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The Messenger June 2012

Our Redeemerʼs Lutheran Church 609 Southwood Drive So. San Francisco, CA 94080

Reflection – Interim Pastor Lori Eickmann “Faith is a living, bold confidence in God’s grace, so certain of God’s favor that it would risk death a thousand times trusting in it.” Bishop Mark Holmerud lifted up that quote from Martin Luther at the recent 25th Assembly of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the ELCA. Bp. Mark asked the more than 500 assembly participants how they and their congregations are living with bold confidence in God’s grace – and the stories were inspiring. There was a congregation that came back to life and mission after teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Other congregations shared stories about their youth programs or ministries for homeless and hungry people. Even in these “spiritual but not religious” times, there are church communities that are experiencing resurrection and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in powerful, life-changing ways. Throughout the season of Easter we have praised the living Christ, the one who “laid down life” and “took up life again” so that we could have life that is abundant and unending. At Pentecost, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit – the one in whom the people of God are created and re-created in wisdom and truth. On Holy Trinity Sunday (June 3), we marvel that there is community within God; that we are formed as community within God, as we abide in Christ and Christ abides in us. And as summer begins, we will hear again the stories of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee – and like the first hearers, we, too, must decide how we’ll respond the good news of Jesus Christ. Will we be people living with bold confidence in God’s grace? Isn’t right now – during this time of interim ministry at Our Redeemer’s – as good a time as any to live boldly trusting in God who is our Continues page 2

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Reflection – Continued creator, redeemer and sanctifier? Haven’t we already begun to step out in faith by trusting that the Spirit is calling ORLC to expand ministries to those in need, refocus on caring for one another, and work to embrace change? As we enter the next phase of interim ministry with the formation of a call committee this month, let us re-commit to “a living, bold confidence in God’s grace,” to a faith in the resurrection and new life God has in store for this congregation and for the people Our Redeemer’s serves.

Interim Ministry Update – Pastor Lori We are about to enter the next phase of interim ministry: Electing a call committee that will write the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) and interview pastoral candidates! Look for an announcement soon on the special congregational meeting to vote on call committee candidates. Like the first apostles who prayed for discernment concerning who God chose to replace Judas as the 12th apostle, please pray about the ORLC call committee – and consider whether you are called to put your name in as a candidate for the six-member committee. Copies of the synod guidelines for choosing call committee members are available from the office if you didn’t get a copy after worship the past couple of weeks. By now everyone should also have received copies of the draft Congregational Behavioral Covenant and the Who We Are visioning goals. Please give your council members or me feedback on these two documents soon. You will be asked to sign the Congregational Behavioral Covenant this month, and ORLC committees should begin working on the short-term goals that came out of the visioning events right away. Thank you all for your tenacity in participating in the work of interim ministry; you’ve done excellent work! Finally, I want to share with you what people wrote at the final visioning event when asked, “What word do you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to Our Redeemer’s?” Your answers: Pray, hope, compromise, hang in there(!), faith, fairness, be creative, goals, unity, hope is there, mission work, care for one another, and hope for a new future. As you continue to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit, keep praying and hoping, be creative and hang in there, have unity in mission – and keep saying “yes” to God’s future for this congregation!

Garage Sale - Saturday June 30th 9-3 p.m. Donations will be accepted beginning Monday June 25th Drop Off Schedule Monday June 25 10AM to 2PM Tuesday June 26 10AM to 2PM Wednesday, June 27 10AM to 8PM Thursday, June 28 10AM to 2PM NO DONATION DROP OFFS ON FRIDAY, June 29th or SATURDAY June 30th. If you need your items picked up, please contact Bill or Jo Zemke at 650-952-3983


Parmesan Crusted Chicken ½ Cup Best Foods Mayonnaise (Regular, Light or Canola) ¼ Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese 4 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Halves (about 1 ¼ lbs) 4 tsp. Italian Seasoned Dry Bread Crumbs

Serves 4 Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 20 Minutes 370 Calories

Preheat oven to 425 degrees Combine mayonnaise with cheese in a medium bowl. Arrange chicken on baking sheet. Evenly top with mayonnaise mixture, then sprinkle with bread crumbs. Bake for 20 minutes or until chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Thank You Notes I want to both thank and congratulate the people of ORLC for your work and creativity in the Behavioral Covenant workshops and the Who We Are visioning events. Well done! Thanks also to all who presented the Spring Tea and crafts faire, which featured excellent food, beautiful crafts by Diana – and Jo in elegant black and Bill in tails! Finally, thank you to Barbara and Patty for representing ORLC at the Synod Assembly in San Jose. - Pastor Lori Submit your thank you messages by sending them to James at

Do you still want The Lutheran magazine?? If you wish to still receive The Lutheran you will need to call the office at 650-583-5622 or you may send an email to If we do not get a response then we will be removing your name from the list. In addition please use The Lutheran envelope (from your offering envelop box) to send in your $10.00 donation for The Lutheran. Thank you -ORLC


Jeanette Cool invited to join the Board of Directors for Bright Stars of Bethlehem The Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Bethlehem, Palestine and CEO of Bright Stars of Bethlehem, has invited Jeanette Cool to sit on the national board of this organization, a 501(c)3 supporting the health, education, cultural and spiritual development of the people of the Middle East and the many outreach ministries of Christmas Lutheran Church. Ms. Cool was in Minneapolis in early May to attend BSB board meetings, meet the other directors of the board and area representatives of BSB from across the nation. Additionally, she was a musical liaison for the Palestinian Arts Festival sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian Church of Minneapolis. Ms. Cool has accepted the board directorship and is greatly honored to give time and talents to Bright Stars of Bethlehem that helps fund the multifaceted manifestations of the vision of Dr. Mitri Raheb and all those who are working toward peace and harmony in Palestine. The new BSB motto: "Hope is What We Do!"

GREEN TEAM TIDBITS The Pacifica Beach Coalition in honor of Earth Day 2012 offered the following suggestions for taking action in stewardship of the planet:      

Stop using plastic bags Use reusable! Pack zero-waste lunches Get dirty! Plant a tree, vegetable, or native plants. Be an Earth hero - go to a beach cleanup Power down! Turn off lights, TV, computers when leaving the room. Leave water for the fish! Turn off water when brushing teeth.

The Environmental Hero Pledge: I pledge to conserve the natural resources of the Earth and Ocean, to pick up litter, say no to plastic bags and reduce my use of other plastics. I pledge to show respect for nature and all living things and to use my voice to speak up for the environment. For more information or to join a beach clean up day, see:


PALESTINIAN CULTURAL ARTS FESTIVAL IN MINNEAPOLIS The Palestinian Arts Festival sponsored by Westminster Presbyterian Church, a sister church to Christmas Lutheran in Bethlehem, Palestine, opened a three-day celebration with Palestinian youth from Bethlehem performing folkloric dance theatre to a sold out audience that honored the dancers with applause and standing ovation. The Georges Lammam Ensemble from San Francisco performed an evening concert of traditional Arab music, in the Westminster sanctuary with Marwan Abado, Palestinian oudist/singer from Vienna, Austria. Paintings from West Bank artists were shown and purchased by patrons in the Westminster Gallery. Twelve short feature films created by students from Dar al Kalima College in Bethlehem (an organization that ORLC has supported during fundraisers at Grace Lutheran in Palo Alto, CA) were shown to many hundreds of people, bringing awareness to the culture, the life and struggle of Christian and Muslim Palestinians in the West Bank. Pastor Mitri Raheb wrote texts for two new hymns commissioned by two parishioners of Westminster, one composed by Georges Lammam and Naser Musa and the second, by Marwan Abado for premiere performances during the Sunday .service at Westminster that was seen nationally via live online streaming. The congregation, choirs, musicians, and staff at Westminster are to be congratulated on this superb undertaking that brings cultural understanding and awareness through the arts.

Preschool Update – Bill Zemke Your church Council has been working on a new lease agreement with the Drake preschool for several years as well as working on several building improvement projects for the preschool for over a year. The upgrade of the preschool bathrooms has now been completed and bids have been received for the replacement of the deck and stairs to the playground. The deck project will also include improvements to the handicap egress from the preschool through minor modifications to the rear exit door to the preschool and the rear side walk behind the preschool. Based on an agreement with the City of South San Francisco, ORLC will retain its commitment to install an ADA ramp in the front of the preschool but this can be delayed for up to five years. We plan to share the lease proposal with the drakes in the next few weeks an will update the congregation in the next newsletter.


Save the Dates! * Community Lunch June 16, Set-up and food prep begins at 10:30 a.m, lunch is from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., with clean-up starting at 12:00 * Garage Sale June 30 9-3 p.m.

Claudia Anderson (Schizophrenia & anxiety) Calvin Burns (brother-in- law of Walter Johnson, on dialysis) Hall-Hanly Family (mourning the passing of Frank Hanly) Jean Achter ( Claudia’s sister who has liver cancer) Claude Chirolo (Mel Chirolo’s brother, cancer) Denelle Crespo (16 year-old teenage girl; gradually loosing her eye sight; cause unknown; family friend of !"#$%&% Judie & Tom Oliver) US military members serving overseas, and all people whose lives are impacted by war. Family and friends of Jeanette Cool friend, Tomas Rashid Ryan Tylor, David, & Diane Flynn Ann Johnson (sister-in-law of Walter Johnson) Mike Lewis (the Quades’ son-in-law; cystic fibrosis) Merellas Family (mourning the passing of Betty Merellas) Niel Nielson (Parkinson’s) Sindy Olsen (mother-in-law of Beverly Boblitt’s grandson Devin; inoperable brain tumors) Dennis Quade (Parkinson’s) Timothy Repp (son of Kathy Repp, repeated strokes affecting his eye sight) Jay Sage (Will & Steve Kongle’s grandfather; multiple medical problems) Sauer Family Triggas Family (mourning the passing of Jim Triggas) Anna Van Nuys (wife of John Lutz’ father; cancer) Amodeo Family Harper Mettenbrink Bishop Mark Holmerud Julia Meldrum (Undergoing brain surgery) Lange Family (mourning the passing’s of Joyce Lange and Hank Wind) Jeannette Eickmann If you wish to Add or Remove names please call the office 650-583-5622


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May Community Lunch - Judie Oliver We had 57 guests at our May lunch! Although there were twenty more than last month, we still haven’t broken our record high of 67 set in December 2010. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t meet or exceed that number in the near future. We served parmesan chicken (recipe in newsletter) with pesto pasta, salad and pound cake with fresh berries for dessert. It is a quick and simple meal (at home) and my plan was to prepare everything the morning of the lunch. To my dismay, the chicken had not completely thawed in the refrigerator the night before, nor were there as many servings as I thought. What I thought would be plenty turned out to be barely enough so a rush trip to Costco was in store. My heartfelt thanks to the kitchen crew for taking over and making sure things got done and keeping me from curling into a fetal position while sobbing in the corner. It was chaotic but we survived and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Again, thank you all for pulling my fat out of the fire. The more people we serve, the more I realize we need dedicated dishwashers and dryers for our lunches. If a guest asks for a second serving, we use a clean plate so this could mean upwards of 100 plates being washed and dried for one lunch. Not to mention, cups, glasses and silverware. To keep the kitchen clean, someone is washing dishes while the meal is being served. If you could dedicate 1 or 2 hours a month to clean-up, it would be greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t expect a commitment of every month but perhaps we could have a “sign-up” that a couple of times a year, someone would offer to wash or dry dishes during our lunch. This would be a tremendous help to our dedicated helpers who often times multi-task in serving and washing. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has an idea of how we can avoid some dishpan hands. I would also like to remind everyone that if you are traveling please save the shampoo and soap from the hotel. Our supplies are dwindling so any extra toiletries (toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, etc) would be greatly appreciated. The next luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2012. Set-up and food prep begins at 10:30 a.m, lunch is from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., with clean-up starting at 12:00. The menu will be Mexican Crepes, Fresh Fruit Salad, Corn Muffins, Dessert, Coffee/Tea or Lemonade. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can contact me via email at or phone 650-488-0704. Peace - Judie Oliver


Birthdays For The Month June 2 13 15 16 22 23

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Kyle Merellas Carl Jonasson Gerald Bivens Jim Theisen Walter Cassidy Stephan Kongle

Our Redeemer始s Lutheran Church 609 Southwood Drive So. San Francisco, CA 94080 Phone: 650-583-5622 Worship: Sunday 10:30am Interim Pastor Lori Eickmann Music Director Jeanette Cool Council President Helen Greenstrand Vice President Bill Zemke Secretary Jeanette Cool Treasurer Patty Banegas Financial Secretary Claudia Quade

Messenger June 2012  

Messenger June

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