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We are establishing a photo album, check our Album tab. We are kicking this off with a photo of our daughter, her loving wife and beautiful children, with us as the proud and lucky grandparents.

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Many people desire the option of customizing their tungsten carbide jewellery. Traditionally with gold, titanium, and platinum rings, jewellers would etch the desired engraving onto the jewellery. However, Tungsten Carbide is much different from traditional metals. Due to the extreme hardness of tungsten carbide traditional etching will result in a non-attractive and sometimes result in weakening of the ring itself.

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COIN RINGS If you would like a ring that is custom made, but at a more affordable price, consider a custom made coin ring. These rings are hand made right here in the USA! We have a process that will turn a coin into a ring without any cuts, welds or seams.

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