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Banyan Bloom 10 June 2013

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Finally done with my college and will be Er. Saumil Joshi.Though I am not excited about it as 9 to 7 life will start if I opt for a job.But these four years of Engineering gave me the gist of LIFE

Hey Barodians we are back with third issue of Banyan Bloom and this time we have taken an Eco Friendly Decision of launching only E-Magazine as we got request from few NGOs to take this initiative for Healthy and Green world. These past two months Vadodara has seen many major successful events. As everyone knows that Honey Sing concert was cancelled as few people were opposing it .Personally I feel that this was not correct matter to oppose as if you are opposing the person who sang song with ABUSIVE words then you should also oppose every movie releasing on Friday because nowadays on screen ‘KISS scenes’ is necessity for Bollywood and such types of movies should not be released in our Sanskari Nagari . The real story was that the organizers had declared list of 15 songs which he was going to sing on 2nd June which didn’t include any Baalatkari song. To conclude, “Don’t oppose for publicity, oppose for self esteem”. Hope you enjoy reading our third issue which is wrapper of reality words.

Saumil Joshi Editor


22 06 Khanderao Market

10 Submer Sundown Session







VIEW INSIDE WORLD The very first thing that strikes you, when you enter this market is the crowd! You experience heavy pulls and pushes, unless you get used to the flow of the crowd. The trick is not to stop n keep walking. The best part about this market is that it is an ultimate go-to place for all your vegetable demands. It has a huge variety, in the produce as well as the prices, the produce is mostly farm-fresh as it is delivered early in the morning from the villages around the city like Padra etc. The perfect time to shop here is the early morning time when the trucks are unloaded which arrive with fresh produce. The inner premise of the building sells mostly vegetables. These vegetables include all varieties that are locally available as well

as the ones which are not. Oh yes, vendors call them, which include le of bell peppers, broccoli, mushroom the fruits and flowers. The fruit sec where you get all the fruits at che limited variety in flowers, you only the market and the sale of flowers is

Hoarse patterns of screams and shouts, aroma of fresh fruits and vegetables… some that even make you sneeze your eyes out, the colors, the energy! This issue brings you the life of biggest market of Vadodara, the Khanderao market!

, you get all the ‘phoren’ items, as the ettuce, purple cabbage, exotic varieties ms, celery etc. The case is different with ction is at the backside of the market eaper prices n good quality. There is a get marigold, and desigulab (roses) in s highest during festivities.

A PEEK IN THE HISTORY This huge and wide-spread market, which was earlier a royal premise, is a gift from our king to the banyan city. Let’s take a peek in the history and reveal some unknown facts! The building of Khanderao market, located in the old city of Vadodara, is a magnificent grandeur constructed in 1906 by Maharaja Sayajirao III,In the memory of late Maharaja

Khanderao Gaekwad, who run the state from 1856 to 1870. Later on, this palatial structure was presented as a gift to the municipal corporation of Vadodara by the king to mark the silver jubilee of his administration. Along with the market here, there are several VMSS offices located in this building.

Garbage Issue

THE MARKET PEOPLE The market is packed with a large number of vendors, and you may be amazed to see how they all adjust their business in such small places, how even the tiniest looking vendor carries a 60 kg of vegetable bag. They have their own association of vendors which is an informal one. As for Chakliben, a flower vendor, when asked about her business, the reply came right away,”Indira Gandhi na samaythi aiya chu” (she started her business when Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of India). If her stories are to be believed, she presented the former prime minister with a “gajra”, during her visit to the city. There are many people who have been selling vegetables here, since more than last fifty years. No matter how small their business, they all have their own styles of marketing. According to Nathabhai, the customer has many stalls to choose from to buy a particular vegetable, but building a personal

Article By : Nidhi Dave

With all the freshness and richness of the market, there is also an issue which is adversely affecting it. The market houses a huge amount of produce which comes on a daily basis. The left over material from this produce, like stale fruits and vegetables, left over leaves, etc is dumped around the premises of the market. It lacks a proper garbage disposal system. This garbage attracts number of problems. It gives out an unbearable stench in the rear market side and is the cause of several complaints from the residents of near-by locality. Moreover, there is a menace of stray

animals, mainly cows and dogs, probing around for food in the garbage and sometimes, attacking the customers and others around. Also, it highly affects the quality of fruits and vegetables in the market, due to flies, mosquitoes etc. The sad part is that this problem exists in the market since last many years, and even with all the VMSS offices located in the same building as the market, not much has been done about it.

relationship with them, like remembering their faces, or names and making them feel like they are the special customers, leads to a higher sale. The vendors also convince the customers that they get the best quality vegetables out of the stock, as their strategy. These vendors seldom crack jokes and use witty lines to amuse their customers. They scream and advertise their products, in an unusual tone of voice so as to get the attention. Apart from the marketing, these vendors are like the wholeselling sector of the vegetable and fruit market. Some of them also have contracts with some of the elite hotels of Vadodara like Hotel Sayaji where they supply their daily stock of vegetables early in the morning. The highest approximate turnover per day, of a well-set whole-sale dealer of the market may reach up to more than thirty to forty thousand.


Yes, its summer. And we all know what we long for in this season! It’s our beloved king of fruits- MANGO. This is the fruit you’ll get to see in all shapes, sizes and varieties in the market ranging from 10 rs/kg to 150rs/ kg. Kesar, Langdo, Totapuri, Rajapuri.. You name it and they have it. You’d see a lot of ladies shopping for KacchiKeri to prepare pickle. According to these vendors the only type which tops the sales of the day is the KesarKeri, (alphonso) which happens to be in high demand. Jasuben Patel, one of the vendors expressed her disappointment

with the stock that came in this year. Due to an unbalanced cycle of seasons, the mango crop has been highly disturbed which led to low quality of the fruit and a considerate low in the stock. According to her these fruits are matured by chemicals, and are not allowed to ripen naturally. She further explains that you only get a good quality fruit when it is allowed to ripen naturally. So what do you do when all you can find around is chemically treated mangoes? Well, our vendors at the market have smart suggestions which

they were generous enough to share with us. You can certainly enjoy this fruit after ripening them at your place. All you have to do it to get kacchikeri from the market and store them closely placed over one another, in jute bags. Another efficient way of ripening raw mangoes is to store them in warm and closed areas of the house covered with a warm cloth. Addting one piece of onion with your mangoes produces warmth which speeds up the process of ripening. The basic necessity for mangoes to ripen is warmth!

11 May’13

Submerge Showdown Session Rohit Barker at Kabir Banquets an changed the perception of dance dance music lovers city.

Maghead 14

(Electronic Dance Music) with Nikhil Chinappa and nd Conventions. It was an event which completely e for Barodians and put up Vadodara as an emerging

Around the Banyan city Water Woes VMC scales up water supply to the City According to VMC officials, the consumption of water has increased since April as mercury has been rising consistently The VMC has scaled up water supply in Baroda by 60 lakh gallons. VMC executive engineer A M Makwana said the city needed 900 lakh gallons of water everyday the 60 lakh gallons added are sufficient to take care of the demand. The city depends on two major water sources - the Ajwa reservoir and the French wells in Mahi at Fajalpur - for supply of water. Citizens irked buy Muddy water supply from Ajwa Lake. The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) has started investigating the matter where they are getting complaints from the eastern and southern parts of the city where the water received is muddy. These parts get their water supply from the Ajwa reservoir and it is believed that vegetation at Ajwa reservoir may be the reason for the colour in the water. Residents protests water shortage in New Sama area Citizens broke earthen pots to protest against shortage of water in New Sama area of the city. The residents even approached the local councilor and complained of water shortage in peak summer. Residents are irked by this situation as they don’t have enough water to take bath.

Infrastructure troubles Demolition drive in Tulsiwadi creates chaos

House collapses in Wadi Apartment caves in at Raopura

Article By Amrita das

Vadodara’s all-women, night marathon to become a Global Trend On May 1, women in Vadodara ran an all women, night marathon and thanks to them because now women from London, Athens, Berlin, and Sydney have an special marathon dedicated to them. Inspired by the success of Vadodara Marathon (VM) the Association of International Marathons and Races (AIMS) has decided to replicate it globally. The race had started at around 9.30 pm and was completed by around 11.15 pm. There were over 7,000 women who had participated in the midnight marathon dressed in pink T-shirts and covered a distance of 5.5 km passing through old areas of the city like Raopura, Nyay Mandir and Rajmahal Road.

Agriculture land sale deeds now on tapes to avoid land grabbing After land scam worth hundreds of crores surfaced in Vadodara, district collector Vinod Rao has ordered videography of the land sale deeds. The buyer and sellers are being asked to appear before the camera and give details of their land deals. The buyers often cheat innocent farmers by preparing bogus documents or forging signatures. Sellers claim that their signatures were forged or they were not aware of certain provisions in the sale deed. Their queries will be related to nature of land registration, on details of the land including its block number and exact location, amount for which the land is being sold etc. The videography is being done to avoid land frauds that have come to light in the city over the last one year. The district administration had recently exposed a state-wide gang that has been cheating innocent farmers and grabbing their land.

AAM photography By : Rj Kshitij


Pooja Jaiswal


Shruti Gami


Urvi Servaia


OK PLEASE/ PORN-NO-GRAPHY? Article By : Vrunda Bhatt

The title of this article alone was probably enough to make you fold magazine a little and look around so no one was watching you. From Further Investigation it would be found out that even the son-in-law of Supreme Court’s Judge was involved in watching porn and the crowd demands a resignation from the Judge. Itmmediately our Government will have a bigger fish to fry and will form a First Mr. X surname committee who will report who all was involved in watching porn. This will give birth to a new scam ‘Porn Scam’. The country that we live in, has a different category of INCOGNITO SKILLED ENTREPRENURES. The minute you ban anything, this specifically skilled entrepreneurs’ will ensure that banned product is available in every nook and corner The police would be in favor of this ban because it would directly increase their illegal revenues, in the form of ‘bribes to operate’ from the aforementioned entrepreneurs.. One of the ways through which porn can be banned in India which the government has largely relied on in the past, is getting Internet service providers to block access to a particular website’s URL—its address on the web. This was how, for example, it was possible to block porn web comic in 2009; the site simply changed URLs and continued to operate. I do agree that an essential level of filtration and regulation is required. Certifying that you are 18 in any porn site is as easy as prophesying the fact that Shreesanth will soon be seen participating in the next Big Boss season.

The arguments that are put forward is: ‘Pornography causes rape and child abuse’. However, Rapes happened long before internet was invented, porn movies were made and computers existed. The countries where watching online porn is banned (eg: our very own neighbor, Pakistan) , does not have any statistical figures to show that the rape counts decreased after such law was rolled out. Most brutal rapes happens in villages where people dont even have heard of the words like broadband or 3G.

Let’s imagine how they would enforce such practically unworkable law. Judge: How do you know it’s a porn? Prosecution: I saw the clip Judge: Arrest the prosecution lawyer Judge: ( to defense lawyer) Did you see the clip? Defense: Yes, but it wasn’t porn. You can see it! Judge (after seeing clip): Oh yeah, OhYeah, it is porn. Convict: Arrest the Judge too!!!!! Judge: and arrest the defense lawyer for obstruction of justice.

Events Diary Flea Market 5th May

9 April’13 Emraan Hashmi was at Topaz Banquets for a Press Conference talking about his recent release Ek Thi Daayan.

By Omika Bhagchandani

An absolute groove culture at Kabir Banquets and Conventions. It was a Flea market, showcasing best designs, food, music, art, games and much more in the FLEA STYLE.

20 April’13 The Weekend Affair was a magnificent exhibit of a bunch of designers and sellers where they could showcase their collection. It was amazing combination of great stuff to buy and delicious goodies to eat- jus the perfect shopping space.

Queens Run 2013

The Vadodara Marathon team pioneered Queens Run 2013 a first-of-its-kind women’s night run event to bring social awareness about women issues and to support the initiative of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Mothers can bring

Revolution Q) How do you and Rohit carry or define your friendship? How long have you been friends? A) Me and Rohit have known each other for around 20 years now. We are friends from childhood. We both had keen interest in music which made us enter the music market and we found it not so interesting, so thought of doing something unique together for the music market. According to me DJ is an artist who is same like singer and dancer who isn’t taught HOW to perform. They set free and perform as they want and I bet they will not give less than their best

to crowd. Q) You are an architect, VJ and DJ. What do you like being most? A) (After a long pause and thinking) I am confused to choose one. Really all three is what I like being as I love speaking in front of camera , Music is my soul and I love observing the beauty of a Building too. Q) Submerge is supporting the initiative MARD (Man against Rape and Discrimination) so what message you have for male population. A) This topic is very close to my heart.

Farheen Patel’s Interlocution with Kalengada Bhemaiah Chinapa better known as Nikhil Chinapa and VJ Nikhil is an Indian radio jockey and video jockey and is a popular presenter on MTV India. He is man with good sense of humor and a touch of intelligent fragrance of Music. Rohit Barkar his CHUDDY BUDDY was along with him wearing a smile on his face and bit of confused expression. Not to men I would like to give a message to all mothers. Mothers should not feel that boys are superior to girls or her son is more special than her daughter. A mother can bring revolution in society. As we know Maximum Indian mothers wish their sons to become cricketers when they grow up, but what I feel is hockey will become our national favorite sport the day Indian mothers will wish their sons to become hockey players and play like Dhanraj Pillay someday. Thus Mothers in our country can change anything from THUMBS DOWN to THUMBS UP.

Q) How do you practice Dj’ing? A) Usually on Sundays when I am home, I sit from 11 pm to 4 am and hear around 300 songs and select mere 5 out of them. Then I try telling a whole story in timeline of songs from starting to end when I play in gigs. Q) How do you find our city Vadodara? A) Vadodara is beautiful and people here are amazing. I came here last year as well and vadodara’s crowd was so energetic which made me feel peppy too and I find Vadodara similar to Bangalore. Q) Message you would like to share with youth of India Youth basically face three problems in life 1) Will I find Love? 2) Will I earn enough? 3) Am I wearing or looking cool among people around me?

So all I would say is just don’t live for people live for you, life would be easier…

By Farheen Patel

“Ok glass, Show me the future”.

90’s was the effortless work station era, Late 90’s was the PC Era, Early 2000’s the iPod and later in decade the iPhone (Smartphone) and iPad era. 2010’s is going to be the era of wearable computing. Be it watches or glasses or contact lenses. The computer is going to be more close to you than it has ever been. So get ready for the “Cancer scare” studies.

Need to go someplace you have never been? “Ok Glass take me to the Chocolate Factory” and it will read out instructions in real time. And if you focus your retina to top right corner it will even show you a navigation map. Just like the one in your car but this one won’t get you killed because you were arguing about the exactness of the location.

Top of the mound is Google Glass. That’s becuase currently it’s the only wearable computer which has a production model and isn’t a far fetched concept from a Si-Fi novel.

It can do this and a lot more, upload a Picture to Facebook that you just took from your Google Glass just by saying “Ok glass, take a picture”, it can make video calls over Google Hangouts and more and more apps will be added as it reaches mass market.

Google Glass is - if you didn’t guess it already - a computer and projection screen embedded on a Glass frame but without any actual lenses. Yeah, it looks weird. But then again, that Sony Cassette player you rocked in the 90’s wasn’t exactly a thing a beauty. Google glass will take commands from us, it will understand what we say even in our thick Indian accent, hopefully. It’s the pinnacle of human-machine interaction. Questions you ask to Glass will be responded like your secretary would, of course in a robotic voice. Say “Ok glass, what do i need to know this morning” and it will read you the breaking news headlines, and if you want, the whole article. So you can enjoy your morning coffee or a stroll without having to look at a bright LCD display (except a small one mounted on your head, but that’s easy to ignore).

Of course it does come with it’s grievances. Right now the battery only lasts a couple of hours, so you can’t use it the whole day. And it needs to be connected to your smartphone which in turn needs a constant data connection for Glass to function. So if you were planning to use Glass as a phone eliminating the need to carry a bulky smartphone in your skinny jeans, forget about it. Given the battery life of smartphones there is no practical way to have an always on Virtual assistant. Not right now that is. But things are about to change. Fast.

By : Khamosh Pathak

Marathi education in Baroda No takers? The cultural city of Vadodara which is well known as the educational hub still remains the culture of Marathi Education. Being ruled by the Maratha Empire for centuries Marathi schools became an integral part of the erstwhile state’s education system. Marathi medium schools got firmly entrenched in the city’s culture during the rule of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. The Maharashtrian culture, traditions, values, beliefs, arts, education and music too seeped into the lives of the residents of Vadodara. The language and culture is not only present but also proliferating in its own realm, albeit Marathi language as a medium of education now seems to be struggling for its survival.

There are schools and institutions that provide sophisticated amenities, preach western education and culture jeopardizing the regional language and tradition in India. A whole lot of English medium schools offering modern education have cropped up in the city over last couple of decades. However, there still persists a desire to preserve the cultural heritage of the city by preserving age old education systems and languages. The essence of Marathi culture is evident in almost every part of the city in the form of either festivals, dress (Paithani saree and/or Navvari) or food (Puran poli and Pune Misal). Striving for the best kind of quality education has become the need of the hour. This includes education in western ethos, good command over English language and job opportunities leading to a good income. In such a scenario, the Marathi-based education offers a new appreciative insight towards the language. The education imparts knowledge, associating a person with the ethos and spirit of the language. The Department of Marathi, Faculty of Arts, The Maharaja Sayajirao University, is reassuring the manifestation of Marathi philosophies, scriptures, literature and research. The department attracting a sizeable number of students conveys that Marathi culture and traditions still permeate the hearts and minds of Barodians. Even as the high-tech world is influencing on the lives of people across the globe, Vadodara sights the presence of its Marathi Language in a distinctive way. Marathi literature right from Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram to recent writings by great Marathi philosophers and thinkers has motivated students to carve their future in this field.

However, seeing the flip side, the Marathi education is declining due to westernization and the influHowever, the flipVadodara side, the Marathi is medium decliningschools due to during westernization influence ence of seeing globalization. had overeducation 14 Marathi and afterand thethe period of of Maharaja globalization. Vadodara had over 14 Marathi medium schools during and after the period of Maharaja Sayajirao III. Today Maharani Chimnabai High school, which was started by the former chief Sayajirao III. Today Maharani High school, which Chimnabai was startedII by theonly former chief justice Bhaujustice Bhausaheb GokhaleChimnabai with the backing of Maharani is the Marathi-medium saheb Gokhale withinthe of Maharani Chimnabai II iscelebrated the only Marathi-medium school surviving in school surviving thebacking city in Salatwada area. The school 100 years in November 2011. theUnfortunately, city in Salatwada The school celebrated 100 years in November 2011. Unfortunately, the school is the area. school is experiencing an intake of fewer students in comparison to the number experiencing intake of fewerBaroda. students to the number of students the erstwhile Baroda. of studentsan in the erstwhile As in ancomparison outcome, even fewer students make ain career in Marathi Aslanguage an outcome, even fewer students make a career in Marathi language and education. and education. Considering the current position of Marathi education in the city, its future seems bleak. It is certainly not the language that is deteriorating but the education unquestionably is suffering to a great Considering the current position of Marathi education in the city, its future bleak. It is of certainly extent. Professor Mrunalini Kamath, the in-charge HOD of Department ofseems Marathi, Faculty Arts, not theMSU language that is deteriorating but the education unquestionably is suffering to a great extent. Professays, if we talk about Marathi language then the ascent of Marathi language would be different sorinMrunalini Kamath, the in-charge of Department of Marathi, MSU if we Maharashtra, Karnataka and so inHOD Gujarat. The language itself has Faculty not lostof itsArts, status andsays, stand in talk about Marathi language then theinascent of Marathi islanguage would be different in Maharashtra, Karnalife. The literature that we offer our department very much historic and medieval in nature and taka so inthe Gujarat. itselfin has not lostthe its status and stand in life. enthusiasm The literature we offer so and maybe youthThe are language not interested studying language. The youth’s is that almost in absent our department very much historic and medieval in nature and so maybe the youth are not interested in Marathiisliterature. in studying the language. The youth’s enthusiasm is almost absent in Marathi literature. The urge totohave people.There Thereare arecountries countrieslike likeFrance, France, Italy, The urge havegood goodjobs jobshas haschanged changed the the attitudes of people. Japan, Spain and many education. Moreover, peoplepeoin India Italy,Germany, Japan, Germany, Spain andmore manywhich more value whichtheir valuelanguage their language education. Moreover, learn to gain additional knowledge of knowledge the same but don’t but prefer studying their own ple foreign in Indialanguage learn foreign language to gain additional ofthey the same they don’t prefer language. studying their own language. The Sanskari nagri is trying hard to keep the Marathi language alive in the city. Western style of The Sanskari is nagri trying to keep the languageThe alive in the city. Western style of has education education the is kernel ofhard globalisation andMarathi modernisation. economy which is blooming inis the kernel ofscope globalisation and modernisation. economy which is has blooming has the increased the scope creased the and opportunity of a better The life but with the same increased competition and of aof better lifelife butwith withbest themodern same has increased the competition once the life. fate Desire in opportunity once life. Desire a great amenities and salary packagesindirect of of a great life with best modern amenities and salary packages direct the fate of people. Those who pursue people. Those who pursue education in the regional language are looked down upon which is poseducation in the regional language down upon which is posing danger to language education ing danger to language educationare in looked India. The degradation of language and culture in our country in expresses India. The the degradation of and language and to culture inthe ourforeign countrylanguage, expresseslosing the willingness and readiness willingness readiness accept our own culture. This to may accept the foreign language, losing our own culture. This may result into annihilaultimately result into cultural annihilation. Sir Sayajirao, whoultimately was a visionary, builtcultural The Maharaja tion. Sir Sayajirao, whoofwas a visionary, built Sayajirao University Baroda toinensure Sayajirao University Baroda to ensure thatThe theMaharaja youth of the city gets the bestofeducation their that theown youth of the city gets the best education in their own province. The city is having the best platform for province. The city is having the best platform for knowledge and education today also. knowledge and education today also.

Nalanda Tambe Currently pursuing Masters in Communication Studies, The Faculty of Journalism and Communication, MSU, Vadodara, Gujarat)

Lesbian Gay Bisexual

Transgender Youth

Homosexuality and Youth ? So recently, on May 17th, the World celebrated International Day Against Homophobia. And that got me thinking, are we actually against Homophobia? I got the answer whilst having a lengthy discussion with two of my dearest friends. No. Clear and very out there. We aren’t. I am deeply saddened by the thought that we, the youth are still so unaware of the actual truth about homosexuality. I heard a quote once that goes: “Homosexuality is another way of men and women trying to please their Ego and saying they can function without each other.” So untrue! It’s high time we decide to open our eyes

and our minds to the concept that there’s not a set rulebook that says Men fall in love with Women and vice-versa. We’re all different. We have different hair colors, we have different skin tones, we have different voices, and we have different lives. Why then, can we not have different sexual choices? We say love is pure. Love is divine. How can we then be biased and call love between opposite sexes as pure and at the same time look down on same sex love? Aren’t we hypocrites then, deciding the right and wrong based on our predefined dogmas?

Homosexuality is not only personal choice. It is nature. It is what you are born with. It isn’t attention seeking behavior. It is but a combination of genetic, hormonal and social factors determine sexual orientation. When a person might discover his or her sexuality is different. But we all do. And just as heterosexuals discover their attraction for the opposite sex, homosexuals discover their attraction for the same sex. The procedure is the same; the object choice is different. You don’t blame heterosexuals for falling in love, why blame homosexuals? What I choose to love is my personal choice.

Article by : Mallika Pathak Studying at Clinical Psychology at MSU I had the opportunity of visiting Lakshya Trust, a foundation that works with Homosexuals, more with MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) and I interacted with them on a one-to-one basis. There, I found out that its not only social stigma that they have to deal with. Incidents of people harassing them, forcing them into sexual activity, beating them for being “different” were narrated. It is so disgraceful, the way they are treated. During those interactive sessions I found out that it is not Approval that they are seeking from us. It is mere Acceptance. There is a vast difference. We may not approve of their choices, but can’t we at least accept it? All that is needed is a little change in perception. And a thought in

our minds, to accept change and embrace it. It’s about time we work towards creating sexual tolerance and gender equality for all. Gays, Bisexuals, Hijras, all of them. We, the Educated Youth of the Country can definitely do this much. The shortage of space disenables me to explain in further detail, the richness of my experience in interacting with the community, but I hope I have done justice to them and have at least ignited a spark. For any further questions or information, I’m always available at Feel free to drop your reviews too!

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