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Clubs on Campus Newsletter, June 2013


Kia ora Clubs and Societies! Hopefully you’re managing to stay warm while winter creeps up on us… thankfully with the upgrades to the old Clubs and Socs building we’re looking forward to the luxury of quality central heating! With exams coming to an end, we’ll let you take a well-earned break and put your feet up for a few weeks before kicking back in to second semester. Lucky you! CLUBS DAY – THURS 11TH JULY

The second big day for Clubs this year! Clubs day will be held in the refreshed Activities Hall on the top floor of OUSA’s Recreation Centre, (formally Clubs and Societies). With cultural nights, food festivals, ski trips, balls and loads of tournaments happening throughout semester two, this is a perfect chance to attract new members and showcase what your club has got going on! First in, best dressed for tables on the day, with doors opening to the public at 10am. For more information, and to find out how you can make the most of free printing for Clubs Day, email James on

P.O. Box 1436, Dunedin. NZ

+64 3 479 5960

Are you looking for a way to really showcase your club? What about cooking up a storm and enticing some of the 4,000 visitors to a taste. It’s a great opportunity to raise some funds and get your club involved. The Festival is getting set to go on Saturday 13th of July at the Museum Reserve. If you’re interested in taking part, contact Kamil Saufuddin –



OUSA has a fund set aside to assist affiliated clubs and individual students with specific projects. The committee meets six times a year to allocate grants, and with three rounds still to come this year there’s over $23,000 available for worthy applicants! So far OUSA have been able to support Jan (JC) Susan in getting to Panama for the ISA World Open Surfing Games, the University of Otago Dental Care Project in the Cook Islands, Latafale Auva’a is off to represent NZ in a performing arts competition in the USA, and the Karate Club and The Go Club gained some funding for new equipment. If you think your club could use a grant for a project come in and have a chat with James (email

Clubs on Campus Newsletter, June 2013


After seeing such success at this year’s University Games (If you hadn’t heard, Team Otago beat 7 other Universities to take home the shield) we’re excited about the next inter-university event that sees students battle it out on the slopes… Treble Cone, Cardrona, and the Snow Farm host a variety of events including ‘big air’, ‘halfpipe’, and ‘gravity slaloms’ to name a few. With the white stuff already coming down around the South Island, it’s shaping up to be the perfect winter event. Registration forms are available now from OUSA Recreation Centre, or email James for more details –

about the inclusivity of the week’s events, or for more information please contact Samantha Allen at


Dating back over 100 years, the Blues are the premier award for sporting excellence by students at the University of Otago. More recently (2002) the Golds Awards were established to recognise artistic and cultural excellence by students, as well as exceptional contributions by those in supporting roles. Together, they make the ‘Blues and Golds Awards’ – the highest honour OUSA can present to students. Does your club have someone who has excelled in Sports, the Arts, Culturally or in service to these things? Do you think your club/society has what it takes for this year’s Club or Society of the Year award?! Check out the OUSA Website ( for application forms and information or come in and see us at OUSA Recreation Centre.


OUSA Women's Week is happening from July 29th - August 2nd. It’ll be an inclusive week with a great representation of the female student body that all genders can enjoy and participate in! If you or anyone from your group are interested in being involved in Women's Week, (through a performance, talk, workshop etc), and having some input

P.O. Box 1436, Dunedin. NZ

+64 3 479 5960

Nominations are now open! These must be received to the Recreation Centre by 4pm on Friday 2nd August.

REC CENTRE RENO’S You may already be aware that OUSA is carrying out a major refit of the Recreation

Clubs on Campus Newsletter, June 2013 Centre (Clubs & Socs), with most of the work due to happen at the end of the year. This means that next year the Centre will be better, brighter and more usable for YOU!! Unfortunately there will some inconvenience in the short term, more specifically the Centre will be closed from late October until Orientation week in Feb 2014 to enable this work to be carried out. Therefore, if your club plans to meet or practice over this period, then you’ll need to consider alternative venues.


OUSA Recreation Centre (previously ‘Clubs and Socs’) have started taking enrolments for 2nd Semester Courses. You can do this in person or online: ( There are loads of weird and wonderful things to get amongst!

to apply to the Dunedin City Council, and there is a processing period of two weeks. You can check out information about food stalls, and retrieve the stall licence application form from the DCC website ( Closer to home, staff at the OUSA Recreation Centre are currently working towards ensuring clubs and other groups using the commercial kitchen at the Centre have a good understanding of food safety. This is both to ensure we assist clubs and individuals in developing best practice and also to meet the obligations of overseeing a commercial kitchen. If you have any questions or need any help with food stalls remember that the team at the OUSA Recreation are happy to help with advice and information, plus the DCC can advise about food stall applications. Click to find out more about food stall and BBQ food safety.


That there’s an awesome Sauna at the Recreation Centre?! It’s pretty fancy and we’re loving it – especially at this time of year! For just $4 per person you can book in for a relaxing sauna session to sweat out the exam stress, or defrost your toes. Come and talk to us if you want to know more. CLUBS HOLDING FOOD STALLS

Food stalls and mini-food festivals are a popular way for clubs to fundraise. You may not be aware that a food stall licence is needed if your club is selling food to the public. To get a food stall licence, you need

P.O. Box 1436, Dunedin. NZ

+64 3 479 5960

“EATING ON AUTOPILOT” Les Mills Dunedin recently sent out a great article that hit home to a few of us here in the office with its opening question – “Do you eat a packet of chips or finish a bar of chocolate and you don’t even realise you’ve done it, and you still want more?” Apparently eating while watching tv, driving, or talking on the phone are distractions that make us miss the ‘subtle signs of fullness’ so we keep on stuffing ‘til either the food’s gone, or we feel sick! For some awesome tips on how to control your eating and enjoy your food, visit

Clubs on Campus Newsletter June 2013  
Clubs on Campus Newsletter June 2013