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NEVER waste a crisis. It just may be an opportunity in disguise. “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger-but recognize the opportunity.”

— John F. Kennedy

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work” ­—Thomas A. Edison

Crisis management is a key component in the success quotient. That said, you must not only manage the crisis but purposely seek the evasive opportunity that it often masks. At GMS Dental we make it a habit to the get the most out of any storm. During Hurricane Ike, our main office was totally destroyed. However, we did not let that stop us. We have a Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Plan and when Hurricane Ike reared its ugly head we were prepared. First we accessed the damages. The tenth floor where our 28 chair, full service multi-specialty dental office and our central management offices are located was totally obliterated, the roof was ripped off and we were wading in water to rescue anything that was salvageable. Our initial mission was to move all computer servers for our practice management system, phone systems, internet services, etc. to our Sugar Land location, which had suffered minimal damage and still had power.


Our next mission was to gather as many of our employees together as possible to reassure them that they still had a job and to implement a plan to contact our patients. We set up shop in a hotel conference room and notified our patients by cell phone that we were still in business. I got on the telephone and located a mobile dental RV, so that we could continue to service our patients and triage the treatment and route the patients to our 7 other locations. We set up shop downstairs in the parking lot and put up a sign that said, “GMS Dental Centers Open for Business.” Not only did GMS patients come in for service but people came from all around the city to be treated because their dental offices were shut down as a result of the hurricane. I was in touch with my Houston GMS management team when the threat of the Hurricane was announced. My California friends thought I was crazy as I was in California at the time. I decided to fly into Houston as the storm was brewing before the hurricane hit to work with our management team to implement our Disaster Preparedness Plan, if necessary. It wasn’t our first rodeo, we’d faced other disasters and lost offices to fire in Stockton, California, tornados in Oklahoma, floods in the mid-west and I didn’t want to lose an office to a hurricane in Houston. . Mother Nature threw down the gauntlet and it was a huge task but we decided to accept the challenge. We have eight offices in Houston, 102 employees, thousands of patients and a business that was in danger. The energy created by a challenge is always motivating to me and this was yet another example. One is often moved to action by responsibility. I had the duty to run a sustainable business for all of our patients, stakeholders and our employees, even in the midst of a hurricane.


Grant Sadler, President





NEVER waste a crisis. It may just be an opportunity in disguise. The Houston North Loop office affected by Hurricane Ike is our largest office which serves an average of 200 patients a day. Giving up was not an option, the loss of human capital and business potential would be too great. That big sign “GMS Dental Centers, Open for Business,” was a beacon to all of our patients who came to our office, assuring them that we would be there no matter what. In addition, as a result we picked up a lot of patients who were left stranded by other business being closed for months or permanently, our patient base actually increased as a result! Our tenacity brought in additional business and increased employee morale. Remember, “Never waste a crisis. It may be an opportunity in disguise,” we wrestled with Hurricane Ike and flourished and you can to!

-Grant Sadler, President






EntreCourage! What does the word courage mean to you? The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines courage as - “the ability to disregard fear; bravery. Having the courage of one’s convictions and acting on one’s beliefs.” Over the centuries, courage has been regarded as a core virtue which then enables other virtues such as truthfulness, responsibity, integrity, authenticity, accountability and persistence. I rather love Ernest Hemingway’s famous definition of courage as “grace under pressure.” Being in a leadership role, one is constantly in a fish bowl. A leader is being constantly watched for everything she does, how well she does this along with what she does not say or do. The current business and economic climate calls for even greater leadership courage, resilience, agility, nimbleness and innovation. A leader’s courage gets tested every day. For the purpose of this article , I have broken down courage into three levels where a leader’s courage is called upon. As you read these, note where you show more courage along with what is more challenging for you and why? 1) business and organizational decisions. For example, whether to take a particular risk or not, to introduce a new system or process that goes against the current way of doing things, to change the business model and introduce a new product or service line. 2) Interpersonal courage - having a courageous conversation with someone such as giving performance feedback, breaking bad news, being vulnerable and sharing something about oneself and publicly backing someone when others aren’t. 3) Intrapersonal or self courage - standing up for what you know is right in the face of opposition, “walking the talk,” not being afraid to say, “ I don’t know or I don’t understand,” and daring to live life by your principles and beliefs.


Over the years I have often had clients say that they found it easier to be courageous and take a stand on business decisions because they found it to be a more clear cut, logical and analytical process. This was also in line with their role expectations. (DISC users will immediately spot an “S” those with an analytical preference!) In category two, some managers and leaders rated themselves as being “okay” in having the tough conversations required of them from time to time be it with external stakeholders, their team or the Board. ”Never a joy, but has to be done!” While others found this a challenge and became conflict avoidant. This invariably ended up costing them both financially and emotionally. Where most of us struggle, it seems, is with our own hidden internal fight whether this has to do with self-belief, confidence, fear of failure, self doubt or the need to please others too much. In other words, what is powerfully present and getting in the way is our own hidden ‘below the line’ iceberg struggle. Do you recognize anyone? If you find yourself identifying with the above a good coaching question to ask yourself is - “what would you do that you are not currently doing if you had more of X - say self-belief?” And then ask yourself, “who do you need to be and what do you need to do to take a more courageous step towards this outcome?” And how would life be different if you could ‘feel the fear and do it anyway?’ As the adage goes, courage isn’t about being without fear, but having the willingness to do what is required even in face of that fear. And also remember……Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying…”I will try again tomorrow.” That’s the Courage of the Entrepreneur. I call it EntreCourage… Be Bold, Be Brilliant!

Bertrand McHenry President / Owner

Referral Institute Houston


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Looking at the title of this article makes it easy to say, “I know what that means! It stands for Doing Business as…” Of course, you would be correct in your assumption. However, for the purposes of this article, I would like you to consider the following meaning for this well know acronym.

Dream – When I graduated from college, my mom gave me a “congratulations son” card that shaped most of my adult life. The card contained a quote from Henry David Thoreau that said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” I not only followed my dreams but I created new ones along the way and my journey has been one of fulfillment and fun! Today I am still going in the direction of my dreams as I am in my second career of Motivational Speaking. I cannot think of any better advice to pass on to you than the advice on that card that I received so many years ago… “Go toward your dreams and never let anything stand in your way!” - (Thanks Mom!) “Show me a person who has given up on their dream and I will show you a person that has lost hope for the promise of their future...” - (RSTW)

Believe – I have a plaque sitting on the bookshelf in my office that reads BELIEVE. We can take all of the clichés in the world and still come up with the best, which is, If you can conceive and BELIEVE then you can achieve. There have been many in American history that has proven this point. My dad would always ask, “If you do not believe I yourself, how can anyone else believe in you?” I took that to heart and lived the mantra my whole life. I am not speaking of blind faith, I am talking about putting in the work and believing that if anyone can make it happen, I can! I implore you BELIEVE even when others may not.“Show me a person that believes when others do not and I will show a person that can move mountains.” -(RSTW)

Action – Dreams and Beliefs mean nothing until we take action! How many times have you watched or heard the results of the Academy Awards and the Best Picture of the year. Usually the winner is well deserved and we appreciate how well written and well performed the roles were. Ladies and Gents, even in this day of technological advances, the directors in Hollywood still yell the three most known words known to the movie circle. That is right, “lights, cameras, action!” No great movie is complete without those three words. Achieving our dreams is like that, our director… (Personal Coach) will yell out Goals, Plans and Action! Moreover, if everyone plays his or her role, every reward we can imagine will be available to us! “Nothing good ever happens until we take ACTION!” -(RSTW) You can continue with the traditional definition of D.B.A. or you can follow my lead and Dream big, Believe in the beauty of those dreams and most importantly, take Action! — Rod “The Storyteller” White President at RW & Associates LLC 14


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Cold Calling This may be an odd question coming from one who believes that one of the best ways to create new business is to create lasting relationships. Cold calling began with the notion that if I went to someone who lived in the next tent, house or business, I would go there, introduce myself, tell them about my business, and learn about that person. Simple? I imagine those early entrepreneurs experienced many of the same fears that we experience when we decide that we need to meet more people. Except, our ancestors couldn’t jump on a train, hop a bus, drive a car, mail a letter, make a telephone call, send an email, or tweet someone. Today we have all been taught to avoid the dreaded cold call at all costs. We use reasons (excuses) like it is not professional; people don’t want to be bothered; it’s just not me; and on, and on and on. But have we really avoided the cold call? I think not! What we have done is create a cottage industry worth billions of dollars that gives us something called the “warm call”. Let me explain, we have direct mail programs, robo-dialers, email campaigns, text advertising, and dinner seminars to just name a few of the more popular ways to avoid cold calling. W create the warm call to make us feel better when we call the person who has responded to one of campaigns. Yet when I meet with business owners they talk about how disappointing their results are. So, have we now come full circle? I think we have. Today we have the networking event that allows us to meet and greet the same people we are spending billions of dollars trying to reach. And, if we go these events and, if we go there to create relationships and, if we follow up the people we meet at these events, we begin to experience growth in our business. If you would really like to learn how you can make this new (old) way of creating business pay off for you, you have some great resources at your fingertips. Reach out to people like Steven Kay of Steven Kay Live and Bertrand McHenry of the Referral Institute, these people can teach you how to build relationships that generate revenues and continue to generate revenues for years and years.

Dirk Cummins, President of MainStreetChamber Dirk is an advocate of the MainStreetChamber philosophy of “Give First and Expect Nothing In Return”. Dirk, a serial entrepreneur, reaches out to small businesses every day to help them grow their business by creating revenue where 1717

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