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Merry Christmas West Auckland! The Trusts Million Dollar Mission is open for applications. There’s one million dollars available for West Auckland to share among the many community organisations in sport, the arts, theatre, youth, disability, social, health and wellbeing not for profits and indeed, any organisation doing something on behalf of others. All you have to do for your club, society, group or organisation is make an application and then make sure all their friends and supporters know to go on-line when voting opens, to vote for your cause. You have till 31 January to get applications in to us.

be careful out there; don’t drink and drive, or drink and go swimming, or drink and operate machinery; and please look after your friends and family.

An independent panel will then select the finalists during February 2017. Then on 1 March voting opens for two months; closing on 30 April.

As always we have a range of fantastic Christmas specials for festive entertaining. Our products are there to help make events and celebrations enjoyable, so please, when you are drinking, drink sensibly and have a great time. Please make sure everyone around you also has a great time so we all go into the New Year safe and well.

That’s the time to round up your voting support. Get onto all your friends to vote as well, you can hit all the social media you use to generate support for your cause. You can go old school and get out in the streets with a loud hailer, or hold street parades, just do whatever it takes!

While we’re very sincere when we wish you a great and safe season, we can think of no better Christmas gift than $1 million that will go towards doing real good in our community. May it be the start of a tradition that grows from year to year.

We’ll be doing the same thing; using every communication channel we can think of to make sure that the good people of West Auckland know that their favourite organisation can apply for money, and then later urging people to get out and vote.

We’re thrilled and privileged to be able to do the giving, but it is only possible because of your ongoing support. On behalf of us all at The Trusts, thank you for your support over the year, and over the years. It is your support that has generated the funds that we are now able to Give Back on your behalf.

All the criteria and application details are available online at

In May, we’ll announce the causes you, the public, thought deserved a share in one million dollars and we’ll start giving out the money. The Million Dollar Mission is just another part of our Giving Back pledge. Four years ago we adopted a policy of Giving Back to the West Auckland community as much as we could each year. We’ve always promised that as soon as we could afford it, the amount we give back would be in the millions. We’ve kept that promise. And this is only a start.

West Auckland, you’re just great! Have a good one. See you next year.

Simon Wickham

Have a very happy Christmas and New Year holiday


Every year since we started publishing Our West, we’ve taken the opportunity of wishing all of you a safe and very happy Christmas and New Year season.

PS. Make sure your favourite organisation is in for a share of the million dollars; for details, go to

This is a time of goodwill, peace, joy and the unforgettable smiles of children; of long lazy days at the beach, on the water, in the mountains, on the farms and round the barbie. But we all know that it can be a time of tragedies, so please


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Our West December 2016