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For Sciatica and Back Pain Sufferers

If you’re over the age of 35 and suffer from the following.... • Sciatica • Neck Pain • Disc Herniations • Lower Back Pain • Radiating Hip Pain • Numbness in the Legs & Feet ....there may be hope. Now a local doctor has what may be the most important treatment in helping these conditions. Finally, there’s a treatment to conquer back and leg pain without dangerous medications or painful surgery. Nothing is worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because you hurt and the pain won’t go away! Spinal decompression treatments are very gentle. In fact, every once in awhile I even catch a patient sleeping during sessions. Most patients feel better with just a few treatments, and best of all there will be.....

No Dangerous Drugs, No Invasive Procedures, And No Painful Exercises.

• An in-depth consultation about your health and well-being where I will listen... really the details of your case. • A complete neuromuscular examination. • A full set of specialized x-rays (When clinically necessary) • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so we can start mapping out your plan to being pain free. • You’ll get to see everything first hand and find out if this amazing treatment will be your pain solution, like it has been for so many other patients. The normal price for this type of evaluation including x-rays is $250, so you’re saving a considerable amount by taking me up on this offer.

Call today and for ONLY $20 we can get you scheduled for a consultation as soon as there is an opening. When you call, tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Back Pain and Sciatica Evaluation so we can record the date and give you proper credit for this special offer. But remember this special offer is only good until Aug 14, 2017.

Sincerely Dr. Amy Valente, D.C.

My name is Dr. Amy Valente, D.C. owner of North Cobb Spine & Nerve Institute. I understand what it feels like to live in pain, because I see it every day.

P.S. Before you go under the knife and opt for back surgery, you should seriously consider this less invasive approach.

I’ve seen hundreds of people with back pain, numbness, and sciatica leave the office pain free.

Don’t wait and let your problems get worse, disabling you for life. Take me up on my offer and call today 678-574-5678.

This is why for 14 days ONLY, I’m running a very special offer where you can find out if you are a candidate for spinal decompression.

Call Our 24 Hour Help Line at


See What Some of Our Patients are Saying: The attack of sciatica brought me to North Cobb Spine and Nerve Institute. The Spinal Decompression Therapy has helped me in several different ways. My life is back, I don’t walk with a limp, I sleep better at night and my pain is gone. My symptoms of leg cramps, and hip aches have gone away. Getting well has affected my family too. They would hurt and stress seeing me so miserable and in so much pain. I feel alive, my house is cleaner, and my thinking is clearer. I would describe the atmosphere and care as family like. Thank you, Pamela Elrod Our Town

I started at North Cobb Spine & Nerve Institute for pain in my low back that traveled down my right leg. The pain felt like a burning sensation down my leg and numbness into my toes. I was unable to walk my normal five miles. Since starting the spinal decompression therapy I am now able to walk again without any pain. The pain and numbness down my right leg is completely alleviated. I was surprised to find that I am even sleeping better at night and that the tension in my upper back has also been relieved. The staff here has treated my great and is very caring! Thanks, Bill Norman Dr. Amy Valente, D.C.

EXPIRES 8-14-17

Federal and Medicare Restrictions Apply.

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Teacher of the Year By Brittany Kirkland

“We Choose to Build”


iadonnasanova Owens-Williamson is more than Paulding County’s 2017 Teacher of the Year. She also takes on the roles of artist, wife, and mother. And just like other multi-tasking women, creating comes naturally to Iia. Whether it’s creating little humans or beautiful pieces to hang on your living room wall, women are magical simply due to the fact they are incredibly apt at creating something out of nothing. Alchemy hides in the wrinkles of a woman’s hands and reveals itself through her creative intuition. Iia demonstrates her magic daily by guiding her students to the source of their very own magic. Art has always been at the forefront of Iia’s life, but sharing her art through teaching hadn’t crossed her mind until a client, whose book Iia was illustrating at the time, suggested she share her love of art with young students.

Iia commenced her career by substituting in Cobb County thirteen years ago. Her teaching career reached a peak when she took a long-term assignment as a substitute teacher for a demanding 4th grade class that simply needed a committed teacher. Iia accepted the challenge with confidence. Because Iia made the effort to create bonds with her students, she produced long-lasting interest in art amongst her kids. In addition, she formed genuine relationships with her students that endured beyond the classroom.

Lisa Y. West, D.M.D. 770-505-0800 2713 Charles Hardy Pkwy. Suite 111 Pediatric Dentistry Dallas, GA 30157 (Hwy 120, across from Stars & Strikes)

Accepting new patients from infants to adolescents.

Iia’s roots reach back to Columbus, Georgia but she is currently a local artist and contributor to the Paulding community. Iia and her husband, Christopher Williamson, a Decatur native, have been married for almost 14 years. Christopher is an automotive technician at an auto repair shop in Atlanta. Their two children, Nia and Austin, both attend Georgia State University. While Nia is a Communications major, Austin studies Sociology.

Dr. Lisa’s goal is to provide the highest individualized care possible. As a mother herself, and the only dentist in her practice, Dr. Lisa understands that your child’s well-being and your time is just as valuable as hers. That’s why we NEVER over book, and how we stay on schedule.

Iia’s own academic career included a focus on drawing, painting, industrial design, drafting, illustration, and architecture. She ultimately earned a BFA in Drawing and Painting and a certification in Arts Education from Kennesaw State University. Iia has taught an array of art classes from your neighborhood elementary school to private workshops and Hobby Lobby classrooms. Iia is passionate not only about art, but teaching as well. She knows firsthand just how crucial a teacher’s influence on a child’s confidence is. Iia shared, “teachers have the power to build or tear down a nation by building or destroying a child’s spirit. We choose to build.” Iia confessed that although she turned her back on her passion when she was a student because of a college professor’s dream-crushing remarks, as much as she tried to shun art, the more it continued to reveal itself to her. Now Iia finds purpose in teaching students the very thing she learned from her own experiences. Iia expressed, “to impact the life of a child means you impact not only their life but everyone that has contact with that child, and that is a HUGE responsibility and opportunity.”

Most insurance accepted. Complete info is a click away at

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community spotlight By Diane Sohl, Kids Hope USA Director


e are excited about starting our fifth year of mentoring students at C. A. Robert’s Elementary school in Dallas, GA. By building relationships with the elementary school children we mentor, we see life change in the students we work with, and our own lives as well. As this school year begins we are looking for individuals who are interested in working with elementary school students for one hour, once a week through the school year, beginning in October and ending in May. One simple thing will make a big difference in the life of an at-risk child: One-on-one, positive attention from a responsible, caring adult. KIDS HOPE USA develops these one-on-one relationships through the creation of church-school partnerships that pair church members with at-risk kids in supportive, mentoring relationships. KIDS HOPE USA mentors spend just one hour per week, reading, talking, playing and listening to a child at school. By helping the child feel loved and valued, they help that child to learn, grow and succeed. Each mentor will also be paired with a prayer partner, who would be praying for the mentor and their student each week, from home, as the mentor gives you updates concerning the needs of the student. If you want more information concerning the program


worth a lot. “Given the choice between $100,000 for instructional material or the love of Kids Hope USA mentors,” she says, “I would choose the love.” One hour a week, every week, is the most important hour many of these kids have. One hour of oneon-one attention, just for them.

please visit the website or contact me. I’m very excited to invite you to join me in this opportunity to show God’s love to students in our community, by building relationships and caring for their individual needs.

ONE CHURCH Takes ownership of a program with its neighborhood school and provides a trained mentor and a behind-the-scenes prayer partner for each child. Many church members today have a deep longing to do something real, to make a real difference. Kids Hope USA gives churches the tools they need to tap into this energy and create a meaningful, sustainable partnership with a school in their community. Kids Hope USA church/school partnerships offer churches and their members the opportunity to put their faith into action.

According to, this is how Kids Hope USA works: Kids Hope USA is the catalyst for an expanding network of church/school partnerships. These partnerships take on the enormous challenge of kids at risk—One Child, One Hour, One Church, One School at a time—through one-on-one mentoring relationships. ONE CHILD There is a desperate need among at-risk children to be the “oneand-only” in the life of a caring adult. This need for love can only be met one child at a time. You can do something real, and be that one caring adult. So when your Kids Hope USA child asks, “How many other children do you see at my school?” you can say, “I’m here, just for you.” When kids feel loved and valued, they are better able to learn, grow and succeed.

ONE SCHOOL Welcomes this proven intervention to increase the academic skills of at-risk children, while incurring no additional expense. Our schools need help. Too many of their children face a world full of problems they didn’t create, and can do nothing about. Principals and teachers recognize Kids Hope USA mentors as an effective, proven intervention in the lives of their at-risk kids. They know how the one-on-one relationships fostered by a Kids Hope USA program restore self-confidence and personal security, and encourage academic excellence in their school.

ONE HOUR Sixty critical minutes each week when a trained mentor befriends a child and helps him or her acquire basic academic skills. How much is an hour worth? One educator seems to think an hour is

For more information concerning the program or participation, visit or email me at

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family focus

3698 Largent Way


It’s Never too Early to Teach Compassion and Empathy

Suite 201 l Marietta

Conveniently located across from The Avenue West Cobb

We provide an environment where kids can have a fun and happy dental experience while receiving the very best dental care available. Come tour our state of the art office with with themed rooms representing each continent from around the world.


he news is filled with articles about the opinions and attitudes of the millennial generation and now, Generation Z. But what about the youngest generation youths 4-9 years old? These children are growing up in a time of unprecedented access to information, when civility, kindness and compassion have taken a back seat to bullying and violence. Experts say it is more important now than ever for parents to seek learning moments in which children can experience compassion and empathy. The Jensen Project is a program designed to foster compassion, inspiration and courage in young people as a path to avoiding the bullying and sexual harassment prevalent on college campuses. The program examines the attitudes and opinions of young people with the goal of inspiring a gentler, kinder, more empathetic dimension in their lives.

Michael A. Rossitch, DDS, MS, PC Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry


Janet Jensen, founder of The Jensen Project, says, “Children are at their most vulnerable when they are forming their social skills. They are a reflection of what they see and hear around them. Parents, educators and media influencers need to take extra care to teach compassion and courage at an early age.”

Recent research conducted by YouthBeat and commissioned by The Jensen Project, asked youths ages 4-9 if they thought the world would be a better place when they grow up. Forty-one percent said yes, while 38 percent felt the world would be the same or worse. In an alarming statement about what stresses them the most, death and bullying each rose to the top third of concerns after family and school issues. Experts agree bullying is becoming a critical issue at a younger age and must be addressed proactively if future generations will be able to reduce the incidents of harassment and sexual abuse in colleges and beyond.

Where Parties are our Cup of Tea! Specializing in: Tea Parties for girls and women

Birthday Parties Bridal Teas Baby Showers Women’s Events 202 Main Street Dallas, Georgia 30132 678-402-7926

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Jensen offers the following recommendations for parents to raise children with compassion: l Children learn by example, so let them join you in volunteer projects or encourage them to get involved in age-appropriate volunteering. l Actively engage them in conversation about behavior that is troubling to you, whether it be playground taunting or headlines in the news. Ask them why that behavior is hurtful. l Inspire children to select friends of all races, creeds and economic status - not just friends who look like them. Exposure to cross-cultural families and friends teaches tolerance and understanding. l It’s been said before, but is worth emphasizing, that monitoring a child’s exposure to video games, live streaming and television time is one way to reduce exposure to bullying and violent behavior in entertainment. Newscasts are filled with broadcasts of murders, robberies, fires, war, and political corruption. Small children are taking this in and processing it, along with their visions of superheroes. Today’s youth are the long-term future of our country, Jensen says. Watching how the world influences their thinking at a young age is truly an investment in the future of the country. “Adults must become agents for positive daily behaviors that can lead to long-term change,” Jensen says. “The Jensen Project is committed to providing the inspirational resources to help make this happen.”

For more details visit us online at

For more information about The Jensen Project, go to (BPT)


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education profile


Christian Schools

Dominion Christian Schools Welcomes Coach Brian Nelson In addition to the spiritual component, DCS offers a diverse college preparatory program. Students have the opportunity to take several AP courses, and they have the opportunity to earn over thirty dual enrollment credits. Because of the hard work by the faculty and students, the class of 2017 received over 1.7 million dollars in academic scholarships.

letes and 31 professional players. Coach Nelson was most recently an assistant baseball coach at Kennesaw Mountain (20102017). Prior to that, he spent time coaching at the collegiate and professional level.

Coach Brian Nelson


Photographer: Sherri Noftsinger of Sherri’s Portraits

ominion Christian Schools is pleased to announce the hiring of Brian Nelson as the varsity baseball coach. Currently, Coach Nelson consistently develops top-notch players through individual instruction while managing competitive teams as owner of his esteemed organization, Nelson Baseball School. The Nelson Baseball School, which was started in Kennesaw in 2006, has yielded 76 Division I collegiate student-ath-

Our Town

DCS’ Headmaster, David Raines, shared his excitement about the hiring of Coach Nelson. “We are thrilled to have one of the best baseball coaches in this area oversee our program. Having both a coach with his credentials and one of the nicest baseball complexes in our area will produce a very successful baseball program. Our students deserve the best in all areas of their education, and we are committed to offering an excellent athletic program.”

One of the benefits of attending Dominion Christian Schools is the opportunity its students have to participate in a variety of activities. In addition to the athletic programs and fine arts programs, DCS also offers a variety of service opportunities including domestic and international missions trips. As a Christian school, DCS believes that God has a specific plan for each student, and the faculty and staff are committed to providing excellent academic and athletic programs in a spiritual environment.

Athletic opportunity is one example of how Dominion offers a variety of programs that play important roles in developing the whole student. Dominion’s mission is to produce students that are fully prepared academically and students that are also committed followers of Jesus Christ. Dominion Christian Schools is unapologetically a Christian school that teaches all of its classes from a Christ-centered biblical worldview.

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We welcome you to come explore the warm family environment of Dominion Christian Schools. Call to schedule your personal tour today at 770-4202153 or




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calendar of events



Events for the Our Town Calendar are listed FREE (Restrictions Apply*-see pg 24 for instructions) **Dates, times and locations are always subject to change prior to printing. Please confirm with the event coordinator. For the full Calendar visit

Dallas Farmer’s Market Every Saturday now through December; 9am-1pm; Weather Permitting 25 Courthouse Square, in the Georgia Highlands parking lot. VENDORS NEEDED for Paulding Fine Arts 2017 Fall Fest Visit for application and information. Festival is Saturday, October 14 from 10am-4pm on Main Street Dallas. Paulding Chamber - Georgia Power Luncheon-Paulding Senior Center August 3; Thursday 11am - 1pm US Congressman Tom Graves; ($20/mem, $25/non-mem prepaid; $5 more at door.) Register at or call 770-445-6016. Summer Concert Series Starring Head Games - A Tribute to Foreigner August 5; Saturday 8pm at The Mill Amphitheater - Villa Rica Free and Open to the Public. Bring Blankets and Lawn Chairs. Church Yard Sale - Come Find Your Treasure! August 5; 8am – 2pm hosted by Holy Cross Lutheran Church –Hiram Visit and click on ‘gallery’ for flyer and info. Donated items will be accepted. You can be a buyer or a seller. Free Love Offering Concert with Spiritual Visions August 5; Saturday 6pm at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Hiram For more info visit Click on ‘gallery’. Dinner 5pm-6pm. Reel at the Mill with the movie ‘Sing’ at The Mill Amphitheater Villa Rica August 11; Friday 9pm or When Dark Enough Free and Open to the Public. Bring Blankets and Lawn Chairs.

Pat’s Apparel

Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic at Kritters Country Club* August 12; 2nd Saturday of the month Kritters Country Club is located at 7377 W. Strickland Street in Douglasville. Call 770489-7500 for hours and more information.

FREE Concert in the Park with “Sons of Sailors” presented by PCPRD August 12; Saturday 8pm at Veterans Park Bring a picnic and blanket, and enjoy saltwater music and Jimmy Buffet gems! Veterans Park, 240 Constitution Blvd. Dallas. No Alcohol. Questions? 770-445-8065 Fall & Winter Children’s Consignment Sale at McEachern UMC August 17-19; Thursday, Friday and Saturday Infant, children, junior and maternity clothing, baby furniture, toys, and more! Cash, Check, and Credit. No Strollers. Times and info visit Helping Hands Food Bank Silent Auction Fundraiser August 18th; Friday 6-8pm $35 tickets, LIVE music and auction, Call or purchase tickets at 228 W Spring St Dallas, 770-443-1230 Football in Paulding August 18 and every Friday through November 3; 7:30pm See Our Town’s annual football issue next month for full calendar. Until then, visit: East Paulding Raiders - Hiram Hornets - North Paulding Wolfpack - Paulding County Patriots - South Paulding Spartans -

Cotton Field Plaza (at Hwy 92 & Nebo Road)

1817 Hiram Douglasville Hwy., Hiram, GA 30141



Dallas Food Truck Friday and LIVE Concert with Bent Fender August 19; Friday 6pm – 9pm on Main Street Dallas 3rd Annual Paulding County Fall Classic – Youth Football and Cheer August 19; Saturday at Hiram High School Big event with 36 teams attending! Featuring the best of our youth on one great field! HHS, 702 Virgie Ballentine Dr, Hiram. For times and other info visit https://www.

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Wedding Gown Preservation Regular Price $189 Includes Dry Cleaning

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health & fitness

Please Join Us! ANNUAL

Kid’s Event Day!

Back-To-School Safety:

4 Tips Every Parent Needs To Know By Dr. Josh Zumstein


t’s that time again. No, I’m not referring to those pre-dawn wake-up calls, rushing your kids to school on time, or shopping for school supplies. I’m referring to the time your kids complain about their backs hurting again. Unfortunately, your child’s time in school, when you can’t observe, is likely injuring his or her back. Children attending school frequently suffer from back and neck pain. The good news: there are easy steps to ensure your child doesn’t hurt their back during the school day. Step 1: Ensure your child is wearing a proper backpack. Your child’s backpack should not be larger than your child’s torso; the width and length of the backpack shouldn’t exceed the size of your child’s back. Specifically, a backpack shouldn’t hang lower than 4 inches below their waist or extend beyond the width of their shoulders. In addition, the backpack should have two, padded straps that allow the backpack to fit properly in the center of their back.


Step 2: Make sure your child carries less than 10% of his or her bodyweight in a backpack Children are likely to suffer from upper and mid back pain if they repeatedly carry greater than 10% of their body weight in backpacks over their shoulders. There is a correlation between backpack weight (greater than 10%) and an increase in missed school days. And, children with back pain are more likely to develop back pain as an adult. Luckily, there is an easy solution: keep less than 10% of your child’s bodyweight in the backpack!

$99 Complete Pair Specials!

Step 3: Carry backpack loads correctly Evidence shows there is a particular way to carry objects in your backpack based on the environment in which you are walking. If you are walking over “rough ground,” you should carry the load of your backpack at the very bottom of the pack. If you are walking over “smooth ground,” carry the load high in your pack. The different walking environments produce varying stresses on the body. Placing the loads to accommodate the terrain can prevent back problems. Obviously, your child is walking over “smooth ground” at school, so keep the loads high in the backpack. And, don’t forget to keep the larger, heavier objects closest to your child’s body.




Step 4: Sit Properly Believe it or not, the perfect seated position is one that changes. There is no ideal seated position, because it is the act of sitting that is inherently bad. However, your child is most likely not allowed to get up and move around, while sitting in class. In this situation, there is a way to sit that will do the least amount of harm. To clarify, this advice applies to the person who is not able to stand up and stretch for a rest break. In this instance, the perfect seated position involves having perfect posture. Perfect posture starts with your child keeping a balanced head. A balanced head is in neutral position, meaning it’s not too far forward or backward. Neutral position involves a slight chin tuck-almost as if you are on the verge of a double-chin, but not as extreme.

Schedule a Kids Exam Today for August 26! Online or Call!

6121 Cedarcrest Road Suite 108 Acworth, GA 30101


The back is erect with the shoulders pulled back, hips are moved backward at 90 degrees (avoiding a “C-shaped” hump in the low back), feet are flat on the floor, shoulders are not shrugged, elbows are at 90 degrees and wrists are not bent. If your child isn’t working at a computer, you need not worry about your elbows and wrists. It is critical to prevent slouching. PAGE 12

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finance Diversify Your Investments …But Consolidate Your Providers Contributed by Roberto De Jesus of Edward Jones Investments, Dallas/Acworth


ou have probably heard that diversification is a key to investment success. So, you might think that if diversifying your investments is a good idea, it might also be wise to diversify your investment providers – after all, aren’t two (or more) heads better than one? Before we look at that issue, let’s consider the first half of the “diversification” question – namely, how does diversifying your investment portfolio help you? Consider the two broadest categories of investments: stocks and bonds. Stock prices will move up and down in response to many different factors, including good or bad corporate earnings, corporate management issues, political developments and even natural disasters. Bond prices are not immune to these dynamics, but they are usually more strongly driven by changes in interest rates. To illustrate: If your existing bond pays 2 percent interest, and new bonds are being issued at 3 percent, the value of your bond will fall, because no one will pay you full price for it. (Of course, it may not matter to you anyway, especially if you planned to hold your bond until maturity, at which point you can expect to get your full investment back, providing the bond issuer doesn’t default.)

TOP REAL ESTATE TEAM SERVICING ALL OF GEORGIA Always a Stress Free Positive Experience

Thinking of SELLING YOUR HOME in 2017?! Now is a GREAT TIME!! is Low Why? ll Inventory We Sell Homes Fast l We l We l We l We l We l We l We

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make you More Money Negotiate the BEST Terms can Help you Buy Another Home Have an Excellent Marketing Plan use Top Real Estate Photographers are a Top Awarded Team in Georgia Work with Sellers, Buyers, Investors & Builders

Realtor Ericka Kay Turner-Cannida

Owner of the Cannida and Company Team

So, it clearly is a good idea to diversify your investment portfolio. Now, let’s move on to diversifying financial service providers. Why shouldn’t you have one IRA here and another one there, or enlist one advisor to help you with some types of investments and a different advisor assisting you with others? Actually, some good reasons exist to consider consolidating all your investment accounts with one provider. For one thing, you’ll keep better track of your assets. Many people do misplace or forget about some of their savings and investments, but this will be far less likely to happen to you if you hold all your accounts in one place. Also, if you have accounts with several different financial service providers, you might be incurring a lot of paperwork – and many fees. You can cut down on clutter and expense by consolidating your accounts. But most important, by placing all your accounts with a single provider, possibly under the supervision of a single financial advisor, you will find it much easier to follow a single, unified investment strategy, based on your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.  You won’t get conflicting advice and you’ll receive clear guidance on important issues, such as the amounts you can afford to withdraw each year from your retirement accounts once you do retire.

Diversification and consolidation – one is good for building an investment portfolio, while the other can help you invest more efficiently and effectively. Put the two concepts together, and make them work for you. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by Roberto De Jesus, your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. 678-574-5166   For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 l l  Our Town

Keller Williams Realty Cityside 770.895.5673


Call to Chat or Text your Address or Email Us!

Here’s the key point: Stocks and bonds often move in different directions. If you only own U.S. stocks, you could take a big hit during a market downturn, but if you own domestic and international stocks, bonds, government securities, certificates of deposit and other types of investments, your portfolio may be better protected against market volatility, and you’ll have more opportunities for positive results. (Keep in mind, though, that even a diversified portfolio can’t prevent all losses or guarantee profits.)

Our Town

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Do You Need a Fresh Start?

Stephanie Reck, LMSW, LBT,BCCC

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit. I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. ~ Ezekiel 36:26


as life been challenging and you feel you need a do-over? You may have difficulties in every area of your life - relational, occupational, mental/ emotional, and even spiritual. Your way of doing things is no longer working, but you don’t know what to do to make things better. You have begged and pleaded with God to answer your prayers and yet He seems so silent. So, how do you start fresh in your life? 1. Stop begging and pleading with God about your situations; He has heard you. Instead, get up every morning and worship God; sit quietly before Him - just sit at His feet not trying to get God to answer your prayers. Yes, it is good to pray, but after sitting at His feet and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you first. 2. Let God have the battle you are in. Rest in Papa God that He IS COMING THROUGH for you, maybe not WHEN you think or HOW you think He should come through. After you have worshipped and given God the praise He deserves, sit back, relax and watch Him come through. 3. Get rid of your to-do list for God! He wants a relationship with you above anything you could do for Him. Sit with Abba and let Him love on you! When you allow Abba to love on you, it will be so much easier to love on

10. Humble yourself. Admit you can’t do anything without God and need Him desperately. Keep a humble, gentle and peaceful spirit with all you encounter, never let anyone cause you to react negatively (greater is He that is in you, than he that is in this world). Let no one stir your emotions to anger, offense, irritation, or bitterness.

others. Know His love first! Your first priority is spending time with your Daddy! 4. Renew your mind by disciplining your thought life. Take every thought captive into the obedience of Christ. Don’t let your mind agree with the thoughts of the enemy; you don’t have to accept every thought as truth! Speak blessings over your life, not curses. Speak blessings over your enemies.

11. Get rid of all complaining, murmuring, criticizing, fault-finding and negativity. Be thankful and grateful every day, instead of rehearsing your complaints try instead to say what your blessings are. 12. Accept what has changed in your life. Your life may not have what it had years ago, but dwelling on what is missing will cause you to stay stuck. Accept your life and stop all comparisons to others. Fully embrace who you are and accept yourself!

5. Release everyone who has hurt or offended you. 6. Maintain peace at all times and in every situation. Divine peace is warfare! When you keep your peace, the enemy is confused.

13. Laugh more, dance in the rain and stop to smell the roses - ENJOY the life God has given you!

7. Begin walking by faith and not by sight, and call into existence those things that are not as though they are.

14. Give over your reigns to Christ. He is in control, and trust His ways are good and best for you.

8. Forgive yourself, completely! God has forgiven you, so you must follow what God has done.

15. Wipe your slate clean. No more rummaging through your past and torturing yourself with your failures; only take with you into your fresh start what worked and was a success. Leave everything else behind.

9. Love and nurture yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes and don’t condemn yourself for the past; it’s over - move on!

Contact Stephanie at HopeandEncouragement4Women@




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l Military & Law Enforcement l Church Bulletin l This Advertisement

time is BUSY time!! Don’t be left walking!! Keep up with your vehicle maintenance and repair.

Hiram, GA


Oil n Filters n Sensors n Fluids n ‘Check Engine’ n Lights n n Tires n n n n n n

Engines Transmissions 4WD Lifts Brakes Flowmasters Cats Exhaust

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Check Engine Lights diagnosed and corrected No Vehicle Service too Small or too Large!

99 Commodore Path Hiram, GA 30141 Hwy 278 behind Popeye’s


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gardening Mary Carol Sheffield, Paulding County Extension Coordinator


nsects are a part of gardening. Most insects are not detrimental to our vegetable and landscape plants and some are even beneficial and perform important services in our gardens. Some common insects that you might see in your garden who are great partners include ladybugs, bumblebees, honeybees, green lacewings, assassin bugs and many others! Ladybugs are an ally in the fight against other pests. They are known to consume aphids, mites, mealybugs and whiteflies that can damage plants. Bumblebees, honeybees, and several other bees and wasps are great partners in pollination and some even provide pest control of garden insect pests. Green lacewings are a predator of pests including aphids and other soft bodied insects. Assassin bugs live up to their name, by taking out garden pests.

M & B Landscaping Services & Hardscape Design & Irrigation Installation Services Bobcat Grading & Soding l Landscape repairs l Retaining Walls l Stone Work

Tree Work Services Pruning & Cleanup l Full Maintenance l All your Lawn Needs l Water pumps

Fence Fireplace l Pine straw l Plant flowers l More!







There are a small percentage of insects that are pests and cause damage to our gardens. One of the most important things you can do to improve our environment is to learn about and practice integrated pest management, also known as “IPM”. Scout for pests, identify them correctly and treat with pesticides only when there is damage that significantly impacts vegetable and landscape plants. As a part of an IPM strategy you should welcome beneficial insects in your garden and protect them.

Gustavo 13 Years Experience Free Estimates Low low prices


Even if you don’t see any problem insects, you should keep your eyes open for signs of injury that may be caused by them. Some problem insects are well camouflaged in our gardens, but they usually leave some signs of injury on plants they live on. Some things to look for that might indicate insect injury: Leaf yellowing or spotting, leaves disappearing/being stripped from the plant, holes chewed in leaves or fruits, or plants suddenly wilting.

$10 off

your first service with coupon

If you have a problem and need assistance identifying a pest, the Paulding County UGA Cooperative Extension Office is here to help. You can email digital photos to us at or you can also submit physical samples to our office; please call us for tips on how to prepare the sample for submission 770-443-7616.

5% off

any landscaping service with coupon

With many insecticides, the active ingredients are not specific, which means the application of an insecticide can eliminate the beneficial insects in the environment as well, taking away your predator and pollinator populations! There are some products available for insect control that do not have long residual activity, so that the chemical dissipates quickly and only affects the insects it makes contact with. Insecticidal soaps are a great product for eliminating a pest, without accidentally removing important beneficial insects. A word of caution on using soaps for insect control: Be sure to buy a specially formulated insecticidal soap. Do not try to mix up household use soaps for this purpose. They will be effective at insect control, but they may also damage your plants. Utilize pesticides safely, by reading and following all the label instructions. The label is the law. Even insecticides that are labeled as organic or natural are still pesticides and should be applied with care and knowledge. Mary Carol Sheffield, is the Paulding County Extension Coordinator and Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources. For more information on gardening, contact a Master Gardener or the County Extension Agent at the Paulding County Cooperative Extension Office at 770-443-7616 or visit online at

Puzzle Solution PAGE 18

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pet news Working like a Dog (or Cat): Companies Benefit from Going Pet-Friendly


harger is a charming nine-year-old pit-bull with a full-time job in the marketing department at dinnerware giant Replacements, Ltd. “Charger’s been coming to Replacements since I rescued him from the side of a road as a puppy,” says Kevin Boyd. “Coming to work is great because it’s helped him become more sociable and helps me relax because I know he’s not home alone.”

Available for Adoption:

Charger is among dozens of pets you’ll find at Replacements. A walk through the warehouse and you’ll see dogs riding on carts pushed by their owners or perhaps encounter a cat or two. An opossum riding high on the shoulder of her human friend even graced the company’s retail store with a visit.

Meet ROSE (DOB ~03/27/2017), a female Blue Lynx Point Siamese mix (the name Rose symbolizes an immortal love, or a union that will never fade - even through time or death) and DAISY (DOB ~03/27/2017), a female Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll mix (the name DAISY sends a message that says “I accept your affections, and reciprocate!) You see, a local animal control officer made a frantic call to Fancy Feline Rescue one Saturday afternoon at 4:55p (AC closes at 5:30p) because we were picked up as strays and didn’t need to stay at animal control any longer than necessary. So, at 5:35p that fateful Saturday, ROSE and DAISY began their journey with Fancy Feline Rescue. They were very fortunate to find their way to a wonderful foster home where they’ve been given the opportunity to blossom. They’ve experienced love and positive interactions, and are now ready to give that love back to a new family. They both can sometimes be a bit reserved, but can be curious at times and full of kitten antics. If you’ll give ROSE and/or DAISY, the opportunity, they promise to provide you with years of love, laughter, loyalty and companionship. Both are spayed, upto-date with age appropriate vaccines, negative for Feline FIV/FeLV, dewormed, and will be microchipped and eligible to receive a 30-day free trial of pet health insurance at the time of adoption. The adoption fee for one is $125, and if adopted together the adoption fee is $200.

Replacements implemented its pet-friendly policy more than 20 years ago, after Founder and CEO Bob Page received a dog for his birthday and couldn’t bear to leave him home alone. Fast-forward two decades, and national and international media have repeatedly recognized Replacements as one of the top pet-friendly businesses in the country. The company invites all employees and customers to bring their pets to work or shop; in fact, Replacements’ front doors read, “All Well-Behaved Pets Welcome.”

Gaining scientific support Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University spent a week at Replacements, focusing specifically on the impact of dogs in the workplace. The VCU team monitored stress levels among three test groups: those who brought their dogs to work every day, dog owners who left their pets at home, and those who do not own any pets. “We were surprised to find that stress actually decreased throughout the day among those who brought their dogs to work, while stress levels significantly increased for those who left their dogs at home,” says principal researcher Dr. Randy Barker. “About half of those who bring their dogs to work said their productivity increased with their dog present. Some employees even commented that the presence of pets increases cooperation and builds relationships among coworkers.”

To see some of our cats available for adoption, please visit; then complete our online Adoption Application,, or email us at And don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook,! ***Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is in dire need of foster families, and volunteers to help with cleaning, feeding, and socializing our cats at the Rescue Center and/or helping at our weekend adoption events two weekends a month at the Kennesaw Petsmart. If you are willing to give of your time and your heart to help our kitties, please complete our online Volunteer Application at The gratification of knowing you make a difference in the lives of these deserving cats is overwhelming.***

Barker also notes employees overall had higher job satisfaction than industry norms. He believes establishing pet-friendly policies could be a great benefit that doesn’t hamper a company’s bottom line. “Our study indicates pet presence may serve as a low-cost wellness intervention that may enhance organizational satisfaction and perceptions of support.”

Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is a licensed, non-profit, no-kill rescue organization dedicated to individual attention and excellent care to homeless cats, working hard to find them good permanent homes.

Getting started as a pet-friendly workplace Replacements hears from large and small companies across the country wanting to start similar practices and policies. Their best advice? Start small. “Consider having a pilot day to gauge how a pet presence works for your organization,” says Public Relations Manager Lisa Conklin. “You might try allowing pets for a half day or a Friday to determine the best fit for your employees and your business. Being pet-friendly is truly a huge part of our corporate culture - so many of our employees tell us it’s one of the best benefits the company offers.” Replacements’ formal pet policy requires all animals must be current on vaccinations, polite to people and other pets, and stay on a leash near their owners unless contained in an office or cubicle space. Owners are also required to clean up after any accidents. Conklin adds pet owners must be sensitive to the fact some people have allergies or may be fearful of animals. Likewise, other employees aren’t allowed to aggravate or intimidate pets. “We’ve seen many instances where employees actually got to know each other better through their pets. Seriously, it’s hard not to smile when you’re greeted by a wagging tail and friendly face! (BPT)


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KRITTERS Country Club

Beth Mitchell, Owner Professional Grooming by Tracie Haygood

Don’t leave your pet home alone all day. Let them come to Kritters and have a fun time of Play.


8 Doggy Daycare Rooms The Holidays Clean, Spacious Kennels are just around l 4 Outside Play Yards the corner. Be sure to book l Climate Controlled Facility your pets l Professional & Courteous Staff reservations! l Low-Cost Vaccine Clinic l Air Oasis System in facility


$18 Doggy Daycare! l l


7377 W. Strickland Street l Douglasville, GA 30134 l 770.489.7500



medical How Adults Can Cope With the Fear of Doctors By Audrea Avery


ontrary to what some may believe, children aren’t the only people who deal with the fear of doctors. According to a WebMD article titled, ‘Beyond White Coat Syndrome’, nearly 20 percent of the population experiences this issue. With that being said, Nathan Consedine, PhD, an associate professor Department of Psychological Medicine at The University of Auckland, assures that this feeling isn’t out of the norm. He states that this fear is not directly related to the medical professionals themselves. However, people associate hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics with sickness, disease, and injury, thus creating natural feelings of uneasiness. Luckily, people don’t have to avoid doctors altogether as a way to cope with their concerns. Instead, there are several helpful steps that can be taken. Focus on the Positive Choosing to focus on the positive side is a great way to circumvent this anxiety. One of the main duties of medical professionals is preventative care. When a person makes a trip to a physician on a regular basis, he or she is helping to ensure their health now and in the future. For instance, physicians can spot issues before they develop. Tumors, in particular, can grow and become cancerous or even life-threatening. However, when they are discovered at the beginning stages, preventative measures can be taken and many lives can be saved. So, the upside that can come along with seeing a specialist far outweighs any fears. Honesty is the Best Policy People who are dealing with anxiety should be honest with themselves, as well as the medical professionals who will be treating them. It may feel a bit embarrassing to some, but admitting these feelings to a nurse or physician can be a great help. Most medical specialists get into the field because they have a deep care and concern for people and their health. So, more than likely, any respectable doctor will take these concerns seriously and will take steps to ensure that their patients are as comfortable and relaxed and possible. Don’t Go Alone People don’t usually take a second look when they see a child walking into a hospital or clinic with another person. Some adults tend to think it’s only acceptable for children to be accompanied by someone else. However, taking a trusted friend, associate, or loved one along for the visit is a great way to ease fears. Of course, it should be a trustworthy person with an understanding heart, not someone who will take the fears lightly. Visiting doctors on a regular basis is necessary to ensure health and to prevent the spread of sicknesses and disease. Although this is true, it doesn’t automatically dissipate the fears and concerns of some. The good news is there are several steps that can be taken to help cope with these anxieties. Focusing on the upside, being honest, and depending on the support of others are great ways to deal with this issue.


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l l

with Mickey

l l


Paulding County’s Best Kept Secret Close to New Hospital! Day and Evening 18 Years in Business Classes Available Experienced Instructors All-Inclusive Programs - No Hidden Fees!

Certified Nursing Assistant Program 3-5 Week Program

Call Today!

110 Evans Mill Drive, Suite 704

Corner of Hwy 120/Dallas Hwy & Macland Road


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feature photographer APRIL ESTES


pril Estes is a native of Paulding County and has been married to her high school sweetheart for almost 16 years. They are blessed with four beautiful children who have become the inspiration and heartbeat of her business. April graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2002 with a BBA in Finance. She spent several years in her career until the birth of her first son. Although she always had an interest in photography, this is what altered her career path. She became passionate about the opportunity to be able to preserve and capture every sweet little moment, and the emotions created by them. She began classes at the Showcase School of Photography and officially opened her own photography business in 2008.   Reflective Images Photography is in its ninth year of business and April has been blown away how God has blessed her. The opportunities her career has unveiled and the many friendships she has developed through this journey have been such an encouragement of God’s provision and plan for her life and her business.    April is an on-location photographer and offers sessions for whatever is special and dear to your heart. Whether you are growing your family, about to send him off to college or preparing to walk her down the aisle, April would love the opportunity to capture these important milestones so they can be cherished forever.   To contact her about booking a session, please visit www.reflectiveimagesphoto. com or email   


more about the cover

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Iia’s favorite thing about teaching art is helping her students find their “creative spirit.” She knows well that creativity is an underrated tool, but she inspires her students to, “tap into who [they] are as ‘creatives’ [so they] can truly experience transforming the world around [them]”. When she returns to Baggett Elementary this month, Iia looks forward to seeing her students and hearing about their creations and ideas over break. Iia also looks forward to this year’s theme of “Art Around the World,” a focus that will overlap with science, technology, engineering and mathematics; S.T.E.A.M.- the proper terminology when you add in art. Before Iia became a teacher, she was an artist who sought out to create with all types of mediums from metallic paint to beads, fabric, and clay. She considers herself a multi-media artist and is skilled in sewing, mural painting, drawing, sculpting and jewelry making. Iia makes sure to incorporate all art mediums in her classes as well. She voiced, “my kids’ creative experiences span from drawing and painting to making 3D race cars, robots, and interplanetary homes.” Iia is a woman of numerous accolades and awards for her art and work with students. From painting murals to having her artwork published, to call Iia “accomplished” just may be an understatement. Her students have also scored awards in several juried art competitions as well. Her enthusiasm for art sparks excitement in her students which is the ultimate goal of teaching; to be somewhat of a muse for others. That seems to be precisely the core of Iia’s magic: to inspire others to create. If you are interested in purchasing some of Iia’s artwork, you can browse her collections on or her website Following is some of her beautiful work. Please see the crossword puzzle art for an editor favorite!

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Need a Lawyer? Divorce s Family Law s Probate s Juvenile s Child Support s Adoption

Angela Woodall Attorney

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FREE Outdoor Movie 2017’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ presented by PCPRD August 19; Saturday at Veterans Park Bring the family, lawn chairs, blankets, and picnic! Movie starts at sundown. Veterans Park, 240 Constitution Blvd. Dallas. No Alcohol. Questions? 770-445-8065 Golden City Car Cruise in Historic Downtown Villa Rica August 19; Saturday 5pm Behind the Veil – Wedding Workshop at Douglasville Conference Center August 20; Sunday 2pm - 5pm Learn from wedding professionals. Free for Bride and Guest. Please register at www. or call 678-449-3096 Georgia Classic Rides “Block Parties”* - Downtown Dallas August 26; 4th Saturday of the month (May-September); 4pm - 9pm Georgia Classic Rides block party and car cruise. Beautiful cars, great people, and family fun! For membership and photos visit Pioneer Days Festival at Sam Smith Park in Cartersville  September 1 – 4; Friday to Monday - Labor Day Weekend Arts, crafts, rides, and games. Fireworks on Monday. Daily unlimited rides $20. Admission - adults $5, children under 12 are free. Open: Friday 4-11pm, Saturday and Sunday 12-11pm, Labor Day Monday 12-10pm. Paulding Chamber - Georgia Power Luncheon-Paulding Senior Center September 7; Thursday 11am - 1pm Public Safety Luncheon ($20/mem, $25/non-mem prepaid; $5 more at door.) Register at or call 770-445-6016. 2nd Annual Wheel Believers Car, Truck, & More Show at Smyrna UMC September 23; Saturday Registration 9:30a-12p/Judging 12p-2p/Awards 3p Cars, vintage campers, trucks, motorcycles, and tractors welcome. Entry fee is $20. Live music and food vendors. Smyrna UMC, 9199 Buchanan Hwy, Dallas. Questions? Steve Weaver – 770.265.7289 ONGOING MONTHLY EVENTS- Confirm dates/times with coordinator: Book Writers Critique Group* Every Wednesday 1pm - 2:30pm at Starbucks - Crossroads 8655 Hiram Acworth Hwy, Dallas  Grief Share Support Group at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church* Classes offered every few weeks. Contact them for dates and time.678-435-5951 Paulding County Beekeepers Club* 2nd Thursday of the month; 7pm at Dallas Primitive Baptist Church 222 Legion Rd., Dallas or follow on Facebook at Paulding County Beekeepers! Questions? Call Sue McCleary at 678-310-7305. Paulding County Singles Ages 50 and Over* 2nd Tuesday of the month; 6pm at Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant, Hiram Paulding Singles 50 and Over on Facebook or call Phyllis Coble at 678-247-6499. Paulding County Writers’ Guild Meeting* 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm at the Hiram Bookstore 5077 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy, Ste. 109, Hiram. Call 770-943-0571 or check www. for meeting info. Paulding Literacy Council Programs: Learn more by calling 770-974-5531. n Become An Adult Reading Tutor – tutors needed; training provided. n Learn and Improve Your Reading skills - Tutoring sessions for Paulding residents. n English Classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. To register call 770-443-1660 n Class Instruction for GED. To register call 770-443-1660 Paulding Photography Club – Downtown Dallas* 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month; 7pm Meetings are at 122 Main Street, Dallas. Monthly competitions, field trips, etc. For more information visit **Email events to, by the 12th of the month. *Follow sample in calendar; 50 WORDS OR LESS; SPACE IS LIMITED! RESTRICTIONS APPLY.


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crossword puzzle

what’s cookin’


1. Local Teacher of the year 2017 4. Breaks down, in a way 8. Classic Teacher’s gift 13. Discontinue 15. ___-bodied 16. Area of South Africa 17. Benjamin Disraeli, e.g. 18. Codger 19. Super-duper 20. Business bags 23. Dog walkers musts 24. Syrian city 28. Little bird 29. ___ carotene 31. Court ploy 32. Dravidian language 35. Disney dog 36. “___ we having fun yet?” 37. Density ratio 41. Balloon filler 42. Dash 43. Dress to the ____ 44. Dust remover 45. Ethereal 46. “___ alive!” 47. Bad looks 49. Folded like a fan 53. Ethanol 56. Emmy-winning Lewis 59. “___ on Down the Road” 60. “Buona ___” (Italian greeting) 61. Auspices 62. Gobs 63. “___ of Eden” 64. Receive 65. “Check this out!” 66. ___-eyed DOWN 1. Archetype 2. About to explode

By Melissa M. Cornay

Steamed Louisiana Gulf Shrimp


have been waiting for the opportunity to share one of my many Cajun recipes with you all. Being that it’s August and fresh seafood is so plentiful, I decided this was the perfect time to share because most GREAT Cajun dishes begin with GREAT, fresh Gulf seafood. 

3. Blood carrier 4. Potpourri bag 5. Double-reed instruments 6. Alliance 7. “La Scala di ___” (Rossini opera) 8. Lansbury 9. Analyze, in a way 10. “Harper Valley ___” 11. PC linkup 12. Antiquity, in antiquity 14. Cosmetic _____ Surgery 21. Kind of dog 22. Debaucher 25. Everyday 26. ___-cochere (carriage entrance) 27. Doesn’t ignore 29. Tobacco, slang 30. Halftime lead, e.g. 32. Autocrats

33. Beelike 34. Combine 35. Pinocchio, at times 38. Mouthing off 39. Bit of high jinks 40. Rayon 45. Van Gogh, for one 46. Sick 48. Like “The X-Files” 49. Histories 50. Up, in a way 51. Bit of statuary 52. Carry away, in a way 54. Canine cry 55. Golden Triangle country 56. Decline 57. “___ Town Too” (1981 hit) 58. “Act your ___!”

I was blessed to marry into the most wonderful Cajun family who over the years have taught me not only to cook the “Cajun Way,” but to love life and people the “Cajun Way!” Louisiana cooking is not about eating, it’s about feeding the soul; just as Louisiana life is not about living the life you have, but loving what makes your life worth living. My husband came from the tried and true Louisiana stock. My Grandmother-in-law and her 4 sisters were referred to as “The Great Aunts.”  They were the Matriarchs of our family and taught us everything about Cajun food and Cajun life. This is the first Louisiana Cajun recipe ever taught to me when we lived in Baton Rouge. So, in honor of you, sweet GREAT Aunt Beulah, here is a tribute to you! I love and miss you so much! Thank you for teaching me so many Cajun recipes and for teaching me the Cajun love lessons of life!

Aunt Beulah’s Steamed Louisiana Gulf Shrimp (Makes 4-6 Servings) 3 pounds of fresh Gulf shrimp (21-25’s or jumbo size).  Heads off, shells on.  If you want more flavor, get the ones with heads on. 1 large green bell pepper – diced in ¼ inch pieces. 1 large red bell pepper – diced in ¼ inch pieces. ½ - 1 jalapeno pepper – seeded, deveined and minced. 6 good size ribs of celery – diced in ¼ inch pieces. 3 medium to large yellow onions – diced in ¼ in pieces. 2 sticks of unsalted butter. 2 tablespoons of salt 1 tablespoon of crushed black pepper. 1 teaspoon of Cajun seasoning. 2 heaping tablespoons of minced garlic.

Artist: Iia Owens-Williamson

Put the butter in the bottom of a large pot (Dutch oven size or bigger), pour the veggies, seasonings, and garlic over the butter. Cook on medium heat until the veggies are soft and tender. The butter and the natural juices of the veggies will begin to make a sauce. Stir occasionally. Once the veggies are soft, pour in your fresh shrimp. Stir everything together well. Cover and turn the heat to very low. Cook the shrimp and veggies for 10 minutes; stir them well again. Turn the heat off and let the shrimp steam with the veggies and buttery broth for 5 more minutes. Your shrimp will be ready with they are in the shape of a “C” for cooked. If they are in the shape of an “O” they will be overcooked. Serve with lemon wedges and crispy, toasted French bread to sop up all of the buttery sauce and veggies. The real challenge is: what is better, the shrimp or the bread, veggies and buttery sauce! Make it and you decide! MELISSA’S MEASURE: My Louisiana family taught me to always cook what our shores and lands bless us with because it is what God gave us and is always the best.  It has never failed me! And that my friends, is why Louisiana cooking is the BEST!!!


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Our Town Magazine Paulding AUGUST 2017  

Our Town Magazine Paulding AUGUST 2017