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Happy 4th of July!

Meet the

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avid and Dorothy Jones touched down in Paulding County in July 2008. They initially had no idea the city of Dallas existed, but while on leave from Ramstein Air Base in Germany and searching for a place to call home, David’s uncle suggested they see it for themselves. Dallas instantly catapulted to the top of their list. “The potential to cement ourselves in a sprouting city was very important to us and Dallas seemed like the perfect community to start our family.” David, a native of Georgia, grew up in Columbus. He attended The Art Institute of Atlanta, where he studied cinematography and developed his passion for the arts. Before finishing, he decided to follow his dad’s footsteps into the military and joined the Air Force, where he served 12 years and became a decorated veteran. Dorothy grew up in a small town in northwestern Louisiana. She attended the University of Louisiana Monroe and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. David and Dorothy met while he was stationed at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana on January 4, 1999. He loves telling the story of how they met. “It reminds me of a scene from [a] romantic movie. I was new in town and decided to venture out to see what Shreveport had to offer. I was fresh off a two year tour from Okinawa, Japan and excited to be back in the states. At the same moment, Dorothy was enjoying winter break from her sophomore year of college. Our paths crossed when I stopped her and asked for directions. She was kind enough to point me in the proper direction, and then wouldn’t you know, I ended up parking at the only space available directly beside her; and as they say...the rest is history.”

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Accepting new patients from infants to adolescents. Dr. Lisa’s goal is to provide the highest individualized care possible. As a mother herself, and the only dentist in her practice, Dr. Lisa understands that your child’s well-being and your time is just as valuable as hers. That’s why we NEVER over book, and how we stay on schedule.

Their adventure began January 8, 2001, as family and friends gathered at small a military chapel to witness the couple promise forever. Soon after, David received orders to his 3rd overseas base in Turkey. During their time there, the couple traveled to beautiful sites like Cappadocia to see the homes carved into the valley walls and vacationed at amazing resorts. However, midway through his tour, all women and children were forced to evacuate because of tension brewing in the Middle East. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing to do, and not knowing how long that goodbye would last made it even worse. It was during this six month separation from Dorothy that David revisited his childhood dream with photography. “I needed something to keep my mind busy and with my camera I am able to control moods, expressions, Cover Story Continued on Page 24 every detail.”

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family focus Sizzling Summer Time Some Tips to Keep Cool

By Terre Grable


ust take a step outside and you will know it is summer time. In the South, the temperatures are sizzling hot, and the humidity is high. As a mom with small children, the heat can make me uncomfortable and grumpy. Perhaps that is why the mosquitoes prefer to hangout by the pools of water - they may be just as miserable as we are! Even our pets are uncomfortable as they come in the house with their tongues hanging out of the side of their mouths! Yet as a mom, we know the day and fun must carry on. If you are at a loss of how to survive the sizzling summer heat, then here are some tips that require very little time to help everyone keep cool:

1. Sprinkler/water slide

I am amazed how much enjoyment kids still get out of the back yard sprinkler. Remember when we were kids how much we enjoyed the backyard sprinkler? It is better than the ice cream truck for some kids. For added fun, we put the lawn sprinkler on our slide to make our own “Water Slide.” A word of caution: bathing suits can really make a kid fly on slides!

2. Give the dog a bath

Want to have some pure visual enjoyment? Hand complete control over to a small child to bathe a dog. Then grab a glass of sweet tea, sit back and watch the show while they have the hose in one hand, shampoo in the next and chasing the dog at the same time. You can’t pay for entertainment like this. Add some chips and salsa and you’ve got a party.

3. Wash the car

It doesn’t really matter if it is perfect or not, usually a quick rinse is enough to get the cars and the kids clean. Do it at night and you may be able to save you some bath time torment.

4. Join the swim team

Swim teams are great for making sure kids get their exercise, exert some energy and stay cool in the summer. They learn new strokes, get to be around other kids and enjoy the pool all at the same time.

5. Popsicles for morning snack

Smoothies for breakfast followed by popsicles for snack. What could be better? You don’t even have to buy them because there are so many recipes on the internet that taste great. Older kids love to make their own secret recipes to share with the family.

6. Make your own ice cream

After being lost in the Great Abyss of our cupboards, we finally dug out the ice cream maker a few weeks ago. There are endless recipes for homemade ice cream, offering more choices than your local supermarket. Also, if your house deals with dairy allergies, it is a great way to save some money by making your own dairy free ice cream. We have also rediscovered our love for sorbets.

7. Use the grill

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen - literally. Summer is a great time to ‘beef’ up your grilling techniques. (Sorry about the pun.) We have cooked so many vegetables from our garden: cabbage, zucchini, acorn squash, baked potatoes. There are endless possibilities.

8. Hang out with friends

The summer heat can affect everyone. Sometimes passing the time with friends can be a great way for moms and their kids to keep cool and forget about the sizzling summer heat. As a mom, are you looking for a fun way to keep motherhood down to earth? Are you looking for a supportive atmosphere that embraces motherhood that keep it real? I invite you to check out http://www.nomommysperfect.com where you will find reminders that as a mom it’s OK to be down to earth instead of “perfect.”


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medical Get Stroke Smart: You Could Save a Life - And It Could Be Your Own


very 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has some type of stroke. Even though stroke is a leading cause of disability in America, it is largely preventable and treatable.

Bayer Aspirin is a national sponsor of the American Stroke Association’s Together to End Stroke initiative, which aims to educate and empower people to make simple lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of another stroke. Arming people with information about stroke is one step in achieving this goal. One in every four clot-related (ischemic) strokes happens after a prior stroke. Fortunately, up to 80% of recurrent clot-related (ischemic) strokes can be prevented with the right steps. “There are simple things you can do to help prevent another stroke such as managing blood pressure and cholesterol, stopping smoking, eating healthy, staying active, and a doctor-directed aspirin regimen,” said Dr. Mary Ann Bauman, M.D., a former chair for the American Stroke Association. “It is important to raise awareness so that everyone understands the facts around stroke.” So understand your risks and ask your doctor about an aspirin regimen. Aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. Here are some stroke myth-busters that could not only help save your life but also help save the life of someone you love.

Myth: Strokes won’t happen to me.

Clot-related (ischemic) strokes are the most common type of stroke, accounting for 87% of all cases. They happen when a blockage interrupts the flow of blood to the brain. Every year, nearly 800,000 people in the U.S. have a stroke, which is actually the same as the annual number of heart attacks; that’s why managing your risks is so important.

Myth: Men and women have the same risks for stroke.

More women than men have some type of stroke each year. A stroke can happen to a woman at almost any age - even to women in their 20s. This year alone, more than 100,000 U.S. women under 65 will suffer some kind of stroke. Most women don’t realize the medical regimen they receive for other conditions can increase the risk of stroke. Many of those strokes can be avoided by simply being aware of the risks and talking with your doctor to make the appropriate changes. For example, birth control pills could double the stroke risk for women compared to women who don’t take birth control pills.

Myth: All races or ethnicities have the same risk factors.

3698 Largent Way


Not all races and ethnicities have the same risk factors. The risk of stroke among African American men is actually twice as high as Caucasian men. According to the American Stroke Association, the prevalence of high blood pressure in AfricanAmericans is the highest in the world. Not only is high blood pressure more severe in African-Americans, but it also develops earlier in life. Check your blood pressure regularly.

Suite 201 l Marietta

Conveniently located across from The Avenue West Cobb

We provide an environment where kids can have a fun and happy dental experience while receiving the very best dental care available. Come tour our state of the art office with with themed rooms representing each continent from around the world.

Myth: I’m already taking prescription medications, that should be enough.

Prescription medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes may not be enough to reduce your risk of another stroke. These conditions raise the risk of stroke as well as heart attack. And while you may take prescription medications to manage these conditions, they may not be enough to protect your heart.

Myth: There’s nothing I can do to prevent a stroke.

Fifty percent of stroke risk factors can be controlled through lifestyle choices. Some tips on how include: Get fit and stay active Eat healthy l Control your cholesterol l Control your blood pressure l l

Michael A. Rossitch, DDS, MS, PC Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry


www.RossitchPediatricDentistry.com PAGE 8

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Quit smoking Ask your doctor about an aspirin regimen* *Aspirin is not appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. l l

Visit bayeraspirin.com/stroke for more information and resources about preventing another stroke. (BPT) l




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community spotlight


he Paulding community is coming together for their annual Back-to-School Event for students attending Paulding County schools. This event is provided completely by donations from the community and intended for families who are in need of help to make sure their students are ready with necessary school supplies for the first day of the new school year.

2018 Paulding Community Back to School Event

To register your child, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018paulding-community-back-to-schoolevent-tickets-42573517537

Saturday, July 21, 2018 10am – 1pm Dianne Wright Innovation Center

Registration will close when all 800 slots are filled. Make sure you register your student as soon as possible!

They are still in need of donations, especially backpacks (non-drawstring, large for middle/high school), pens, glue sticks, filler paper, 1 1/2” 3-ring binders, colored pencils, 3x5 index cards and so much more. See the complete supply list is on their Facebook page (see link at end of article).

Backpack volunteers are also needed to help Paulding’s students for a successful school year! Please register today and join the Paulding Family Connection by helping fill backpacks with basic school supplies and distribute them to students enrolled K-12 in Paulding County Schools. Groups are welcome and the blessing you will receive will be immeasurable.

The host location is the Dianne Wright Innovation Center located at 140 Bethel Church Rd., Hiram, GA 30141. This is a family friendly event, sponsored by the Paulding Family Connection. There will be games, snacks and other activities. The Paulding Health Department will provide health checks for your child if they need the school 3300 health form.

Registration for volunteers ends July 16 and can be done by going to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018paulding-community -back-to-school-event-volunteer-registration-tickets-44605098049 If you have questions or need more information about the event or the Paulding Family Connection, please email Nina Lauter, Coordinator for Paulding Family Connection at nlauter@paulding. k12.ga.us or call 770-443-8003 x 10211. Visit the Paulding Family Connection online at http://paulding.gafcp.org/ or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PauldingCountyChildrensCabinet.

l Each registered student will receive a backpack with basic school supplies. l Each child MUST be pre-registered to make sure we have enough backpacks for all registered students. l When registration fills up and if you are unable to register your child, you are invited to attend the event, enjoy the activities, receive any required school health checks from the Paulding Health Department AND sign the waiting list. l IF any backpacks are left over at the end of the event at 1:00pm, we will distribute those backpacks to the waiting list beginning at 1:15pm – a family member must be at the school when we begin giving out to the waiting list. These will be given out in the order signed up on the list. l The building must be closed by 2pm.

Here is a website that offers backpacks and school supplies at bulk rates: http://bagsinbulk.com/. Monetary donations can also be made by mailing a check made out to: Family Alliance Paulding with the notation “2018 Back to School Event” and mailed to: Nina Lauter, Paulding Family Connection, 140 Bethel Church Rd., Hiram, GA 30141.

cornerstone c h i r o p r a c t i c Dr. Chris Laurenzi

Dr. Daniel Roberts

ol o h c S o T Back y a D n o i t a i rec p p A t n e i Pat th 0 2 y l u J

Bring in New Patients -upp lies S $35 in School Ex and any am al Receive Initi ys! necessary X-rapp lies go su l o Scho ildren! to local needy ch


During normal business hours

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5886 Wendy Bagwell Pkwy l Suite 301l Hiram, GA 30141 PAGE 10

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Our Town

calendar of events

Douglasville Conference Center



Events for the Our Town Calendar are listed FREE (Restrictions Apply*-see pg 22 for instructions) **Dates, times and locations are always subject to change prior to printing. Please confirm with the event coordinator. For the full Calendar visit OurTownFamily.com

Where the good times come and go, but the memories last forever.

4th of July Celebrations and Fireworks 13th Annual Fireworks Display Extravaganza at Villa Rica Civic Center July 3; Tuesday 5pm-10pm Questions? 770-459-7011 Kennesaw’s Salute to America - Downtown Kennesaw July 3; Tuesday 6pm-9pm Questions? www.kennesawjuly3.com Stars, Stripes & Cartersville - Dellinger Park July 4th - Wednesday; Parade 9am, Festivities 4pm, Fireworks 9pm

Planning something special such as a wedding, social or corporate event?

4th of July Celebration - Marietta Square  July 4; Wednesday 10am-10pm

Let us help you make it memorable!

4th of July Celebration - Cauble Park - Acworth July 4; Wednesday Festival - Noon, Fireworks - 9:30pm (weather permitting) IndepenDance at the Pole Barn – Taylor Farm Park July 7; Saturday: Festivities - 5pm; Concert - 7pm; Fireworks - 9pm. FREE concert and fireworks! Bring a picnic basket and blanket to enjoy an evening of games, music, and fun!  Questions? 770-445-8065 Dallas Farmers Market Every Saturday; 8am – 12pm, Downtown Dallas, Regions Bank Parking Lot

With a unique blend of innovation and elegance, the Douglasville Conference Center is the perfect choice for social and corporate events! The exquisite facility includes a 7,672-square-foot grand ballroom, a business center, two green rooms, a 150-seat auditorium, two pre-function areas, a 15-person boardroom and three meeting rooms, as well as a gorgeous rear terrace. As an added benefit, the Conference Center is adjoined by a 300-space parking deck that offers free, convenient parking. Plus, our on-site caterer, Proof of the Pudding, offers superb food options for guests to enjoy. For a truly unique experience, host your next event at the Douglasville Conference Center!

Junior Ranger Camp at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Historic Site July 12 – 14: Thursday – Saturday 9am – 3pm Children 8-12 will learn about the environment, ecosystems, and outdoor safety. Preregistration required. $60/child or $50/child for multiple. 770-443-7850

678-715-6094 6700 Church Street Douglasville, GA 30134 www.DouglasvilleConferenceCenter.com

Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association (TOTA) Meeting July 14; Saturday 10:30am at the Gordon County Historical Society Keynote speaker - W. Jeff Bishop- “The Journey to Indian Country.” Meetings are free and open to the public. www.gatrailoftears.com Geology Hike - Sweetwater Creek State Park - Lithia Springs July 14; Saturday 10am – 1pm Two-mile hike identifying rocks and explaining how and when they formed; and visit to the ruins of New Manchester Mill. $5 plus $5 parking. 770-732-5871 Camp Woodland hosted by West Metro Church of Christ July 18-22; Wednesday - Monday For ages 8-18. Call 770-222-4983 for more information.


TAX TIME $pecials!

Food Truck Friday – Downtown Dallas July 20; Friday 6pm – 9pm 41st Annual Homespun Festival - Rockmart July 20-21; Friday 5pm – 9:30pm and Saturday 10am – 9:30pm Arts and crafts, games, special events. Fireworks - Saturday; 9:30pm www.homespun festival.com


2018 Paulding Community Back-to-School Event July 21; Saturday 10am – 1pm at the Dianne Wright Innovation Center For information, see their Community Spotlight on Page 10. Contact is Nina Lauter, nlauter@paulding.k12.ga.us or 770-443-8003 x 10211


Golden City Car Cruise - Mill Amphitheater, Villa Rica July 21st - Saturday; 5pm – 8pm www.goldencitycruisers.com  Alteration Saturday - Holy Cross Lutheran in Hiram July 21; Saturday 10am – 2pm Light alterations and mending. Buttons, Zippers, Hem, Seam Repair, Scout Patches. Donations accepted for Shepherd’s Rest Ministries. Questions? 770-439-6323 Georgia Classic Rides “Block Parties”* - Watson Government Complex July 28; 4th Saturday of the month; 4pm - 9pm Beautiful cars and family fun! www.georgiaclassicrides.com

Family owned store serving the local area since 2011. Unbeatable prices on top quality home furniture and mattresses. Visit UniquePieceFurniture.com or stop by our showroom located off of HWY 278.

678-402-1190 101 Greystone Power Blvd, Dallas, GA 30157 Events continued on pg 22

Our Town

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health Are You Eating Too Much Salt, Or Not Enough?


ew York City already mandates it and now Philadelphia is considering it. “It” is salt warnings on menu labels for any item considered too high in salt. The average American eats about 3,400 mg./day of sodium and recent studies indicate that’s just about the right amount. Regardless, the federal government continues to recommend that people eat a maximum of between 1,500 and 2,400 mg./day of sodium. Yet, there is almost no population on earth that consumes this little salt. A 2014 study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, tested sodium consumption in more than 100,000 people in 18 countries. The study found that the healthy range for salt consumption was between 3,000 and 5,000 mg./day. The amount of salt Americans eat per day is on the low end of this range. Consuming insufficient amounts of salt can lead to the development of insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular failure, dehydration, unsteadiness, loss of cognition and death.


We are led to believe that we are eating more salt than ever before, but this is also false. Military records from the early 1800s up to WWII, and before the widespread advent of refrigeration, show that the average soldier was consuming between 6,000 and 6,800 mg./day of sodium. We eat about half of that today and that number has remained consistent since WWII. The advent of refrigeration meant that we could preserve food with less salt, but salt remains a critical ingredient.

Dr. Michael Alderman and Dr. Hillel Cohen of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine reviewed 23 observational studies covering some 360,000 individuals and published their comprehensive results in the July 2012 edition of the American Journal of Hypertension. They also found that both the very low and very high levels of salt consumption negatively affected health, but in between those extremes, a very broad safe range of salt consumption resulted in optimum health.

Another myth we often hear is that most of our salt intake comes from processed foods and eating out. This is why government agencies are pressuring restaurants and food manufacturers to adjust their recipes or print salt warnings. In fact, every single population throughout the world, regardless of location, state of development, culture and cuisine, ingests a similar amount of salt when compared to the U.S. average. It doesn’t matter if people get their salt from packaged or restaurant foods or add it in themselves in home-cooked meals, the amount stays constant.

The federal government is pushing food manufacturers to change their recipes to reduce their sodium content. This will change the taste and texture of many foods made in the U.S. and may place us at greater risk. Bread, cheese and processed meats can’t be made without salt. Salt acts as an essential preservative and drastically lowering the salt content of processed meats significantly increases the likelihood of bacterial growth.

For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699



Dr. Alderman, who is also the editor of the American Journal of Hypertension and former president of the American Society of Hypertension, has repeatedly cited his concern that a population-wide sodium reduction campaign could have unintended consequences. “They want to do an experiment on a whole population without a good control.” More research is needed on total health outcomes before taking such a drastic step. (BPT)



Our Town

If you’re over the age of 35 and suffer from the following.... • Sciatica • Neck Pain • Disc Herniations • Lower Back Pain • Radiating Hip Pain • Numbness in the Legs & Feet

....there may be hope. Now a local doctor has what may be the most important treatment in helping these conditions. Finally, there’s a treatment to conquer back and leg pain without dangerous medications or painful surgery. Nothing is worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because you hurt and the pain won’t go away! Spinal decompression treatments are very gentle. In fact, every once in awhile I even catch a patient sleeping during sessions. Most patients feel better with just a few treatments, and best of all there will be.....

No Dangerous Drugs, No Invasive Procedures, And No Painful Exercises.

For Sciatica and Back Pain Sufferers • An in-depth consultation about your health and well-being where I will listen... really listen...to the details of your case. • A complete neuromuscular examination. • A full set of specialized x-rays (When clinically necessary) • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so we can start mapping out your plan to being pain free. • You’ll get to see everything first hand and find out if this amazing treatment will be your pain solution, like it has been for so many other patients. The normal price for this type of evaluation including x-rays is $250, so you’re saving a considerable amount by taking me up on this offer.

Call today and for ONLY $20 we can get you scheduled for a consultation as soon as there is an opening. When you call, tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Back Pain and Sciatica Evaluation so we can record the date and give you proper credit for this special offer. But remember this special offer is only good until July 14, 2018.

Sincerely Dr. Amy Valente, D.C., DNM

My name is Dr. Amy Valente, D.C., DNM, owner of North Cobb Spine & Nerve Institute. I understand what it feels like to live in pain, because I see it every day.

P.S. Before you go under the knife and opt for back surgery, you should seriously consider this less invasive approach.

I’ve seen hundreds of people with back pain, numbness, and sciatica leave the office pain free.

Don’t wait and let your problems get worse, disabling you for life. Take me up on my offer and call today 678-574-5678.

This is why for 14 DAYS ONLY, I’m running a very special offer where you can find out if you are a candidate for spinal decompression.



Call Our 24 Hour Help Line at

See What Some of Our Patients are Saying: I took a fall in May of 2017 which put my hip an inch out of place. Eight weeks later it was bothering me and I had significant tingling in my legs. It was impossible to take normal strides and every step was excruciating. After coming to North Cobb Spine and Nerve my pain level has dropped from an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 to a ONE! I can now step sideways, backwards, and take care of my responsibilities around the house. When I look back on my previous quality of life, I was not sure that I wanted to live another year, but now I want to live another 10. The atmosphere at North Cobb Spine and Nerve is the best and everyone is pleasant, professional, and cares about each other! Thank you, Patrick Dawson

www.northcobbspine.com Our Town

Before I came to North Cobb Spine and Nerve Institute I had lower back pain, pinched nerves, and shooting pain down my leg. Decompression therapy has decreased my pain to none at all. I have improved 100% since before I started care. I can do house work, walk long walks, and take care of my family. My home life is better because I am not Ill anymore. I would recommend this office to anyone that asked, the doctors and staff are nice and quick to help. Thanks, Nancy Noland Dr. Amy Valente, D.C., DNM

EXPIRES 7-14-18 Federal and Medicare Restrictions Apply.

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Work toward Your Own Financial Independence Day Contributed by Roberto De Jesus of Edward Jones Investments, Dallas/Acworth


e’re getting close to the Fourth of July, our national Independence Day. This celebration may get you thinking of the many freedoms you enjoy. But have you thought of what you might need to do to attain FINANCIAL freedom?

Your first step is to define what financial independence signifies to you. For many people, it means being able to retire when they want to, and to enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle. So, if this is your vision as well, consider taking these steps:

Pay yourself first If you wait until you have some extra money “lying around” before you invest for retirement, you may never get around to doing it. Instead, pay yourself first. This actually is not that hard to do, especially if you have a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan, because your contributions are taken directly from your paycheck, before you even have the chance to spend the money. You can set up a similar arrangement with an IRA by having automatic contributions taken directly from your checking or savings account.

Invest appropriately Your investment decisions should be guided by your time horizon, risk tolerance and retirement goals. If you deviate from these guideposts – for instance, by taking on either too much or too little risk – you may end up making decisions that aren’t right for you and that may set you back as you pursue your financial independence.

Avoid financial “potholes.” Join the 3RD GRADE RAIDERS second annual


We Need You!

Give yourself some wiggle room

Fun Skills Camps All JULY

If you decide that to achieve financial independence, you must retire at 62 or you MUST buy a vacation home by the beach, you may feel disappointed if you fall short of these goals. But if you’re prepared to accept some flexibility in your plans – perhaps you can work until 65 or just rent a vacation home for the summer – you may be able to earn a different, but still acceptable, financial freedom. And by working a couple of extra years or paying less for your vacation home expenses, you may also improve your overall financial picture.

Raider Jamboree 8-11 Join us for the

Paulding County Fall Classic 8-18-18 Cheer Camps! TINY TOTS $35

The road to financial liberty will always be marked with potholes you should avoid. One such pothole is debt – the higher your debt burden, the less you can invest for your retirement. It’s not always easy to lower your debt load, but do the best you can to live within your means. A second pothole comes in the form of large, unexpected short-term costs, such as a major home or auto repair or a medical bill not fully covered by insurance. To avoid dipping into your long-term investments to pay for these short-term costs, try to build an emergency fund containing six months’ to a year’s worth of living expenses, with the money kept in a liquid, low-risk account.


Putting these and other moves to work can help you keep moving toward your  important goals. When you eventually reach your own “Financial Independence Day,” it may not warrant a fireworks display – but it should certainly add some sparkle to your life. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by Roberto De Jesus, your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.


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faith By Stephanie Reck, LMSW, LBT,BCCC


here are a few of us in life who have been knocked down repeatedly. Some of us have had to learn very early on in life how to fight, and some never have learned to get back up from the punches in life. For someone who has been under tremendous stress, trauma, and different crisis’ in their lives, developing resilience is key for maintaining and keeping good mental, physical and spiritual health. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. You bounce back swiftly after stress or difficulty in your life. Without resilience, one breaks under pressure instead of just gently bending. Research shows that the amount of resilience a person possesses is a greater factor for determining success in life rather than your IQ. Some people have a natural tendency towards resilience, while others are bent more towards emotional reactions including being overwhelmed by difficulties in life. I believe some resilience is part of our DNA, but I also believe some resilience is learned by your environment or by the people who raised you. Take for instance, if you were raised with an overly emotional mother whose first reaction to problems was to show negative emotions and you never saw how she overcame her difficulties; chances are a part of what you perceived became ingrained in you. The good news is you can learn how to become resilient. Learning to become resilient starts with your thoughts, and renewing your mind to believe what God says in His

How to Become More

word about you. If your thoughts are negative, it is probable you are not a resilient person. Would you consider yourself a resilient person? Resilient people…


Resilient people are able to cope with problems and setbacks. Those that lack resilience become overwhelmed when distressing situations occur, tend to focus on the problem, use unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with life’s challenges, and are slower to recover from setbacks

Resilient people don’t live life in denial, but they understand setbacks occur and life can be painful sometimes. Resilient people do not remain focused on the negative, and disengage rapidly from problems that appear unsolvable. A key to resilience is to know when to “cut your losses,” and move on to problems that are solvable. Resilient people still mourn losses and experience grief, but they can find redeeming potential in most situations. When non-resilient people face difficulties all of their emotions turn negative. If things are good, the non-resilient person is good, but if things are bad, they feel bad. Resilient people can find the silver lining in almost any adverse circumstance. They will find, seek, and search for the good in their challenges. Resilient people are grateful people and are always

counting their blessings. They might say, “I am sad this happened but I am blessed about this.” Resilient people are not victims and don’t wallow in self-pity.

Resilient people are overcomers, whether it is their childhood wounds or current painful situations. Resilient people are hopeful. They are hopeful brighter days are ahead and they trust God will use their pain for His purposes. Resilient people take good care of themselves such as with exercise, eating healthy, and maintaining a healthy support system. Resilient people do not focus on their problems, but focus on what is right in their lives. Resilient people are not whiners and complainers. They don’t tell their problems repeatedly to others to gain pity. Resilient people are fighters, they don’t back down and they never give up! When they get temporarily knocked down, they come back up stronger. Resilient people move forward and they don’t look back into the past with regret. Contact Stephanie at HopeandEncouragement4Women@gmail.com.

SSA Paulding Soccer Club

Providing Soccer Programs for Paulding’s Boys and Girls for Over 20 Years

Looking for a sport to get your child involved with? Come out and join our soccer family! l Spring & Fall Season Programs l Under 4 Tykes - Under 19 l Boys & Girls of all Ability Levels & Experience l No Try-outs l Fees Starting at $60

Hurry! Online Registration for Fall 2018 Season ongoing through July 31, 2018 Information:



Braly Soccer Complex, Dallas Complete Details Online:

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home improvement Repairing Hardwood Floors

By Brain Jenkins


ardwood floors are the heart of a home - warm, inviting and homey, hardwoods make any room look great. But what happens when you come home and find that someone has dragged a kitchen chair across the living room and left a long, bright scratch as evidence of their crime? There are ways to repair scratches on your hardwood floor, even the deepest of them. The particular remedy you use for scratches on your hardwood floor depends on - how deep the scratch is, the finish on your floor, the stain on your floor (if any) and whether the scratch has penetrated it. Here are some tips for fixing the scratches on your hardwood floors. Keep in mind you should always test any fix on an inconspicuous bit of flooring to make sure it doesn’t do more damage. Household Fixes for Superficial Scratches For the most superficial of scratches on a floor that is not finished with polyurethane: n Rub a shelled walnut over the scratch if it is so superficial that it barely scratches the wood. If the scratch is through the finish and mars the wood: n Mix one part olive (not virgin) or vegetable oil with


one part lemon juice. Now, rub the mixture firmly into the wood with a clean, lint-free cloth, rubbing in the direction of the scratch until it disappears. For slightly deeper scratches: n Using a crayon the same color as the wood, color in the scratch. Now scrape away excess wax with the flat edge of a single-edge razor blade held at a 45 degree angle. Scrape away from you and keep the blade flat against the floor. Next, wax the floor. Again, those fixes are NOT for polyurethane finished floors, which should never be waxed. For those, you can try these simple fixes for superficial scratches. If the scratch has not penetrated the finish into the wood: n Sand the scratched area lightly with 320-grit sandpaper to feather the edge. Now use a rag to smooth on two or three light coats of polyurethane, allowing it to dry completely between coats. If the scratch has penetrated the finish to damage the wood: n Purchase a polyurethane touch-up kit from your hard-

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ware store. Fill scratch with filler and stain if necessary. Finish with two or three light coats of polyurethane. You can purchase a hardwood repair kit at your local hardware store to keep in your toolbox. It consists of several sticks of colored wood putty that look just like crayons. When you get a scratch, you simply pick the color closest to the wood stain color, rub the putty stick over it and buff with a soft cloth. The scratch will virtually disappear. Deep Scratches and Gouges Again, the best solution for repairing deep gouges and scratches in your hardwood floors depends on the overall condition of the floor and the extent of the damage. If your floor is in generally excellent condition and the gouge only affects one or two planks of wood, your best option is probably to replace those planks. If the damage is more extensive, or if the rest of the floor is starting to show wear and replacement boards would stand out, your best option may be to screen and refinish your hardwood floor. Before you decide to do this yourself, you should consider the necessary safety precautions and if you have the experience to do the job. If the scratches have penetrated the finish and gouged the wood, you may have to refinish the entire floor. Like screening and refinishing, this is only a DIY job if you are an experienced DIYer. If it is within your budget, sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor is a job for the professionals.



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ABC Stairs Changing the look of your home is as easy as ABC! Let ABC Stairs retrofit your old wooden balusters with beautiful new metal balusters or let us remodel your entire staircase to make your house look New!

Quick, Easy, and more Affordable than you think.


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Call for a Free In Home Estimate. 678-207-8106


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My Favorite Trees

By Mickey Gazaway


hen my husband and I first visited Dallas, before we found a house or a church or a grocery store, I fell in love. I fell madly in love with two trees! We were driving into town on Merchants Drive in the middle of summer and I knew I was home. Being a plant nut, of course, I always notice the trees, flowers and shrubs along the road, but this was different. I glanced over to the right, as we passed East Memorial and I saw two huge conifers. I assumed they were some sort of Cedar and made a note to check them out one day when I had time. To make a long story short, we found our little house in downtown Dallas and moved in October. It was that fall that I noticed a difference in my beautiful trees. They were turning a bright reddish brown. What could be wrong? Before we were even unpacked, I walked several blocks to check them out. This is what I found‌.

These were not Cedars at all; they were Dawn Redwoods, Metasequoia glyptostroboides.

This is what we know about Dawn Redwoods‌ They are fast growing deciduous trees. They look a lot like evergreen conifers until fall, when they turn brown and defoliate. They grow up to 150 feet tall and prefer moist soil but will tolerate dry soil once they are established. These ancient trees, thought to be extinct are now fairly readily available. However, before you decide to plant one in your yard, remember they get really huge and need more space than most of us have in an urban environment. If you do have the space and if you prefer to use native trees, you might think about using our native Bald Cypress, Taxodium distichum, a similar looking deciduous conifer, which also prefers moist soil and gets quite large.

Dawn Redwoods were thought to be extinct until 1941. They were first described as a fossil from the Mesozoic Era in 1941. When a small stand of these trees were found in China in 1944, botanists around the world became interested. In 1948, the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University sent an expedition to collect seeds. These seeds were distributed to various universities and arboreta worldwide for growth trials.

Check these trees out now before they defoliate, and know that you are looking at a living fossil.

How and when did these very special trees get to Paulding County?

Mickey Gazaway, is a Paulding County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer. These volunteers are trained experts, who answer questions about home horticulture, sustainable landscaping, and environmentally friendly gardening practices. For more information on gardening in Paulding, contact the Extension Office at 770-443-7616 or visit ugaextension.org/Paulding.

We heard from a local resident who lived in the home and planted the trees back in 1964. She started with three trees, and of those three, two survived and matured.



www.roofelite.com www.roofelite.com


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If you need a service that requires a ladder, please let us know.

SERVICES OFFERED: l Gutter Cleaning, Repair & Replacement l Gutter Screens Installed l Roof Repair l Drywall Repair l Siding Repair l Indoor/Outdoor Lights Replaced (Bulb changes in hard to reach places)

l Interior/Exterior Painting

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Fireplaces/Fire Pits Outdoor Living l Fencing l Landscape Lighting l Clean-up Jobs l Concrete l Pinestraw/Mulch & more!





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M & B Landscaping Services & Hardscape Design & Irrigation Installation Services Bobcat Grading & Soding l Landscape repairs l Retaining Walls l Stone Work

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Paulding Chamber - Georgia Power Luncheon-Paulding Senior Center August 2; Thursday 11am - 1pm Speaker TBD, ($20/mem, $25/non-mem prepaid; $5 more at door.) To register visit www.pauldingchamber.org or call 770-445-6016 FREE Outdoor Movie presented by Paulding County Parks and Recreation August 4; Saturday 7:30pm Veterans Memorial Park/Watson Govt Complex ‘COCO’ - Bring lawn chairs and blankets out to enjoy a family-friendly movie on the BIG SCREEN! Alcohol prohibited. Questions? 770-445-8065 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Fall Training Classes begin August 13 - Monday and Wednesday evenings. CASA Paulding is seeking volunteer advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children in Juvenile Court. For more info about how you can help a child in foster care find a safe, permanent home email rlundy@casapaulding.org or call 770-5050065  www.casapaulding.org VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - 2018 CAYA Summer Lunch Program Volunteers and donations are needed for the Paulding Summer Lunch Program. To volunteer or donate contact Pastor Dan Pervorse, CAYA Reconciliation Ministries, info@ CAYAMinistries.com, 770-445-9303 Program ends July 27. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Keep Paulding Beautiful Help create a clean and healthy Paulding. To volunteer call 770-443-0119 ONGOING MONTHLY EVENTS- Confirm dates/times with coordinator: Dallas Georgia Writers Guild Every Tuesday 1:00pm - 2:00pm At Starbucks - Crossroads 8655 Hiram Acworth Hwy, Dallas writers_muse@att.net Dallas Rotary Club at Audrey’s Café* Every Thursday; 7:30am networking, 8am meeting Contact Madge Lovingood 770-439-7991 with any questions. Grief Share Support Group at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church* Classes offered every few weeks. Contact them for dates and time.678-435-5951

Gustavo 13 Years Experience Free Estimates Low low prices

Manna Food Ministry - Feed the Hungry* Offering affordable, pre-packaged, high-quality nutritious food boxes. Questions? 678-310-9660. Major credit cards accepted. 460 S. Johnston St, Dallas, 30132.


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Paulding County Beekeepers Club* 2nd Monday of the month; 7pm at Dallas Primitive Baptist Church 222 Legion Rd., Dallas or follow on Facebook at Paulding County Beekeepers! Questions? Call Sue McCleary at 678-310-7305. Paulding County Singles Ages 50 and Over* 2nd Tuesday of the month; 6pm at Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant, Hiram Paulding Singles 50 and Over on Facebook or call Phyllis Coble at 678-247-6499 Paulding County Writers’ Guild Meeting* 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm Call 770-943-0571 or check www.pcwgga.org/calendar for meeting info. Paulding Literacy Council Programs: Learn more by calling 770-974-5531 Become An Adult Reading Tutor – tutors needed; training provided. l Learn and Improve Your Reading skills - Tutoring sessions for Paulding residents. l English Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. To register call 770-443-1660 l Class Instruction for GED. To register call 770-443-1660 l

Paulding Parks & Recreation Program Registration* Check online for list of their programs and registration periods. https://recreation.paulding.gov/wbwsc/webtrac.wsc/SPLASH.html Paulding Photography Club – Downtown Dallas* 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month; 7pm Meetings are at 122 Main Street, Dallas. Monthly competitions, field trips, etc. For more information visit www.facebook.com/PauldingPhotographyClub. *Email events to info@ourtownfamily.com, by the 12th of the month. *Follow sample in calendar; 50 WORDS OR LESS; SPACE IS LIMITED! RESTRICTIONS APPLY.


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Now registering for summer classes & camps!

Box Office Hours: Mon/Thu/Fri 3pm-6pm and Sat 10am-2pm

www.dallastheaterga.com Box Office Phone 678-363-0813


DALLAS Upcoming

Ages 2-Adult Recreational & Competitive Programs




104 Greystone Power Blvd. Dallas, Ga 30157





General Admission





106 Greystone Power Dallas, GA 30157

Tickets: dallastheaterga.com


2 PM

11 AM

Developmental Gymnastics n Tumbling Competitive Gymnastics n Cheerleading Blvd Preschool Gymnastics n Birthday Parties Back Handspring Clinics n Open Gym Parent’s Night Out n Toddler Time




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Aesop’s Fantastic Fables

Free! n Cartoo y! Tuesdath


FREE on the BIG Screen!

Join us Tuesday, July 24th, 10a-12p and 2p-4p for free classic cartoons.


July 2

All children must be accompanied by an adult. This is a non-ticketed event.

uncing o n n A 2018-2019 SHOW SEASON!

The Petty Hearts






Tom Petty Tribute Show

A Journey Tribute

Dee’Anna Marie at Select Salon 160 Dallas St. Hiram, GA 423-512-0359

Saturday, Sept. 15th at 7pm Tickets: $22-Regular $20-Discount

Friday, Oct. 12th at 7:30pm

$10 off

Tickets: $25-Regular $22-Discount

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feature photographer

more about the cover



ressa Cash is a native Georgia girl currently residing in Dallas with her husband of 23 years.  She has three sons, her oldest is in the USMC and stationed in Japan, her middle son is a sophomore in college and the youngest a junior in high school. Tressa began her career as a photographer in Guam with the USAF from 1989 to 1993. She was blessed to continue her photography career as a commercial photographer and creative director in the marketing department of a major corporation. In 1995 MACPI was created so she could focus her talents towards a more rewarding career creating memories on a more personal level. She is an award-winning photographer and a leader in the photography industry. Tressa is known for her ability to provide an individualized unique experience along with creative lighting, posing and attention to detail no matter who or what she is photographing. MACPI is a full-service studio providing quality heirloom prints and products to be treasured for generations to come. Her passion is capturing moments that spark a memory taking your heart to a place and time in life that you wish you could revisit. To contact Tressa about booking a session call 678-908-4423, visit www.macpi-atlanta. com or email at memoriesarecreated@gmail.com.

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Within two years, David opened his very first photography studio in Landsthul, Germany while stationed at Ramstein. It was during this 4th tour in Germany that Dorothy put her nursing skills to work as the Manager of the Neurosurgery Department at Landsthul Regional Hospital. She oversaw hundreds of brain trauma patients from the war. “It was tough witnessing these young warriors in these bad conditions, but I was there to serve as well... we made sure we did everything we could for them.” Working with these soldiers prepared Dorothy for her current position as a Nurse Case Manager at Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center in Kennesaw. After many years abroad and with each goodbye appearing longer, the pair decided to embark on another adventure outside the military. “I’m proud to have served my country. I miss putting on that uniform every single day, but I had to follow my heart and step out on faith.” Today, David is quite the entrepreneur. Not only is he a savvy real estate agent, but David uses his passion and love for photography in his own media company called DavidJonesMedia.com. As an amazing photographer, he is a master of lighting, styling and creative detail. He has often used his talents on the incredible sports covers of Our Town. Starting a family was another reason why the couple decided to leave the military lifestyle. In September 2014, the couple welcomed their only child Darcy Jones. She is a happy bundle of energy, and they love keeping her physically active and learning. Darcy loves the beach, being involved in gymnastics, dance and ballet, and is also dad’s best Photographer’s Assistant. “Darcy is our gift from heaven,” Dorothy states. “After 14 years of waiting, we were blessed with this amazing little lady and she has totally changed our lives. Fourteen years of crossing borders and chasing dreams as a family of two gave way to the both of us being laser focused at the honor it is to be able to guide and love one of God’s precious creations.”


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pet news

4 Answers to the Silly Things Dogs Do


By Brian Spilner


ne thing to get used to when you have a dog (or any pet, except maybe fish) is they’re going to make you look silly on a regular basis, often you’ll find yourself asking why they do the silly things they do.

Available for Adoption:

Q. When will my dog stop chewing up my shoes, plastic hangers, wallet, checkbook, etc.?

A. When you stop leaving temptation down where he can see it and instead leave

him something appropriate and more interesting to keep him busy, like an indestructible chewing toy, something that’s more attractive to him than getting into trouble -- and safer. If you remove the usual temptations but don’t substitute suitable distractions he’s going to be bored and go looking for trouble. He’ll find it where you least expect it, even it’s seeing how long it takes to dig from the living room to the dining room... through the wall.

Hi everyone! I’m TRITON (DOB ~02/28/2014), a male Seal Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll mix. I was found as a stray by a family who noticed that I was hanging around a local business, appearing absolutely starving, and rather than let me wander in a very busy traffic area, they took me home and tried to locate my owner but was unsuccessful. Because the one of the family members who found me is highly allergic to cats, placement was sought with FFRS. I am a BIG fellow with a BIG personality, even though I can be a bit grouchy at times. Although I can tolerate them, I’m not fond of other cats (maybe because while I was a stray I had to compete for food with others??) and would love a home where I could be the center of attention. Once I learn to trust you, I can be sweet as can be, asking for pets and rubs. If you’ll give me a chance, I know I can provide you with years of love, loyalty, and companionship – as long as there is not much competition around! I am neutered, up-to-date with vaccines, negative for Feline FIV/FeLV, dewormed, microchipped, and will be eligible to receive a 30-day free trial of pet health insurance at the time of my adoption. My adoption fee is $125.

Q. Why does my dog enjoy embarrassing me by scooting across the floor on his butt?

A. Because it itches. Chances are he couldn’t care less about your mortification, or


if he did think about it would wonder what the fuss was all about. Dogs (especially males -- seeing a pattern here) are staunch believers in the “scratch where it itches” school of thought. However, there might be a reason your dog has that itch. It could be impacted anal glands that need to be expressed, either by you, the vet or groomer. It could also be a case of worms, a skin irritation, allergy or even an injury or more rarely, rectal prolapse. If the scooting doesn’t stop after the anal glands have been expressed, you should probably take the dog to the vet to find out exactly what is causing the behavior. There’s always the chance your dog DOES like to mess with your head.

Q. Why does my dog chase his tail? A. Because it’s there. It’s the toy he was born with and can always count on. You won’t take it away from him and put it up because the squeaker’s gone out of it or because it’s beginning to stink, although the consequences of a stinky tail are usually the dreaded B-A-T-H. Sometimes tail chasing can become compulsive and you’ll need to step in and curb the behavior pattern. Dogs that are obsessed with their tails can be manifesting serious anxiety, boredom, stress or other emotional unrest and can even begin to show self-mutilating behavior. There are some breeds that seem to be genetically predisposed to harmless tail chasing; Bull Terriers, Australian Cattle Dogs, Jack Russells, Staffordshire and American Pit Bull Terriers. You could almost say “it’s a Terrier thing.”

Q. Why does my yard look like a recovered mine field? A. All dogs are hard wired for digging, from back when their ancestors dug dens in the earth or enlarged naturally formed caves for shelter and safety. So it’s a natural instinct whether you’ve got a primitive breed like a Carolina dog or a highly bred miniature Poodle. Some dogs dig for the sheer fun and accomplishment. Dirt spraying everywhere, lovely earthy smells, and when you’re done, there’s a lovely cool place to lay down. There are dogs who dig to bury bones, whether to age them to an acceptable level of decrepitude so they can get to the marrow or just to hide them. Moles, mice, voles and other prey also live underground and digging them out can provide endless hours of entertainment, and then there’s the bonus of having a yard full of mud puddles after a good rain which, unfortunately, leads to the B-A-T-H even faster than a stinky tail does.

Our Town Our Town

JULY Puzzle Solution

To see some of our cats available for adoption, please visit www.fancyfelinerescue.org/available.htm; then complete our online Adoption Application, www.fancyfelinerescue.org/adoptapp.htm, or email us at FancyFelineResQ@bellsouth. net. And don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/FancyFelineRescue! ***Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is in dire need of foster families, and volunteers to help with cleaning, feeding, and socializing our cats at the Rescue Center and/or helping at our weekend adoption events two weekends a month at the Kennesaw Petsmart. If you are willing to give of your time and your heart to help our kitties, please complete our online Volunteer Application at www.fancyfelinerescue.org/volapp.htm. The gratification of knowing you make a difference in the lives of these deserving cats is overwhelming.***

KRITTERS Country Club


Kritters Country Lane Kennels an affiliate company of Kritters Country Club

Don’t leave your pet home alone all day. Let them come to Kritters and have a fun time of Play.

7689 Lambert Rd Winston, Ga 30187 770-577-4040

$18 Doggy Daycare!

8 Doggy Daycare Rooms God Bless Clean, Spacious Kennels America l 5 Outside Play Yards Please keep your pets safe for the 4th! l Climate Controlled Facility Fireworks can be scary! l Professional & Courteous Staff l Air Oasis System in facility l




7377 W. Strickland Street l Douglasville 30134



Beth Mitchell, Owner Professional Grooming by Tracie Haygood

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crossword puzzle

what’s cookin’

Spiralized Zucchini & Summer Squash Casserole


1. Increase, with “up” 4. Ace 7. Canceled 11. Super berries 12. Wing, say 13. “Land of the free, b/c of the __” 15. Roast lamb complement 17. CeO2 18. Placing in position for use 20. “Silent Spring” subject 21. Conk out 22. Hate group 23. Bang-up 26. “A pox on you!” 27. Add 29. “What’ve you been ___?” 32. Cookbook abbr. 35. Canary’s call 37. Andean land 38. Barely get, with “out” 39. Highlands hillside 40. ___ whale 42. Processor based computer 44. “Cast Away” setting 45. Thailand monetary unit 47. Absorbed, as a cost 49. “Beat it!” 50. Bills, e.g. 52. African antelope 55. Bird ___ 57. Gossamer 60. Acoustic 63. Pyrotechnics 64. Trim on ancient robes 65. Front row 66. ___-friendly 67. European language

By Hilary Meyer, EatingWell Recipe Contributor


f you don’t have a spiralizer to make this healthy zucchini noodle casserole (aka zoodles), use a vegetable peeler to make long thin strips of the squash and zucchini, stopping when you reach the seedy center. Just a few minutes under the broiler gives these ricotta-and-basil-filled nests a light golden top. Ingredients

27. “Planet of the ___” 28. “Agreed!” 29. Bull markets 30. Enlivens, with “up” 31. Financial officer 33. “Lulu” composer DOWN 34. Schuss, e.g. 1. Gland cavities 36. Athletic supporter? 2. Parsonage 41. ___ jacket 3. Big East team 43. Kind of nut 4. Newswoman Zahn 5. Castor oil toxic protein 46. Affirmative action 48. Become friendlier 6. Black cat, maybe 50. Egypt capital 7. “ER” network 51. Table part 8. Bauxite, e.g. 52. Yellow shrub 9. Horticulturist 53. Nuclearly destroyed 10. “Ars amatoria” poet 54. “Back in the ___” 11. During 55. Marvelous, in slang 12. Knocker 56. Artificial bait 14. “Dig in!” 16. Brit author pen name 58. In doubt 59. It may be proper 19. Breach 61. Infomercials, e.g. 24. ___out” 62. $6M 25. Rookie 26. July ___ 68. “Silent Night” adjective 69. “20,000 Leagues” harpooner ___ Land

1 cup whole-milk ricotta cheese ½ cup finely shredded Parmesan cheese ¼ cup chopped fresh basil 1 clove garlic, minced ½ teaspoon ground pepper, divided 2 medium summer squash 2 medium zucchini 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil ½ teaspoon salt Directions 1. Position a rack in the top position of oven; preheat broiler to high. 2. Combine ricotta, Parmesan, basil, garlic and ¼ teaspoon pepper in a medium bowl. Set aside. 3. Using a spiral vegetable slicer or a vegetable peeler, cut summer squash lengthwise into long, thin strands or strips. Stop when you reach the seeds. You should have about 6 cups of “noodles.” Place them on a cutting board and shape into an even 10-inch square. Cut the square into quarters. Transfer each “nest” to a 9-by-13-inch broiler-safe pan (or similar size 3-quart baking dish). Repeat with zucchini. Arrange the zucchini nests in an alternating pattern with the summer squash. 4. Drizzle the nests with oil and season with salt and the remaining ¼ teaspoon pepper. Make a well in the center of each and spoon in about 2 tablespoons filling. 5. Broil the nests until browned in spots, 6 to 8 minutes. Serve warm. © Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. Used with permission. EatingWell magazine and EatingWell.com.

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A CHRIST-CENTERED RECOVERY PROGRAM hangups hurts addictions family dysfunction dependency abuse, etc.

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