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Dr. Dilshad Dayani Dr. Dilshad-Founder and President of World Women Global Council Dr. Dilshad is the founder and President of World Women Global Council. She is an educationist at heart -delivering as an international speaker, broadcast journalist and best selling author of her recent book “Confrontation 9”. She collaborates projects that create sustainable partnerships. The unique model engages and trains young women leaders to thrive with innovative and organic capacity resources. Since these elements deliver effectiveness and promising opportunities locally and globally to women and society at large, she continues to build mentorship programs under the premise of proactive impact. Dilshad Show a research based broadcasting module a media advocacy initiative under World Women Global Council has delivered empowerment and diversity initiative tools to immigrant families, communities, corporates and youth leadership trainings.

As an international spokesperson and advocate for multicultural women she has delivered project-based initiatives in education, citizen diplomacy and economic development. Her book message is just another platform to empower and enlighten the message of culture, conformity, success and women to engage a dialogue on social norms. She speaks on diverse field experiences of her work from Child Advocacy, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Women’s Rights, Gender Dynamics, Media Literacy and Immigrant Acculturation to name a few. She has presented her work in Columbia University, St. John, NY University, Kappa Delta Pi, IBM, Princeton and Southern Methodist University etc. To learn more: www.dilshad.info www.confrontation9.com

Launch Event/Magazine Sample

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