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YOUR LOCAL PLUMBING EXPERTS “Trusted for Over 18 Years”

Chris & Janet


atching a young couple plan and prepare for their future as husband and wife is a beautiful experience; especially when you’ve known them most of their lives. Our beautiful bride-to-be is Janet West, daughter of Joe and Debbie West. She is a senior at North Georgia College and State University and will graduate May 12th with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training. Our handsome soon-to-be groom is Chris Webb, son of Perry and Deanna Webb. He is also a senior at North Georgia and will graduate the same day, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science. Janet and Chris became friends when they were 12. They attended a small school together and because their last names are only two letters apart, they were always beside each other in class. They also shared the same, tight knit group of friends so they were around each other constantly. Chris was best friends with Janet’s cousin as well so he was there during family gatherings and hunting weekends. In high school, their friendship grew. For Janet, Chris was the guy friend she could be around that didn’t make her nervous and could always be herself. He listened to her and never complained. He was one of her best friends, and she was one of his.   Although many people saw something between them, Janet and Chris promise that they really were “just friends.” After high school they attended the same college, but barely saw each other. It wasn’t until a summer day in 2009, that things were “just different.” They realized these different feelings and went on their first date. By the end of the summer, the romance was “official.”   Two weeks shy of their 3 year anniversary, Chris proposed. On August 15th, they planned a picnic and hike up to Preacher’s Rock in north Georgia. After their picnic, they were admiring the view and wanted to take a picture. Chris put the camera on self-timer. (Janet had NO suspicion of what he was about to do.) He ran back to get in the shot, but instead got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his pocket, and said those magic words, “Will you marry me?” Janet was so excited; she almost forgot to answer “YES!” Then like a perfect gentleman, Chris placed the ring on her finger. They were overwhelmed with joy and excitement, and couldn’t wait to share their news.   Life is very hectic right now for Janet and Chris. They are finishing college and planning their wedding, yet very excited about their futures, both as husband and wife and college graduates. In June, 2010 Chris joined the Marines and is now a Lance Corporal in the reserves until he finishes school. He is working on receiving the rank of Corporal. In addition, Chris would love to have a career in sports performance. Read more about our cover on page 24

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Providing the Highest Quality OB/GYN Care for Women in a Compassionate and Personalized Environment

Laser HAIR Removal: The Ins and Outs


ne of the many things we can not control when it comes to our bodies is hair growth. We can improve it by eating right and nourishing the hair we’ve got, but when it comes to where it grows, the body has a mind of its own. How else would you explain the sudden hair growth on the chins of 50 year old women or the hair on the back of a 30 year old man? Be as it may, unwelcomed hair keeps popping up in unwanted places, and we spend much of our precious leisure time making it go away. Methods of hair removal exist in every society. Some resort to the simple threading method, where a few threads are tightly wound, separating and snapping back together gathering all the hair in its wake. This method was used in Japan, Armenia, Poland and Morocco. The pain? Never mind that. Women were supposed to suffer for their beauty. What’s a little pain here and there? Then there are the tweezers; a good and not to painful system of hair removal for small areas, but a whole leg and a back? Oh, the time it’ll take... So we moved on to quicker methods like waxing and shaving. Think about it for a moment. Who but a woman will let hot wax be pored on her upper lip or delicate under arms? Shaving encourages growth and leaves stubble. Electrolysis, where they insert small needles to the core of the hair and shock it to death, requires time, patience and a high tolerance for being uncomfortable. You also have to come back over and over because they can only work on so many hairs in one session. Another aspect of the search is that women are not alone. Looking at ads in fashion magazines you come across many pictures of bare chested, hairless, good-looking men. This has become the new American norm. So now men join the women in the quest for smooth, shiny skin, less reminiscent of our ancestors. Laser Hair Removal is the answer to all the other methods. There is no pain and it’s fast because you treat an entire area at a time, not individual hairs. Its accuracy is high since only the places you want the hair removed from is targeted. Also, its very effective. Once treated, the hair does not come back. But it’s a laser, aren’t those dangerous? No, not in the doses emitted by those machines. However, treatments should always be supervised by a Licensed Professional. The treatments are quite simple. Specific treatments are designed for specific parts of the body, but what you can expect is a cooling gel being spread on the area, a few flashes of light close to the skin which will feel like a little nip, zapping the hair follicle under the skin to prevent them from developing more hair. Then the gel is wiped, with all the unwanted hair. Treatment length depends on several factors: the area treated, the color of the skin, the color of the hair and its density. Since lasers work on the melamine in the hair follicle, the darker the hair, the easier it is to target. Because the hair has to be in its growth stage to be affected and our hairs grow at different times, repeated visits are needed to achieve smooth, hairless skin. Normal duration is somewhere between 4 to 6 visits. Visit length depends on the area being treated, typically from 15 to 60 minutes. The price varies as well, just as Botox can be found at different prices and different places, so can laser hair removal. Make sure it is a clean, reputable place. Side effects rarely occur, and when they do they take the form of mild redness that goes away after a couple of hours.


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Board-certified pulmonary and sleep specialist

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Check-Ups/Physicals Available Within 24 Hours of Request

Do You Discipline or Punish? By Mary B. Hammock, MSN, CPNP


unishment controls behavior by using pain or unpleasantness to end a wrong behavior. Thousands of studies show that punishment teaches fear, aggression, and avoidance. Punishment is typically carried out in anger, frustration or in an attempt to establish dominance and immediate obedience. If your goal is to change a negative behavior, punishment should be the last tactic you choose.

Featuring a “Quick Care Walk-In Clinic” Monday - Friday 8:00 - 10:00am Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm


A high value is placed on obedience. Discipline helps teach children a value system and the benefit of doing what is right. It builds self-esteem, teaches responsibility and helps to develop self-control.

Fax: 678.384.3481

Immediate Openings for Check-ups

One of the most important aspects of discipline is to do so respectfully. Do not scream at your child. Approach your child, make eye contact and talk to your child softly. Never call your child names or use cruel words – “You are such a disappointment.” Shaming, belittling or threatening your child will damage his trust and self-esteem.

3911 Mary Eliza Trace • Suite 200 • Marietta On the corner of Due West Rd. and Acworth Due West Rd behind Wells Fargo Bank

While it is very important to be swift and consistent in disciplining, try not to correct your child in front of others, including grandparents. This will embarrass your child and likely cause resentment, just as you wouldn’t want your boss to correct you in front of your peers. As always, set a positive example. If it is not appropriate for your child to scream at his brother or call him names, don’t lead by bad example. If you find it appalling that your four year old slapped her friend because she took her red crayon, be sure she is not being slapped or spanked as a discipline method in your home. Another tool to obedience is to teach and to practice. Children are not mind readers and were not born knowing how to clean their room, pick up their toys or clean off the table – especially to our particular liking. Tell your child why it is not acceptable, demonstrate the correct way to do the job and practice until they get it right; and of course, the power of praise will reinforce the great job that was done. Sometimes it is necessary to practice on your schedule and not theirs. Waking them at seven on a Saturday morning to practice cleaning their room can have more of an impact than 4 o’clock on a Thursday.

3698 Largent Way


Suite 201 l Marietta

Children are more likely to choose positive behaviors and choices when they see themselves as capable individuals and responsible community members. Parents using positive language can help children build that self-perception. Name concrete, specific behaviors your child is displaying. “I was really proud when you gently took your sister’s hand and walked with her through the parking lot” is more effective than “Good work.” It is equally important to use a warm tone and avoid being over sentimental. “Thank you for inviting your brother to play the game with you” is more appropriate than “You are mommy’s good girl.” As a bonus, your language helps those within earshot form a positive perception of your child, which further enhances your child’s self-perception and promotes positive behavior.

Conveniently located across from The Avenue West Cobb

We provide an environment where kids can have a fun and happy dental experience while receiving the very best dental care available. Come tour our state of the art office with with themed rooms representing each continent from around the world.

Being a good parent is a full-time job. Rewards can come slowly in the trenches of daily life. It is easy to get overwhelmed and exhaustion can lead to poor choices resulting in punishment, instead of discipline. No change comes quickly but even small changes in your disciplining methods will result in big changes in your child’s obedience and self-worth.

Michael A. Rossitch, DDS, MS, PC Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry


Healthy Steps Pediatrics is helping to grow healthy children one step at a time. Call 678-384-3480 for your appointment today. PAGE 

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calendar of events

February 2013

***Dates, times and locations are always subject to change prior to printing. Please contact the event coordinator to confirm dates and times. For the full Calendar of Events visit

MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) February 1 and 15; 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month 9:15am-11:30am Meetings held at Fortified Hills Baptist Church. For more information visit our website

Valentine’s Weekend Specials February 14th-16th

4th Annual Gospel Concert w/Steadfast Quartet and Heirborn February 2; Saturday - Doors Open at 5:30pm, Concert at 6:00pm. To be held at the Paulding Senior Center on 54 Industrial Way North, Dallas. Admission is $7.00 at the door. For group sales, contact Tonya Farist, 404626-7587. 100% proceeds benefit Relay for Life of Paulding County, American Cancer Society.

Couples Romantic Excursion

One Hour Couples Massage with Complimentary Hot Stones & Aromatherapy $150

Refresh Conference at Dorsett Shoals Baptist Church in Douglasville February 3-6; Sunday - Thursday 5:30pm - 8:30pm Powerful messages each night that will challenge you to go deeper in your walk with God. Tickets are $20/Adults and include all meals and sessions; plus two free day passes to bring a friend. For more information, contact Martha Horns at 678-386-3632. Website

(a $200 value)

To complete your Romantic Excursion, you will be pampered with champagne, chocolates and surrounded with candlelight and roses.

Book Writers Critique Group*               February 4; 1st Monday of the month; 6pm - 7:30pm For published and unpublished Book Writers only. Fiction and nonfiction.  For new member info and meeting location email

Love Yourself We want to share the love with everyone! Enjoy an individual 60 Minute Full Body Massage with Complimentary Hot Stones & Aromatherapy for $70 (a $90 value)

**Due to limited availability, please call early to reserve your get-away. A 48 hour cancellation notice for Couples Excursion and Love Yourself Special is required to avoid a 100% charge. No previously purchased gift certificates may be used for Valentine’s Weekend Specials appointments. ***If you are unable to schedule your appointment during our Valentine Weekend, you may purchase gift certificates for the Couples Ultimate Full Body Massage ($150) or for the single Ultimate Full Body Massage ($70).

The GreenTree Day Spa & Skin Care Clinic

Dallas Angels Baseball League February 4-March 22 Registration; Games start March 23rd “Dallas Angels” Challenger League is for special needs children. Inside play; for any special needs child. Rubber bases, a soft bat and balls are used. 3 innings of play, no scoring, and everyone gets a turn. FREE. For info call Mt Tabor Park 770-505-3885.

6842 Douglas Boulevard Douglasville, GA 30135 770-947-8733

Paulding County Writers’ Guild* February 5; 1st Tuesday of the month; 6pm-8pm For more info and meeting location call Dana Freeman, 678-662-1948. Parents of Prodigals - Mt. Calvary Baptist Church* February 6 and 20; 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month 7pm-8:30pm A Christian group for parents with prodigal children. MCBC is located at 287 Mt. Calvary Road in Marietta. Call 770-424-4387 for more information or visit them on Facebook at WestCobbPOP. Paulding Chamber - Georgia Power Luncheon-Paulding Senior Center February 7; Thursday 11am - 1pm Keynote Speaker, Kennesaw State University Athletic Director, Vaughn Williams ($20/ mem, $25/non-mem prepaid; $5 more at door.) Visit to register or call 770-445-6016. ‘Let Me Call You Sweetheart’ Dinner & Dance February 8; Friday 6:30 pm at First Baptist Church Dallas - Fellowship Hall Come join the fun of this Father/Daughter - Mother/Son Dinner and Dance. Dress in your finest for this special Valentine’s event. Photo booth, craft and games. To make reservation call 770-445-8897. This Event is open to the community but limited space so book your reservations NOW. FBC is located at 401 Main Street - Dallas. $5.00 for couple - $2.50 for additional seat. Behind the Scenes Tour: Hazen’s Approach February 9; Saturday 10am-12pm at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Historic Site Follow Union Gen. William B. Hazen’s route to the Battle of Pickett’s Mill on May 27, 1864. See parts of the battlefield not seen by the average visitor. Wear weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable hiking shoes. Tickets: $2.75 - $4.00. For more info call 770-443-7850. Battlefield is located at 4432 Mt. Tabor Church Rd., Dallas. Family Alliance of Paulding 6th Annual Dinner Dance Fund Raiser February 9; Saturday 7pm - Hills Creek Events @ Thousand Acre Farm “Love in the Country.” Kick up your heels with your sweetheart! Vittles, dancing and old fashioned romancing await. Hills Creek - 1291 Braswell Road, Rockmart, 30153. For sponsorship and ticket information, call 678-202-5777 x100 or email lindav883@ calendar of events continued on page 15

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Valentine’s Day Family Celebration

By Ivana Pejakovic, B.SC., MA


alentine’s Day is the perfect day to show your family how much you love them, care for them, and appreciate them. Everyone wants to be remembered and treasured on this day and your family is the perfect place to start.

Scheduling the party is the first step to committing yourself to it. Planning the party is the second step. Without planning it, the party may become ‘just another great idea’ that never materialized. Organizing the party is the third step. Get the family members involved in organizing their own party and making some of the decisions. Scheduling the party but not following up with it, may lead your teens to say “Well...I guess I’m just not that important. Mom/dad preferred to work [or do something else] to spending time with me.” Also, keep

and CARING family Valentine’s Day.

If you are planning the entire day (or just an evening), here are a few activities to plan. Remember, no one is ever too old to have fun.

...keep the atmosphere friendly and light ...bring up the good memories ...have a positive attitude and use positive language ...consider this to be worth your time ...laugh ...tell the family how much you appreciate them ...treat new experiences with an optimistic outlook ...enjoy yourself and keep the conversation positive and upbeat ...include everyone in the family


YPlan the day’s menu and prepare meals together. Also, make sure to all pitch in with the clean up.

Schedule it! Plan it! Organize it!

Let each family member know you intend to celebrate a ‘Family’ Valentine’s Day and that their participation and attendance is very important to you. So, pick a day that is convenient for everyone. This may be a bit harder with older teens who have personal schedules and priorities, but nonetheless, insist this is an important celebration and that it wouldn’t be the same without them. (They might be testing you to see if you are willing to hold a family party without them).

in mind what you hope to teach your teens about commitment.

YGo out for a meal to a place you haven’t tried before. YPrepare meals together. YHave a fun family discussion. YBake a favorite cake in the shape of a heart. YTake a short road trip YGo out for a trail walk (include family pets


...bring up the same old points of dispute ...use this time to bring up bad decisions from the past ...answer business calls or do office work during this time ...put anyone down ...use negative language or have a negative attitude ...have the TV on in the background (unless you are watching a movie) ...steer conversations toward controversial subjects ...overreact if someone spills food or drink or breaks something ...answer the phone during your time together. You’re showing your kids they are more important than anyone else.

if pos-


YPlay the family’s favorite board game (e.g., Apples to Apples, Life, Monopoly)

YWatch a movie

Do’s and Don’ts

Remember this is a family mini-party, not a good opportunity to bring up regular family disputes or an opportunity to lecture your kids/ teens on the usual topics. This is a party. Loosen up. Have fun. Enjoy your family. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts on how to celebrate a FUN

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Juliun’s Salon & Spa Where it’s all about You. 10% OFF Any Salon Service

Nobody Does ‘I Do’ Like We Do

New clients only

Stylist & Massage Therapist positions available

Open Tues-Sat

Please call for an appointment



Valentine’s Day February 14th

2095 Cleburne Parkway Powder Springs, 30127

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“Attention Sciatica And Low Back Pain Sufferers…”

Could One Hour With Our Doctors Give You The Answer To Your Disc Pain?

Now, in Acworth, GA, Dr. Erin Arnold, D.C. & Dr. Amy Valente, D.C. have what may be the most important breakthrough in non-surgical back pain treatment. Before and after MRI studies have shown disc bulges shrink in size – even with the most painful cases of L4-L5 & L5-S1 herniations. If you’ve had disc problems for years, recently injured your back, or you’re suffering with sciatica, you must hear about these new studies. Scientific studies tell us that spinal discs are responsible for most of the aches and pains people suffer from. Discs act like a cushion between our backbones and allow for a space at each level so the nerves can exit the spinal column. When these discs get injured or wear out from bad posture, they begin to degenerate and cause pain. Bulging and herniations begin to form, pressing on the nerve roots. If the herniations occur at L4-L5, they can severely compromise the large sciatic nerve, causing muscle weakness, tingling, and severe pain. The most common invasive treatment for disc herniations is surgery. This costs quite a bit of money. Even with health insurance the patient is left with their own portion of the bill, in excess of $10,000-$15,000, and sometimes more. The recovery time and missed work can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months, not to mention the obvious severe risks associated with all surgery. But here’s the biggest problem… there is a high failure rate of back surgery. One medical study found that on average, 53% of L5-S1 back surgeries fail to produce relief of symptoms (International Orthop 1987.) Before You Go Under The Knife And Opt For Spinal Surgery… You should seriously consider a less invasive approach called spinal decompression. Non-surgical spinal decompression is a new technology that has been proven to reverse disc herniations. It creates a vacuum effect on the disc, which pulls the disc back into its normal position and brings in a fresh blood supply to promote healing. Do You Have A Disc Problem? If you experience any of the following in your back or neck, chances are your pain is due to a disc bulge, herniation or degeneration: u A vice-like squeezing feeling in your back u Sitting causes back or leg pain u Stabbing pain at the belt line or in your neck u Can’t turn over in bed without hurting u Numbness in your toes or fingers u Fire down your legs u Searing pain radiates into your arm u Prickling in your leg or toes Finally, Some Good News…… If you’ve been suffering with back pain or arm/leg pain caused by a disc bulge, disc herniation or squashed or compressed discs. Until recently, the only advice for many of you suffering in pain was to try what you’ve been told: p Try exercising p Try physical therapy p Try pain medications

p Try muscle relaxers p Try pain shots p Try dangerous back surgery p Just live with it If you’re like most, none of these have worked for you or you are afraid of what could happen if you do try some of these. Exercising makes you hurt more, pain medications and muscle relaxers cover up the problem and give you side effects. Pain shots can cause more pain, don’t work or don’t last very long or FIX the problem, back surgery didn’t work, or made you worse. Or maybe you were one of the lucky ones that back surgery actually helped, but now the problem is back with a vengeance. Whatever your situation, you owe it to yourself to check into a Breakthrough Computerized Non-Surgical Treatment for back pain and sciatic or leg pain caused by a bulging, herniated or squashed disc or discs. It has helped hundreds of people who were suffering just like you. This new treatment machine we are calling “the squashed disc machine.” How “Good” Discs become “Bad” Discs Over time the discs in your back tend to get squashed or compressed, especially if you’ve played certain sports when younger or have a job that requires lots of sitting or standing in one place for long periods of time. Car accidents, lifting things, very physical jobs just to name a few. It’s kind of like a cookie with cream filling, and the cream filling will start to ooze out from between the sides of the cookie if pressure is applied on top of the cookie (like gravity on our spines). Eventually this happens to a lot of us. Statistics show over 80% of Americans will suffer with back pain some time in their life. Spinal decompression treatments are very gentle. In fact, every once in a while I even catch a patient sleeping during treatment! How Does This Machine Work? Haven’t you ever had the thought…”Gosh, if somebody could just pull me apart…I would feel a whole lot better.” Yeah, we know you have. And it kind of makes a bit of sense. Well someone else, actually a medical manufacturer, back pain specialists, neurosurgeons and engineers have come up with just that. A machine that gently pulls your apart, stretches the disc to a certain point that causes a drop in pressure inside the disc (like a little vacuum in the middle of the cream filling) causing the cream filling to suck back in! You’ll simply lie on your stomach or back, whichever is comfortable, and then a specialized belt is gently put around your waist. We’ll set the machine to focus on your problem area – then the advanced decompression computer system will do the rest. Most patients feel better with just a few treatments, and best of all there will be no dangerous drugs, no invasive procedures, and no painful exercises.

Does Decompression really work? Absolutely! When you come in we will provide you with studies that show why decompression is a preferred method of treatment. But what provides the best “proof” on how well decompression works is what patients say about it. Just Listen to What Our Patients Had to Say: “I came into the office with neck, low back and knee pain. I had been suffering with this pain for 33 years. The pain had gotten so bad I could hardly move. When I came to the office my neck pain was a 9 on a 1-10 scale (10 being the worse) and now is a 0. My back pain was For those suffering with a 10/10 and is now a 1. I am so happy with herniated lumbar disc, a nonthe success I have had with my treatment. I surgical,Dr.drugless solution is Amy Valente now have more self approval and I am more helping patients be pain free confident.” Thanks, The Single Most Important Solution To Your Dennis Duckworth Sciatica and Back Pain It’s time for you to find out if spinal decompression I had been suffering with back pain for years will be your sciatic and back pain solution. For 15 when I first started treatment. I had sharp pain days only, we’re running a very special offer where that would shoot up my spine and to into my you can find out if you are a candidate for spinal right shoulder. It hurt to walk or lift anything. decompression. I can now stand for longer periods of time, walk without much pain at all and have more What Does This Offer Include? mobility. I already feel 70% better and have not Everything we normally do in our new patient even finished my treatments yet. The staff here evaluation. Just call before Feb 15th and here’s is very friendly and they care about my well be- what you’ll get… ing. I would recommend people in pain to just u An in-depth consultation about your health and come into the office and do it. well-being where the doctor will listen…really Your friend, listen…to the details of your case. Marilyn Godwin u A complete neuromuscular examination. u A full set of specialized x-rays to determine if Before I started getting spinal decompression a spinal problem is contributing to your pain or therapy I was having severe pain in my low symptoms. back and numbness down my leg constantly. u A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray I had been suffering with this for 3 years. I had findings so we can start mapping out your plan to two nerve abrasions, multiple steroid shots in being pain free. my back, pain killers, PT and water therapy and u An extensive review of your MRI. nothing worked. After the first spinal decompression treatment I could stand up straight You’ll get to see everything first hand and find out with very little pain. I can now sleep through if this amazing treatment will be your pain solution, the night and exercise again. I am 90-100% like is has been for so many other patients. better and I am so thankful I found this office. Until Feb 15th you can get everything listed here Thanks, for $20. The normal price for this type of evaluation John Ratledge including x-rays is $250, so you’re saving a considerable amount by taking us up on this offer. As you can see, spinal decompression has a high Here’s What To Do Now: success rate with helping disc herniations, sciatica, Due to the expected demand for this treatment, we and back pain. In just a matter of weeks you could be back on the golf course, enjoying your love life, or suggest calling our office at once. traveling again. Feel the Improvement – and Say “Yes” to Life Again With my “Decompression Evaluation” we’ll be able to find the problem and then get to work on it. Think of how you’ll feel in just a few short weeks. See and feel your life change for the better. Start your body on the way to pain-free, normal living, feel tight joints rest, relax, free up, muscles tied in knots will become more supple and strength in your muscles may increase. You’re able to live life like a normal person again, without back pain – able to play with your kids, enjoy time with friends, and finally get a good night’s rest.

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North Cobb Spine and Nerve Institute 3451 Cobb Parkway Suite 6, Acworth, GA


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OliveTree Greek & Italian Cuisine

Friday, Saturday & Sunday only

rant Mexican Restau

37 Beatty Street, Suite 115, Hiram In Downtown Hiram, located between the Post Office and the Railroad Tracks


Now Catering Parties, Banquets, Special Events! Private Rooms Available l Patio Seating

Mon-Thu 11am-9pm Friday 11am-10pm Sat 4pm-10pm Closed Sun

770-222-5311 480 Watts Road Hiram

Las Palmas Grill 770-222-5311

Family Greek Night Saturday, March 2

Las Palmas Grill 770-222-5311

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Belly Dancing & Greek Buffet


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Dr. Doug Singleton

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HIRAM - Chick-fil-A/Walmart 92/278 KENNESAW - 3104 Creekside Village Dr. l Suite 401 WEST COBB - Kroger Shopping Center across from The Avenue PAGE 14

NEW LOCATION NOW OPEN in Douglasville!

Savannah Sheckton Orthozone actual patient Dentistry by Dr. Rossitch Photo by Sherri’s Portraits

DOUGLASVILLE - The Shoppes at Hillcrest 3387 Hwy 5, Suite B, Douglasville Ga 30135

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more calendar of events

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Junior League of Douglas County General Membership Meeting February 11; Monday 6:30pm-8pm Douglasville Conference Center The JLDC is open to Paulding residents. For more information visit http:// Paulding County Singles Ages 45 and Over* February 12; 2nd Tuesday of the month; 6:30 Ryan’s @ 55 Pace Court Hiram They enjoy movies, bowling, concerts, dancing, etc. For more info visit Paulding County Singles on Facebook or email Elaine at pauldingsingles@ Paulding Photography Club* – Downtown Dallas February 14 and 28; 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month; 7pm Meetings are at 122 Main Street, Dallas. Activities include monthly competitions, field trips, etc. For more information visit PauldingPhotographyClub.

Box Office Hours: Mon/Thu/Fri 3pm-6pm and Sat 10am-2pm

Box Office Phone 678-363-0813


DALLAS Upcoming

My Kidz Closet - Formal Dress Sale February 15 and 16; Friday 5pm-9pm and Saturday 9am-3pm Formal and Pageant dresses, shoes and accessories available at Community Fellowship Church, 612 Cochran Store Road, Douglasville 30134. Visit mykidz for more information.

2 Great Shows!

Arbor Day Lunch and Learn - Paulding County Cooperative Extension February 15; Friday 12pm-1pm in Watson Govt Complex-Admin Bldg “Money Does Grow On Trees: Planting Trees for Home Energy Conservation”. Bring your lunch and learn about trees and energy conservation. FREE! For more info call 770-443-7616 or email

Harriet Tubman 2 PM


Saturday, March 16th

(ages 3rd grade and up)

More details online!

The Harlem Wizards - East Paulding High School February 15 and 16; Friday and Saturday Doors Open at 6pm, Game-7pm Professional exhibition basketball team, The Harlem Wizards will perform their Trick Hoopz and Alley Oops at EPHS. Sponsored by Stars and Strikes and Northside Elementary PTA. Tickets $10 at the door or order online at For more information call Jeff at 404-915-0628.

Bella Under the Bullying Bigtop 5 PM (all ages)

Arbor Day Celebration and Tree Planting February 15; Friday 1pm at Jessie Davis Park in Douglasville Event will include an educational workshop led by certified arborist, a tree planting demonstration and free pecan seedlings to everyone who attends! Sponsored by the City of Douglasville, UGA Cooperative Extension and the West Georgia Green Association. For more information contact Chan Weeks at 678-449-3138.

General Admission All Seats, All Shows

Only $6

Cobb EMC Power Breakfast* – Paulding Chamber February 19; Tuesday 8am - 9:30am Buffet Breakfast $10/members, $15/non-members. For info visit or call 770-445-6016. 24 hour cancellation is required.


Paulding Business Assoc. Luncheon* – Hiram Comm Ctr. February 21; 3rd Thursday of the month; 11:30am-1pm Networking and Buffet Lunch-$12. Visitors WELCOME!

Our summer drama camp is comprised of one week of theater instruction in the areas of

Summer 2013

For ages 7-9, 10-12 & 13-15

movement, understanding dialogue and scripts, understanding and application of theatrical terminology, acting, understanding and creating characters, theme/plot, costumes, stagecraft, conflict, and theatrical traditions. Drama Camp is held from 9am to 3pm daily for one week. Mornings are dedicated to performance activities and lessons, and afternoons are dedicated to show rehearsal. Campers will act in a culminating performance for friends and family on the Friday of camp week. We also offer a half day camp for 5 to 6 year olds. Come join the fun! View camp dates and classes online!

Born Again Blessing Children’s Consignment Sale February 22-23; Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 9am-Noon Event to be held at the Cobb County Civic Center on 1792 County Services Pkwy Marietta 30008. Visit for more information. 16th Annual Sister in Christ Women’s Conference February 23; Saturday 8:00am to 4pm - Mount Holly Church in Carrollton Join women from all over West Atlanta for a day of fun, praise, fellowship. Host church is located at 4685 N. Hwy. 27, Carrollton, GA 30117 (half a mile south of I-20, Exit 11 Bremen). Doors open at 8am. No cost for conference, but please pre-register online to receive Conference Package and door prizes. Lunch not provided. For guest speakers and more visit or call (770) 562-9668. Bridal Expo hosted by February 24; Sunday 2pm-6pm at Bullock Springs Manor The Expo will feature vendors from Paulding County and surrounding areas, and will highlight the tremendous resources available to those soon-to-be-brides. To purchase tickets or for additional information call 770-490-7630 or Pat’s Apparel at 770-2227888.

Registration begins Monday, April 1st from 3pm-6pm. Registration must be made in person during regular Box Office hours.

Coming Soon! Tickets Available!


Check our website for more upcoming events!

Theatre l Dance l Concerts l Film l Comedy Performing Arts in the Heart of Paulding!

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health & fitness

Journey to a Healthy Heart


can become enlarged. If left untreated, the chambers of the heart also enlarge in order to process more blood, pushing the heart to its limits.

alentine’s Day, February 14th, it is synonymous with chocolates, flowers, and hearts. Did you know February is heart health month? It is a month dedicated to raising awareness of heart disease and prevention. Being overweight or obese significantly raises your chances of developing heart disease as well as diabetes, which can double your risk for heart attack. Over two thirds of all Americans are overweight or obese. Losing weight can reduce your risks considerably. Being overweight or obese affects your body in many ways. Obesity may lead to high blood pressure because increased fluid levels in the body make it more difficult to pump the blood through the vessels. This causes the pressure in those vessels to rise and reduces circulation; this in turn weakens your veins and arteries putting you at risk for a heart attack or stroke. As your heart works harder to meet the demands of the body, it

People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop diabetes than people who are within their normal body weight. Diabetes sufferers are 4 to 5 times more likely to develop heart disease than those who do not have diabetes. Heart disease is considered the most dangerous complication from diabetes compared to all known complications. Diabetes affects circulation and those who do not manage their diabetes effectively typically have high levels of lipids in their blood. These high levels of lipids can clog and harden arteries and lead to atherosclerosis. The biggest problem with diabetes is high levels of blood sugars tend to make the lining

of the blood vessels rough thus, making it easier for the plaque from the lipids to stick to the walls. If the person who is both overweight and a diabetic also develops high blood pressure, the pressure will put increased strain on the blood vessels and put the person at a higher risk for a heart attack or stroke. Losing weight can reduce these risks. Exercise and becoming knowledgeable in how to budget your caloric intake each day is an excellent start on your journey to a healthy heart. Thirty minutes of exercise a day can help to reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, boost energy levels, improve circulation and muscle tone. Increasing muscle tone raises your metabolism allowing you to lose weight more efficiently. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen. Learning how many calories your body burns each day allows you to budget your food consumption for a healthy lifestyle leading you to lose weight and make you more heart healthy. Article contributed by Synergy Medical Centers in Acworth. They offer a physician supervised weight loss program that teaches the importance of lifestyle change to help you lose the weight in a healthy way and but to keep it off for life. If you have further questions please call Synergy Medical Centers at 770-975-1299 or visit the website at

Love Your Sweetheart by Loving Yourself Valentine’s Day Patient Appreciation February 15th Call for details

Dr. Jared Key


Dr. Daniel Roberts

cornerstone c h i r o p r a c t i c 5886 Wendy Bagwell Parkway Suite 301 n Hiram, GA 30141

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Your New Year’s Resolution was Just the Start!

“I lost 40 pounds in 4 months!” Medical Weight Loss that Works Physician Supervised Weight Loss l FDA Approved Medication l Computerized Body Fat Analysis l Medication Dispensed Onsite l Nutritional & Exercise Counseling l hCG Therapy* l

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Men Do You Suffer From These Symptoms?

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Decreased Muscle Mass Decreased Strength Lack of Energy Sleep Disturbances Poor Memory Poor Concentration Low Libido Hair Loss Decreased Enjoyment in Day to Day Life

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Synergy Medical Center 3889 Cobb Pkwy NW, Acworth, GA 30101

May not be combined with any other offer.

(Across from QT & Wal-Mart)

770-975-1299 *Disclaimer: hCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that result-

ing from caloric restriction, that it causes attractive or “normal” distribution of fat, or thatCall it decreases the hunger and discomfort with calorie-restricted diets. Our Town Fora more Advertising information 770.222.2699 l associated



Workers Compensation n Auto Accidents n Criminal n Family n Bankruptcy

200 E. Memorial Drive Suite 12 Dallas, Georgia 30132

678-402-7170 Experienced Dedicated Available


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5 Ways to Reduce Credit Card Debt and Boost Credit Score By Steve Dowell


etting in over your head in credit card debt is simple to do, especially when you come to rely on credit cards for daily living expenses you can’t afford. If you are using your credit card as an extension of your income, you should know that it is a huge red flag and you need to get back to basics concerning your finances. Here are 5 ways you can reduce your credit card debt to stabilize your finances and get your credit score back up to lender’s standards: Get Your Facts Straight Before you can fix things in your financial life, you have to come to grips with what is going on with your finances. You have to get realistic about your money so you can make it work for you instead of against you. Subtract your income from expenses; if the difference is a negative number, you need to make a plan to reduce expenses or find a way to increase income. The longer you avoid this step, the longer you will be unable to undo the things causing your credit to keep dropping.

Call Each Card Provider It is in your best interest to contact your credit companies as soon as you realize you have a problem. It is time to gather your nerve and make a phone call to let your card providers know you don’t have enough money to cover your debt. Not all of your creditors will be willing to work with you initially but realize that you are not the only one in financial straits. Many credit providers have options in place to help struggling card holders. As long as you are willing to commit to a new arrangement and stick to it, many providers will be willing to help you, but you have to be willing to help yourself by asking for help.

Decipher Needs and Wants In order to rid yourself of the pressures of credit card debt, you need to allocate more cash to your credit cards moving forward. You’ll have to start making appropriate budget cuts and decide between your needs and wants. You’ll have to shop smart and buy only want you need. All available cash should be put towards credit card debts in order to reduce balances as fast as possible. When one card balance is paid in full, use that payment amount to put towards the next card in line.

Stop Using Cards It may seem obvious but some people continue to use credit cards while trying to pay them off. It can become impossible to get ahead on credit card payments unless you stop using your credit cards entirely. If you need cards to live on, you’ll have to find another way to make ends meet. By committing to stop using credit cards, you can eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Get Professional Help If your card debt is just too overwhelming for you to handle, it may be time to get assistance from a professional agency that deals with debt settlement or debt negotiation. If you are not feeling prepared to deal directly with your creditors to resolve card debt, a reputable debt assistance agency can help you map out a plan to eliminate credit card debts in a shorter period of time than you can do on your own. As you begin making progress by reducing credit card debts, your credit score will show the difference. It can take several months or longer to see the improvements but with dedication and consistent payoffs of your credit card and other debts, your credit score can come back up to standards that ensure you get the best interest rates and other financial services that rely on credit scores. Make no mistake - credit card debts can be a vicious cycle and only grow worse when ignored. It is in the best interest of you and your credit score to tackle debt problems now and get back on the right financial track for the future.


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Memories of Guatemala By Pam Walker


uatemala is one of the first places I traveled even before Europe, and I’ve been several times. I was fascinated with the early Spanish history and the colorful fabrics worn by the Mayan descendants. I loved the archaeology of the ancient peoples and spent hours climbing the many temples in Tikal. It has been many years since those visits, so when recently invited by a friend for a quick “re-visit”, I jumped at the chance.

As my plane landed in Guatemala City I remembered how green the country of Guatemala is. My friend lives in Antigua, Guatemala, so I did not stop long in the capitol city. Years ago, to get to Antigua, the drive took you out of the capitol into the countryside and then an hour’s drive to Antigua. In today’s Guatemala, the capitol is so huge; you almost go from one city to the next without much countryside between the two. Tour companies these days don’t even bother with Guatemala City, even though some of the most interesting museums in the country are located there.

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Tucked between several active volcanoes’, Antigua with its cobbled streets and historic homes is a step into the past. The volcanoes erupt from time to time and cause earthquakes. Some of the most historic spots in this city are now ruins of what once was. Cathedrals and palaces from when the Spanish invaded this country are now historic reminders of times of wealth and power in Central America. Antigua of today is filled with small charming boutique hotels carved out of the older houses that were left abandoned in earlier times.

Surprisingly, little else seems to have changed in Guatemala. The Mayan descendants are for the most part farming as they used to, and the marketplaces are still as colorful as I remembered them. The people are as hospitable as they once were.

$5 OFF


Beautiful Lake Atitlan has unfortunately suffered and become one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country. The locals still fish here in their dugout canoes and the Mayan women still wash their clothes along the shore by beating them on rocks, but modern Guatemalans do not swim or fish in the lake. The views from the shores with the lake, the volcanoes and beautiful sunsets cannot be forgotten. Like Antigua, many of the old homesteads that lined the lake are now small boutique hotels for rest and relaxing while enjoying the spectacular surroundings.

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Hair Cuts: Women, Men & Children Make up Waxing Facials Hair Color Straightening Perms Weddings/Special Events

Energy Hair Studio is a family owned salon operating in Hiram, Ga. We are a healing hair salon and spa and offer a full compliment of services and an atmosphere that is comfortable, friendly and professional. We at energy Hair Studio are passionate about our industry and are dedicated to continuing education so we can provide the most classic styles to the most current fashions.

All of our products Heals, Seals and Protects.

Tikal, those wonderful ruins that I climbed years ago, is now filled with wooden walkways and steps to make the climb easier for everyone. No more climbing Temple 1 or 2....that is prohibited now. You can walk everywhere and climb the less important temples…but the special places are now “out of bounds”.

Lanza healing hair care Image healing skin care Mirabella healing makeup

Guatemala is truly a wonderful country that is stuck in history. Where else in the world can you see the things that exist here? Slowly we are modernizing the world around us with TV and the Internet, but in Guatemala there is still the mystique of history. There is so much more to see and explore in this wonderful and very colorful country. Thanks to my friends for the invitation, and for whetting my appetite for the next time

Poplar Square 5886 Wendy Bagwell Pkwy Suite 407 Hiram, Ga 30141

Pam Walker is a Virtuoso travel consultant and can be reached at pliwalker@ You can follow her travels by visiting Pam’s blog at

678-384-0355 PAGE 20

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The famed market at Chichicastenango is still there and bigger than ever. Craft stalls spreads up and down several streets. Mayan shamans still practice their craft saying prayers for the devout and assisting locals in the ancient Mayan traditions on the steps and inside the two churches that frame the market itself. It is truly amazing to see people in traditional dress light the pagan candles, and then strew flower petals on the floor in front of their makeshift memorials and between the pews of these very Catholic churches.



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Solutions for Home Care, Inc. Offering You Peace of Mind

Specializing In Care for the Elderly Patients Recovering From Surgery


iring a private caregiver for an elderly parent or loved one recovering from surgery can be a costly and frustrating experience. Most people requiring assistance prefer to be in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Solutions for Home Care, Inc. are aware of the undertaking it can be to choose an in-home provider and give families a resource to choose a good, quality provider. Regina Camp, founder of Solutions for Home Care, Inc. says, “We design a care plan that makes living independently a lot easier; and because we charge per hour, our clients may choose any or all of our services at no additional cost.”

Regina Camp, Founder

Solutions for Home Care have been providing in-home health care in our area for ten years. They have a cheerful, qualified staff that can be ready to handle anything that comes their way. Their staff can assist patients with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, diaper changes, turning to ensure skin integrity, medication reminders, meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands and most importantly, companionship.

Every prospective employee of Solutions For Home Care, Inc. undergoes an extensive background check, including criminal history.

welcome our newest staff member, Registered Nurse Lisa Rooks, who brings 20 years of quality nursing experience to our staff.” For everyone at Solutions for Home Care, Inc. the client’s well-being and complete satisfaction is their number one goal.

They can provide 24-hour care if needed, but services are also offered by the hour, day or week. “Just knowing that someone is taking care of things can be immensely helpful while recovering from surgery or an injury,” says Regina. “It can be comforting and sustaining to the entire family to have an extra pair of hands pitching in during a crisis.”

Solutions for Home Care, Inc. can be trusted to always provide competent help when it’s needed most. For more information or to find out how they can assist with your loved ones care needs, call Regina at 770949-0480 or come by their Lisa Rooks, RN office located at 8418 Grady Street, Suite A in Douglasville. Some services might be covered by Medicaid or other insurance. Make sure your loved one feels safe at home and call today.

Their staff of professional and qualified caregivers has made their agency number one in the field of caring for the elderly and recovery patients. All employees are insured, bonded and covered under Worker’s Compensation. There are over 50 well trained, qualified caregivers on staff, so replacement in an emergency situation is no problem. Regina adds, “I am so proud to

Taki Japanese Steak House 4904 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway Hiram, GA 30141



Join us for Japanese dining at it’s very best! Hwy 278/Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy


TAKI Sam’s Club

Valentine’s Day Special $30 per person

includes Fillet mignon, Lobster dinner & a drink choice of a glass of wine or martini special. Special good for single dining or large parties

Group/Corporate Package Menu & Private Meeting Room Available

We Serve Beer, Wine & Liquor

$5 OFF

Our Town

Taki Japanese Steak House Purchase of $25 or more

Expires 2/28/2013 NOT VALID FEB 14, 15, & 16 Dine-in only. Not valid with any other offer. Tip and Tax are not included. Limit one coupon per table.

$2 OFF

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Taki Japanese Steak House Bento Box Lunch Expires 2/28/2013 Dine-in only. Not valid with any other offer. Tip and Tax are not included.



more calendar of events

calendar of events continued from page 15

Open House for Colonial Hills Christian School February 24; Sunday 2:30pm Colonial Hills has provided a superior Christian education at a reasonable price for over 50 years. K3 – 12. Located at 7131 Mt. Vernon Road, Lithia Springs, 30122. For more info visit or call 770-941-6342. Upcoming Open House - March 19th at 7:00 pm.

Miss Paulding County 2013 and Paulding Supreme Talented Competitions March 2; Saturday at Dallas Theater and Civic Center ENTRY DEADLINE: February 22nd. Entry Fee is $85 for Miss 2013 Paulding County and $45 for Paulding Supreme Talented Competition. No door entries accepted. Service project - School Supply Donations for the Paulding Co. School District. Donations include pencils, college ruled notebook paper, multicolor construction paper, primary school writing tablet, colored pencils, glue sticks and markers. (Donate at least 3 items.) For info visit or contact Renee Buchanan at or Carnita Jones at or


Guaranteed Lowest Prices Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Largest Selection Sun 1pm-5pm


BEAN BAGS Solid Colors & Sports Teams

Cool Action Gel Memory Foam















starting at

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starting at

ALL SIZES ON SALE! 4215 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy(next to K-mart) Hiram l 770-439-7151

Family Greek Night with Belly Dancing at The Olive Tree in Hiram March 2; Saturday 6pm-10pm Greek Buffet - Adults $19.95 and Children 6-12 $6.95. Belly Dancing at 8pm. No cover charge. Reservations recommended. The Olive Tree is located at 37 Beatty Street, Suite 115 in downtown Hiram. Reservations: 770-439-0203.

Behind the Scenes Tour: Leverett’s Mill March 9; Saturday 10am - 2pm at Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Historic Site Follow an old Civil War road that leads to where Leverett’s Mill once stood. The mill was burned as war contraband by Federal forces retreating to Acworth. Terrain is rugged; wear good hiking shoes. Tickets: $2.75 - $4.00. For more info call 770-443-7850. Battlefield is located at 4432 Mt. Tabor Church Rd., Dallas.

Tots to Tweens Consignment Sale by NW Atlanta Moms of Multiples March 16; Saturday 9am-2pm at Sandy Plains Baptist Church Strollers welcome; electronic tagging. SPBC located at 2825 Sandy Plains Road Marietta 30066. For info email or visit Bring this ad for early admittance either 7pm-9pm Fri, March 15 or 8:30am Sat, March 16. 2013 Botanical Boogie - Junior League of Douglas Co 5K/1 Mile Fun Run March 16; Saturday 11:30 am 1 Mile Run and 12:00 5K Held at the Clinton Nature Preserve. Registration is $20 Adults if Pre-Registered by March 3, 2013, $25 Adults (Race Day), $15 Children under 12. For more information visit

10% Discount to Fire and Police

Spring Forward Paulding with Paulding County Cooperative Extension, March 23; Saturday 10am - 2pm at Paulding County High School Jump Start Your Spring and Go Green! Come learn more about topics you can use in your own backyard: gardening, composting, wildlife, water conservation and more.  For more info call 770-443-7616 or email My Kidz Closet Children’s Consignment Sale March 28-30; Thurs and Fri 8:30am-7pm and Sat 8:30am-1pm Sale at Community Fellowship Church, 612 Cochran Store Road, Douglasville 30134. PREVIEW SALE, Wed, March 27; 7pm with an entrance fee of $5 or 5 non perishable items. Visit for more information. Angels Among Us Ministries and Angels for Success A Ministry that gives FREE prom or formal gowns to young ladies in high school that do not have the funds to buy one or outfits for ladies going for a job or an interview. To make an appointment or donate call Tina Watson 770-445-8994. Manna Food Ministry - Feed the Hungry Offering affordable, pre-packaged, high-quality nutritious food boxes, to help families save money. Visit to see menu. January 9th is cut off for orders. Call 678-310-9660 for more info or to place an order. Major credit cards accepted, and they’re located at 460 S. Johnston St, Dallas, 30132.

Ages 2-Adult Recreational & Competitive Programs

Spring Programs – Paulding Parks & Recreation Paulding County Parks and Rec offers many different programs, caps and classes for youth and adult. Registration begins early. For a complete list of programs and deadlines call 770-222-3270 or visit


104 Greystone Power Blvd. Suite A & B Dallas, Ga 30157


**Email events to, Deadline is the 10th of the month. SPACE IS LIMITED! Entries MUST be emailed. Put Calendar Event in subject line. RESTRICTIONS APPLY.

For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 •  For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 l l 

Our Town Our Town

Manuel A. Davila, D.M.D Chris Vandewater, D.M.D. Scott P. Rose, D.M.D., M.D. Neysa Alice Coker, D.M.D., M.D. Jonathan MC Threadgill, D.M.D. Michael McHaney Demo, D.D.S. Richard W. Kinsey, D.M.D. Michael M. Demo, D.D.S.* Jonathan M.C. Threadgill, D.M.D.* Diplomats, American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery *Board Eligible


Dallas Acworth Douglasville Lost Mountain Marietta Woodstock Blue Ridge

770-505-9100 770-429-2326 770-949-3797 770-429-5507 770-422-7630 770-924-1083 706-632-7801

Formal Dress Sale Dresses and Accessories

February 15 & 16, 2013

Hours 15th 5pm-9pm, 16th 9am-3pm

Community Fellowship Church 612 Cohran Store Road Douglasville, GA Paulding County


Children’s consignment sale March 28–30

Text Autobuffs5 to 72727 to receive special offers! Available only to our VIP guests.

Year round tax service Personal and business taxes Book keeping services and payroll Notary services

When you get your taxes done with Your Taxes Made Simple Inc., you will receive a free USAP Health Discount card to help with doctor bills and prescription cost. To learn more and download your discount coupon, scan the QR code with your mobile phone.


5745 Wendy Bagwell Pkwy, Suite 8 Hiram, GA 30141 Mon-Sat 8am-8pm

Pat’s Apparel

Follow us at AutoBuffs Express-Hiram Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat 8am-8pm Sun 9am to 7pm 5641 Wendy Bagwell Pkwy Hiram, GA 30141 770-943-5967


with purchase of

$25 Emission Test Limited time offer.

Consign with us


THE LAVA SHIELD 48 Hour Clean Car Guarantee “Gives you incredible shine and protection.”

$2 OFF

The Lava Shield Enter code 5050

Our Town

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PROM HEADQUARTERS s Tuxedo Rentals by Jim’s Formal Wear $40 Off Suggested Retail

s Alterations

Formal, Bridal & Everyday

s Formal Dresses

Consigned Dresses $10 to $200

1598 Hiram-Douglasville Hwy (Hwy 92 AT Hiram Sudie Road)

Hiram, GA 30141 770-222-7888 l



home & design

Finishing Your Basement without Spending Too Much By Joan Shine


o matter how big your home is, you know it could always be a little bit bigger. Whether you’re in the throes of parenthood and trying to find spaces to stash your kid’s toys or you’re starting a home business, you could probably use an extra room or two. One way to get more space is to buy a whole new house. For those of us in the real world, though, a far more economical and practical solution is to finish the basement.

Yes! That creepy, crawly dungeon can be turned into a playroom for your children, a home office for your bustling new business, or an entertainment room for the weekend’s big game. You’ll just need to cover over the cold concrete floors and the gray foundation walls. Then there’s the pipes hanging from the ceiling that you’ll want to hide, and the washer, dryer, and storage boxes that you might want to section off.

'&#36"3:t5)&'095)&"53& 'PY"UM5JYDPN'MBTIEBODFt"5-5*99

OK, maybe this project isn’t sounding so practical or economical anymore. But actually, despite the time and effort that goes into it, finishing your basement is basically easy and cheap-if you know how to go about it the right way. There are eight key considerations you ought to make if you’re down with finishing your basement. They’ll help you figure out how to go about it, as well as help you decide if you really want to go about it in the first place. 1. Just how much value will the basement add to your home? To be worthwhile, make sure the increase in your home’s value will over-compensate what you spent to finish your basement. Do research online or talk with your real-estate agent to see what houses are worth in your area, with and without finished basements. 2. Have a good sense how long you will be in your home after you finish the basement. Sure, a finished basement will bump up the value of your house, but you also want to be sure you will get some value yourself out of all that new space. 3. Be realistic about costs and work time. Depending on your basement, finishing it could be more intensive than you first imagine. Can you really spend (or borrow) $10,000 at this time? Do you want contractors in your home for two weeks? 4. I don’t need a contractor to do work I can do myself! (Oh, really?) Even handymen or women can get themselves in over their heads when it comes to major projects like finishing a basement. You may be capable of doing all of the necessary work, but do you have the time and energy after working all day and taking care of your family? 5. Local laws may have something to say, too. Hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, you may have to comply with local or state codes for such construction. Talk with a neighbor who’s done a similar renovation or visit the state or county website for current regulations. 6. Sure, it’s a good idea to finish the basement-but exactly how? Here’s the fun part. Once you determine that it will be worth it to go through with the project, now you need to figure out what sort of room you want down there. Will the theme be a spare bedroom, a playroom, work-out gym, office, home theater, etc.? 7. Are you being realistic about the basement’s new theme? OK, it would be great to have a fitness room down there, but do you really have the room for the treadmill and weights, or two couches and a 60-inch high-def TV? Will you have the ceiling height to fit your 7-foot-tall bookshelves? 8. Your basement can handle your vision, now make it happen. Start shopping around for appliances and furniture. Do your research on price and selection to get your best value.


Steps 1 through 8-just like that, it’s simple to make your house that much closer to being that figurative castle, or that is, to turn your castle’s dungeon into the king’s (or queen’s) court! For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 •  Our Town For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 l l  Our Town


Cedarcrest Centre 2538 Cedarcrest Road Suite 109 Acworth 30101

February Special

$20 off $100 more $40 off $200 or more $60 off $300 or more $80 off $400 or more $100 off $500 or more

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2538 Cedarcrest Road, Suite 109 Acworth, GA 30101 770.709.6926

Merle Norman

4109 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy, Suite D

Academy Sports - Kmart Center/Corner of Hwy 278 and 92

Hiram, GA 30141 n 770.943.6447

Mohawk Smart Strand 60 oz.

8 mm LAMINATE $2.50/sq ft

INSTALLED with 8 lb. Pad $3.29 sq ft

INSTALLED Light Commercial

Dalton Prices l Family Owned & Operated

Financing available for qualified applicants


Our Town Our Town



worth Hw y



Wen dy B a

Hiram Ac

1331 Hiram-Acworth Hwy 92 Dallas, GA 30157

y Pk Hard




ll Pk


HARDWOOD Starting at $1.99/sq ft

CARPET Starting at $3.99/sq yd or $.45/sq ft

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Professional Landscape Design and Installation Residential and Commercial


Licensed and Insured

FREE Estimates! Financing Available!

678-421-4763 770-864-2852

$250 OFF any install of $2500.00 or more Must present coupon. Offer Expires 2/28/13

Retaining Walls l Sod/Seeding l Plants/Trees l Irrigation Installation & Repair l Drainage/Erosion Control l Patios/Walkways l Ponds/Water Features l

Fireplaces/Fire Pits l Outdoor Living l Fencing l Landscape Lighting l Clean-up Jobs l Concrete l Pinestraw/Mulch & more! l

Focused on truly successful business networking and netweaving; This is perfect for anyone who is not yet an expert at it. Meet, mix, and mingle in the morning.

NEW LOCATION! Paulding Chamber Office 455 Jimmy Campbell Parkway, Dallas, GA 30132 770-445-6016 PAGE 26 PAGE 26

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Kams Auto Service Center


AMS Auto…15 Years and Counting with Professional Service and Personal Care

Starting a new business can be scary at any time, but right after you have twins……crazy! Believe it or not, that is exactly what Ken and Shannon Stahl did. Fifteen years ago, Ken told Shannon of his plan to start his own auto repair business. In her own words, she was “terrified!” Shannon says, “It’s a good thing my husband was persistent because the many years of working late nights and weekends have paid off.” When KAMS Auto started in 1998 they were in a small building on Third Army Road. If it doesn’t have an engine then Ken doesn’t enjoy working on it. When he started, Ken was the only mechanic, but as business increased he slowly added on to his staff. Shannon helped with the paperwork at home, but when the twins were old enough and started pre-school, she would go to the shop to help get the computers running and organize the paperwork there. Over the years KAMS Auto continued to grow then in 2001 they opened a second location on Lake Acworth

Our Town Our Town

Drive. Ken was the lead mechanic and the receptionist complete with a headset strapped to his head. The first location was for transmission and engine work. The second location did oil changes, brakes and minor repairs. With two locations and their loyal customers, business grew even faster, and Ken was running a hundred miles an hour back and forth between both shops. In 2007 they moved into their current location at 4978 North Cobb Parkway, NW in Acworth. The move was hectic and scary, but both Ken and Shannon say it was the best thing they ever did. The new facility has 14 bays filled with all the right specialty tools and equipment to handle any repair. There is an alignment bay and a clean comfortable waiting area. Now KAMS Auto is able to offer all their services in one place, in a nicer location and with more conveniences for their customers.

Shannon reflects, “Looking back on the last 15 years it is hard to believe where we started; with one man’s idea to build something to support his family! We not only work in this area, we live here and our children go to school here. This is our community! We know none of this would have been possible without the trust our customers have in KAMS to offer quality repairs at fair and reasonable prices. Ken and I want to express our gratitude and appreciation to our family, friends and neighbors for supporting us and our business over the past 15 years. We will continue to offer exceptional service while giving back to the community that has so faithfully supported us. The KAMS family is our customers and we look forward to a long future in Acworth, offering Professional Service with Personal Care.” KAMS Auto is a complete auto service center, including tires and emissions. They offer free shuttle service within limited distances or work done while you wait. They are located at 4978 North Cobb Parkway, NW in Acworth. Call them at 770-529-0330 or visit their website www. for more information!

For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 • For For Advertising Advertising information information Call Call 770.222.2699 770.222.2699 l l l l 


seasonal l l l l l l

Denmark - The Danish valentine card is known as a “lover’s card.” Older versions of this greeting came in the form of a transparency which, when held up to the light, depicted the image of a lover handing his beloved a gift. One custom in Denmark is for people to send pressed white flowers called Snowdrops to their friends. Danish men may also send a form of valentine known as a gaekkebrev (or “joking letter”). The sender of this gaekkebrev pens a rhyme but does not sign his name. Instead, he signs the message with dot for each letter in his name. If the lady who receives the card guesses the name of the sender, then she is rewarded with an Easter Egg later in the year.

Rodney E. Ayers Owner

View our online portfolio at References Gladly Available upon Request


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ustralia - During the Australian gold rush period, miners who were sud-

denly in possession of money from the new-found wealth of the Ballarat Mines were willing to pay a princely sum for elaborate valentines and merchants in the country would ship orders amounting to thousands of pounds at a time. The most extravagant Australian valentines were made of a satin cushion, perfumed and decorated in an ornate manner with flowers and colored shells. Some might even be adorned with a taxidermied humming bird or bird of paradise. This treasure, contained within a neatly decorated box, was highly valued, being both fashionable and extremely expensive.

Hire a Veteran Licensed & Insured Residential & Commercial

Siding Gutters cleaned Driveways Fences Decks Roofs

Around the World with LOVE

France - A custom known as “drawing for” once occurred. Unmarried individuals, both young and old would go into houses facing each other and begin calling out across from one window to another, pairing-off with the chosen partner. If the young man failed to be particularly enthralled with his valentine, he would desert her. As a result, a bonfire would be lit later where the ladies could burn images of the ungrateful sweetheart and verbally abuse him in a loud tone as the effigy burned. This ritual was eventually abandoned since it left much room for nastiness, ridicule or even outright malice and the French government finally handed-down a decree officially banning the custom. Elegant French greetings cards known as cartes d’amities, which contained tender messages, were given not totally as a Valentine but chiefly as a result of a fashion which was popular in England at the time.

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in appreciation of Senior Citizens Veterans

Japan - Valentine’s Day is celebrated on two different dates...February 14 and March 14. On the first date, the female gives a gift to the male and on the second date... known as White Day and supposedly introduced by a marshmallow company in the 1960s...the male has to return the gift he received on February 14. Thus, strictly speaking, a Japanese female has the luxury of actually choosing her own gift. Chocolate is the most popular gift in Japan. However, since most Japanese females believe that store-bought chocolate is not a gift of true love, they tend to make the confection with their own hands. Scotland - Valentine’s Day is celebrated with a festival. At this festival, there is an equal number of unmarried males and females, each of whom write their name (or a madeup name) on a piece of paper which is then folded and placed into a hat for the ladies and one for the men. The females then draw a name from the hat containing the men’s names and vice versa. Of course, it is highly likely that the two drawn names will not match, in which event, it is usually expected that the male partner with the female who selected his name. This rite having been completed, the company split up into couples and gifts are given to the ladies. The females would then pin the name of their partner over their hearts or on their sleeves. A dance often follows and, at the end of the festival, it is not unusual for marriages to take place. According to another Scottish custom, the first young man or woman encountered by chance on the street or elsewhere will become that individual’s valentine. Valentine’s Day gifts in Scotland are frequently given by both parties in the form of a love-token or true-love-knot.

Celebrate Recovery

A CHRIST-CENTERED RECOVERY PROGRAM hangups hurts addictions family dysfunction dependency abuse, etc.

Thursdays@Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Dinner 5:45 PM Meeting 6:50 1167 Angham Rd., Hiram, GA 30141 n 770.222.1958


For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 •  For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699



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Why Consider Praise Academy?


raise Academy is a private Christian school serving metro Atlanta and the tri-county communities of Cobb, Paulding, and Douglas. They partner with Christian families by providing the very best in Christian education; a system where students can achieve academic excellence, a life long commitment to Christ, and a passion for success. They believe that “our children are God’s greatest gift to the family” and their philosophy is anchored by three pillars: “Christ First, Self-worth and Academics.”

Praise Academy has a proven track record. Celebrating 30 years of Christian education, Praise Academy has provided students with a level of education that has helped them achieve their long term goals at a collegiate academic level. Praise Academy is fully accredited by the Association of Christian School International (ACSI) and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). At Praise Academy children are taught to think and live biblically in a loving and stable environment. There is a strong family atmosphere shared by the faculty, staff, students and parents. Their administration has over 50 years

the student-athletes. At Praise Academy students can participate in Varsity and Junior Varsity Football, Boys and Girls Basketball and Volleyball, and Cheerleading. Their Varsity Football team finished this past season with a 9 -2 record and is ranked 5th in the state of Georgia.

of combined experience in Christian education. The teachers are certified and Governance is by an experienced school board.

Praise Academy offers the most competitive tuition rates among accredited schools in the metro-Atlanta area. You can see the Tuition Comparison Chart under Tuition and Fees section on their website.

There are over 300 students at Praise Academy in K-3 through 12th grade; making them large enough to incorporate many co-curricular activities and small enough to keep the family environment. The curriculum is regularly reviewed, meticulously evaluated, and consistently improved to reflect the “best practices” in education.

Praise Academy is located at 4052 Hiram Lithia Springs Road in Powder Springs. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a tour, call them at 770-943-2484, ext. 2. You can find more information and enrollment forms on their website: www.PraiseAcademy. com.

Praise Academy offers a wide range of exceptional opportunities for cultural, athletic, and community service involvement. Students can participate in the Chess Club, the Art Club and the Robotics Club. In fact, the High School Robotics Team has recently qualified to compete in the State competition this March; this is their first year and quite an accomplishment. Praise Athletics has exceptional programs that are committed to providing their students with competitive sports while encouraging Christ-like behavior among

Celebrating 30 Years of Christian Education

GRADES K3 - 12

Now Accepting Applications for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

“Growing Disciples to make Disciples through Christian Education” (Matthew 28:19)

n Christ Centered Program n Biblical World View n Christian Self-Image


Our Town Our Town

n Sports Program

(Tackle Football, Basketball, Baseball and other sports)

n SACS & ACSI Accredited (Don’t accept less in accreditation)

n Certified Teachers

n AP (Advanced Placement) Courses n Chess and Robotics Clubs n Before & After School Care

4052 Hiram Lithia Springs Road, Powder Springs, GA 30127

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atherine Luzny is a young, upcoming photographer in the Atlanta Metro area. She loves to travel all over the South, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family. After graduating from Brookwood High School in 2008, Katherine went on the Gainesville State College to pursue a degree in Studio and Fine Arts. She hopes to one day be an Art Teacher for young minds and have her own photography studio. Coming from a strong creative background, Katherine was influenced mostly by her mother. She says, “My mom is like super woman because she can do it all. I admire her eye for creativity and of course, it has rubbed off on me! Without her support and love I would not be doing what I love the most.” Her mom has taught her everything she knows from sewing, crafting and painting since she was a little girl.

Katherine began KE.Luzny Photography in August of 2009 starting with small jobs and projects for family and friends. In the spring of 2011 she found her niche in wedding photography. Considered to be a non-traditional wedding photographer, Katherine has an eye for artistic and creative portraiture. She says, “When clients let me have creative freedom on their wedding day that’s when we get the best images!” She believes her clients wedding photos should tell a story about the wedding day and expressing the love between the newlyweds. Not only is it rewarding for her but it provides new experiences and lessons on perfecting her craft. Learn more about Katherine Luzny and her work visit her fan page on Facebook at KE.Luzny Photography. You can contact Katherine at for more information upon booking and pricing your wedding or engagement session.


Our Town

Hiram s Dallas s Cedarcrest s New Hope


NOW AVAILABLE! Grow your business with Online Advertising.

He loves weight training, sports specific training and has a passion for the fitness lifestyle. Currently, he is interning at Competitive Edge Sports in Duluth. Janet has loved her education as an Athletic Training major and wants to continue to pursue a career in this field. She loves the feeling of being on the sidelines with a team and knowing she can help if needed, and offer continual support. She is leaning toward working in a high school setting, but is also considering sports specialty clinics where she can help injured athletes with rehabilitation. In the future, Janet and Chris have decided they would love to open a sports training facility so they can incorporate both of their passions and degrees to help others succeed.   On June 8, 2013, Janet and Chris will exchange vows and become husband and wife. Their wedding plans are coming together, though having to plan and organize a wedding from multiple locations has been overwhelming. From Dahlonega, Janet is working with her mom, Debbie in Hiram, to bring it all together. She says, “I am so thankful for my mom and all her help. She is the best wedding planner I could ask for because she knows not just me, but us as a couple so it helps in making decisions.” 

more about the cover

feature photographer



Janet and Chris see marriage as opening doors for opportunities to do things together and enjoy life. After their wedding, they are looking forward to their life together and having each other around. Janet says, “Being together as a married couple brings us excitement for what we can do as a couple. We love the outdoors and plan to keep that in our married life. I am excited about changing my last name, even though I am only changing two letters, West to Webb. I am excited to share his name with him as his wife.” Right now they are taking things step by step and praying for the Lord’s guidance that everything works out and comes together. To Janet and Chris:  Philippians 2:1-2 “Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, 2 then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.”   It is a privilege to know you, and to have watched you grow into loving and responsible adults. There is no doubt in our minds that since you both are one in heart, mind and spirit that the Lord will guide you and make everything come out as it should. It will be perfect! We love you both and wish you a life full of love and happiness.

SUNDAY: WORSHIP 11AM & 6PM AWANA 5:30PM WEDNESDAY: Adult Bible Study 7PM Youth 7th-12th 7PM


Rodney Carson, Pastor

1167 Angham Rd., Hiram, GA 30141

THURSDAY: Celebrate Recovery 6PM For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 •  For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 l l 


Our Town Our Town

home improvement

T he History of the Microwave


n 1946, Dr. Percy Spencer was quite intrigued when he was testing the magnetron; a new vacuum tube, when all of a sudden the candy bar in his pocket melted. This amazed him so much that he thought he would try another experiment with popcorn kernels. He placed the kernels in front of the magnetron and to his surprise they started popping.

The next day Spencer decided to put an egg next to the magnetron. When he did so, the egg began trembling because of the pressure inside of the egg due to the rapidly rising temperature. When a colleague of Spencer’s decided to get a better look at the shaking egg, the egg exploded and he was showered with its contents. This brought Spencer to the conclusion that low-density microwave energy was causing these foods to cook quickly. This is when his experimentation took him to entirely new levels. Spencer then took a metal box and cut out an opening that he could feed the microwave energy through. Once the energy was in the box it was unable to escape, so this created a high-density electromagnetic field. This

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caused the temperature of any food put inside the box to rise quite rapidly. What this did was revolutionize the way that food is cooked and was the basis for what would become the microwave oven. However, the first microwave oven did not look quite like what we use today. In fact, it weighed approximately 750 pounds and was almost 6 feet in height. It was in late 1946 when the patent was filed by the Raytheon Company. A Boston restaurant was put in charge of testing this large microwave and it was in 1947 that the commercial version of the microwave made its debut on the market, but they cost around $5,000 a piece. Why so expensive? Well, plumbing units also had to be installed because the magnetron had to be cooled by water. Not everyone looked upon this new invention in a favorable way. It was a complicated unit, but improvements would change the view of the public toward the microwave oven. Smaller units were made and the magnetron was now able to be cooled by air, so the need for special plumbing was eradicated. Eventually, microwave ovens were used for more than cooking food. Many commercial establishments were

using them to dry cork, paper, and even leather. Then in 1947, the Radarange was introduced by Raytheon. The price was now between $2,000 and $3,000 and the cabinets that housed the microwave were around the size of a refrigerator. Tappan Stove Company (with the permission of Raytheon) came up with a smaller, less expensive version of the Microwave. In 1955, the first home unit was introduced. It was 24 inches long and priced at $1200. It was in 1965 that Raytheon acquired Amana and 1967 when they introduced the first countertop models. By 1975, the microwave had made great strides and had even exceeded gas range sales. It became the staple of any kitchen. By 1976, the microwave had more owners than the dishwasher. No longer was the microwave considered a luxury, it was considered a necessity. Now, we see that microwaves come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and it is difficult to find someone that doesn’t have a microwave oven. And as time goes on, the microwave still continues to change face. With the many different settings that ranges from power defrost to popping popcorn at the push of a single button, it is no wonder that most of our meals are cooked within the microwave. It is quick, it is easy, and also saves a considerable amount of energy.

Licensed & Insured

DANNY’S PRESSURE WASHING, INC. Over 12 Years in Business

‘Your one stop exterior maintenance’


Winter Special

n House n Driveways n Deck Sealing n Deck Cleaning n Pool Area n Painting

30% OFF

Combined House, Driveway & Deck Cleaning

With coupon. One coupon per person. Some restrictions may apply. DANNY’S PRESSURE WASHING


n Building n Drive-thrus n Parking Decks n Dumster Area n Shopping Center n Concrete n Restaurant n Gum Removal

Winter Special


Any House Up to 2000 Sq. Ft. With coupon. One coupon per person. Some restrictions may apply. DANNY’S PRESSURE WASHING Available 7 Days a Week Our Town Our Town


For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 • For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 l l 


pets of the month



Available for Adoption: DALLAS and HOUSTON (DOB ~10/2/2012) are precious male Flame Point Siamese mix brothers we rescued from a local animal control facility after both turned in after being found as strays. They are both fun-loving, playful, and precocious kittens who will provide plenty of laughter to their new family with their kitten antics. Won’t you considering bringing one or both of these little fellows into your home to love for a lifetime? DALLAS and HOUSTON are neutered, up-to-date with age-appropriate vaccines, negative for Feline FIV/FeLV, microchipped, dewormed, have received flea and ear mite preventative, and are eligible to receive at least 30 days of prepaid pet health insurance at the time of adoption. If you adopt DALLAS or HOUSTON, the adoption fee for each is $125.00 - but if you adopt both DALLAS and HOUSTON together, the adoption fee for both is only $225.00. To see all our cats available for adoption, please visit, then emails us,, or call 678-522-2152, to schedule an appointment to meet your new family member!


Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is a licensed, non-profit, no-kill rescue organization dedicated to individual attention and excellent care to homeless cats, working hard to find them good homes.

Dr. Clay Leathers


Monday-Friday: 7:30am-6pm Saturdays 8am-12pm 1st and 3rd Saturdays only

49 Hosiery Mill Road Suite 135 Dallas, GA 30157

Rescue Story Nov 2010-Talmo, Ga.-We were attending the graveside service for our friend Sybil. A kitten came to the service, climbing on people seated at the rail around the grave. The kitten tried to get into the church for the reception but was not allowed. When we got into car to leave, the kitten jumped in and we decided to keep her. We named “her” Sybil. After returning home, we took Sybil to the vet for shots and were told Sybil was a male, so we named him “Mr. Sybil”. He has been a great pleasure. ~Edna





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In loving memory of Cooper. He was a sociable, sweet ‘big boy’ and we will greatly miss him.

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Vivariums - The Perfect Home for your Pet Reptile

Hiram Animal Hospital Established 1985

Full Service Medical & Pet Care Facility By Mark Huyton


eeping reptiles is unlike keeping other more traditional types of animals as pets. While you can interact and tame some lizards such as Bearded Dragons, most reptiles cannot be trained or tamed like a dog for instance. Observing these fascinating creatures is one reason many people choose to keep reptiles as pets and creating the perfect environment in their vivarium is one aspect of the hobby many people spend many hours perfecting.

Y Emergencies accepted Y Laser Surgery and therapy Y Radiology and ultrasound

Heating your Vivarium - Reptiles are cold blooded and cannot generate their own body heat, so choosing the correct heat source is vital to the long term health of your pet. Most reptiles will require the vivarium to be cooler at one end of the enclosure so place your chosen heat source with this in mind. Spot lamps, ceramic heaters and heat mats are the most common heat sources. Each one operates in a slightly different manner so investigate which is the best option for your pet. A heat mat will only heat up the area it comes in to contact with, such as the floor or bottom of the tank so would not be suitable for a tree dwelling animal. Does your pet require a basking area? If so a suitable basking spot lamp or ceramic heater will be required. Lighting - Choose the lighting for your pet carefully, since many species require specialist UVA and UVB lighting. Choose one which provides the correct lighting to provide their bodies with vitamin D3. You can supplement their diet with D3 but this is not adequate on its own. For nocturnal animals UV lighting will not normally be needed, however to view their activity at night you may want to add a suitable nightlight such as an infra red bulb which will also act as a heat source. Also, they will need to have daylight to maintain the day-night cycle. Humidity – If your reptile is from a humid climate, you will need to add moisture to the enclosure. This can be in the form of a simple daily water spray or you could set up a humidifier to electronically control the environment. The correct humidity levels must be maintained to keep your pet fit and well.

Senior citizen discount Multiple pet discount Boarding indoor/outdoor Professional grooming

770-439-1117 David Carpenter, DVM l Wendy Meeker, DVM Chris Johnson, DVM

1019 Douglasville Hwy., Hiram l 1 mile S. of Walmart on Hwy. 92 Open Daily 7 am, Sat. 8am-12pm l

Choosing the Correct Decoration for your Vivarium Before deciding on what to decorate your vivarium with, take some time to learn what the natural environment for your particular pet would be like. For instance a leopard gecko comes form harsh desert climates in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Northwest India so you would want to decorate your vivarium with sand and rocks, however if you had tree dwelling Chameleon you would need branches, foliage and a suitable substrate. Considerations for the Health of your Reptile Most reptiles will become stressed if a suitable hide is not provided, for a desert animal this may be in the form of a rock cave, while bark or foliage may offer a forest dwelling animal a more suitable hiding spot. Also take into consideration the natural climate of the reptile, a desert animal would not want to much moisture as this could lead to health problems, however you may need to provide a moist box for shedding and a suitable drinking vessel, some animals require a humid climate to keep them healthy. Choosing the correct substrate such as bark or coco husk is essential.


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30-Minute Recipes for February Lemon Chicken and Noodles

4 chicken breast halves, skinned and boned 1/3 cup flour 6 Tablespoons butter, divided 2 Tablespoons finely chopped onion 1 cup chicken broth 3 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 package egg noodles

Slice chicken crosswise into narrow strips and coat lightly with flour. Saute chicken and 3 Tablespoons of butter, over medium-high heat, until cooked through, stirring frequently. Remove and keep warm. Cook egg noodles according to package directions, drained and lightly butter. Add onion and cook until soft, about 1 to 2 minutes. Add chicken broth and bring to a boil. Add lemon juice and bring to a boil until mixture is reduced to about 1/3 cup (4 to 5 minutes). Remove from heat and add remaining 3 Tablespoons butter. Return chicken to pan and heat through. Serve with egg noodles.  Makes 4 servings.

ACROSS 1. Working jail 10. Montana city 15. Impatient 16. Castrate 17. Feb 14 gift 18. Jet 19. Victorian, for one 20. Kosher ___ 21. “What’s gotten ___ you?” 22. Barbecue offering 23. Medical advice, often 25. Broadcasting 26. Icecream measurements 29. À la mode 31. “Welcome” site 32. Coastal raptor 33. Historic Chinese battle 35. Dash gauge 37. Buzzing pest 38. State resident 41. Hop, skip or jump 44. Carbonium, e.g. 45. Instead of 46. Paper ______ 48. Mixed pups 50. German woman 52. Sydney Opera House 53. Legal prefix 54. Shrek, e.g. 56. Anderson’s “High ___” 57. Ticks and mites 59. Known product or service 61. Fissure 62. Pelted with stones 63. Perfect, e.g. 64. Adolescences


DOWN 1. Sweethearts 2. Cupidity 3. Dwell on 4. Bauxite, e.g. 5. Cleave 6. Supplies 7. Catlike 8. Crescent-shaped body 9. Grand ___ (“Evangeline” setting) 10. Greyhound, e.g. 11. Unfasten 12. Salt shaker? 13. Recurring every other day

14. Obtain by force 24. Lesser noble 25. Paper size 27. “I’m ___ you!” 28. ______ before swine 30. Setting for TV’s “Newhart” 33. Pirate, to some 34. Hasenpfeffer, e.g. 36. Computer generated image 38. Water color technique 39. Carry along in a current 40. Northern lights 42. Say again 43. Flower 44. Collision 46. Tattle 47. Destroys, as documents 49. Mountain lakes 51. God’s love 55. Icelandic epic 58. Mamie’s man 59. Short order, for short 60. Bother

Queen of Hearts Salad

2 slices whole wheat bread 4-1/2 teaspoons butter, melted 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon dill weed 1/8 teaspoon salt 3 cups torn salad greens 1 jar (7-1/2 ounces) marinated artichoke hearts, drained and quartered 1/2 cup fresh raspberries Dressing: 1 tablespoon sugar 2-1/2 teaspoons lemon juice 1-1/2 teaspoons tarragon vinegar For croutons, cut bread into hearts with a 1-in. heart-shaped cookie cutter. In a bowl, combine butter, garlic powder, dill and salt. Add the bread hearts; toss to coat. Place in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake at 400° for 3 minutes on each side. On two salad plates, arrange the greens, artichokes, raspberries and croutons. In a bowl, combine sugar, lemon juice, vinegar and salt. Add mustard, garlic and pepper. Slowly whisk in oil. Drizzle over salads. Serve immediately. Yield: 2 servings.

Amaretto Custard Berry Parfaits

1/3 cup sugar 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1/8 teaspoon salt 2-3/4 cups 2% milk 4 egg yolks, beaten 2 teaspoons unsalted butter 1 teaspoon Amaretto 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries 1 cup fresh raspberries 4 whole fresh strawberries

In a large heavy saucepan, combine sugar, cornstarch and salt. Stir in milk until smooth. Cook and stir over medium-high heat until thickened and bubbly. Reduce heat; cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Remove from the heat. Stir a small amount of hot mixture into egg yolks; return all to the pan, stirring constantly. Bring to a gentle boil; cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Remove from the heat. Stir in the butter, Amaretto and vanilla. Cool to room temperature. Transfer custard to a small bowl; press waxed paper onto surface of custard. Refrigerate until chilled. Just before serving, spoon 1/4 cup strawberries into each of four parfait glasses. Layer each with 1/3 cup custard, 1/4 cup raspberries and 1/3 cup custard. Top each with a whole strawberry. Yield: 4 servings. For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 •  Our Town For Advertising information Call 770.222.2699 l l  Our Town

Our Town

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