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Mo, The Morselist’s 21-Day Morselicious Ultimate Detox

created Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Treats as bite-sized morsels because most of us crave a taste of a certain flavor and will be satisfied with a luscious or morselicious bite sized portion. I also believe we have become a society where SUPER-SIZED portions have become the standard, and my goal/mission is to bring us back to mini-morselicious, nutrition-packed portions. Remember, you can always have seconds. The goal is to eat MORSELICIOUSLY nutrient-dense foods, reversing the current trend of an over-fed nutrient-deficient-food-like-products society. How’s that for a mouthful? Keeping my MORSELICIOUS portions in mind, I have created these recipes for my 21-day Ultimate Detox with generous, yet not super sized portions. I love good food and I love being healthy so I created my morselicious lifestyle to combine both. In my experience, I find that eating a mixed green salad with lunch and dinner not only gives me Mo’ energy, micro-nutrients, fiber and a rainbow of flavor, it keeps me full longer. It’s also a great way to incorporate antioxidant foods to your diet. Try adding a simple mixed green salad with your meals or snacks and see how you feel. Please make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. 76

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By Maura Knowles

I created my own version of a detox based on personal experience. Fasting or juice-cleanse detoxes NEVER worked for me and when I did try to do them, I was shaking, nauseous, had low energy and low blood-sugar. Not a good combo while one is trying to keep up, or better, relish and thrive in this crazy yet wonderful thing called LIFE! Therefore, I designed a 21-day REAL FOOD MORSELICIOUS DETOX using only clean, whole

foods to keep our energy levels and optimal health flowing. I am not a doctor, but I am a Board Certified Health Coach. In no way should you treat my cookbook-detox as gospel, but as a tool that has worked for me and is my gift to you. As always, if you are in compromised health, please consult your health care professional before starting any

type of new diet or exercise program. Note: This is not a diet. It is my MORSELICIOUS lifestyle.  Another part of my mission is to teach people how to cook using fresh ingredients and not use packaged foods, thus I tend to do the bulk of my cooking for the week on Sunday and freeze extra brown rice, quinoa, beans, and herbs, which I chop up and add to a high quality olive or oil of your choice and freeze in small ice cube trays. These make a tasty and quick addition for salad dressings, sautéing and soups. I also incorporate most of my left-overs into new dishes, as you will find in this cookbook. For example, a soufflé casserole one night can become a pan-fried veggie patty a day or two later for lunch or dinner or, if you like my topsyturvy game, even breakfast. You can even play with the left-over soufflé or mashed cauliflower and massage that into a mixed green salad or kale instead of salad dressing. Or use it as a cabbage or lettuce wrap spread or dip with your favorite crunchy veggies, or add to soup bases. Once you begin on your MORSELICIOUS path, you will find fun and creative ways to implement home cooking into your daily routine without over-thinking or working too hard. Please keep in mind my 85/15 rule. Eighty-five percent of the time, strive to eat foods that support and nourish your overall health.

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