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A Shout Out to Our Contributors

Susie Duncan Sexton

As I consider myself nothing more than Peter Sellers in Being There, or at my liveliest as Inspector Clousseau, it is difficult to make “Susie” sound interesting. I am proudest of being mother of Roy, whom I consider the person I would most wish to be. I grew up in a very small town, and after having ventured briefly out and away, returned to my roots, be that what it may, and I shall discuss that aspect of my life some other day. I love to rhyme, and I always have time...for stray animals and causes which involve “innocents” being victimized by our self-centered society.

Mike Virgintino Mike Virgintino is a marketing communications executive who has directed corporate, nonprofit and product branding initiatives that rely on public relations, public affairs, corporate social responsibility, community relations and related strategies. Mike also has provided communication services for historical sites and organizations, combining his communications skills with his interest in the Revolutionary War and Civil War.

Bob Oswald

Bob Oswald, a retired 30-year veteran of Eastman Kodak, devotes his time to all sorts of photographic expression – including portrait, commercial, travel, fine arts and loving all those things that creep, crawl and fly – wildlife photography.

Kristin Talluto

I am a self-taught photographer, proficient in manual exposure, with over ten years of experience working as professional photographer. I have photographed for private studios, as well as events for the Real Housewives of NY and NJ. My portrait work has garnered national awards and has been seen in many publications including Connextion Magazine. I recently opened a new studio in North Brunswick, NJ – Kamali Studios

Amber S. Wallace Amber S. Wallace, a photographer in the foothills of North Carolina, thoroughly enjoys all of the creative aspects that are involved in the art of photography. Amber’s personal ambition in a photo is to show her unique art style through a combination of location, fashion, props, models, mood and light. You can follow her new blog at or find her on Facebook: Amber S. Wallace Photography.

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Our USA Autumn  

Charming Stories & Photos Created by Remarkable Americans Just Like You.

Our USA Autumn  

Charming Stories & Photos Created by Remarkable Americans Just Like You.