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FACIAL PAIN? Did You Know.... Lack of proper sleep, misaligned bones and nerves, and adapting muscles can all cause a sore back, headaches / migraines, and facial pain. If you have been suffering with the above symptoms and haven’t gotten the help you need, you want to call LifeSmiles for a thorough diagnosis and treatment through a multidisciplinary team approach. Dr. Dharmesh Parbhoo of LifeSmiles is trained in dentistry, craniofacial pain, and dental sleep medicine. For a healthier and pain-free 2018, schedule your consultation at LifeSmiles of New Hope today by calling 770-445-1314.


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about the cover

Happy St. Patrick’sDay! from

25 OFF


2018 Paulding High School Baseball!

any Plumbing Repair over $100 Limited Time Offer

The one constant through all the years, has been Baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But Baseball has marked the time.

10% OFF

Heat/Cooling Repair Limited Time Offer

l Family Owned and Operated for Over 20 Years l 3 Year Warranty on Repairs

~ James Earl Jones from ‘Field of Dreams’


aseball is part of our history. It’s part of our families and in our hearts. The spirit of the game, the players and fans haven’t changed. Memories are created and the love of baseball is something we are able to pass long to our children and their children; so that in 100 years, baseball will still be America’s game. To share a game with your family, you don’t have to drive any further than to one of Paulding’s local high schools. Our Town is proud to highlight five talented players from each school. These young men are all seniors, have a great love for baseball, are outstanding athletes and determined to make this season their best yet!

10% Senior Citizens Discount on Repairs



On Replacement Systems


GA Reg. #401776

For more specials & coupons call or visit us online at

Lisa Y. West, D.M.D. 770-505-0800 2713 Charles Hardy Pkwy. Suite 111 Pediatric Dentistry Dallas, GA 30157 (Hwy 120, across from Stars & Strikes)

Jacob Cook


Accepting new patients from infants to adolescents.

East Paulding High School

Dr. Lisa’s goal is to provide the highest individualized care possible.

Jacob is the son of Tracey and Dale Cook. He has played baseball fourteen years and is a first and third baseman, as well as a pitcher for the Raiders. He is looking forward to this season with his teammates and helping the team go back to State. Jacob received the Georgia Certificate of Merit and has had straight A’s since the 7th grade. He has a 4.0 and is 15th in his class. After graduation, he plans to attend college and play baseball. He is currently undecided, but has a couple of offers.

As a mother herself, and the only dentist in her practice, Dr. Lisa understands that your child’s well-being and your time is just as valuable as hers. That’s why we NEVER over book, and how we stay on schedule.

Josh Franklyn


Hiram High School

Most insurance accepted.

Josh has played baseball thirteen years and is the catcher for the Hornets. As a senior, he is looking forward doing well academically while playing the game he loves with his friends and teammates. After his graduation, Josh will attend Georgia Southern University and will be on the Pre Med track. He is the son of Sonja and Jamie Bryant Cover Story Continued on Page 24 and Josh Franklyn, Sr.

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medical Prepare Now For Spring Allergies! New Spring Allergy Drops Bring Relief By Dr. Eugene Hurwitz, Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia


armer weather, blooming trees and flowers, and spring outdoor activities are anticipated by many. But for those adults and children who suffer from severe spring allergies, it can be a dreaded time of year. Because of their symptoms including nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, sinus problems coughing and wheezing, they cannot fully enjoy all the spring weather has to offer. While medications may help relieve these symptoms, including antihistamines, they are sometimes not effective, leading to suffering when the tree pollen in the spring peaks in late February through May. Now there is relief available for these symptoms in the form of spring allergy drops. The Center for Allergy and Asthma now offers these allergy drops to reduce spring allergy problems. Spring allergy drops are an effective alternative to allergy shots and antihistamines, and are useful for allergy sufferers including adults and children age five and older. The drops are only taken during the spring for 3 to 4 months, and when they’re started one month before spring blooms, they can minimize the symptoms by as much as 80-90%. This can be very helpful for patients who don’t get any relief from medication and suffer from severe springtime allergies. Drops are also available for year round allergies. The spring allergy drops are derived from purified proteins from tree pollen, and are effective on all types of allergens including residual fall weeds, spring trees, grasses, pet dander, dust and mold.

Better Health is Not Just Good Luck!

Typically, patients who take the drops see reduced symptoms in one month, rather than several. And, patients do not have to go into the office for each dose. They’re able to do this on their own by taking the drops daily, under the tongue during the allergy season. The drops are safe, and less expensive than allergy shots or drops for those who suffer from year round allergies. Because each patient is different, the best way to get an idea of the individual cost is to make an appointment for a consultation.

Come choose from a wide variety of

DETOX NOW! Himalayan Salt Sauna & Ionic Foot Bath

Bottled Herbs Bulk Herbs Vitamins Supplements Essential Oils & Diffusers Salt Lamps Herbal Energy Drinks Protein Powders Amino Acids Nature’s Sunshine Products

Cleanses Detoxes Healing Teas Spices Natural Health Foods Alkaline Water Apple Cider Vinegar Products (in liquid and pill form) Local Honey Advocare (Spark)

Spring is inching closer, so if you or your child suffers from spring allergies, schedule an appointment with our office to be evaluated. The sooner the better, so the drops can be fully effective when the pollen count begins to rise. Spring time can be enjoyed by everyone with our spring allergy drop program. *The spring allergy drops are sold exclusively at Center for Allergy and Asthma. Dr. Eugene Hurwitz is the medical director of the Center for Allergy and Asthma with 8 local locations to serve you. To make your appointment, call 770-766-5347.


1305 Cedarcrest Road Suite103 Dallas, GA 30131-8201 Open Monday through Saturday 10AM - 6PM Expires 3-31-18


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We are so excited to announce that we are an





Call today for your FREE INVISALIGN CONSULT! Most insurance companies have benefits you can use. You can have the straight teeth you have always wanted in as little as 6 months! Low monthly payments available. Call today!

76 Highland Pavilion Court Hiram, GA s 30141 (Highland Pavilion Shopping Center)


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The Highland Dental Savings Plan Save 20-50% A Unique Discount Plan that Gives You Immediate Access to Dental Care Highland Pavilion CourtPERIODS, s Hiram, GA s 30141 at a76 Significant Savings.NO WAITING MAXIMUMS OR DEDUCTIBLES! (Highland Pavilion Shopping Center)

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family focus Parents: Correct Your Teen’s Negative Thinking

By Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA


habit of negative thinking is easy to come by. Let’s just consider the people around us, the television, the radio, and our community as a whole. Considering the new trend is to think and speak positively, it is clear that changing a negative mindset to a positive one is a lot trickier than most of us expected. As adults we know how difficult it can be to change our habits. As such, it is important we encourage our kids and teens to develop the habit of positive thinking before they solidify a pessimistic view of life. Being negative has nothing to do with being realistic (“I just call it as I see it!”) it’s just one interpretation of the many possible ones. Being positive on the other hand injects a note of hope and expectancy. It’s a much healthier mindset.

TrueVision is crusading against childhood cancer!

Come and support or donate to the extremely underfunded research and treatment of childhood cancer. All of us together can make a big difference!

St. Baldricks Foundation Gustons Grill~Acworth March 24, 2:00-7:00

We hope to see you there!

1. Challenge your teen’s negative thinking: Often times, you can challenge your teens negative thinking through logic alone. For example, if your teen holds the belief that new people tend not to like him, ask him what he basis this conclusion on. Is it a preconceived expectation that tends to color his view of reality? Is it based on some past experiences that lead him to believe every future experience will be the same? Future predictions, believing to be able to read others’ minds, all or nothing thinking, and catastrophizing are some of the major areas of faulty thinking.

3. A failure is not a failure: As a society we have conditioned ourselves to believe that anytime something does not work out as planned it is a failure instead of a ‘learning lesson.’ The word failure is defeating and has a note of finality in it, where as a learning lesson sounds more positive and allows room for improvement. In my eyes, failures only happen when people give up. Anytime your teen refers to ‘failures’ ask him to look deeper into the situation; ask him what he has learned and what he would do differently if he could do it again. Challenge him to try again if that is an option.

6121 Cedarcrest Road Suite 108 Acworth, GA 30101

4. Watch yourself: Just as a kitten learns how to be a cat from his mom, kids learn how to be human, how to think, and how to behave from their parents. Yes, you must watch your thinking and speaking patterns (keep a journal to help you get a sense of your positivity/negativity patterns). Practice steps 1 to 3 in front of your teen. Just as a kitten follows mother cat’s example, your teen will follow yours.

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Here are common ways I suggest to parents to correct their teens’ negative thinking:

2. Challenge your teen to step out of the comfort zone: Teens are willing to try new things if they are not worried about failing and of what that failure means. If the temporary failure is considered a part of the process and if it can be separated from what that means about him, perceived failure is no longer so threatening. Clarify this for your teen and challenge him to try something he otherwise wouldn’t.

Go to our website for link to donate or mypage/940526/2018


In my practice, I love to work with and empower parents. While my one-on-one work with youth is creates immediate changes, it is my work with parents that helps the changes stick around long after I exit the scene. As such, I direct much of my writing to parents hoping to challenge them, inspire them, and guide them to think in different ways.



Our Town

3698 Largent Way


Suite 201 l Marietta

Conveniently located across from The Avenue West Cobb

We provide an environment where kids can have a fun and happy dental experience while receiving the very best dental care available. Come tour our state of the art office with with themed rooms representing each continent from around the world.

Michael A. Rossitch, DDS, MS, PC Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry


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calendar of events

March 2018


Events for the Our Town Calendar are listed FREE (Restrictions Apply*-see pg 24 for instructions) **Dates, times and locations are always subject to change prior to printing. Please confirm with the event coordinator. For the full Calendar visit

Paulding Gymnastics UPCOMING Events! Spring Break Camp on April 2-6, from 7am-6pm 106 Greystone Power Blvd., Dallas. LAST CHANCE to Register? 770-445-5525 Paulding Chamber - Georgia Power Luncheon-Paulding Senior Center March 1; Thursday 11am - 1pm Keynote Speaker: Eric Seidel, CEO, The Media Trainers (  $20/mem, $25/non-mem prepaid; +$5 at door) Register at or call 770-445-6016. Bingo Night for the North Paulding High School Band March 3; Saturday 6:30pm – 9:00pm Don’t miss some fun and games benefitting the NPHS Marching Band. Two card Minimum purchase ($5 ea.) At NPHS cafeteria, 300 North Paulding Dr., Dallas. Questions? Visit 21st Annual Sisters in Christ Women’s Conference March 3; Saturday 8:30am to 4pm - Mount Holly Church in Carrollton REGISTER EARLY for this day of fun, praise, and fellowship. Keynote Speaker: Delma Morales, and more wonderful guests. MHC is located at 4685 N. Hwy. 27, Carrollton. Conference is free; lunch is not provided. Registration and info visit www.sistersin or email Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic at Kritters Country Club* March 10; 2nd Saturday of the month Kritters Country Club is located at 7377 W. Strickland Street in Douglasville. Call 770489-7500 for hours and more information. Spring Fling in the Park! March 10; Saturday at White Oak Park Let’s ring in spring with an afternoon of games, kite-flying, and fun! Participants must furnish their own kite. Sign in at 12:30pm; Kite Day at 1pm; Winners announced at 1:30pm. Questions? 770-445-8065. Event is FREE! Hope Church Flea Market - 1970 Charles Hardy Pkwy, Dallas, GA March 10; Saturday 9am – 4pm Rain or Shine Come shop for furniture, crafts, clothing and food. There will be home businesses as well! Questions? Email Southeastern Cowboy Gathering at Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville March 8 - 10; Thursday - Saturday  A three day celebration of the West, includes artist, live music, the south’s largest chuck wagon cook off, children’s activities and more! Questions? Call 770-387-1300.


TAX TIME $pecials!

Paulding County School’s - Fine Arts Day March 17; Saturday 9am – 5:15pm at Paulding County High School Artwork on display from 9am until 5:15pm, Performances from each High School and a professional Art Auction raising money for scholarships as well as food trucks and vendors! Questions? 770-443-8000


WELSHfest 2018 in Downtown Rockmart March 17; Saturday 9am – 5pm  Welsh & Local entertainment; fun and educational events; vendor village! Fun for the whole family. Alternative Baseball Exhibition Game – Opening Day - West Cobb vs. Dallas March 18; Sunday 2pm McEachern United Methodist Church Field This game features players with autism/special needs and experienced players (former professional/collegiate/high school). Attend FREE with any monetary donation. Family entertainment, snack and other goods available. Please RSVP to attend at  (In case of a rain out, game will be March 25th at 2pm) Propagating Shrubs with Paulding County Master Gardeners March 22; Thursday 10 am - 11 am – REGISTRATION REQUIRED FREE, but space is limited. Contact the Paulding County Extension Office at 770530-3113 or register online at

SHOP NOW! Family owned store serving the local area since 2011. Unbeatable prices on top quality home furniture and mattresses. Visit or stop by our showroom located off of HWY 278.

678-402-1190 101 Greystone Power Blvd, Dallas, GA 30157

Events continued on pg 22

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health What You Should Know to Prepare For a Blood Test


new survey reveals Americans are not aware of what to report prior to a blood test. Only half (52%) believe it is very important to report use of supplements to their healthcare provider before getting a blood test.

With recent interest in the use of supplements like biotin as beauty treatments, it’s especially critical for consumers, doctors and lab personnel to talk before blood tests because very high doses of supplements could interfere with some test results. The possibility of interference in blood testing is low, but if you’re taking high-dose biotin for hair, skin or nail health, for example, it is best to inform your doctor before a blood test. Just as you may need to fast before certain types of tests, you may need to hold off on taking supplements for at least eight hours before blood work. “Many factors - from stress, to prescription medication, to vitamins - can affect blood test results, so it’s important to be proactive in communicating about medicines or supplements you’re taking rather than waiting to be asked,” said Dr. Emily Jungheim, associate professor at Washington University School of Medicine. Ask your healthcare provider about ways to prepare for blood tests. Here are some simple tips to follow: l Write down all your prescription medicines the night before a blood test so you can share up-to-date information with the lab technician or your doctor. l Also report vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals and any over-the-counter medications. l Know the doses of the medicines and supplements you are taking. The dose matters. (BPT)

HIRAM OFFICE: 47 Highland Pavilion Ct #102, Hiram, GA 30141 (877) 704-1761

Stem Cell Therapy is the most signicant breakthrough in natural medicine this decade, and now it’s available for YOU! Stem Cell Therapy harnesses the healing power of your own body and actually repairs your damaged tissues incurred with age, disease, injury, and defects. Stem Cell Therapy can be used to treat arthritis, joint pain, cartilage damage, and muscle injury. After just one treatment, many of our patients report that their strength, mobility, and rangeof-motion return in record time.

CALL TODAY! 1-877-704-1761 47 Highland Pavilion Ct. Hiram, GA 30141


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Our Town

If you’re over the age of 35 and suffer from the following.... • Sciatica • Neck Pain • Disc Herniations • Lower Back Pain • Radiating Hip Pain • Numbness in the Legs & Feet

....there may be hope. Now a local doctor has what may be the most important treatment in helping these conditions. Finally, there’s a treatment to conquer back and leg pain without dangerous medications or painful surgery. Nothing is worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because you hurt and the pain won’t go away! Spinal decompression treatments are very gentle. In fact, every once in awhile I even catch a patient sleeping during sessions. Most patients feel better with just a few treatments, and best of all there will be.....

No Dangerous Drugs, No Invasive Procedures, And No Painful Exercises.

For Sciatica and Back Pain Sufferers • An in-depth consultation about your health and well-being where I will listen... really the details of your case. • A complete neuromuscular examination. • A full set of specialized x-rays (When clinically necessary) • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so we can start mapping out your plan to being pain free. • You’ll get to see everything first hand and find out if this amazing treatment will be your pain solution, like it has been for so many other patients. The normal price for this type of evaluation including x-rays is $250, so you’re saving a considerable amount by taking me up on this offer.

Call today and for ONLY $20 we can get you scheduled for a consultation as soon as there is an opening. When you call, tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Back Pain and Sciatica Evaluation so we can record the date and give you proper credit for this special offer. But remember this special offer is only good until Mar. 14, 2018.

Sincerely Dr. Amy Valente, D.C., DNM

My name is Dr. Amy Valente, D.C. , DNM, owner of North Cobb Spine & Nerve Institute. I understand what it feels like to live in pain, because I see it every day.

P.S. Before you go under the knife and opt for back surgery, you should seriously consider this less invasive approach.

I’ve seen hundreds of people with back pain, numbness, and sciatica leave the office pain free.

Don’t wait and let your problems get worse, disabling you for life. Take me up on my offer and call today 678-574-5678.

This is why for 14 DAYS ONLY, I’m running a very special offer where you can find out if you are a candidate for spinal decompression.

Call Our 24 Hour Help Line at


See What Some of Our Patients are Saying: The attack of sciatica brought me to North Cobb Spine and Nerve Institute. The Spinal Decompression Therapy has helped me in several different ways. My life is back, I don’t walk with a limp, I sleep better at night and my pain is gone. My symptoms of leg cramps, and hip aches have gone away. Getting well has affected my family too. They would hurt and stress seeing me so miserable and in so much pain. I feel alive, my house is cleaner, and my thinking is clearer. I would describe the atmosphere and care as family like. Thank you, Pamela Elrod Our Town

I started at North Cobb Spine & Nerve Institute for pain in my low back that traveled down my right leg. The pain felt like a burning sensation down my leg and numbness into my toes. I was unable to walk my normal five miles. Since starting the spinal decompression therapy I am now able to walk again without any pain. The pain and numbness down my right leg is completely alleviated. I was surprised to find that I am even sleeping better at night and that the tension in my upper back has also been relieved. The staff here has treated my great and is very caring! Thanks, Bill Norman Dr. Amy Valente, D.C., DNM

EXPIRES 3-14-18 Federal and Medicare Restrictions Apply.

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finance What Should You Do With Your


Refund? Contributed by Roberto De Jesus of Edward Jones Investments, Dallas/Acworth


ou may not get much of a thrill from filing your taxes, but the process becomes much more enjoyable if you’re expecting a refund. So, if one is headed your way, what should you do with the money?

The answer depends somewhat on the size of the refund. For the 2017 tax year, the average refund was about $2,760 – not a fortune, but big enough to make an impact in your life. Suppose, for example, that you invested this amount in a tax-deferred vehicle, such as a traditional IRA, and then did not add another penny to it for 30 years. At the end of that time, assuming a hypothetical 7 percent annual rate of return, you’d have slightly more than $21,000 – not enough, by itself, to allow you to move to a Caribbean island, but still a nice addition to your retirement income. (You will need to pay taxes on your withdrawals eventually, unless the money was invested in a Roth IRA, in which case withdrawals are tax-free, provided you meet certain conditions.) Of course, you don’t have to wait 30 years before you see any benefits from your tax refund. If you did decide to put a $2,760 tax refund toward your IRA for 2018, you’d already have reached just over half the allowable contribution limit of $5,500. (If you’re 50 or older, the limit is $6,500.) By getting such a strong head start on funding your IRA for the year, you’ll give your money more time to grow. Also, if you’re going to “max out” on your IRA, your large initial payment will enable you to put in smaller monthly amounts than you might need to contribute otherwise. While using your refund to help fund your IRA is a good move, it’s not the only one you can make. Here are a few other possibilities:  • Pay down some debt. At some time or another, most of us probably feel we’re carrying too much debt. If you can use your tax refund to help reduce your monthly debt payments, you’ll improve your cash flow and possibly have more money available to invest for the future. • Build an emergency fund. If you needed a new furnace or major car repair, or faced any other large, unexpected expense, how would you pay for it? If you did not have the cash readily available, you might be forced to dip into your long-term investments. To help avoid this problem, you could create an emergency fund containing three to six months’ worth of living expenses, with the money kept in a liquid, lowrisk account. Your tax refund could help build your emergency fund. • Look for other investment opportunities. If you have some gaps in your portfolio, or some opportunities to improve your overall diversification, you might want to use your tax refund to add some new investments. The more diversified your portfolio, the stronger your defense against market volatility that might primarily affect one particular asset class. (However, diversification, by itself, can’t protect against all losses or guarantee profits.) Clearly, a tax refund gives you a chance to improve your overall financial picture. So take your time, evaluate your options and use the money wisely. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by Roberto De Jesus, your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. 678-574-5166


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Our Town

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faith By Stephanie Reck, LMSW, LBT,BCCC


Are You Being Led by God or Your Emotions?

re we as Christians supposed to do everything that someone wants us to? I used to be the one to help out and intervene in any and every situation because I thought it was my Christian duty and obligation. I also had few, if any, boundaries and was severely Co-dependent. You may ask, “Can a Christian be Co-dependent?” Absolutely, they can! I felt overly responsible for everyone’s problems, and took respon-

sibility for other’s actions. When we take responsibility for other people’s actions we do not allow them to suffer any consequences. When we do that a vicious cycle occurs and it goes like this, you “bail” someone out of their situation and they have no consequence imposed and so, they ask you to “bail” them out again and you do. Here goes the insanity wheel. There is no end to the cycle. You feel taken advantage of and used. You have no


peace about helping but feel that is what good Christians do, or you feel responsible. Do you feel worn-out over the same situations? Do you feel you’re helping or enabling? Enabling is doing something for someone else they are incapable of doing for themselves. Helping is doing something for someone else that they cannot do for themselves. If you are involved in situations with people that have repeated patterns of not helping themselves but allowing anyone to help them through manipulating and guilt, then this is clearly not coming from God. Your flesh may want to intervene once again but you know it will just put a band aid on the situation. The best thing you can do for someone who has repeatedly taken advantage of you or manipulated you is to intercede for them in prayer. Getting entangled in other’s affairs they do not want to get out of will only cause you to get trapped. If your peace is lost or you have no peace in helping, whether it is family or someone needy then know God does not want you to step into that situation. You may say, “Yeah, but if I don’t step in something awful might happen.” That may be true, but God does not lay fear on us the enemy does.

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Ask yourself, “Do I have peace from God in intervening in a situation or do I feel guilty, shame and fear?” Do you feel trapped, like you are the only hope or answer to a troubling situation? If you feel that then God is not in it. Stop trying to be the Holy Spirit. God does impose consequences, so why should we step in and remove those consequences from others’ lives? Yes, God is loving but He does not condone our sinful acts and we should not condone the sinful acts of others. We should have grace and love for them but we should not get in the way of what God maybe trying to do. What if you step in to what God is trying to do and the situation is prolonged as a result? Get out of the way! We as Christians are not meant to be doormats. Sure we hear, “Serve in love.” We should as God calls us to, but we must follow after Christ’s leading and example. Christ did not continually and repeatedly bail people out of their situations. He led and showed them usually once and then moved on to the next person. You may even say, “But their family, I have to.” You are adopted into a new family now and your brothers and sisters in Christ are your family. We do not have to be enmeshed and triangulated with our families of origin. You need to know your boundaries and your family needs to know their boundaries. It is okay to help a family member in need, but when it becomes habitual watch out, God no longer is in it. Contact Stephanie at HopeandEncouragement4Women@


Our Town

Lucky You!

cornerstone chiropractic

St. Pat’s

Patient Appreciation Day March 16th $35 X-Ray, Exam & Consultation of all New Patients


($300.00 value, call for appt.)

Dr. Chris Laurenzi Dr. Daniel Roberts

5886 Wendy Bagwell Parkway Suite 301 n Hiram, GA 30141


Cotton Field Plaza (at Hwy 92 & Nebo Road)

1817 Hiram Douglasville Hwy., Hiram, GA 30141


PROM HEADQUARTERS s Prom Tuxedos by Jim’s Formal Wear - $40 Off Suggested Retail s Alterations Formal, Bridal & Everyday s Hundreds of New and Consigned Dresses by Popular Designers Our Town

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community Music in Our Schools

By Katie O. Anderson


aulding County School District is proud to honor the fine arts programs in our schools. Walk into any of our schools on any day and you will find our talented students playing instruments, composing, singing, dancing, painting, sculpting, sketching, and acting. The fine arts programs are boosted in support by our administrators, teachers, parents, and community members. Please look at the list of events open to the public and make a point to come out and support your local schools’ fine arts programs! If you have any questions or to find out more information about the fine and performing arts in Paulding County School District, contact Katie Anderson, the Fine Arts Coordinator at or at 770-443-8000, extension 10135 Month of March (Music in our Schools Month – MIOSM!)

The TV & Film Business is BOOMING in Atlanta! Your young actor’s time is NOW!

3/1- EPMS Talent Show at EPMS at 7p.m. 3/5 - 6th Grade Spring Sing at EPHS in the Auditorium at 7:30pm. Participating schools are Austin, Dobbins, EPMS, Hershel Jones, McClure, Moses, Scoggins, and SPMS 3/6 - McClure Chorus concert at McClure in cafeteria at 6pm. 3/10 - Elementary Honor Chorus concert at EPHS in the theater at 5:00pm. 3/13 - Dugan Elementary Art Show and Chorus Performance at Dugan from 5:30-8:00pm. 3/15 - P.B. Ritch Middle School Chorus Concert at P.B. Ritch Middle School at 6:30 pm. Admission is free. 3/17 - Fine Arts Day at Paulding County High School ALL DAY ($5) – Artwork on display from 9am until 5:15pm, Performances (schedule below), and a professional Art Auction raising money for scholarships as well as food trucks and vendors! East Cluster Performance from 9:00-10:30am - EPHS, EPMS, Russom, Abney, Roberts, McGarity Hiram Cluster Performance from 10:45-12:15pm - HHS, Dobbins, Ritch, Panter, Hiram, Baggett North Cluster Performance from 12:30-2:00pm - NPHS, McClure, Moses, Northside, Burnt Hickory, Shelton Central Cluster Performance from 2:15-3:45pm - PCHS, Jones, SPMS, Poole, Allgood, Nebo, Dallas South Cluster Performance from 4:00-5:30pm - SPHS, Austin, Scoggins, New GA, Dugan, Hutchens, Ragsdale, Union

proudly announces the opening of its

AB Kids and Teens Division! Founded by Emmy Award Winning Actress

Natalia Livingston AB’s On Camera Scene Study for KIDS and TEENS with Jason Vail and Teacher’s Assistant, Sydney Silver


Classes range from ages 7 to 17 Saturdays, 10am to 11:30am for KIDS and 11:30am to 1pm for TEENS Big Picture Casting 1026 Atlanta Ave., Decatur


3/20 - Panter Elementary Chorus Concert at Panter at 6p.m. 3/22 - Hutchens Chorus and Show Choir presents Beauty and the Beast at 6pm at Hal Hutchens Elementary School 3/27 - Roberts Elementary Chorus at Roberts at 7pm 3/27 - Shelton Elementary Chorus at Shelton at 6:30pm

Month of April 4/13 - NPHS The Little Mermaid at 7pm 4/17 - Hiram Elementary Fine Arts Night from 5-6:30pm at Hiram Elementary 4/19-4/22 - HHS Spring Musical The Wiz each night at 7pm Sunday matinee performance on 4/22 at 2pm 4/19-4/22 - PCHS Spring Musical Cinderella each night at 7pm ($8 tickets) - save time and order online or for group reservations, email Sunday matinee performance on 4/22 at 3pm. 4/28 – Union Elementary Art Show and Spring Fling at Scoggins Middle School from 4-7pm. 4/30 - Dallas Elementary Music Makers at Chick-fil-A in Dallas at 6pm & 7pm.

Ongoing classes; join or cancel anytime Beginning to intermediate acting for the camera $165/month


For more information contact us at

Check in next month’s issue for more events coming up in the month of May!


770-445-5525 106 Greystone Power Dallas, GA 30157

Developmental Gymnastics n Tumbling Competitive Gymnastics n Cheerleading Blvd Preschool Gymnastics n Birthday Parties Back Handspring Clinics n Open Gym Parent’s Night Out n Toddler Time




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Professional Landscape Design and Installation Residential and Commercial


Licensed and Insured

FREE Estimates! Financing Available!

678-421-4763 770-864-2852

$250 OFF any install of $2500.00 or more Must present coupon.


Retaining Walls Sod/Seeding l Plants/Trees l Irrigation Installation & Repair l Drainage/Erosion Control l Patios/Walkways l Ponds/Water Features l l

Fireplaces/Fire Pits l Outdoor Living l Fencing l Landscape Lighting l Clean-up Jobs l Concrete l Pinestraw/Mulch & more! l

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gardening Choosing Where to Garden is Essential to Producing High-Yielding Crops By Clint Thompson, UGA Extension


pring is right around the corner, and so are spring flowers, summer vegetables and all the gardening these seasons bring. Selecting the best place to grow your garden is essential to producing high-yielding crops, like tomatoes, corn, and squash. Bob Westerfield, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension consumer horticulturist, believes there are three factors that all home gardeners should consider before planting this year’s spring gardens. First, find the best place to achieve maximum sunlight. Westerfield said that vegetables grow best in as much sun as possible. Most require at least six to eight hours of sunlight daily. Areas under or near shade trees are not suitable for gardens due to the lack of sunlight. Pick the sunniest spot available for growing a vegetable garden. Next, select a spot in close proximity to a water source. Westerfield recommends using drip irrigation, as water is applied at soil level and impacts the roots directly. “There are plenty of agronomic farmers … who grow dryland corn or dryland soybeans, but when it comes

to vegetable gardens, you’re producing a crop with very fast turnaround and you need to be able to rely on irrigation,” he said. “You’ve got to have a source of water.”

adjusted through lime application and this can take three to six months to take effect. So how exactly do you take a soil sample? If soil in your garden area is uniform and has been treated similarly over time, you can assemble one sample by taking sub-samples from 8 to 12 spots around your garden. If you have different soil types or have amended soil in various areas of your garden differently, then you should sample those areas individually. Use clean tools and containers for all sampling, so that you do not contaminate your soil test. Take a “slice” of soil from the surface down, 4-6 inches in the soil for each spot. Mix all of the sub-samples collected thoroughly in a clean bucket, before placing about 3 cups of it in a Ziploc sandwich bag.

Finally, find an area that drains well and does not have a history of noxious weeds like bermudagrass or nutsedge. Westerfield advises against planting in a weedy area because it can be difficult to eradicate the weeds. While bermudagrass serves as turf on some front yards, when it grows in a vegetable garden, it becomes a weed, and a deeply rooted one.

Soil samples can be delivered to the Paulding County Cooperative Extension Office at 530 West Memorial Drive in Dallas. The fee for a sample is $9, but that fee will save you money by helping you perfect your vegetable garden’s soil! For more information, contact a Master Gardener or the County Extension Agent at Paulding County UGA Extension at 770-443-7616 or check us out online at

After the proper site has been selected, Westerfield advises preparing it now, starting with soil sampling. Consider having your soil tested through your local University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office. A soil test report provides information regarding the soil’s fertility status. This is critical to plant health and growth. A soil test will provide data about the soil pH and recommend how to improve the soil for maximum productivity. It’s important to know the pH of your soil. Vegetables grow better in soil that is slightly acidic. Soil pH often needs to be

Clint Thompson is a news editor with the University Of Georgia College Of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences based in Tifton.

M & B Landscaping Services & Hardscape Design & Irrigation Installation Services Bobcat Grading & Soding l Landscape repairs l Retaining Walls l Stone Work

Tree Work Services Pruning & Cleanup l Full Maintenance l All your Lawn Needs l Water pumps

Fence Fireplace l Pine straw l Plant flowers l More!







Gustavo 13 Years Experience Free Estimates Low low prices


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any landscaping service with coupon


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Kwik Chek Emissions





4707 Dallas Acworth Hwy

per car - 1996 & newer


New Hope - Across from Rodney’s BBQ


If you need a service that requires a ladder, please let us know.

SERVICES OFFERED: l Gutter Cleaning, Repair & Replacement l Gutter Screens Installed l Roof Repair l Drywall Repair l Siding Repair l Indoor/Outdoor Lights Replaced (Bulb changes in hard to reach places)

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l Interior/Exterior Painting l Pressure Washing l Blinds Installed l Filter Replacement l Hedge Trimming l Window Cleaning

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more calendar Box Office Hours: Mon/Thu/Fri 3pm-6pm and Sat 10am-2pm Box Office Phone 678-363-0813


DALLAS Upcoming

Acworth Easter Egg Hunt at Acworth Sports Complex March 23; Friday 6:30pm Easter Bunny arrives at 7:15 pm, first hunt begins at 7:30 pm. Arrive early to enjoy face painting, inflatables, photo booths, and more! Decade Dash: 5K Run/Walk and Tot Trot for CASA of Paulding March 24; Saturday 7am check in, 7:30am Tot Trot, 8am 5k Start 1990 Vaughn Road, Kennesaw. Register at keyword “Decade Dash” Come dressed in your favorite decade’s duds. Award for best costume!


Georgia Classic Rides “Block Parties”* - Downtown Dallas March 24; 4th Saturday of the month; 4pm - 9pm Beautiful cars, great people, and family fun! For membership and photos visit www.

SEATS $10-$12 Friday, March 2nd, 7pm Saturday, March 3rd, 7pm Sunday, March 4th, 3pm

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Awareness Night March 28; Wednesday 6:30pm – 7pm at The Pearl of Dallas Free seminar about detecting symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s and your options. RVSP to Martha Morris 404-713-1936. 100 Westminster Court, Dallas.

Friday, March 9th, 7pm Saturday, March 10th, 7pm Sunday, March 11th, 3pm



Both Include GOSPEL!

Seats $13-16

Chad Gibson returns with his wildly entertaining tribute to Elvis.

FRI MAR 23 7:30pm SAT MAR 24 7pm

Wildflowers Women of Country Music Starring

Katie Deal

Saturday, April 14th 7pm Tickets $22-28 Katie Deal, daughter of Governor Nathan Deal, returns to the Dallas Theater for the 3rd time! Katie brings us her original show, Wildflowers, a labor of love Katie has poured herself into.

This year BOTH shows will include the most loved of Elvis’s gospel music! Chad has been an Elvis Tribute Artist for over ten years and has been featured at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, the Weather Channel and the University of Georgia.

CAMP! ! A M A R D Theatreine! l a c i s u l M ilable on a

Dates av



Annual Earth Day Event at Georgia Highlands College April 11; Wednesday 12pm – 2pm on the Dallas Square Free event! Learn about Environmentally Friendly practices to make your world greener-Pollinator Gardening, Water Conservation, Recycling and more. Georgia Renaissance Festival April 14 – June 3; Every Saturday, Sunday and Memorial Day Visit for times and ticket information.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - The Pearl of Dallas Help is needed with the resident’s activities. You’ll be rewarded with smiling faces! To volunteer call Alie Ayers, 678-350-4445. 100 Westminster Court, Dallas


ONGOING MONTHLY EVENTS - Confirm dates/times with coordinator: Dallas Georgia Writers Guild Every Tuesday 1:00pm - 2:30pm At Starbucks - Crossroads 8655 Hiram Acworth Hwy, Dallas Paulding County Beekeepers Club* 2nd Thursday of the month; 7pm at Dallas Primitive Baptist Church 222 Legion Rd., Dallas or follow on Facebook at Paulding County Beekeepers! Questions? Call Sue McCleary at 678-310-7305.

Check our website

for more details on upcoming events!

Cruise the Coop VW Show and Swap – Little Tallapoosa Park April 7-8; Saturday and Sunday Gates open at 10am A fun gathering of old and new VWs – New/Used parts for sale; Food Vendors; Hand Crafted awards; and Prizes. Spectators $5. More info

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Keep Paulding Beautiful You can help Keep Paulding Beautiful create a clean and healthy environment in which to live, work, and play. To volunteer call 770-443-0119.

This new show promises to be an amazing evening of music!


Journeyman Farmer Training- UGA Extension in Carroll/Coweta/Paulding March 30 (Step 1); Friday 10am – 3pm at Carroll County Ag Center A Journeyman Farmer: 3-Step program that provides comprehensive training for beginning farmers. Step 1 - Small Farm Business Planning, Step 2 - Small Fruit and Vegetable Production, is a 7-Week training, sessions  begin April 10.  Learn more at

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Paulding CASA volunteers advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in juvenile court. They protect a child’s right to be safe, treated with dignity and respect, and to learn and grow in the safe embrace of a loving family. To volunteer call Rachel Lunday at 770-505-0065 or email

This one-woman concert tribute features the music and stories of country music’s pioneering women, honoring legends such as The Carter Family, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette and Reba McEntire. As Katie says, “This show is jammed packed with interesting tidbits about the women throughout country music history all wrapped up with the music you love.” Katie wows with her powerful voice and unique insight into the legends of country music.

You will not be disappointed with Chad’s all-encompassing likeness to the King himself!

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McEachern Methodist UMC Consignment Sale (Three Days!) March 22; Thursday 5pm – 9pm March 23; Friday 9:30am – 4pm March 24; Saturday 8am – 12pm (Many items ½ off Saturday) Clothing, books, games, nursery items. 4075 Macland Rd, Powder Springs www.

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feature photographer

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Nick Colina



ometimes the passion in life for what you love to do becomes the catalyst for life changing events. That’s what took David Jones, a 12 year decorated armed services veteran from the Air Force, to his current dream job as a photographer.

North Paulding High School

Studying under Atlanta’s Master of Photography, John Haigwood was a tremendous boost to David’s natural talent. With Haigwood’s mentoring, David learned different lighting techniques, composition and advance fundamentals which gave his portraits that little extra shine. Since then, David has enjoyed working on photo shoots for Our Town magazine, local celebrities, schools and families, as well as global corporations such as After Six formal wear rentals. Always pushing the creative envelope, David has the same enthusiasm he brings when he’s hired to shoot for his commercial clients. No matter if he’s shooting a mother’s belly bump, a family portrait or a wedding, or the fabulous top athletes in Paulding County, David will surpass expectations and bring the experience to a whole new creative level. David has a mastery of lighting, styling, editing and most of all, a vision for capturing a portrait in time that tells the perfect story. To see more of David’s fantastic work, visit his online galleries of families, couples, children and more by visiting his website, If you would like to contact David, you can reach him at 770-687-6378.

Nick has been involved in baseball eleven years, and is an outfielder and first baseman for the Wolfpack. He is very excited about the season and playing with his teammates. They have a great team at NPHS and a real chance at winning the State ring. After graduation, Nick plans to attend Kennesaw State University where he will play baseball, and study Nursing or Pre Law. His parents are Stacey and Jim Colina.

Daniel ‘Parker’ Whittaker


Paulding County High School

Parker is the son of Raven and David Whittaker. He has played baseball fourteen years and is a shortstop and second baseman for the Patriots. He looks forward to a great season with his teammates and making it to the playoffs. While at PCHS he also played football for two years. In the fall, Parker plans to attend and play baseball at Andrew College where he will major in Marine Biology. His dream is to play in Major League Baseball.

Baley Coleman


South Paulding High School

Baley is a pitcher and first baseman for the Spartans and has played baseball thirteen years. He says, “We have a special group of guys, [and] a shot to do something special [this season].” Together their goal is a Region Championship then State Playoffs. Also at SPHS, Baley is on “All A” Honor Roll and a LaGrange Scholar. He and his parents, Paige and Darrell Coleman are members of First Baptist Church of Powder Springs. Once he graduates, Baley will attend and play baseball at LaGrange College where he will study Exercise Science. These players have a busy season ahead of them and we hope you’ll go to a game and cheer them on! Their game schedules are available online at: East Paulding High School - Hiram High School - North Paulding High School - Paulding County High School - South Paulding High School -


We appreciate the high school’s Athletic Directors and Head Coaches for sending us these outstanding young men. A special thanks to Coach Tony Boyd and Coach Andrew Deaton from East Paulding for accommodating our shoot location. And, our sports covers would not be the same without David Jones of His artistry and imagination knows no bounds, and we love working with him. See more of his work on our FB page! For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 • 

For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699



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pet news Helping House Guests with Pet Allergies

By Samantha Markham


Available for Adoption:

ou’ve just got a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or your aunt is visiting for the weekend and the person in question is allergic to pet dander. If, like the vast majority of pet owners, you consider your pet to be an important member of the family, this can be a difficult time. However, there are a number of ways to tackle the problem, without having to place your pet in a boarding center.

Hi everyone! I’m GINGER (DOB ~9/13/2017), a female red tabby domestic shorthair. Do you know that ginger is a hot fragrant spice? Well, that pretty much describes me . . . and that’s how I got my name! I’m just a hot (for a kid, anyway) and spicy little girl – full of myself and full of typical kitten antics! I love my human attention, love to play, love to snuggle, am curious, and just can’t wait to find my ‘purr’fect ‘fur’ever home. I promise I’ll provide you with years full of love, laughter, loyalty and companionship if you will just give this hot and spicy little girl a chance! I am spayed, up-to-date with vaccines, negative for Feline FIV/FeLV, dewormed, have received flea preventative, and will be microchipped and eligible to receive a 30-day free trial of pet health insurance. My adoption fee is $125.


When having a friend or family member who is allergic to pets stay for several days, it is a good idea to ask if they have any medication. Try to tactfully explain you will do all you can to reduce the potential for allergic reaction, but your pet will be in the house.



If it is the new love of your life who is suffering with allergies, it is a good idea to arrange to go out for your dates. If that special someone is sneezing and puffy-eyed when in your house, it will surely kill the romance.


It is always a good idea to thoroughly vacuum all carpets, rugs and possibly furniture, before an allergy sufferer arrives in your home. These days, there are numerous vacuum cleaners that are wonderful at ridding your home of allergens.

To see some of our cats available for adoption, please visit; then complete our online Adoption Application,, or email us at And don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook,!

4. Remember, not all people love animals as much as you do. It is a good idea

***Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is in dire need of foster families, and volunteers to help with cleaning, feeding, and socializing our cats at the Rescue Center and/or helping at our weekend adoption events two weekends a month at the Kennesaw Petsmart. If you are willing to give of your time and your heart to help our kitties, please complete our online Volunteer Application at The gratification of knowing you make a difference in the lives of these deserving cats is overwhelming.***

to respect a houseguest’s feelings on this matter and try to prevent your pet from jumping up or on your guest. Moreover, ensure that your animal cannot get to your guest’s belongings to chew or shed on them.

Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is a licensed, non-profit, no-kill rescue organization dedicated to individual attention and excellent care to homeless cats, working hard to find them good permanent homes.


It may be helpful to separate your guest and your pet, either by keeping your animal in another room, or using a baby gate to divide a room. Of course, baby gates will not work for cats or dogs that like to jump. Therefore, if you keep your pet in a separate room be sure to check on him frequently to ensure there are no signs of distress.



During the two or three weeks leading up to your guest’s visit, ensure that you have brushed your dog or cat daily. If you have a dog, it is wise to bathe him too. This will help to reduce the amount of hairs that your pet sheds, thereby reducing the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Puzzle Solution


If your houseguest is severely allergic, you may like to consider asking a friend, relative or neighbor to care for your pet for the duration of the visit. Leaving your pet with someone you trust is preferable to leaving him in the care of strangers.

8. Alternatively, you may like to purchase an air purifier or filter, as this can prove

very helpful to an allergy sufferer. It is certainly worth investing in an air filter if you are expecting regular visits from an allergy sufferer.

On the other hand, if you have yet to get a pet and you’re living with an allergy sufferer, there are many animals that will not cause symptoms. Most obviously, fish and reptiles make great pets and do not shed. Alternatively, if you would rather a cat or dog, there are hairless breeds of both animals. Moreover, there are some dog breeds, such as the Poodle and Greyhound, which are considered ‘hypoallergenic’ due to the fact they do not tend to cause allergic reactions. Of course, the majority of this advice is designed to help with short-term visits from an allergy sufferer. Unfortunately, none of these measures can guarantee a solution to pet allergies, but they will help to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction.

Our Town Our Town

KRITTERS Country Club


Kritters Country Lane Kennels an affiliate company of Kritters Country Club

Don’t leave your pet home alone all day. Let them come to Kritters and have a fun time of Play.

7689 Lambert Rd Winston, Ga 30187 770-577-4040

$18 Doggy Daycare! 8 Doggy Daycare Rooms Clean, Spacious Kennels l 5 Outside Play Yards l Climate Controlled Facility l Professional & Courteous Staff l Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic l Air Oasis System in facility l l

Book Early for Spring & Summer Vacations!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

7377 W. Strickland Street l Douglasville 30134



Beth Mitchell, Owner Professional Grooming by Tracie Haygood

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crossword puzzle

what’s cookin’

Warm Beer Cheese Dip By Melissa M. Cornay



1. Tsunamis 10. Lucky Strikes 14. Indian language 15. Like young Abe Lincoln 16. Length x width, for a rectangle 17. Infield 20. Aardvark fare 21. “___ only” 22. Bottled spirits 23. Cloak-and-dagger org. 24. Stallion, once 25. Dutch export 26. French high kick dance 28. Alkaline liquid 29. “Dig in!” 30. Available 31. Aerial maneuver 33. Dangerous biters 34. Rainbow treasure 37. Chuck 40. Ring bearer 41. Bakery supply 45. “A jealous mistress”: Emerson


he wonderful month of March is here. I decided to write a recipe this month that would be great for tailgating, as baseball season begins, as well as a tasty offering for a St. Patrick’s Day gathering. So, what do tailgating and St. Paddy’s have in common, you ask? Well, beer of course! And, what better way to have your beer than in a warm, creamy, cheesy dip with lots of fun dippers served on the side. With a little luck, I hopefully hit this one out of the park! ENJOY!


46. Anger, e.g. 47. Sawbuck 48. Guiding light 50. Watch chains 52. Conk out 53. Baddies 54. Pigs 55. Clappers 56. Walkie Talkies 59. Carbon compound 60. Ashtabula’s lake 61. Startling 62. ___ of Maine (toothpaste brand)

63. Edna Turnblad role must

2 8 ounce blocks of room temperature cream cheese 8 ounces of sharp cheddar cheese, grated 8 ounces of Colby cheese, grated 1 12 ounce bottle of lager beer, I prefer Yuengling 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon of garlic powder 1 teaspoon of onion powder 1 teaspoon of sweet paprika Hot sauce to taste, optional

DOWN 1. Lucky Strike ingredient 2. Like some oil 3. Far 4. “The ___ have it” 5. Family dog, for short 6. Hydrocarbon radical 7. Hotel employee 8. Aims 9. Schuss, e.g. 10. Beast of burden 11. Sarcasms 12. Tropical tree yielding black dye 13. Brutal ones 18. Long, long time 19. Chill 24. Crime boss 25. Dittography, e.g. 27. Beanies 28. Balcony section 31. A little lamb 32. Amiss 33. Gulf of ___, off the coast of Yemen 35. Double 36. Cleaning cabinet supplies 37. Small table 38. Common italian spice 39. Celebrity status 42. Slow tempo 43. Net fishermen 44. Locks 46. “Eh” 47. Cookbook abbr. 49. Plasters 50. Big sheet 51. S-sheaped lines 54. Frau’s partner 55. Lou Gehrig, on the diamond 57. P.I., e.g. 58. Coal carrier

Put the cheeses and the beer in a sauce pot over medium heat and melt together until smooth and completely homogenized. Using a whisk will incorporate the ingredients together easily. Do not allow the cheese mixture to come to a boil or it will “break.” Once melted, stir in the mustard, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and hot sauce. The mixture may seem a bit thin at first, but once you pour it into your serving bowl and it sits for a few minutes, it will thicken to a nice consistency.

MELISSA’S MEASURE: I like to serve this dip with soft pretzel bites, an assortment of fresh veggies, and tortilla chips. My favorite dipper is probably an odd choice, but it is oh so delicious…slices of tart Granny Smith apples. I know, what a different twist! Makes you want to make this dip just to try it out, right?

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