell More.” The second speaker, Nate Riggs is principal and lead strategist for his company Social Business Strategies. Riggs spoke on “Selling on the Social Web by Not Selling at All.” Both speakers were engaged with The Sales Centre before the event and implemented their materials into the classroom with Roger Courville’s “The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook” to help sales students prepare for a new style of presentations. Nate Riggs hit the ground running by dedicating a Friday in April to help the Professional Education Division strategize with his social business process to help build awareness and invite attendees to the symposium. Further planning for this year’s symposium took a lot of time and energy from the support staff and students. With the help of Nate Riggs, the professional education division re-invented themselves for spring quarter as a Human Business Team. “If we were going to use social media in our jobs and internships and in the content of the event we are going to use the same innovative approach by creating awareness solely with social media. We set aside traditional print media and moved in a new direction with Facebook, LinkedIn,

Twitter and our own Word Press blog. It is the commitment to the program and leaving behind a legacy for the Sales Centre that motivated team members to meet countless hours with a routine Tuesday 8am meeting with coffee to plug through two hours of social media strategy and Skyping with speakers to prepare for a one of a kind event,” Kaitlin Daly said. If you were not at the event you missed the Human Business Team as a panel discussing “the sanity process” the team used to market the event and make connections on the social web before the sales symposium. Another unique feature of this year’s symposium was that at each table of professionals a student table host was seated with a laptop and equipped with a twitter account. The idea behind having a live twitter feed accessible through the hash tag #ohiousales was to have a conversation about the event, during the event. This would provide speakers with feedback, allow attendees to comment on interesting content, have the virtual world access what was going on that day at Ohio University and ultimately engage the students and sales professionals. The Human Business Team put the content of the event to life on our TSC blog and asked at the end of the day that all attendee’s “follow us.” The team also put up a survey link for the feedback to be recorded online. This is a new direction for The Sales Centre to continue building

connections, staying in touch with Alumni and PSAB, and continuing “selling the business” and being recognized with national prominence. Stay connected this summer with The Sales Centre and all of next year!

INTERNSHIP REFLECTION by Kathryn Marvinney Last summer I had the great opportunity of being an intern in the Client Sales Department of Alliance Data in Columbus, Ohio. Located right down the road from Easton Shopping Center, Alliance Data is the leader in creating customized marketing solutions for companies with branded private label credit cards. I learned so much from working in a challenging environment with highly motivated individuals. The company culture at Alliance Data is very positive and enabled me to grow and develop more than I thought possible in one summer. This was Alliance Data’s first year with an internship program. They did a great job setting it up! The other interns and I attended various training sessions to learn about the different aspects of the complex company. We also took the Meyers Briggs personality assessment to learn more about ourselves and how to best work with others. Alliance Data cares for and is dedicated to its employees. This is very evident in all they do.

It was fascinating for me to see the concepts I learn in my sales classes in action at Alliance Data. In just ten weeks I started to get a good feel for the company’s sales cycle. I actually got to take part in a mini sales process of my own. Alliance Data is a very special and unique place.

My primary project while an intern was to create a credit-training program for store associates at one of the company’s top clients. I studied the client’s brand, worked closely with other individuals at Alliance Data, and applied my own past experiences in the retail industry to help put together a training game for associates working in retail stores. This game enabled employees to have fun learning to sell the credit card to customers. In turn, use of credit cards would help grow sales for the client.

It is not so much what they do that makes them special; it’s the people who work there. Looking back at the summer, as I get ready to graduate, I feel very fortunate to have had such a positive experience and to have learned so much. I am confident I will take everything I have learned with me into my career and that I will maintain the positive relationships I formed while spending my summer at Alliance Data.

It just so happened that the Chief Marketing Officer for the client was coming to Columbus during the end of my internship. My team asked me to sell my project to the CMO! This was an experience I will never forget. We sat around a table with top executives from Alliance Data and the client. I wanted to impress the client and even more importantly, my team. I realized that working with individuals who believed in me and the work I was doing gave me a lot of confidence to succeed. Feedback from my presentation was very positive.

I feel very fortunate to have had such a positive experience…”

Closing Remarks by Abigail Alexander, 2009-10 SCC Chair

Starting out this year one of our main goals was to increase candidate attendance and involvement. We developed a plan on how to reach this goal. This year we moved Saturday events to extended Monday night events, implemented the Ambassadors club to encourage attendance at events and improved the student interview process. By doing each of these we were able to see our goal reached. Attendance at events has been higher than it has been in past years as well as students reaching the Ambassadors club level increased each quarter. Another goal of ours this year was to increase relationships with PSAB and Alumni. In order to do this we included alumni in new hire training, SCC interviews, and more professional education events this year. The PSAB has guided us to make improvements, helped coach us for our Sales Competitions and will be helping us with transition training this year. Our leadership team is proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far and look forward to pass the torch in the next few months to another group of students who will take The Sales Centre to new heights. Thank you to all of the alumni, PSAB members, and support staff who have helped us accomplish our goals this year.

Opening Remarks by DJ Hasselbusch, 2010-11 SCC Chair I am thrilled to be the incoming Chair for The Sales Centre. I am currently a junior Marketing and Management major pursuing a Professional Sales Certificate. I joined The Sales Centre Winter of 2009 and became the Director of Friends in the spring. As the new Chair, I want to continue the success that TSC has had and take the program to the next step. The outgoing CAC did an amazing job making TSC what it is today. But, we now have 30 new minds to help take TSC to that next step. And, with the help of the alumni and PSAB, we can make this upcoming year the best that TSC has ever had. Our main goal that we will implement for next year is better engagement for all candidates. In order to accomplish this goal, we have decided to move towards a task-oriented focus. This will allow for candidates to WANT to be engaged, instead of feeling that they HAVE to be. The 2010-2011 school year is going to be an exciting one and we really want all of the Alumni and PSAB’s involvement in order to make this program undeniably #1.

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Sales Centre Alumni Society Summer 2010 Newsletter  
Sales Centre Alumni Society Summer 2010 Newsletter  

The Ohio University Sales Centre Alumni Society Summer 2010 Newsletter