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The Messenger July 2012

Our Redeemerʼs Lutheran Church 609 Southwood Drive So. San Francisco, CA 94080

Reflection – Interim Pastor Lori Eickmann Have you ever planned a summer vacation by preparing an ambitious itinerary that aimed to fill each day with as many sights and sounds as you could (almost) fit into 24 hours? Maybe you came home feeling like you needed a rest after your vacation! Planning – or not planning – for a trip comes to mind when I look at the gospel texts for July. It seems unlikely that Jesus’ journey through Galilee and the surrounding areas was meticulously planned: Monday – heal bleeding woman and raise Jairus’ daughter from the dead. Tuesday – get rejected in hometown; send out disciples with power to cast out unclean spirits. Next week – plan a retreat with the disciples; get interrupted with healing the sick, feeding 5,000 and walking on water. While we’re busy planning our lives, life intervenes. Just as we can’t always anticipate where a summer journey might take us, we can’t always “calendar in” ministry. But while we can’t plan “Spirit moments,” we can count on the presence of Christ’s power in our lives. Even when we think we haven’t done enough, we aren’t big enough, or we don’t have enough resources to do what God is calling us to do – we suddenly open our eyes and see that another 50 people have been fed on any given third Saturday, and that one of the children present has written on a prayer card, “I love you, God.” While working at feeding, we suddenly realize that we have been fed. The Spirit breathes in the space in between Christ and us, between “us” and “them,” between you and me. The new call committee you’ve elected (see the Interim Continues page 2

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Reflection – Continued Ministry Update) has a specific task ahead: complete the Ministry Site Profile, interview pastor candidates and recommend a candidate to the congregation. While that work unfolds, the congregation’s work also continues as you plan ministries and struggle with budgets. But in the midst of it all, take a moment to consider the type of summer vacation – and the quality of a life – in which you “play it by ear,” planning minimally in order to let each day surprise you. Know that the Holy Spirit will bring you where you need to be.

Interim Ministry Update – Pastor Lori Congratulations on electing your Call Committee! The ORLC call committee members are: Barbara Irli (chairperson), Walter Cassidy, Mel Chirolo, Fran Lange, Judie Oliver and Bill Zemke. May the Holy Spirit inspire and strengthen these servants of Christ in the work they are undertaking on behalf of this congregation. And please don’t forget to thank all those who agreed to be candidates for the call committee. Their dedication to ORLC is a blessing to this community! Next step: The call committee members will meet with a synod representative to get an overview of the call process. The committee’s first task is to complete the Ministry Site Profile, which is like a resume for the congregation. The MSP notes everything from the demographics of the congregation and the surrounding community to your ministry goals to specific skills you are looking for in a pastor. Based on the MSP, which, hopefully, will be completed by the end of summer, the synod will choose 3-5 pastoral candidates for the call committee to interview in the fall. Once the committee recommends a candidate, there will be a chance for the congregation to meet the candidate prior to voting. The Council will be responsible for preparing the benefits package and negotiating with the candidate. Meanwhile: It is important for various ORLC committees to begin working on the shortterm goals from the visioning sessions. How you decide to enact these goals will be reflected in the MSP – so now is the time to figure out your strategies and, where possible, begin to implement your plans. Please pray for all those who will be working on the short-term goals, for the call committee, for the new pastor (who is out there, somewhere!), and for the entire congregation as you continue to move toward a future that is held in the palm of God’s hand.


Thank You Notes Thanks to Fran for marking the Psalms pages in the ELW with a red marker so that people can find the Psalms more easily; to Stan for moving the lectern microphone to a better position; to all who agreed to be candidates for the Call Committee; and all who contributed for the boxes for Dylan and the troops. - Pastor Lori Thank you all for your very generous support for Dylan Wright, Pastor Lori and Steve’s son, serving in Afghanistan. Dylan is with the 82nd Airborne, the 3-73 Cavalry, A Troop, and they are stationed in Ab Band, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. Dylan is a Cavalry Scout and does reconnaissance. These young men are working constantly and do not have many amenities. With the support of members and friends of ORLC, we packaged and shipped seven (7) large, flat rate boxes to Dylan on June 20 with the hope of them arriving by July 4. The boxes included travel size laundry detergent, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss, shaving cream and razors, hand sanitizer, sun block and chap stick, hand and body wipes, beef jerky, gum, granola bars, trail mix, packets of smoked salmon and tuna, Starbucks Via coffee, Werther’s hard candy, batteries, duct tape, pre-paid phone card, white socks, small towels and toothbrushes to be used for cleaning equipment. Please continue to keep Dylan and the 82nd Airborne in your prayers until their safe return home, which we hope will be in September. Social Concerns and Activity Committees Submit your thank you messages by sending them to James at

Do you still want The Lutheran magazine?? If you wish to still receive The Lutheran you will need to call the office at 650-583-5622 or you may send an email to If we do not get a response then we will be removing your name from the list. In addition please use The Lutheran envelope (from your offering envelop box) to send in your $10.00 donation for The Lutheran. Thank you -ORLC


Save the Dates! * Community Lunch July 21, Set-up and food prep begins at 10:30 a.m, lunch is from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., with clean-up starting at 12:00

Claudia Anderson (Schizophrenia & anxiety) Calvin Burns (brother-in- law of Walter Johnson, on dialysis) Hall-Hanly Family (mourning the passing of Frank Hanly) Jean Achter ( Claudia’s sister who has liver cancer) Claude Chirolo (Mel Chirolo’s brother, cancer) Denelle Crespo (16 year-old teenage girl; gradually loosing her eye sight; cause unknown; family friend of !"#$%&% Judie & Tom Oliver) US military members serving overseas, and all people whose lives are impacted by war. Family and friends of Jeanette Cool friend, Tomas Rashid Ryan Tylor, David, & Diane Flynn Ann Johnson (sister-in-law of Walter Johnson) Mike Lewis (the Quades’ son-in-law; cystic fibrosis) Merellas Family (mourning the passing of Betty Merellas) Niel Nielson (Parkinson’s) Sindy Olsen (mother-in-law of Beverly Boblitt’s grandson Devin; inoperable brain tumors) Dennis Quade (Parkinson’s) Timothy Repp (son of Kathy Repp, repeated strokes affecting his eye sight) Jay Sage (Will & Steve Kongle’s grandfather; multiple medical problems) Sauer Family Triggas Family (mourning the passing of Jim Triggas) Anna Van Nuys (wife of John Lutz’ father; cancer) Amodeo Family Harper Mettenbrink Bishop Mark Holmerud Julia Meldrum (Undergoing brain surgery) Lange Family (mourning the passing’s of Joyce Lange and Hank Wind) Jeannette Eickmann If you wish to Add or Remove names please call the office 650-583-5622


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June Community Lunch - Judie Oliver We had 54 guests at our Third Anniversary lunch along with a couple of newbies. Pastor Lori’s husband Steve joined along with Tino. Tino met Julie at the Second Harvest food distribution center earlier in the week and Julie invited him to our lunch. He arrived bright and early ready to work. We hope to see both Steve and Tino back for future lunches and thanks to Julie for recruiting new helpers and spreading the word! We served Mexican crepes (a recipe going back to my high school Home Ec class), fresh fruit salad and pineapple upside down cake. Thanks to everyone who sliced and diced the salad, baked cakes and corn muffins. It really felt like summer with our mini-heat wave and juicy ripe fruit. Along with our Prayer Request cards, we asked our guests to sign little Thank You cards to be sent to Pastor Lori’s son serving in Afghanistan. This was just a little reminder to all of us that while we enjoy the beautiful weather, a bounty of fresh fruit and food, there are men and women serving our country in far off lands under extreme conditions. These cards were collected and enclosed in our care packages to Afghanistan. We look forward to the day when Dylan will return home to be our guest so that we may serve him and thank him in person for his service. The next luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, July 21, 2012. Set-up and food prep begins at 10:30 a.m., lunch is from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., with clean-up starting at 12:00. The menu will be BBQ Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Watermelon, Brownie with Ice Cream, Coffee/Tea or Lemonade. I would also like to remind everyone that if you are traveling please save the shampoo and soap from the hotel. Our supplies are dwindling so any extra toiletries (toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, etc) would be greatly appreciated. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. You can contact me via email at or phone 650-488-0704. Peace - Judie Oliver


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Our Redeemer始s Lutheran Church 609 Southwood Drive So. San Francisco, CA 94080 Phone: 650-583-5622 Worship: Sunday 10:30am Interim Pastor Lori Eickmann Music Director Jeanette Cool Council President Helen Greenstrand Vice President Bill Zemke Secretary Jeanette Cool Treasurer Patty Banegas Financial Secretary Claudia Quade

Messenger July 2012  

Messenger July

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