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The Messenger October 2012

Our Redeemerʼs Lutheran Church 609 Southwood Drive So. San Francisco, CA 94080

From the Council President – Helen Greenstrand When Pastor Lori, our Intentional Interim pastor, first arrived at ORLC back in June 2011, one member described the church membership as a “divided congregation with trust issues”. Upon Pastor’s departure, a member said, “we haven’t solved all the issues, but at least we’re talking together and not sweeping things under the rug.” Pastor Lori indicated that this was progress. Even though all the issues haven’t been “solved”, it is the time to take note and celebrate our accomplishments! The congregation began moving forward with the physical needs of our congregation by making improvements to our property, completing the rear deck and helping the Drakes with repairs in the children’s bathrooms in the preschool. In meeting the spiritual and social needs of the congregation and community, the general mood is positive. After participating in town hall meetings, we are gaining a better understanding of greening ideas, as well as how music and liturgies are selected for Sunday worship. Although there remain areas of disagreement, there seems to be less tension due to our communicating with one another. To have successful and meaningful relationships, we must bring our concerns out in the open – share our thoughts, concerns and feelings. We can gather together either one-on-one or in groups and continue to speak with one another. Prayer is how we enhance our relationship with God because it is the mechanism used to talk to God. In the work with intentional interim ministries, we gained insight into unhelpful norms and are making efforts to change, as we continue reading the Community Covenant for resolution and commitment. A big thank you to all who participated in the “Who We Are” forums. Reviewing how we began and the steps we have taken to Continues page 2

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Honoring Lee Cassidy


Honoring Lee Cassidy cont.


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From the Council President Cont. the present day will help strengthen who we will become in the future. Let us reflect on our weaknesses and our strengths to implement change. Our membership and finances are not as strong as they were 5 years ago, 10 years ago or even 50 years ago – but as a community, with love for one another, a vision for the future and embracing change, ORLC will make a difference in the lives of those around us. Our Redeemer’s is committed to a new direction in service ministry, while embracing those of the past. The Community Luncheon each month continues to thrive. (Our thanks to Judie Oliver and so many others who give unselfishly each month to the success of this event .) ORLC members have shown support for the US military, by donating items for care packages sent to soldiers in the field and sending much needed funds to the local Veterans Administration clinics. Most recently, our members donated school supplies for the children here in our local area. I personally applaud each and every one of you! After working with Pastor Lori and the Behavioral Covenant we have taken steps that will be invaluable to the Call Committee, the Council, and to each of us individually. Yes, there are issues that still need attention. Therefore we will continue to work on relationships, communications and building interpersonal skills. As we call a pastor, we as a community, must support him/her by being open to change and building upon the work we’ve begun. With our commitment to move forward, we will focus and envision a new beginning. Above all we must remember - our true and solid foundation is Christ. We must trust that Christ is present and will lift us up every step of the way on this incredible journey. May God’s will be done as we work together. May we continue to grow in our relationships to one another and to Christ. Let us get excited about what God has in store for us! In peace and hope through Christ, Helen Helen Greenstrand

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Save the Dates! * Community Lunch Oct. 20. Set-up and food prep begins at 10:30 a.m, lunch is from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., and clean-up starts at 12:00 *Fall Fest Enjoy the flavors of Germany German Food, Music & Beer October 27, 2012 at 6:00PM

Claudia Anderson (Schizophrenia & anxiety) Hall-Hanly Family (mourning the passing of Frank Hanly) Jean Achter ( Claudia’s sister who has liver cancer) Claude Chirolo (Mel Chirolo’s brother, cancer) Denelle Crespo (16 year-old teenage girl; gradually loosing her eye sight; cause unknown; family friend of Judie & Tom Oliver) !"#$%&% US military members serving overseas, and all people whose lives are impacted by war. Family and friends of Jeanette Cool’s friend, Tomas Rashid Ryan Tylor, David, & Diane Flynn Ann Johnson (sister-in-law of Walter Johnson) Mike Lewis (the Quades’ son-in-law; cystic fibrosis) Merellas Family (mourning the passing of Betty Merellas) Niel Nielson (Parkinson’s) Sindy Olsen (mother-in-law of Beverly Boblitt’s grandson Devin; inoperable brain tumors) Dennis Quade (Parkinson’s) Jay Sage (Will & Steve Kongle’s grandfather; multiple medical problems) Sauer Family Anna Van Nuys (wife of John Lutz’ father; cancer) Amodeo Family Harper Mettenbrink Bishop Mark Holmerud Julia Meldrum (Undergoing brain surgery) Holstrom Family (mourning the passing of Tom Holstrom) Call Committee: Barbara, Walter, Judie, Mel, Fran, and Bill Julie Lutz Derick Ohlsen

!"#$%&#'()%*+,-)' .!"#$%&'#()*$+,-,+*.$)/0/'' If you wish to Add or Remove names please call the office 650-583-5622 01*'2$+3*'4#5&"6' .1&2(*$*3,/#),4)+/#5,&6, !/)7)85,+2*/859,:+(0,;&"+' 3

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Thank You Notes Dear ORLC MembersYour thoughtfulness in remembering my 90th birthday with such a lovely card signed by so many people at church made me feel truly blessed. Thank you all for your kind words & best wishes Sincerely Doris Brodie

Submit your thank you messages by sending them to James at

Honoring Lee Cassidy (1934-2008) – Jeanette Cool This month we would like to highlight a special member from Our Redeemer’s and honor her life on the anniversary of her resurrection, October 31, 2008. Leonie (Lee) Cassidy was born June 9, 1934 in Los Angeles, CA. After becoming a registered nurse, she worked at Sacramento County Hospital where she met her first husband, Eugene Allen (deceased), a union blessed with three daughters: Laurel, Gail and Meredith. Lee and her daughters moved to San Francisco in 1962 where she continued her nursing career working in Kaiser Hospital. Six years later, Lee packed up her girls and moved to Pacifica, CA and began working as head nurse at Kaiser Center Medical Clinic in Oakland. While there she received her Bachelor Degree in Nursing at Holy Names College, and was later certified in Occupational Nursing. Lee worked for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan division prior to her retirement in 1992. In 1982, Lee married Dr. Walter Joseph Cassidy. This loving union spanned 26 years prior to her passing in 2008. As a child, Lee grew up in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AME Zion) denomination, one of the historically Africa-American Christian denominations. From early on, faith was an important part of Lee’s life, one she aimed to pass on to her three daughters. Walter was raised Roman Catholic with all the trappings of that upbringing (he served as an altar boy, attended Catholic schools and a Catholic college). Together, Walter and Lee had searched for a church home that Continue Page 5


Honoring Lee Cassidy Cont. might welcome them both. When Fran Lange shared with the couple her affection for her church and invited them to visit, Lee and Walter began attending Our Redeemer’s and later joined the congregation. Lee, who loved music and singing, having found that the choir had disbanded for lack of membership, was instrumental in reconstituting the choir, a spiritually uplifting ministry. Lee and Walter both became active choir members and brought a spark of vitality and energy to the music that was welcomed by all. Her love of African American Spirituals inspired a growing repertoire for the choir. Often she would give us additional verses to spirituals – words that she had learned from the great music and poetry of her African Christian heritage. We will always remember Lee’s smile, sparkling green eyes, her integrity, her wit, compassion, wisdom and her perseverance. A beautiful woman with great dignity and grace, Our Redeemer’s was fortunate to have her amongst its spiritual family. In 2011, Lee’s oldest daughter, Laurel Allen, chose to honor her Mother and her love of music, by donating $5000.00 in memory of Lee Cassidy to be used for the music program at ORLC. Members may remember meeting Laurel when she has worshipped with us on a number of occasions. Laurel, who has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education, has been working for a number of years in the Middle East—Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and now Abu Dhabi, teaching English to teenage girls from families of wealth. Laurel, like her Mother, loves music and has a lovely voice, having shared it with us in the ORLC choir. We are ever so grateful for Laurel’s generosity and sharing that has come at the best of times. The pipe organ that required extensive repair last year could not have been completed without this gift. Additionally, we have purchased an additional cordless microphone for the choir, amplifying the songs of praise and spirit – and honoring Lee as we sing, her voice ever present with us.


Green Team News: The City and County of San Francisco extended the plastic checkout bag BAN to include all retail stores and added a charge on allowed checkout bags (paper and compostable). The purpose of this legislation is to encourage customers to bring their OWN checkout bags in order to reduce the impact of disposable bags to the City and environment, reducing waste, litter, and contamination in recycling and composting programs, all which are costly to taxpayers and harmful to marine life. Checkout bag charges have been shown to reduce the number of disposable bags by 70-90%

Each year the US consumes over 100 BILLION plastic bags and 10 BILLION paper grocery bags, requiring 14 MILLION trees and 12 MILLION barrels of oil. Tips to remember your bag: • Put your  coupons  in  your  bag  and  keep  it  by  the  door   • Hang  a  few  reusable  bags  on  the  door  knob  or  coat  rack   • Keep  reusable  bags  in  the  back  seat  or  trunk  of  your  car   • Keep  compact  reusable  bags  in  a  purse,  pocket  or  backpack.  


September Community Lunch We had 34 guests at our September lunch. It’s becoming apparent that it’s time to start distributing flyers around town as a reminder of our lunches. I was heartened to see a sign at a church in San Bruno saying “Free Hot Meal” Second and Fourth Saturday of the month 3-5 pm. Maybe our lunches are catching on and expanding. Wouldn’t that be fantastic as we know there is a need for nutritious hot meals in our area. We served lasagna, broccoli, Caesar salad, garlic bread and cheese cake for dessert. We had plenty of food and although our numbers were down, there were many hungry people. My special thanks to Donna and Audrey who spent time with our guests getting to know them and sharing their stories with me. I appreciate hearing how much everyone enjoys our lunches but unfortunately I usually don’t have much time to spend with everyone. This was a bittersweet luncheon as it was Pastor Lori’s last before she moves on to her next call. I can’t thank her enough for her dedication and support this past year. She joined right in from the beginning by setting up, serving and most importantly ministering to our guests. She always made it a point to visit every table offering encouragement, a kind word or any kind of solace needed. The time she spent at our lunches was her own but she felt the spirit of our congregation and crew and embraced us and our commitment to the community. Remember Pastor Lori, if you find yourself with nothing to do the third Saturday of the month, we’ll be here … The next luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2012. Set-up and food prep begins at 10:30 a.m., lunch is from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., with clean-up starting at 12:00. The menu will be Pork Loin, Apple Sauce, Roasted Red Potatoes, Salad, Rolls, Apple Crisp, Fresh Fruit, Coffee/Tea or Lemonade. I would also like to remind everyone that if you are traveling please save the shampoo and soap from the hotel. Our supplies are dwindling so any extra toiletries (toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, etc) would be greatly appreciated. As the weather is getting colder, if you have warm coats or blankets you would like to donate, please let me know or leave at church to my attention. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can contact me via email at or phone 650-488-0704. Peace - Judie Oliver


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Our Redeemer始s Lutheran Church 609 Southwood Drive So. San Francisco, CA 94080 Phone: 650-583-5622 Worship: Sunday 10:30am Interim Pastor Vacant Music Director Jeanette Cool Council President Helen Greenstrand Vice President Bill Zemke Secretary Jeanette Cool Treasurer Patty Banegas Financial Secretary Claudia Quade

Messenger October 2012  

Messenger October

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