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Jobs For South Linden Project

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Strategic Marketing Plan

Presented.February4, 1993 Preparedby DowntownColumbus, Inc. i~ ccnjundlon withthe SouthLind•" Community.


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Formulated through ~e Tobs for South Linden P!'oiect, this Strategic Marketing Plan (~) essential purpose in cleariy denning the practical, step-by-step actton uutiatives n~c~sary for successfully marketing South Linden and conse~e.,i.tly, r~taining and creating jobs. Moreover, the SMP functions as an operati?nal ro~~ap f~r. ~e.1ining and guiding sound economic developme.,i.t markettng decs1ons, wrucn are carefully orc..i.estrated into an inte2rated timeline for maximum - and leveraged - impact. Most imoortantlv, the establishes the nmdan:iental m~ket positioning of the South Linden "product", from which all marketing techniques and tactics are based.


The Strategic Marketing Plan, as ~ major component of an overall Economic

Development Plan (EDP), can jumpstart both traditional and innovative economic development marketing actions needed now. However, it cannot be overemphasized that the crucial support and strategic value provided by a long-term Economic Development Plan are vital to the sustained success of the South Linden marketing efforts. It is through a well grounded EDP that the South Linden area can best be positioned over ,the long-run, especially in terms of job creation. Accordingly, once the initial marketing eiforts are underway, the South Linden community, along with Downtown Columbus Inc. (DC!), the City of Columbus, and the Chamber of Commerce should consider their joint commitment to develop an economic develooment -olan that will successfully guide South Linden well into the next century.

This Plan, initiated by the Jobs for South Llnden_Project. articul~tes what is nee~ed

for the immense challenge and task that lies betore the South Linden 7°mmumty. In order to realize long-term economic developme.11tresults, accompanied by good paying jobs, a carefully constructed blueprint of action ~ neutralize the forces of doubt and rekindle the spirit of innovation and courage m the people of South



specifically,the lobs for South t· d

vested-interest groups and

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

p . . _in ~n ro1ect is an active coalition of the following organizations:

Neighborhood Business Owners Area Residents Area Educators Area Cergy Soutb Linden Business Association Area Commissions Downtown Columbus, Inc . ~ty of Columbus Development Department City of Columbus Police Department Elected City and State Officials Chamber of Commerce Local Banks Columbus Civic Organizations P~vate Industry. Council of Columbus and Franklin County Pnvate, econoilllc development planning groups . (A complete listing of all active participants are included in an Appendix A)

The following details a strategic and integrated action plan, designed to retain businesses in, and re.cruit businesses to, South Linden, while enhancing the overall community image. The action plan specifies creative initiatives and activities essential to accomplishing carefully thought-out objectives that set the precise path for ultimate success. The SMP also incorporates an interdependent timetable that outlines the necessary steps to achieve economic vitality over the next few years. It offers prudent budgeting principles through the development of flexible, innovative funding options for effective implementation of the marketing

program. Expectations: The Starting Point

This Plan, ambitious in substance and rigid in timeframe, outlines numerous marketing initiatives, techniques and tactics. Cearly, in order to reap positive jobaeation benefits, the marketing initiatives must be prioritized so that the most important and results-producing programs can be the center of focus and funding. Not all of the following marketing programs can be achieved in the short term. It will -be through the joint cooperation of DCI, the City, the Chamber and the


principal entitie_s in_South Llnden that a consen

sus of priority programs can be reached. Working m partnership, these entities can best determine the community 1,ased organizati~n ~or implementation. Und oubtedly, the decision regarding this . iJn

Poi:anor~ ~ amzation_ must

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be the first step in the prioritization pro cess. Once this the prioritized marketing initiatives can be

It is dear that based on the federal man date (see page 3), Downtown Columbus, Inc. is prevented from implementing the mar ng programs detailed in this Pl~ However, DCI can serve as a valuable resoketi urce to provide the necessary expertiSe and technical assistance in helping the com munity jumpstart these aitical marketing efforts.






In 1991, Downtown_ Columb~, ~c. (Da), a private, non-profit, economic orgaruzatton, successfully secured a $750,000 jobs-creation development pl~g grant tt?m the Uruted States Department of Health and Human Services to enhance economic development retention and recruitment efforts in South Linden. The grant doll~, provi~ed in order to stimulate job opportunities for low and moderate income residents of the South Linden target area, can be utilized for building and land costs; machinery, equipment, fixtures and furniture expenses; overhead, development and financing costs, and working capital. Based on the grant criteria to evaluate fund requests ttom $500 to $5,000, the following action has been implemented to date:

• Disbursed more than $30,000 to finance business retention and recruitment projects, including technical assistance efforts;


• Disbursed more than $50,000 for beautification and maintenance improvements; and, • Facilitated nearly 40 business and organizational project requests. Additionally, DC, working with Impact Resources Inc., initiated several major surveys to determine key demographic profiles and consumer product/ service demands and to identify existing, on-site businesses operating in the South Linden

targetarea. The federal grant, along with $2.7 million awarded for social service delivery by the United States Department of Labor to the Private Industry Council in 1990, affirmed that economic: and sodal service development efforts implemented on behalf of inner city neighborhoods was primary. Subsequently, the debilitating results of the . · Los Angeles' riots soundly validated that a national urgency to make inner city revitaUzation an economic priority existed, and must be placed at the forefront of the nation's agenda.



In June, 1992, Do~~wn Columbus, Inc., working with The Tomasi Marketing Group ('ITMG~, facilitated a half-day working retreat at Plaskolite, a plastics manufacturer m the target area, to examine the marketing opportunities available to, and challenges presented by, the South Linden area. In addition to the key DCI managem~t team, South Linden business and community leaders, top officials from the City of Columbus, City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and the media participated in the Retreat. (Retreat Participants' List is included as an Appendix B.) Prior to the Retreat, OCI/TIMG -conducted an extensive on-site tour of the South Llnden target area, and interviewed a number of local business owners and managers. As a result of the Retreat, a working document, which highlighted the major Retreat findings and an outline of marketing recommendations that could be used as a springboard to launch fundamental marketing initiatives and activities, was produced. The Marketing Retreat revealed three primary issues: 1. The South Linden area does not have a cohesive, positive or distinctive identity in the 'minds of the public at large or among targeting business markets.

2 The geographic composition and mix of commercial and residential sectors within South Linden make a single, all inclusive market positioning image for the area difficult. Segmenting the various sectors of South Linden for marketing purposes is essential. Subsequent research, based on additional input from the community, revealed that while market-specific initiatives must be positioned in a way that are uniquely suited for each market, the South Linden community must have a base market positioning that will support all marketing efforts and will provide a fundamental public "face" for the area. It is dear that while an umbrella image positioning and theme for the community overall is critical, the specific South Linden messages to retail/ service and industrial business targets must be driven by market benefits directly applicable to the separate and distinct sectors.


3. Lo~g-range developme~t success and increased quality of life for area residents d~pend on a sincere belief by all audiences that there is a long~ commitment to a rational and attainable plan of action for unprovement of the area. One thing is certain, while South Linden presents unique opportunities and challenges for P?tential successful development, it currently has major perception problems that will need to be addressed in order to generate new jobs. Understanding that these perceptions cannot be reversed "overnight," there are, nevertheless, a number of specific steps that can be taken to activate the programs, alliances, and momentum needed to invigorate the area for the long term. The first step is the development of an integrated, strategic marketing plan that will serve as a navigating tool to advance economic development efforts in South Linden, cultivated by local business owners, residents and allied businesses and organizations.


Downtown Columbus, Inc. (DCI), working with The Tomasi Marketing Group (TIMG), launched the steps needed to develop a Strategic Marketing Package for South Linden. The Strategic Marketing Package includes a comprehensive, actionspecific plan, detailing precise steps, initiatives, timetables and budget Further, it incorporates a strategically-developed logo design for the area and camera-ready art for the initial marketing tool, which creatively translates South Linden's new images and initiatives, and jumpstarts the marketing program. The specific Scgpe of Work includes the following elements: .

1. A detailed "market positioning" of the South Linden "product (s)", including the positioning statement; 2. Detailed marketing strategies and initiatives for improving the image and awareness of the South Linden area and for attracting new businesses, with corresponding timetables and budgets; 6


3. Deline~tion of the ne~ business recruitment process, outlining the 5tra tegies needed to identify, approach and persuade retail and commercial office prospects; â&#x20AC;˘(The defined Scope of Work purposely deletes industrial recruitment efforts at the request of the City of Columbus because the City Development Department already has economic development efforts underway, which specifically targetsindustrial reauitment strategies for South Linden. )

4. Determination of all marketing worktools needed to facilitate the recruitment of new businesses in accessing existing resources, with timetables and budgets;

5. A systematic methodology for identifying, contacting and assisting existing businesses that need help in stabilizing and/ or expanding their businesses; 6. Specific schedule of seminars, events, and communication projects, conducted by a South Linden business leadership group(s), to assist existing businesses, attrad new businesses, and to strengthen business/ community ties and involvement; 7. Detailed plan of initiatives, projects, and policies for the enhancement of South Linden's image among area residents and the central Ohio area at large;

8. Strategic initiatives that will align area churches, community groups, and local businesses; 9. Overall timetable and budgets for the marketing initiatives; 10. Organization of a Strategic Marketing Panel (SMP), comprising representatives of the South Linden business and residential communities~ DCI the City, the State, the Chamber, Area Commissions, neighborhood or~tions, and other designated entities, to formulate and review the Strategic Marketing Plan;


11. ~~velol:'ment of~ logo for the South Linden area, in partnership with the ategic_Marketing Panel and others who have a vested interest in the area, which can be used for marketing and image enhancement purpose and, 12. Design, copy and production of camera-readv art for a single, marketing ~upport tool identified in the planning pro~s as being of primary unportance.

n specific initiatives and project It is important to note that the implementatioof components is not included in the Scope of Work. However, recommendations relevant to existing groups, venues and organizations from which elements can be executed are outlined in the Strategic Marketing Plan.

GRASSROOTS APPROACH DEEMED MOST RELIABLESTRATEGY FOR DEVELOPMENTOF STRATEGIC MARKETINGPLAN. Business and community leaders interviewed at the onset of the marketing project indicated that past marketing efforts have lacked positive, long-term and on-going results. Such efforts have not been viewed as rooted in an integrated plan of action, with input, involvement, and commitment from groups and individuals who have vested interest and ownership in the area. Further, over the past two decades, the social, business and economic future of the South Linden area has been discussed at constantly-changing levels of priority. Many feel alienated by unfulfilled promises and commitments to restore the rich cultural and business environment of South Linden. Thus, while a mandate to develop the Strategic Marketing Package, anchored by sound, systematic marketing strategies and results-driven approaches, is essential, the plan must be formulated in conjunction with business owners operating in South Linden and residents living in the area, with the support of allied entities, such as the Private Industry Council, the City of Columbus and Downtown Columbus, Inc.


The following grassroots pr~cess - lobsfor South Linden Project - was initiated by Downtown Columbus, Inc. m order to involve the neighborhood community in the development steps:

meetings/interviews with area clergy, community service providers, residents, business leaders, media representatives, and governmental and private economic development experts were conducted. Individuals were asked to provide names of people, especially in South Linden, who had interest in, and a commitment to,,the Sou~ Linden area. Approximately 125 individuals were identified.

1. Twelve (~2) on~n-one

2. Based on the marketing priorities determined from the earlier initiatives (Marketing Retreat; On-site Tour, etc.), a Strategic Marketing Panel for the

Tobs for South Linden Project was established, comprising nine Strategic Marketing Panel Teams:


Stabilizing Existing Businesses ways to assist struggling businesses to Responsible for e."'<amining identify the resources needed to strengthen and grow their companies.

Overall Retention/Growth Responsible for helping to identify resources and strategies that are needed to assist existing South Linden companies in growing their business, and ensuring their continued operation within the area.

Services Recruitment Responsible for identifying the kinds of service-related businesses currently under-represented in South Linden and potential sites for such businesses.

. . Retail Recnq_tment Responsible for identifying th~ types of retail b~m~ses currently under-represented in South Linden and potential sites for such businesses.


Community Identity Res~~nsible for_gathering information and input about the cultural and. hist~ri~ richness of the South Linden community, with :ditio~ 15 phas on identifying elements that will help build a cohesive marketing identity for the area.

Crime/Safety Respo_nsi~le for identifying the efforts being implemented by organizations throughout the community, which address the issues of crime and safety.

Service Assessment Responsible for identifying all of the social services, youth programs, recreational assets and secular resources available in South Linden that contribute to the overall quality of life.

Neighborhood Improvements Responsible for gathering information on the physical improvements and infrastructure enhancements needed in the South Linden area, which will impact the community's marketability and quality of life.

PublidPrivate Financing Responsible for exploring viable options of available public dollars and leveraged private dollars - needed to finance the execution of aggressive business development and marketing programs over the long term.

Specific Team Goals were determined as well as detailed Team Tasks for each of the nine (9) teams. 3. Fifteen (15) key individuals, primarily from the South Linden area, were recruited as Team Leaders to advance completion of the Team Tasks. Additionally, with the assistance of the particular Team Leader, each of the 125 previously-identified group of individuals were invited to actively participate in the Strategic Marketing Panel and on one of the nine (9) teams.


4. The full Strategic Marketing Panel convened three times on November 23rd, December 14th, and February 4th. Individual Teams ~o~~er, met more frequently in order to complete their tasks within the ngid timeframe.

5. During the second Strategic Marketing Panel meeting on December 14th, the Team Leaders presented their team's findings to the full Panel, and submitted their work in a written report to the Tobs for South Linden Project. It is based on the Teams' diligent work that the Strategic Marketing Plan is formulated. While the initiatives implemented prior to the Teams' involvement were crucial for understanding the South Linden "product," it was because of the experience and perspectives of the Team Leaders and participating members that the marketing opportunities, challenges, and vision became evident




Based on the components outlined in Section ll: HISTORICAL OVERVIEW, there are a number of assumptions that we can make to assure that the South Linden marketing efforts are on the right track, and that those efforts drive successful economic dev':1opment res~ts. Further, from those assumptions, we can draw sound conclusions, from which all strategic marketing messages, positions and initiatives can be determined and monitored.

It is through the understanding of these assumptions and conclusions that we can keepthe ''big picture" in focus in order to develop a long-term marketing approach to the complex South Linden market



South Linden possesses a number of benefits and a wealth of potential South Linden has all of the "raw products" needed for substantial long-term development activity, including: Location Access to major travel arteries Base of available land and buildings An eager workforce

• • • •

The key needed to assure ~t all marke~g and awar~ess efforts are . cohesive, mutually supportive, and concisely conunumcated to our diverse target markets is a pa~a1ed approach for presenting these valuable resources. .


South Linden is faced with the same challenges that other major cities throughout · the nation confront. While South Unden boasts an abundance of quality benefits that will allow if .. to successfully compete · in econo~c develo~ent ~enas, major perception challenges clearly hinder economic progress, including:


• • •

Decaying infrastructure An under-educated, under-employed workforce A shortage of_r~tail resources and locally-owned businesses A ~oss of positive community identity and commitment Crime

From a business point of view, the area is perceived as: • • •

Having no built-in consumer market Lacking in skilled workers Dangerous

While these challenges cannot be completely surmounted in the short term, we can be focused, consistent, and frequent in our message to prospective companies, being careful not to diffuse our efforts by trying to position South Linden as all things to all businesses. Moreover, we must strive to accomplish fewer, high-impact marketing priorities, rather than compromise precious, limited resources on launching numerous, broadbased action initiatives that will ultimately have less return .

The South Linden area is lacking consumer-demanded retail resources that sufficiently flourish in other communities, which are comprised of the same population density and demographics. Generally, the business sector, the media and to some extent, the South Linden community itself, is poorly informed about the sound purchasing ability of residents and businesses located in the area. Retail businesses that directly rely on an existing, local base of users are unwilling, or at the very least, skeptical, to locate in an area where they believe the market needs to be built. Small retail businesses particularly cannot bear low profit margins for consumer development, and instead, must operate where the existing market has strong buying potential. These kinds of misperceptions have resulted in scarce retail businesses that are providing products demanded by the community. Compounding this misperception is the retail owners' concern regardingcrime and their opportunity to reauit an able, competitive and · · willing workforce. We ·must urgently rectify these inaccurate perceptions through frequency of message.


is ~a~~ to work with necessary outside resources to promote The comm~~ the. community s ~ability for economic development, and understands that ultimate ~ccess will come only if South Linden residents and business/ community leaders are actively involved and sustain overall control of the growth and success.

Sw-veys and meetings conducted with more than 100 South Linden residents and community leaders have con.firmed their readiness to protect and to develop their community and its commercial assets. A_"bottoms-up" approach that involves ¡the people who live in South Linden and/ or operate a bus~'"less,and who have a stake in its future is vital to economic development success. Oearly, external entities, such as DCI, the City of Columbus, the Private Industry Council ¡and the Chamber of Commerce, provide valuable expertise and resources that are crucial in attaining results. There is no question that these external entities must be partners in economic development retention and recruitment efforts. The primary decision-making responsibility though must rest with the community, given that it will be the community itself and all affiliate residents, businesses and organizations who will implement the marketing a<:?on.

Existing groups that are currently trying to solve the multiple problems in South Linden must come together, in unity, to advance the community-wide interest abovetheir own more limited self-interests.

Numerous neighborhood groups, corporate outreach efforts, and elected officials have all attempted to independently work out solutions on behalf of South Linden. Because of those efforts, many problems have been answered. However, to some extent, this approach has also perpetuated compromising rivalry, resulting in "turf" alienation. While these groups and organizations will continue to develop new programs, and maintain existing efforts, directly applicable to their constituents, those issues affecting multiple and diverse constituencies ¡ ., . .. must be implemented holistically and in tandem with other community organizations. Unification of all economic development marketing efforts is vital and urgent if South Linden is to progress. 14





~u~ Linden residents and business leaders/ owners are ready and willing to ac~e}:'thelp to revitalize their community and to work toward rebuilding their commercial business district.


South 1:inde~ is a tremendous resource with much untapped potential for retailers, industry, and for the entire Central Ohio area.


The economic revitalization of South Linden is a long-term process that must be monitored and adapted to meet changing market trends and conditions.


A marketing plan cannot correct every problem in South Linden, but it can provide strategic approaches to begin the process of adaptation and change. It serves only as a valuable guide for the residents and businesses to use in implementing the many necessary marketing steps to retain and create jobs.


The entire sense of community must be strengthened, creating ownership in the marketing efforts among residents, businesses and community officials. This is critical to the success of the marketing action and plan. It will be the mutually supportive alliances between the residents, businesses, the media, the educational system and the community leadership that will create and strengthen the community as a whole and improve the quality of life for residents.


Implementing the marketing plan is only one component of a sound economic development policy and plan . The Strategic Marketing Plan will only be effective if backed up by the active efforts , outreach, and integration of the neighborhood, business and civic community priorities, including those by DCI, the Private Industry Coundl, the City of Columbus and the Chamber of -Commerce.


JV. :L



action specific initiatives to attract and retain businesses for South

The most effective method for · g JO · bs 15 · to d eve 1op an d . . . secunn· g and retainin· un~I~i:nent an mte~a ted ~nes _o_f _marketing programs, peer-to-peer ~ctivities, and public r~ations uutiatives that work together to reach and influence targeted businesses. Whereas a variety of broad community enh~cement _eff~"7 _ar~ necessary to position South Linden in a favorable fashion, detailed lllltiatives are needed that will recruit new businesses and help existing _businesses stabilize and expand. 2. Involve residents in activities that will improve the quality of life while

advancing the overall image and marketability of the South Linden area. The single most influential group of individuals who can impact the marketability of South Linden is its residents. From the physical appearance to on-going patronage of community businesses, from active involvement in crime prevention activities to organized pressure on the media and the public sector, the actions taken by area residents will determine both the marketability of the area and the success of marketing initiatives. The Strategic Marketing Plan should be structured so that all initiatives involve the input and active participation of area residents. 3. Develop on-going activities/programs that will link community groups ( i.e., churches, block watch organizations, resident councils, etc.) with local businesses in order to increase resident-business loyalty and support. Business retention and expansion require continuing community support. By developing programs and initiatives that require on-going interaction between South Linden residents and local businesses, patronage of those businesses will increase. In addition, the interaction will lessen tensions, neutralize misconceptions,. and reinforce businesses' commitment to draw employees from the local work force. Strengthened ti~ and ina~ patronage of local businesses also helps keep South Linden dollars m the community.


4. Oev:1°Pa schedule of. activities/programs/initiatives that will visibly upgrade and improve the physical appearance and infrastructure of the community.

In order to attract new businesses into South Linden and decrease relocation of existin_gbusinesses, the appearance and infrastructure of the community ~ust be_unpr?ved. Cw-rent conditions perpetuate the perception that South Linden is_ an unp?ve:15h_ed, crime-ridden neighborhood that lacks market opportuni~. By mstt~ting ~ systematic program of visible improvements, th~e negattv~ per~eptions will be neutralized. Existing and prospective businesses~ believe the marketing message that the area does indeed represent a vibrant and profitable market, actively moving toward permanent improvement. These improvements will also inspire pride in South Linden residents, further encouraging their participation in programs aimed at economic development. ¡

S. Educate,inform, and ally the media. The media's influence in shaping public and business attitudes and perceptions makes them a primary focus of South Linden's marketing efforts. Focusing specified messages across media boundaries (i.e., business, mass media, commercial real estate, minority-owned publications, etc.) will directly impact target markets. A process of informing and influencing media decision makers is essential to the successful positioning of South Linden. All marketing initiatives must incorporate integrated public relations and media relations activities if South Linden is to realize maximum jobs results for its efforts. 6. Neutralize potential perceptions and adv~es.

While the Strategic Marketing Plan is designed to secure broad-based support, the potential - and inevitability - for controversy and negative press cannot be overstated. The Plan's strength in securing desired marketing results can only succeed if strategies are carefully built-in to respond pro-actively to negative coverage and concerns. The Plan must incorporate specific strategies to minimize negative perceptions and exposure.




A variety of audiences and groups influence decisions that attract and retain jobs for South Linden. Specific initiatives aimed at these influential audiences will strengthen efforts to target and persuade business decision makers. These audiences include, among others: •

Specified Retail Businesses

Specified Service-Sector Businesses

Public-Opinion Leaders, including local editorial boards and Central Ohio Activist Groups

Print and Electronic Media, including Business Editors/Reporters, Feature Reporters, News Directors, Education Reporters, Public Affairs Directors, and Lifestyle Reporters.

Targeted Business, Labor, Transportation and Economic Development Organizations and Associations

Statewide Trade Organizations not directly related to South Linden, but whose partnership is either necessary or desired to realize the South Linden Marketing goals.

Elected Officials, including municipal, county, state, and targeted federal officials.

South Linden area businesses, residents and youths.


VL MARKETPOSITIONING jjow South Linden Is Perceived: Realities and Misconceptions The economic development and revitalization of inner city neighborhoods present probl~ and cltallenges ~at cross a variety of economic, social, political, educatio~al and geographic conditions. South Linden faces the same challenges that urban neighborho~ds across the nation are encountering: relocation of businesses, prod1:1cts,_and _services to the more affluent suburbs; high levels of crime; detenoratin~ infrastructure; drugs; a shortage of human services due to falling city revenues; high unemployment, drop-out rates and teenage pregnancy; a rapidly eroding sense of community; and, an increased - almost endemic - sense of hopelessness. All of these conditions have resulted in the perception of many in the business community - as well as within the public at large - that urban communities simply do not present profitable opportunities; that operating a business within a community such as South Linden simply poses too many dangers and headaches, and does not offer a market or workforce to make relocation there a sound, longrange business decision. ¡

This view, while rooted in various elements of truth, does not take into account the many assets of the community or the very real purchasing power of the area residents. But the negative perceptions exist - and persist - nonetheless. Interviews conducted of business leaders throughout Columbus by DCI/TIMG and the various Strategic Marketing Panel Teams reveal that many have simply "written-off'' South Linden as a potential location for development and investment. Marketing Efforts Must Address Current Perceptions

In creating and building a beneficial positio~g,

or image in the minds _ofthe _ people who can positively affect the ec_ononuc de':elopment of ~outh Linden, the realitiesand deeply-rooted misconceptions ~t exist ~ot be ignored. We cannot simply paint a "smiling face" on the co~uruty and claun to be a trouble-free, prosperous community and hope to be believed.


. . Most are aware of the problems of inn neighborhoods, particularly South Linden. Marketing and positioning ff,er th reality, but demonstrate that there . e orts or e area must acknowledge this process underway that is dramatic~ a ~nce~ted, committed ~~ effective long-term Y angmg the community m profoundly positive ways.


k The Mindset of Businesses - South Linden's Targe t M ~ ar et . Business~ will lo~te in a~ ar~a when they believe that there is a profitable opportuni~ th~t will ste~dily unprove. They will accept and deal with challenges, such ~s aune, if ~ey believe that the problems are not overwhelming, and that they are bein~ systematically addressed and solved. In short, if the market is there and they believe :he problems will lessen, they will bring jobs, products and services to the community. Existing businesses, who may be entertaining ideas of relocating to another area because of problems must be convinced that steps are being taken that will effectively decrease the problems. The Kevs To Effective Positioning; Believabilitv and Hope

Most community business leaders have discounted inner city neighborhoods. This is because they have come to believe that the problems of such communities are too extreme and too entrenched for local resources or strengths to help change the communities' direction. At the same time, they are keenly aware that unless steps are taken to develop these areas economically, the problems will eventually become so deep and widespread that all of society, and not just the targeted area will be adversely affected. Many would like to contribute to the solution, but they must believe in the practical profitability and long-term. stability of any such effort. Just as the residents of such communities need hope, so, too, do businesses. The marketing positioning for South Linden must demonstrate that the communityprovides such a hope. South Linden must be seen as a confident, vibrant community that is diligently working toward practical solutions to its problems.



TheHiiJtRoad: Re-NewedInnerCi~

s th Linden must not apologize for being th¡ ou . er dty or try to come acr :ne no; denying the realityossf~ts e market equivalent of a prosperous suburb. o 1 very real problems and challenges South . set 1 apart from the stereotypical inner city by highlighting its Lin~en m_ust _ henta~e, its traditions., an~ its strengths. South Linden must demonstrate that it is becQmmga new breed of inner city neighborhood. Urbancommunities will always exist


Overall Positioning; How South Linden Should Be Perceived South Linden must be seen as a diverse, proud, dedicated, and revitalized community that is leading a national renaissance of urban neighborhoods. This renewed community is in fact claiming its place as an enjoyable, cultural, traditionbased home to live a nurturing life. South Linden must claim the high road. Yes, we have problems. But we are committed to our community, our heritage, and our home. And, we know that our consistent, combined efforts will make our community blossom. When reinforced by an on-going and systematic marketing program of action, this attitude of optimism and. this claim to cultural identity will provide prospective businesses with the trust and hope they need when evaluating the opportunities in South Linden for profit.

MarketPositianin&Statement "South Linden is a solid, resource-rich community of committed residents businesses and community leaders who are successfully implem~ting a systemati~, a~evable and ~ovativ~ program of self-revitaUution that capitalizes on the areas bountiful_market . potential, competitive business incentives, pteway location and nch cultural heritage."


to convey the ."product's" positioning in purposes, theme lines ~i~g a succinct, easily-understandable way that informs and exates targeted prospects and consumers. .:


The Theme Line for the marketing of South L' d m en must: A. Convey a sense of vibrant, positive action.

B. Imply that th e community is future-oriented, and that the future is bright. C. Be pertinent w~en used for a variety of purposes and adaptable when targeted at multiple markets; prospects. D. Be rooted in historical tradition.

E. Be pli~t so as to reflect the positive changes in the community over time.

Usually, a single ~eme Line is developed for continuous, on-going use to promote a product or campaign. South Linden, however, is a special case. Wide-scale progress and the extensive neighborhood improvements recommended by this Strategic Marketing Plan will take years to achieve. During the initial marketing phase, the Theme Line will need to place more emphasis on the community's commitment to this change and revitalization. After on-going marketing, communications and public relations efforts are underway, along with implementation of neighborhood improvements, completed development projects and the successful implementation of the other initiatives detailed in this Plan, the Theme Line will need to be altered to reflect the accomplishment and continuation of the revitalization efforts. Careful consideration must be given to achieve continuity between transition theme lines by utilizing common phrases or words. The Long-Term Umbrella Theme Line:

GatewaySouthLinden The research conducted by the Community Identity Team of the Strategic Marketing Panel uncovered historic references to the Linden area as the "north gateway" to Columbus. The concept of South Linden being a "Gateway" has great potential and almost unlimited applications: â&#x20AC;˘ For retail businesses, South Linden is a sateway to a vast untapped market of loyal consumers;


â&#x20AC;˘ For business developers, it is a sateway to a new era in profitable urban community renewal; 22

â&#x20AC;˘ Fo~ reside~ts, South Linden is a gateway to a rewarding and enJoyable lifestyle; â&#x20AC;˘ For industrial businesses, it is a gatewav to major transportation resources, market access and an eager labor force; and â&#x20AC;˘ For the city as a whole, Gatewav South Linden represents a bold ' new policy for urban revitalization. Using the simple, yet powerfully straightforward "Gateway South Linden" as the core of the Theme Line, a consistent base message over time is provided, and gives the flexibility to fine tune the positioning as we progress.

InitialShort-TermTheme Line <Year 1): Gateway South Linden: Renewal Starts Here 2+): Loni-TermTheme Line CYear

Gateway South Linden: A Re-Newed Inner City


In order create a public face that will concentrate public attention on the new South Linden, and to quickly and dearly convey the new positioning of the community as dynamic and vibrant, a logo has been produced as part of the Scope of Work for this Strategic Marketing Package. Based on input from members of the Strategic Marketing Panel, the logo, which will be used throughout every aspect of South Linden's marketing efforts, features the Gatewav South Linden theme line, and showcases the elements that anchor the community: church, home, school and business.

Every business, community group, and resident activity will be encouraged to use the logo. It is essential that strong graphic element pervade every business or

promotional activity in order to reinforce the impression that the community has a united and systematic approach to a prosperous future. The logo has been designed so that it can be easily reproduced in one color and on photocopying equipment, making it easy for people to use. Two colors have been selected, however, for use when brochures and promotional materials are being especially produced. Logo stat sheets should be produced and distributed to all South Linden businesses, area commissions, associations, groups, churches, and service organizations. These stat sheets will have the logo reproduced in multiple sizes and quantities for people . to cut out and use. 23

kOgistics: • Responsible Bodv: The design and final logo have been ai:tofas the dd . produced by ITMG of this Package. part Hams Rod esigner an . . Th n e ~boor~ttng body responsible for the productio and dis tri ution .of the logo Stat Sheets will be oa. • Time Line: 30 days. • Budget $525 • Next Steps: 1. Create stat sheet art work. 2. Secure printing estimates from three (3) printers for lowest and best bids. 3. Award printing contract.


To achieve maximum impact for all of the efforts and initiatives that are detailed in this Plan, an on-going public relations strategy must be integrated into every activity. This will enable South Linden to leverage its actions and accomplishments in a way that insures extended coverage and impact. Every positive development, every new business commitment, every marketing initiative must be supported with the public relations tools and strategies that will trumpet the good news in a way that will secure exposure to our targeted publics. By working effectively with the media, South Linden receives "outside validation" that the residents, businesses and government officials are enhancing their community. Additionally, a sense of pride and a positive image will build among area residents and businesses. Media coverage is also a aitical tool to persuade targeted business leaders, the financialcommunity and residents that South Linden is undergoing a transformation and revitalization, thus strengthening the positioning of the area as an attractive and competitive place to work, live, and do business.


. . . event's significance · to a specific efforts .,and tools will vary according Public " relationsrthin ess. These tools will include, but are not limited to: and news wo • • • • • • • • • • • •

Press ~ts Dedicated, Fact sheets Media briefings Editorial boards Letters-to-the-Editor campaigns Arranged interviews and photo opportunities for reporters News releases Publicity photographs Specially-prepared articles for print, including by-lined placements Press conferences Contact and reference lists Media Familiarization Tours

It is important to note that while media relations is an important component to any marketing effort, these efforts cannot control what will be reported. Rather, they readily provide journalists with the information necessary to report a balanced story, which is critical, particularly when responding to a crisis situation. Media relations can, however, secure positive publicity for special events and announcements and can help position in the minds of writers, readers and journalists that South Linden is transforming. Publicity efforts also reinforce and support South Linden's marketing theme and tag line. By continually and constantly including "Gateway South Linden" in all press releases,media alerts, fact sheets and other publicity tools, a tangible message is sent about the area.

An aggressive, on-going publicity campaign that supports and reinforces all marketing efforts, from business recruitment and retention to issues of crime and community identity ensures that South Linden's message does not get lost in a clutter of newsroom press releases. Rather, South Linden gains a respected position in the minds of journalists reporting on economic development in . the City of Columbus.



• Bespo~siblBo~ e y:

During the first year of implementation of the Strategic Marketing Plan, the Jobs for South Linden Proj ect should contract for professional public relations/media relations services to assure maximum impact. During the second year of implementation, the CBO (see page 28) should retain at least a parttime public relations professional, who · can handle the requirements of securing coverage for all future initiatives and area accomplishments, who can provide crisis communications intervention.

• Time Line: 60 days.

• Buda;et $15,000

- $20,000 annually.

• Next Steps: 1. Develop Request for Proposal (RFP). 2. Distribute RFP to all Columbus-based public relations' firms. 3. Organize Review Panel to evaluat~ written proposal s and oral presentations. (Added pomts should be given to firms that are located in South Linden). 4. Select Contractor. ·



While the Strategic ~arketing Plan details a variety of initiatives aimed at attaining go~ for busmes~ retention and recruitment, a number of general, but specific targeted,actions and proJects need to be implemented. These actions and materials will lay the gr~und wor~ f?r future initiatives by influencing our target audiences and cost-effectively providing support materials for multiple purposes. The Action Plan for each of the Strategic Marketing Plan components will focus on three areas: â&#x20AC;˘ Initiatives - These are the policies, events, activities and improvements that are recommended. â&#x20AC;˘ Marketing Work Tools -These are the tangible support materials that are needed to bolster the initiatives. â&#x20AC;˘ Public Relations Efforts - These are the communications, events, media relations and other activities necessary to promote the overall positioning for South Linden, as well as to gain publicity for the recommended initiatives. The most cost-efficient way to ensure the maximum impact of the components is to strategically integrate them all. The key to successful integration is timing. All components of the Strategic Marketing Plan should be scheduled so that South Linden is continually exposed to its target markets in a positive light. This integrated approach maximizes marketing dollars and reinforces a positive image for the area on an on-going basis.

To ensure that all of the initiatives, marketing work tools and public relations efforts are implemented, and to obtain maximum positive impact on the economic development of South Linden, the following two (2) key steps are strongly recommended as anchor strategies:


Orianization (CBO) Sustamed.economic . growth reqwres constant attention , coordination and the on-going commitment of individuals whose sole vocation is to advance the inte~ests of the community. The grant under which DCI has cond~cted all _ofits eff~rts for South Linden - including the development of this Strategic Marketing Package - expires in 1994. To ensure that these and other initiatives are implemented, a single non-profit resource needs to be established to serve as a focal point and catalyst for economic development efforts. A community-based organization is a sound avenue to assure that important economic development initiatives are pursued and that the concerns of the South Linden area are addressed. Moreover, such organizations can function as valuable partners and allies to "big picture" economic development efforts that are streamlined by government.

l: Es~ablish A So~th Linden Co~unity-Based

The organization's president would direct all neighborhood economic development and marketing activities and could serve as the chief coordinator of community-wide initiatives that involve a variety of organizations, businesses and resident groups. The President would also serve as the primary advocate for South Linden by advancing the interests of the area with governmental departments and decision makers. Moreover, the President could host a quarterly meeting of all South Llnden organization ex~cutives to ensure clear and accurate communications regarding projects and priorities. In the event that the establishment of a community-based organization is not deemed a current, viable option, other alternative entities operating in South Linden that can assume ultimate responsibility for implementing the Strategic Marketing Package must be identified. The City of Columbus, DCI and the principal entities in South Linden, as the most logical group of vested parties, must identify an alternative to the recommended community-based organization, if necessary. While some initiatives may be imple_mented by existing organizations, which are in fact, outlined in this plan, most of the marketing initiatives require overall coordination, which can best be facilitated through a single, umbrella group.

Regardlessof whether a community-based organization is established, or an existing organization in South Linden assumes neighborhood responsibility for economic development priorities and marketing initiatives, an organization cannot operate in a vacuum - and be successful. The community-based organization must work hand-in-hand with established neighborhood entities that are knowledgeable about, and dedicated to, the revitalization of South Linden, including: 28

• • • • • •

The South Linden Business Association· The South Linden Area Commission· ' The South I:mden BlockWatch Progr~; The South Linden Leadership Group; The North Central Area Commission· and The Milo-Grogan Community Group:

Becausethis group of .entities is so critical to the overall , economic devel?pment success m South Linden, it is recommended that they are menting the marketing ~Y 1_nvolved,~here app!opriate, in imple 1IUtiatives. Herem, they will be referred to as Established Neighborhood Entities (EJ.'JE).

2. Create An Overall Economic Develooment Plan For South Linden The scope of this Strategic Marketing Plan is to develop methods to market South Linden to attract and retain jobs. Long-term and sustained economic development for the South Linden area requires a much more extensive and broad-based economic plan that is integrated with the development strategies and plans of the entire central Ohio area. South Linden does not exist by itself. Securing infrastructure improve-ments and public services needed by the area involves the strategic coordination and planning of a centralized economic development plan. An economic development plan will also serve as an engineer for making necessary adaptations in the Strategic Marketing Plan, prompted by changing market conditions and trends, governmental transitions and organizational leadership conversions. The plan, if firmly established, will transcend the "who", and focus on the "what" and "how'._

ActionPlan Pmcram; Umbrella PublicUnveiling:The GatewaySouthLindenInitiative It is essential that the implementation of the Strategic Marketing Plan

be kicked-off

ms With the public announcement of multiple initiatives. These must be progra that will have dramatic, positive impact on the community and maximize the marketabilityof the area.

for After the finalmeeting of the Strategic Marketing Panel on February 4th, the Jobs South Linden Project's first task will be to coordinate a team, comprising ber neighborhood representatives, DCI, the City, the City Council, and the Cham can be that will identify which of the following initiatives - in addition to others C:ouunittedto, and funded in, the short term for immediate execution. These projects and programs will be announced simultaneously at a press conference be under the umbrella of "The Gateway South Linden Initiative ." This will also . . Wherethe new South Linden logo and themeline will be unveiled to the public 29

1-.9gistiCS: . • Responsible Body: The coordinatin for the ns1ble ~espo body g . and negotiation, coordination ay Gatew The of n entatto unpl~ South Linden Initi ti and DCI be will ing unveil public the and a ve . CBO th and ENE the with the City of Columbus, in conjunction e (if established). • Time Line: 60 days

• Budsetss,ooo- S7,soo • Next Steps: 1. Convene meeting of principal and vested individuals from the City, Clamber, City Council, South Linden Business Association, and the CBO to ~~~ri~e and _publicly announce six (6) major IIUtiatives to Jumpstart marketing efforts. 2. Schedule date/place/agenda for unveiling.

1 ;BusinessIma&eAdvertisinr Campaip MarketinTool

South Riding on the publicity gar.nered by the public unveiling of TheGatewav leaders Linden Initiative. an advertising campaign aimed at business and financial be to in central Ohio, should be implemented. The goal of the campaign will establish the positioning of South Linden as the cutting edge of economic the first development activity taking place in America's inner cities. This will be paid public communications step aimed at undermining the current which misconceptions and negative perceptions held by the business community, will need to play a critical role in all on-going economic development efforts. al and, Future campaigns will be targetedon a broader level to encompass region until late eventually, very targeted national exposure . These efforts will be delayed 1994,when there is a track record of accomplishment.

Lop;tics: . • Responsible Body: The coordinating body responsible for the creation, coordination, mechanical production and implementation of the campaign will be the CBO, in conjunction with the ENE.


• Iiroe Line: 5 months • Budget $29,000 - $45,000 • Next Steps: 1. Identify four (4) commercial success stories to highlight in ads. 2 Photograph identified sites. 3. Id~tify designer/ writer to produce ads. 4. Place media schedule in targeted publications.

Tool; GatewayPaclsaa{Bmclture }.1Uketin1

All efforts aimed at recruiting new businesses into the area - indeed, all efforts to promote the area in general - will require a packaged brochure that promotes South Linden and that highlights the community 's strengths. Since there will be a variety of efforts underway, the piece must be generic enough to be widely applicable, but individually customized so that it is effective for each use. The production of a four-color, 9" x 12" package that is uniquely designed to reflect the Gateway theme and logo is recommended. This package must include creative die-cuts to accommodate insert pockets.

Lgajstics: • Responsible Bodv: Writing, design and mechanical art production of this piece is included in the Scope of Work for the The Tomasi Marketing Group. Printing coordination and costs will be the responsibility of DC. • Time Line: February 4th, 1993- Art.

• Budpt Printing/$6,000 - $8,000

. • Next Sgms: 1. Secure lowest and best printing bids from three (3) printers, including at least 1-2 union printers. 2. Seek review and comments on copy and art from the City Development Department.

SouthLindenParle·. Catcway

Themost visible eyesore, and South Linden's most unattractive landmark, is the condemned 11th Avenue School building. Its very existence J)e!petuatesnegative perceptions about the community and erodes the


.th residents' community pride. The buildin er ~ rehabilitated or ei torn down- and a park - Gateway So th ~ust mended to takeits place, utilizing the renovated ~din d: ~ark -:- is :ecom ther. A altoge it . g .. placng lution to this issue would b th firs t, maJor visible sign that Gateway :uth Linden is on the mend~ e

If the community decides to launch the Gateway South Lind p k media_event ~ould be_staged the day the renovation or dem~liti:n '~gins, anti-drug, aune_ prevention and pro-community activities. Local fea~g musical talent could provide an entertainment back-drop. I,g&i§tics: • Respo~si?le Bodv: . Th~ coordinating body responsible for the negotiation, coordination, promotion and implementation of the Gateway South Linden Park will be the CBO, in conjunction with theE1'lE.

• Time Line: On-going • BudK,et Contingent on development decision. • NextSgms: 1. Resolve legal status of property. 2. Determine realistic renovation options/ costs. 3. Develop incentive package for development

MediaMonitorin; PublicRelation,Tool; Grassroot

formed with A permanently established group of South Linden residents should be the sole purpose of monitoring all news media so that action can be taken when hed storiesthat are inaccurate, misleading or damaging to the community are publis take each will or aired. This group should have a core group of 7-8 individuals who responsibilityfor reading every area newspaper and watching every televised

core newscast Whenever an inaccurate,misleading or damaging story appears, this nt group should contact the community-based organization to report the incide and Uponimmediate confirmation of the inaccuracy,the organization will develop coordinatethe action steps for correctingthe misinformation. Responsemay includea follow-up letters-to-the-editors campaign or several phone calls to one Stationcorrectingthe inaccuracy and demanding more professional journalistic will tactics be implemented before ·the station reportson South Linden. This group unityalsobe responsible for identifying "goodnews" and relayingit to the comm basedorganization for transmittal to reportersto increase the amount of favorable · . coveragethe community receives.


lJlptics; dinati • Respon_sible Body: The body responsible for the promoti~n and directio~ of the grassroots monito':; will :, the Sou~ Linden Leadership Group, in conjunction with the Ad Hoc Resident Group. • Time Line: On-going • Budiet

$6,000 - $8,000/professional counsel/annually

• Next Steps: 1. Utilize media relations consultant already on contract to organize and train grassroots group. 2. Meet with South Linden leadership to identify group members. 3. Schedule time/place for first group meeting and media relations training.

WorkTool/Pmniums;GatewayBaseballCaps Marketina

Baseball caps and other premium items, including T-Shirts, etc. with the South Linden Logo should be produced and distributed. Distribution will be handled in a

number of ways: • Youths who participate in community activities. • Sold at the Fair Days Festival ; (see next page) • As prizes to winning teams in sports leagues;

• Area businesses who contribute to the production of the caps will have their logo printed on the cap, and they will be given a number of them to distribute to customers; and • Distributed/ sold at church functions.

Loptics: • Responsible Body: The coordinating body responsible for the coordination and production of the ca?' will be the CBO, ~ conjunction with the ENE and the Private Industry Council.

• TimeLine: 45 days. 33

â&#x20AC;˘ Budpt: s2,ooo- s2,100 â&#x20AC;˘ Next Steps: 1. Identif'.Ythree (3) potential sponsors, at least one of which should be located in South Linden. 2. Secure bid for estimates from three (3) vendors ' local if possible. 3. Produce ten (10) sample caps for use in recruiting sponsors.


One of South Linden's traditions that has all but disappeared over the last decade wasthe community's excitement and involvement with The Ohio State Fair. Longtime residents recount stories of barbecues and church-sponsored events that centered around the fair. The entire comm.unity spruced-up their homes and yards, and used the period during the fair as a cause for local celebration. South Linden can rekindle this spirit and use the State Fair to stimulate sales at

community businesses, enhance its image of the community to the public-at-large, and improve the quality of life for residents.

Fair Days Sales /Specials

The South Linden Business Association should coordinate with all community retailers to develop sales and specials to be offered during the State Fair. All of these sales announcements and coupons will be printed on a small program of events that will be given to all area churches, social service groups and businesses for distribution to members, clients and customers, and to their mailing lists. Fair Davs Musical Celebration The fair is already known for its musical acts, though the days of free concerts on the fairgrounds has past. South Linden should take advantage of this musical orientation to host free concerts during Fair Days. Once a week during the three week run of the State Fair, a free concert should be held at the proposed Gateway Park (current 11th Ave. School site). One of the nights could feature a "big name," but emphasis should be placed on showcasing local talent. Fair Days Sweet Potato Pie Bakin1 Contest This will be a community-wide contest among South Linden residents, and coordinated and judged by My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie company. Local celebrities should also be tapped to enhance visibility. As with the Ohio State Fair, ribbons will be awarded and there will be a Sweet Potato Pie Eating Contest. 34

.LQli§tics: • Responsible Bodv· The coordin tin bOd d . a g ~ responsible for the coordination, negotiations pr~~ 0 ti in con ·uncti~n . on an lmJ:>lementatt?nof ·the events will be the CBO, ) A_ C wi th .th~ South Linden Business Association and the South Linden """ea omnuss1on. • Time Line: 12 months.

• Bud~t $40,000 - $50,000 • Next Stet,s: 1. Formulate a grassroots organizing committee. 2. Elect co-chairs for committee. 3. Schedule dates and organizational deadlines for 1994 Fair Days.

DayCarrCenter An issue which remains controversial on a national and local level is

Day Care for children of working parent(s). To ensure that residents in South .Linden are not prohibited from work because of expensive or inadequate day care service, the community-based organization should explore the possibility of ope.T\inga satellite Day Care Center of an established, publicly-funded facility. For example, the Vern Riffe Tower offers employees who work in the building and others, on-site day care services. For residents in South Linden, the Department of Health and Human Services could open a similar, centrally-located facility which residents could access easily in terms of transportation, and inexpensively, via subsidized programs. While the state level is the first avenue for concentration, the community-based organization could also explore options offered by the city, county and municipal districts - (see Section VIII: Business Recruitment Marketing Program - Government Office Recruitment), and those which are private .

Lo&i§tics: • Responsible Body:: The coordinatin~ body r~ponsible fo~ the coordination, negotiations, prom~tion ~d ~plen:ientation of the Day Care Center will be the CBO, m conJunction with the 35

South Linden Business Association, the South Linden Area Commission, the North Central Area Commission, the South Linden Leadership Group, and the State of Ohio.

• Iime J:iue: 12 months • Budset CBO staff time/$2,000 - $2,500 • Next Steps: 1. Conduct a survey of South Linden Business Association members to determine current day care needs. 2. Identify private, for-profit Day Care providers who are possible new business recruits for South Linden .. 3. Design and incorporate incentive for sales materials to government prospects.


V1ILBUSINESSRETENTIONMARKETINGPROGRAM A fundamental aspect of economic development is to retain the jobs that are currentlyin place. The programs detailed below are aimed at • Identifying companies in South Linden that need technical and/ or financial support to stabilize and expand their businesses. • Identifying companies in South Linden that are planning to expand and/or relocate out of the area. • Making it simple and easy for these companies to access the resources that are available. • Strengthening the alliances between South Linden businesses, residents and community groups in order to keep South Linden dollars in the area and to nurture the loyalty and support for, and among, all these groups.

RetentionActionStel)s Business

Center One-StopBusinessBesows:e

With the vast number of assistance programs, grants, training options and other services available to area businesses, by both the private and public sectors, it is difficult for any company to be aware of them all or know how to go about accessing them. The South Linden community-based organization, in conjunction with the South Linden Business Association should establish a single location where updated information on all of these resources is readily available. This "One-Stop Shop" Center, properly promoted, will make it easy for South Linden businesses to take advantage of resources that will strengthen and expand their ventures.

• Responsible Body: The coordinating body responsible for the aeation, coordination, promotion and operation of the One-Stop Business Resource Center will be the CBO, in conjunction with the South Linden Business Association.


• Droe Line: 9 months • Budget CBO staff time/$7 ,500 - $8,000

• N e.xt Steps: 1. Utilizing _info~atio~ gathered by the Strategic Marketing Panel as a starting pomt, list all private and public resources available to South Linden businesses. 2. Contact each entity identified above and secure multiple copies of all relevant brochures and forms. 3. Develop a filing system of all materials gathered (computerized, if possible).

n1 Tool; South LindenBusinessDirectory MarJcetiWork

In order to encourage residents and other area businesses to patronize existing companies, a South Linden Business Directory should be produced. This Directory will list all area: businesses, their location, their product/ service offerings and their affiliation with various preferred shopper programs. The purchasing power of South Linden residents is actually quite high. Helping them find the services and products they need within the community keeps their dollars "at home," and helps localbusinesses stay open. The Directory will be distributed to every resident and business in South Linden, will be updated yearly, and will incorporate the Gatewav SouthLindenlogo and themeline.

Logistics: • Responsible Bodv: The coordinating body responsible for the and collection of information, coordination, creation/production distribution of the Directory will be the CBO, in conjunction with the South Linden Business Association. • Time


6 months

• Budget $6,500 - $7,400 • Next Steps: 1. Update list currently held by DC and the South Linden Business Association. 2. Contact each business to update and expand information. 3. Secure designer and writer to produce mechanical art for directory, with emphasis on neighborhood designers/printers. 4. Secure three (3) lowest and best printing bids.


u henin i ork Tool;"Streb:c )farJcrdD~ i h one-color

?'0vr Busines.,"



guide to all of the a~e ~ compreh~ve nce ista ass al. nci fina and l ica :hn tec businesses in South Lind en to ble to aila / and s ltie icu diff me rco . and their companies. Specific helptheti'm ove or en, • &··r n !-~ ini tra PIC le ilab ava m .uo on ma 11uor to the South Linden Mentor gr~rograms pro nce ista ass ign des ~ , fro _m gra Pr~ OREprogram , will be listed . SC the ~ . · bus ry eve to iled ma be ThiSpiece will th medss m Sou th Lind en, updated annually and . . th Sou , 1m will mcorporate e Gatewav . en logo and themeline. Logistics: . • Responsible Bod,:£: The coordinatin g ~~ rE:5po~1blefor the development, aeation/productio n_: th Sotributi~nof the ~rochure will be the CBO, in conjunction WI e uth Linden Business Association. • Time Line:

6 months

• Budget $5,500 - $7,000

• NextSteps:

ied by creation of 1. Llst all services/resources identif ource type. one-stop shop and categorize by res produce mechanical art 2. Secure designer and writer to ghborhood talent. for brochure, with emphasis on nei vice/resource . 3. Write brief description of each ser

udsman/Coordinatorl velopment, Otx BusinessLiaison<Omb and the City Department of De

this position il unc Co y Cit by Appointed sed rts of the South Linden community-ba effo the t por sup to ed ign ass be l wil ing and retaining businesses for the organization and will assist in attract sting businesses secure the various exi p hel l wil ual ivid ind s Thi . community port and nce, technical support, marketing sup ista ass g nin trai , ces ian var als, rov app t of the grow their businesses. By being a par and e iliz stab to d nee y the ng nci fina ures required and the services ced pro the h wit r ilia fam be l wil y public sector, the ir will be able to assist companies in the available in the public sector, and . This tem ugh the "red-tape" of the sys thro m the g din gui by rts effo ent developm gram (see siness Evaluation Support Team pro Bu the ter inis adm also l wil son }'er y be facing problems. Further, ma t tha den Lin th Sou in s sse ine below) to identify bus aniza~on in its efforts to work with org sed -ba nity mu com the ist ass l the position wil tions and the public sector. Various developers, financial institu


?ltlf ~vsiu~s M_entaa


should be matched-up with a .InconJunci':1onwith SC?RE, new business owners cides with the business' needs. retiredbusiness professional whose experience coin iness Resource Center will help fhe community-based organization's One-Stop Bus eoordinate the matching process.

J.QrJstiCSi ble for the • Responsible Bodv: The coordinating body responsi of the mentor administration, promotion and implementation South Linden program will be the CBO, in conjunction with the Business Association. • Time Line:

• Budiet

City Business Liaison - 9 months Mentor Program - 6 months

CBO staff time/$4,000 - $6,000

• Next Steps: to facilitate 1. Schedule meeting between CBO and SCORE program exposure. en Business 2 Schedule SCORE presentation to South Lind Association. ram; 3. Write and distribute news release announcing prog initiate follow-up calls to media.

ss inars Suc;c;eSem Business

sponsored by a bank and held in A seriesof seminars on business fundamentals organization and the South conjunction with the South Linden community-based and new business owners build Linden Business Association - will help aspiring ld be four, half-day and secure their companies. Based on demand, there woummodate small business seminarsa year. Seminars should be scheduled to acco owners' hours. Topics should include:

• • • • •

Starting A Business: Building A Business Plan Accounting and Inventory Control Marketing Billing & Finance Managing the Tax Burden


. SLBA th Thesenu:n4rswill be promoted by the sonng bank and the c:oaunumty-based organization and will b ' e ~pon e organized and administered by the . ram (see below) . B.£.5.Tprog

.IJ>gistiCS: tin b • Re§P.OnsibleBod?· The ·coordina . g ody responsible for the d administration p;omoa on an unol · ess ementaa·on of th e b usm ' success seminars will b e th e CBO, ~m conjunction with the South . · ion ness Association, South Linden Area Commiss Busi Linden ' . C North Central Area Commission Milo-Gro gan ommuruty Group, targeted banks, and SCORE. • Time Line: • Budiet

One seminar/ quarter

$4,500- $5,000/seminar

• Next Steps: South Linden. 1. Establish date(s) / place for seminar within rmation 2. CBO and ENE meet to determine specific info and material to be covered by seminar . 3. Identify and invite seminar speakers. and on-site materials. 4. Secure local designer to develop registration

fm'3ID E.S,TJ BusinessEvaluation& SupportTeam<B, getting into trouble

long before it is forced Thereare always signs that a business is panies that are planning to expand to layoff workers or close its doors. Likewise, com changes long before they occur . and or relocate outside of South Linden plan such panies early-on, and help them In order to identify these troubled or struggling com need before it is too late, the secure the technical and/ or financial support they opriate ENE should establish South Linden community-based organization and appr nesses for a variety of factors. a systematic: program that monitors community busi s and fees would be monitored on Working with the City Business Liaison, city taxe that may be delinquent or to an on-going basis to spot any South Linden business on expansion. A media clipping reveal building permits for companies planning news reports about file would also be maintained to keep track of all pany's diffic:ulties or plans South Linden businesses, which will likely signal a com .S.T.program would also for expansion or relocation. A representative of the B.E by telephone - with every makedirect contact - both through on-site visits and iously, direct personal South Linden business at least two (2) times a year. Obv nesses. The B.E.S.T. these busi contact is the most effective means to identifying inars. program will also administer the BusinessSuccess Sem 41

gistics: . • Responsible Body: The coordinatin body r~pons1ble for the administration, promotion and im ~ of the B.E.-S.T. on program will be the CBO, in con·1:en~ti on with the South Linden J · · Business As Linden Area Commission, and North Central Are!o~!':is;i~~~ • Time Line: • Budiet:

12 months

expenses. CBO staff time/$20,000 - $25,000 + out-of-pocket

• Next Steps: to streamline process. 1. R~po~ible individual( group meets with Citydeveloped. is 2. Tuneline for contact, with company name, ia clipping service. 3. Secure three (3) lowest and best bids for med


onals throughout the country, TIPs Long a successful vehicle for business professi erings of business people to · clubs are informal, but 'structured, monthly gath s are an invaluable method for dub exchange ideas, leads, and information. These revealing a company's problems building alliances, identifying opportunities, and S clubs should be formed for South or plans to relocate/expand. At least four TIP to assure cross-representation. A Linden and a local hit-list should be developed should sit on each club, and a major member of the community-based organization well. developer should be recruited for each one as Logistics: The coordinating body responsible for the of the TIPs Cub administration, promotion and implementation . will be the CBO, in conjunction with the ENE

• ResponsibleBody!

• Time Line:

3 months.


• _pudget

CBO staff time/$1,S0O _ si,ooo

• NextSteps: 1. Secure speaker to address South Linden B


. .

usmess Assoaation about how to start TIPS clubs . . 2 Secure short-term meeting location for initial TIPS meetings

T "H"t" · lOD s _ ~~ ~eam, ~tcJ?ct


Keeping existing Jobs m South Linden is critical to sustained economic development. When a company has been identified as thinking about relocating out of South Linden b~ the B.E.S.T. program or through a TIPs club, a ''Hit" team composed of local business leaders, the South Linden communitv-based organization a1_1dthe City Business Liaison should aggressively ipproach that company's senior management and work with them on the specific issues influencing their decision to ensure that the company remains in South Linden. Membersfor these teams will be specifically selected so that their qualifications and complement those of the existing business person they are trying to experience influence. The teams should also include a representative of the City, the Chamber of Commerce, banks and employee training experts, depending on the interests and needs of the targeted business. The specific Hit Team listed in this S!vlPshould be a resource from -which the actual teams are drawn. Efforts should be viewed made to keep the size of Hit Teams manageable. These teams will be provided with the Gateway Package/Brochure that will be customized with very targeted materials, pertinent to the interests and needs of the prospect.


Logistics: . • Res.ponsible Body: The coordinating body responsible for the . Team Hit administration, promotion, and implementation ?f the Ret~ntion will be the CBO, in conjunction with the South Linden Bus~ess Association the Milo-Grogan Community Group, South Linden Area Commissio~, North Central Area Commission, the City of Columbus Development Department, and the Chamber of Commerce. • Tune Line:


• Budset CBO staff time/$20,000 - $25,000 + out-of-pocket expenses.


• Next Steps: · 1. Assign program coordination responsibility to appropnate CBC/individual. 2. Responsible individual meets with City to streamlin e process.

WorkTool;'The SouthLindenMoneyMaker'' MarlfcdDs

A bi-monthly newsletter aimed strictly at the needs of area businesses should be fo~ prom~ting the Business Success Seminars, be a prod~ced. This~


profiling area businesses, highlighting available commercial real estate values and detailing the successes of the South Linden business community's efforts and the accomplishments of the community-based organization's economic development activities. Articles will also discuss tax issues, and will have a classified section where area businesses can offer goods and services. The newsletter will include targeted,business-help articles not covered by current newsletters distributed in the area. Each issue should also feature a coupon or special discount program offered by a local business to members of the South Linden Business Association. The design for this newsletter should be boldly graphic, and the format should be slightly oversized from the average 8-1/2" x 11" newsletter. Lop;tics: ,

• Responsible Bodv: The coordinating body responsible for the administration, 6-eation/production and distribution of the newsletter will be the CBO, in conjunction with the South Linden Business Association, the City of Columbus Development Department, the Chamber of Commerce, and targeted banks.

• TimeLine: Bi-monthly. • Budget $3,000- $3,500/issue . • Next Steps: mechanical produce to writer and designer neighborhood 1. Secure . art for first issue. wue. first for focus article of 2. Develop outline 3. Identify potential advertiserS/sponsors.


~f,n:e4 ShopperPm&ram

ces should be formed among South Lind b . strategicallian ch . . en usmesses and area organizattons, su as churches comm . ils. These

groups and resident counc bty aWanceswould directly provid~ the m ewum of parti . g. groups a program to ers ·a1 dis counts for patronizing their affili opa~ receive spec A dry cleaner, for example, could provide one free suit deanin ~ ate busm~ses. y items deaned at regular four pricesto members of a specific church ' wi'th gwhi~rchever the company is affiliated.

-Logistics: • Resi?o~sibl~ Body: The coordinating body responsible for the administration, pro~otion and implementation of the Preferred ~opper Pr~gram will be the CBO, in conjunction with the South · · Linden Business Association, South Linden Area Co North Central Area Commission, Milo-Grogan Commm::;on, Group, and are churches. • Time Line:

9 months

• Bud~t $4,500 - ~,soo • Next Steps: 1. Id~tify individual and/ or community-based organization that will be responsible for coordination of program. 2. Convene meeting with vested organizations and church leadership. 3. Develop program details and timeline for implementation of verv §pecific components.

BusFares Gatcwa,y

a special To encourage area residents .to patronize South Linden businesses, (COTA) that arrangement should be made with the Central Ohio Transit Authority to ride anywhere allows individuals who board a COTA bus within South Linden . b~ lYithjn South Linden, free of charge or at a discounted rate. A will be used to advertising and/ or public service.~o~~~~t (PSA) campaign e lity. leverage overall impact and maxmuzvisibi



,tc¢stiCS:. • Responsible Body: The coordinatin administration, promotion and im ~ body r~ponsible for the Bus Fares' Program will b th P e_menta _tion of the Gateway e e CBO, m conJunction fu'\ffi.

• TimeLine:

6 months

• Budget CBO staff time/$750 • Next Steps: 1. Identify CBO and/or individual who will work with COTA on behalf of ~outh Linden businesses and residents. 2. ~e wntten support for the policy from South Linden busmesses, churches and residents. 3. Schedule a meeting with COTA to discuss options.

Cgmmunm' Business Landscape AwardMarketinsWork Tool; Contest/Award Announcement Poster/Re;istrationForm

As a further method of strengthening the relationships and commitments between

residents and businesses, the community should annually recognize efforts by businesses to improve the landscaping and appearance of their buildings and the community at large. The award process would be administered by the Columbus Neighborhood Design Assistance Center (CIDAC) and would be judged by a panel, comprising representatives from the CNDAC, the community-based organization, area residents, and a representative from each of the ENE's.

A poster, designed by the CNDAC, in conjunction with local youth groups, will be produced, will serve as an announcement/registration form for the contest, and will be mailed to every business in South Linden. Logistics: • Responsible Body: The coordinating body r~ponsible for the . administration, promotion and implementatton o~ the ~o~uruty Business Landscape program will be the CNDAC, m conJunction "th th So th Linden Area Commission, North Central Area W1 e u ... ·a1st Commission, South Linden Business Assocat ton, pnncp o neighborhood schools and area you th groups.


• Iime Line:

12 months

• Budget: $3,500 - $5,000 • Next Steps: 1. Establish design award guidelines. 2. Schedule meeting between CNDAC . and area schools and youth organizations to be . d es1gn of poster. gm . 3. Wnte and place news release announcing award/' uu"tiat e follow-up calls to media.


Exc;hange Business

Twopowerful methods for increasing a company's profitability are to: 1. Expand a business' network of potential customers and 2. Teach the business how to operate more efficiently.

show TheGateway Business Exchange is a combination business-to-business trade take and a series of seminars on how to increase sales, access new markets and d advantage of the programs that are available to businesses located in targete neighborhoods like South Linden. to To maximize attendance, .broaden the access of South Linden businesses customersoutside the community, and provide an outstanding media opportunity ds are, the Gateway to demonstrate what a vibrant market inner city neighborhoo Business Exchange will be open to businesses throughout downtown.

Logistics: • Responsible Body: The coordinating body responsible for the administration, promotion, and impl~en~tion_ of th_eGateway Business Exchange will be the CBO,m con.Jlllletion with the South · Linden Business Association.

• Time Line: 12 months • Budget

$7,500 - $10,000

• NextSteps:


1. Identify CBO and/or in~vi~ual who will assume responsibility for coordination. 2. Determine the specific topics for workshops. 3. Schedule date and place for event



Results from team surveys indicate that b

. to expand in personnel within the next 12~U:,~sses currently in South Linden expect residents are the employees hired for th . b ths. To ensure that South Linden should coordinate a Job Fair. ese JO ~' th e community-based organization

TheJob Fair would consist of teaching

oten ·al

interViewingtechniques, on-site crim P . bl to


. th . :~!foo~s~~~~-g.,



ti . employees resume' writing and e prevention methods and other skills basic sales tips for retail shops, or customer

Localbusinesses would a~ally

participate in the Job Fair by describin the emplo~ees _they expect to hire. Area churches would be used as an Jorma?n dissemmation center, as well as the media.

es of

Businesseswith high turno~e~ rates, ~uch as fast-food chains and small retail shops, would also be asked to parttcpate to inform residents of upcoming jobs that will be available and to reiterate the types of skills necessary to be hired.

At the end of the Job Fair, "graduates" would receive a "certificate", which is a tangible addition to their resumes . As well, local businesses will be encouraged to ask during the interviewing process if the potential candidate has "graduated" in the Job Fair. One business recruiting the highest number of employees , who have graduated from Job Fair; will be recognized through targeted publicity efforts and awarded a special certificate.

In order to excite and motivate South Linden youth about job opportunities within their own neighborhood, the Job Fair will be used as a venue to launch a yo~th scholarship fund sponsored by area businesses. A panel com.posed of J~b ~all' Business participants will be asked to establish the scholarship fund cntena and program. The end result of the Job Fair is a better prepared workforce in an area in which economic growth will be taking place.

Logistics dinating body responsible for the • Responsible Bodr- The_coor d . lementation of the Job Fair 1 administration, promotion. an ~P cn·on wi'th the South Linden th CBO in conJun program will b e ' . den Area Commission, North Business Assoaatio~ , ~u th Private Industry Council and area Central Area Conmussion, e

! .


churches. 48

• nme Line: 9 months • _]udpt:

$7,500 - $10,000

•NextSteps: 1. Identify CBO and/ or individual who will as_!ume responsibility for coordination. 2. Determine the specific topics for workshops. 3. Schedule date and place for event.


JX. BUSINESSRECRUITMENTMARKETINGPROGRAM !he economic ~evitaU:zation and pr~gress of any community is contingent on attractingnew The purpose of the initiatives and programs detailed in this strategicMarketing ~Ian 15 ~ create programs that will make South Linden more ttractiveto pro~pecttve businesses and to detail the practical steps that can be used those Jobs. ~


It mustbe noted that the highest paying jobs in the job market today are those in the industrialsector. These are specialty jobs that require a measure of higher education. As indicated earlier in this plan, TrMG was requested not to focus this flanonjobs in the industrial sector. The initiatives listed below follow this directionand focus on recruiting businesses in the retail and service sectors only.

Attractingnew businesses to the South Linden area will: • Increase employment opportunities; • Increase the quality of life for residents; • Install pride in the community; and • Demonstrate the viability and commercial attractiveness of the community.

Businesses oa and the

tail Re ·tment and Service Recruitment es of • C1'U1 efforts of the Re 11 th community ~~~~e ;: Teamsof the Strategic Marketing ~anel r ev~~!n businessesare under•represented in the 50 u Iarieted


hasthe resources to support them.

• Banks • FamilyMedical Practices • ClothingStores • OfficeSupply Stores

• DiscountDepartment Stores • MajorGroceries • MovieTheatres • "Sit-Down" Restaurants • Past Food Restaurants • laundromat/Dry Oeaners Services Store • ~g/Postal


offices should j\dditi~nally,go~e~ent targeted d ue to their high ~tential and thell' ability to attr act other be . bus employment messes. r The major tz:ade associations re resen . ting the target busin ohio Council of Retail MerchaJ' State Restaura~:~ abo:ve.(examples:

i,e invited

to host their board mts, ee


Ohio gs on site in South Lind

soaation, etc.) will


~if" Teams

. The most effective method of inf! uencng b ¡ ess decision makers is usin this For . data nd sou contact, based on -peer , "Hit" Teams will be fo~eder:to son drea ;~ ple peo s part, ines m , bus den Lin th of Sou . ....~ or er to reawt specifi area the to th ses ~ ines bus c Members 1or ese teams will be 5 edfi ~elected_so their qualifications ~d experiencecomplement those of tlie pro:allytive business person they are trying to influence. The teams should also indud pec a representative o~ the City, the Chamber of Commerce, banks and employee tr~ d~pen~g on the interests and ~ cifi spe The s. ines bus eted targ the of ds nee eam listed m this SMP should be viewedas a resource from which the actual t are drawn. ~orts should be made to keep the size of Hit Teams mana ~es~ te~ will be provided with ::~~ will that e hur roc e/B kag Pac y ewa Gat the with very targeted materials, prospe:Ze the of ds nee and s rest inte the to nt tine per

:f ~' ~f115

t tionStep; ¡ Requjtm,enAc StripManDevelopment

m of the Strategic Marketing Panel, an Tea t men ruit Rec ail Ret the b~ out ~ As poin the kinds of business that are underact attr to ue ven l idea an is l mal p stri anchor t of such a mall is also an outstanding men elop Dev . den Lin th Sou in d nte rese rep the community and the commitment of cy ran vib ic nom eco the e trat ons dem way to possible location for the mall identified A s. sse ine bus l loca to ts den resi a are of the ant lots at 2223-4.5Ceveland Avenue. vac five the is m Tea t men ruit Rec tail Re bythe the Strip Mall design to ensure The CNDAC should be integrally-involved with and "feel" of the community. compatibility with the architectural style den conu~umity, finding a d~eloper Lin th Sou the of ge ima ent curr the of e Becaus be very, very difficult. However, this . will ject pro a h suc risk to ing will is ~ Wh ~nonuc both the short-and long-~ of ent pon com hor anc , otal piv a is t Jec pro re, we recommend that the identified refo The ity. mun com the of t men elop dev ll as a _not-for-profit organization become the developer of the ma COIJUnunity-based ted by efforts from financial entity and that innovative financing, suppor ments, be secured. ~titutions striving to meet their CRA require



• &sponsibleBody:The

coordinating body responsible for the development, administration, implementation, and management of the Strip Mall will be the CBO working with the CNDAC and the


• Time Line:


• Budset Contingent on Development Decision

• NextSteps: 1. Identify three (3) possible sites for the development. 2. Identify all possible, potenf:W tenants. . . 3. Determine all zoning reqwrements, restrictions, and recommended changes.


.th' 5oVthLindenNewBusine:;sInruhatgrc -crius WorkTool;NewBusinessr b entu Pac;~ct The5outh Linden community-based 0~Ql

~ten: conjunction with the State's

in EdiSOnProgram, the South Linden Areag~ti?n~ sion, the North Central Area the South Linden Bus· UUnis c0aun,ission, and ti on, sh ould select a site to Assoda mess . . Busmess b b Incubator Center ew N a use 0 110 cozxununity-basedorganization itself. ~o ~ly ~ the same grounds as the Y, ~ Center represents a 1,undling"of all resources and services~ that wants to start a business in South Lind are available to ~y person or entity The comm~ty-based organization will basically lead would-be entre reneurs: th~ busmes~ development is interested o;:,_gh process,step by step. Anyone tartin g a business at the Center S willreceive a packet containing:


• An overview of how the Center works and how it can help. • A form requesting information about the proposed company. • A list of the steps that must be followed to formally apply for Incubator status. • A detailed list of how the community-based organization can help the applicant accomplish each step.

individuals from the community-based organization, a A co~~ee .co~posed of_ finanaal institution, the City Business Liaison (see section on Business Retention), and area business leaders will review the initial application and decide whether to qualifythe applicant. Onceapproved, the Center will align the applicant with the various resources needed to develop the business, including with the "One-Stop Business Center" fromtechnical assistance on how to write a business plan to securing training funds, fromassistance in filings with appropriate public entities to assistance in securing financing,from technical assistance in establishing an accounting system to recommendations on marketing and merchandising.

LO&i§tics: • Responsible Body. The coordinating b~y resp?nsible for ~e development, administration, promott~n and unplem~ta~on the New Business Incubator program will be the_CBO,m . ~ovations conjunction with the State of Ohio's T~ol~gical Program the South Linden Business Assooatton, the City of Columb~' Development Department and the Chamber of Commerce.



• Time Line:

24 months

• Budget $300,000- $500,000

• NextSteps: . 1. Meet with State Development Department to 1.d . funding entify and t_echnical support options. 2. Identify three (3) potential sites for the Center.

Theatre n,cGateway represents a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate that Sou~ Linden 1s_a vibrant, thriving community that is rich in culture. A not-for-profit corporation, started at the New Business Incubator Center by the community-based organization should secure the funds to renovate -the theater with the goal of establishing an African-American "art" theatre to be named "TheGateway." Significant films by, for and about African-Americans - and films with multicultural themes in general - would play engagements. (The theatre will not be open on an on-going, every night basis until it has become established.) Efforts should be made to secure support from African-American film makersfor both the renovation and operation of the Theatre; new films by these film makers should receive their area premier here. Moreover, a national AfricanAmerican Student Film Festival should be established at the Theatre, in cooperation with the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center .

The Linden Theatre on a_evela1:d Av~ue


• ResponsibleBody: The coordinating b?dy respons~ble for the development, administration, renovation, promotion _and management of the Gateway Theatre will be the CBO, in conjunction with the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center.

• Time Line: • Budget


Contingent on Development Decision.


• Next Steps: 1. Utilizing the Strategic Marketing Panel netw ks establish contact with Afro-American film ork ' ma ers. f . 2. Deve lop a ren d enng o a "renovated" theatre storefront

PiniDIRestaurant IJPC

A "Hit team should be formed to attract a mid-range "sit down" restaurant for the couununity.An ideal location for this restaurant is in the building that is attached to the Unden Theatre on Ceveland Avenue. Clearly, as retail recruitment efforts areundertaken, multiple businesses should be located adjacent to each other wheneverpossible to encourage cross-usage. An incentive to prospective restaurant ownersshould be to utilize students from the Food Service Technology associate degreeprogram from Columbus State Community College as employees, thus enablingthe business to access PIC training funds to pay for local students' education/salaries.

Lgii:;tics: • Responsible BodV! The coordinating body responsible for the selection of the "Hit" team and for providing support to the teams will be the CBO, in conjunction with the South Linden Business Association, and the Private Industry Council. • The following restaurants should be considered the "A-List": • The Marble Gang • Mark Pi's Feast of The Dragon ... • Tee Jay's Country Place of first restaurant (possibility Pie Potato • My Mama's Sweet attempt through the New Business Incubator Center.) • Max &cErma's (If not as a Max & Erma's, potential for new, multicultural restaurant concept)

will be composed of the following individuals: ." Food BusinessRepr~entative • The ~a·!~ority-owned • Ma~ &cErma's Top Management Representative • • • •

Retail Recruitment Team Member CBO President Church Representative City Business Liaison 55

• • • •

~urance Industry Representative Crime/Safety Team Member South Linden Business Association p . resident Bank Representative

• Time Line:


•_]udget CBO staff time/$3,000 - $3,500 • N@xtSteps: 1. Schedule ~ meeting of the all Hit Team members to plan recnutment strategy. 2. Determine all names, titles and addresses of the business location decision makers of the targeted companies. 3. Set appointments for Hit Team members to meet with targeted business decision makers. 4. Assemble South Linden New Business recruitment packages.


As recommended by the Business Recruitment Team of the Strategic Marketing Panel,there is easily a viable market in South Linden to support a major grocery store,which can serve as an ·anchor business for attracting other retailers. A "Hit" teammust be assembled to approach major grocery chains to secure a store for the area. Prior to approaching these chains, however, the team members should interviewthe senior management of the various grocery stores that have moved outof the neighborhood to determine what their rationale was for doing so. This information will be crucial for formulating the approach to other chains.

. • Re§ponsible Body: The coordinating body r':5pons~ble for the the CBO, m administration, promotion and implementation~~ conjunction with the South Linden Business Assoaation and the Private Industry Council.

• Stores to be approached: • Cub Foods • !<rogers • Big Bear • Carfagna's

•IGA • Foodtown 56

• The "Hit" Teams will be com • • • • • • • • .•



viduals: Retail Recruitment Te!ms~ ofbthe following indi em er Retail Store Owner CBO President Church Representative City Business Liaison Industry Representative ~urance Crime/Safety Team Member South Linden Business Association p res1"d ent Bank Representative

• TimeLine:


• Budget CBO staH time/$3,000-$3,500 • Next Steps: to 1. Schedule a meeting of the all Hit Team members plan recruitment strategy. the business 2 Determine all names, titles and addresses of location decision makers of the targeted companies. t with 3. Set appointments for Hit Team members to mee targeted business decision makers . uitment packages. 4. Assemble Sou~ Linden New Business recr

re 1 rkTool; South LindenConsumerProfileBmcltu Wo M1tketv1 one thing when retail and service sector businesses want to know

All targeted there a profitable market for my consideringopening a business in any location: is ly understood brochure should be goods and/ or services? A bold, graphic and easi r market in South Linden. P~?~ced that provides an overview of the consume DCI, the case will be made that Utilizingthe market research already conducted by profitable market _for retailers and service Sou~Linden represents a very large and. serv e as a companion to the Gateway providers. The design of the piece must piece will be inserted. The Package/Brochure, in which the Consumer Profile rporated into the Profile . GatewaySouth Linden logo and themeline should be inco Broehure.

bl~ fo~ th~ • R§Ronsible Body: The coordinating body responsi promotion and distribution of development, creation/production, the Consumer Profile Brochure will be the CBO. 57


• Time Line: 6 months


• Budset $4,000 - $7,000

• Next Steps: 1. Assemble all relevant information from DCI resear ch th Ci d D an e . ty epartmen~ of Development. 2. Secure ne1gnborhood wnter and designer to produce mechanical art for brochure. 3. Secure three (3) lowest and best printing bids.

Marketin& Wo~ Tool; R~ta~/ServkeLocationProfiles/Renderin&s

Efforts to re°:11t comparues into the South Linden area require support ~atenals to help targeted businesses accurately assess the opporturuty and to help them visualize their company in the community. Initially, five to eight highly-marketable properties will be selected and single-page, two-sides, two-color promotional profile sheets will be produced for eac..11. The profile sheets will be designed to follow the graphic standards set by the Gateway Package/Brochure, in which they will be inserted. Each Location Profile Sheet will feature a photo of the property, a basic site plan, a basic location map and specific information on the site. Also listed will be an overview of the specific and general programs, resources and incentives available that make location in South Linden attractive.

Whenever a ''Hit" team approaches a targeted business, they should identify before-hand one of the sites that seems particularly appropriate to the prospect. A speculative color rendering of what the site would look like as the targeted business would be developed, prior to the initial meeting with the prospect, and used as a striking, unique and hands-on sales' tool during the meeting .

Lomstics: The following properties have been identified by the Retail and Service Recruitment Teams of the Strategic Marketing Panel as~ most appropriate properties to promote, and should have Location

Profile Sheets prepared for them:


• Retail Locations /Site Addresses: • 2211-17 Oeveland Avenue Cbetween Kenmore Avenue ck Cordell Avenue) • 2007 Ceveland Avenue <between E· 26th Avenue ck E. 25th A venue) A • 1609-11 Ceveland Avenue <between E· 15th venue ck E. 14th A venue)

• Services Locations/Site Addresses: nue ck • 1768 Oeveland Avenue (between E. 19th Ave E. 18th A venue) Avenue ck • 1724-26 Ceveland Avenue (between E. 18th E. 17th Avenue) Avenue ck • 1621-23 Ceveland Avenue (between E. 15th E. 16th Avenue) • Strip Mall Development d ck Kenmore • 2223-4.5Ceveland Avenue (between Kohr Roa Avenue)


onsible for the • Responsible Bodv: The coordinating body resp , promotion and development, administration, creation/production rings will be the distribution of the Location Profile Sheets /Rende CBO, in conjunction with the CNDAC. • Time Line:

6 months

• Budget $8,000 - $10,000

• NextSte,ps:



mechanical 1. Secure local writer and designer to produce art for profiles. 2. Commission photographer to photograph identified properties.


fJAiilY Pragice _Ph.Ysic;ia Cen n tu ~ "ffit" team will ~ork with state

and federal a federal representatives for South Linden t .d g~ae.s, as well as the state offefinan r cial incentives to medical stud 0~ entify practical programs thatand will racticein South Linden. The incentive en and r~ent graduates to locate their ocahosp 1 itals and the Ohio State Medical~~ ~ be merchandised through affiliate organizations, such as the Ohio Hos ~:aAstion,~ _wellas throu gh all


~tion. Additionally, African-AmericaJ' 1 h si ~OClati~nand the Ohio Dent al "Hit"team for recruitment purposes, and be !ff?re~~. be contacted by ~e loan programs for expansion in South Linden, if they qu~ ~tere st small



• Res_ponsibBody le :

The coordinating body responsible for the l?r~moti~n and management of the Family Practice Recnutment uutiative will be the CBO, in conjunction with the Private Industry Council, the E.1'ffi,the Ohio State Medical Association, and the Ohio Hospital Association.


• The "Hit" team will be composed of the following individual s: • Community Representative • South Linden Area Dentist • South Linden Area Physician

• CBO President • Church Representative • City Business Uaison . • Private Industry Council Representative • Bank Represe~tative

• Iime Line: On-going

• Budpt CBO staff time/$3,000..s.;,soo . arttnent of Development, ~ the t. Meet with SLBA, Oty Dep ther !-Lo..nnation for scnpt. fC erce

• Next Steps:


. ·te Chamber o ornm ti 1 sponsorsuuu to underwn 2. Develop a list of poten a production costs.



-.. tio~ of the initiatives de . Strategic Marketing Pl~, South Linden ve a nlllllber of tailed in this ha ~ u t tha ts en series sem rti ve of print ad / cases~ccessstories to tell. A ial on tim tes a_ :ze t tha es ting se"eral of the business tly znov:~y approach highligh en rec er ~th ve op nt rre cu nden or }laveexpanded their here, will lever inttho South Li ns no era str d an nts me y's pasitive develop overall positi~g~ e comznurut This the n the 1g e:: tar be ll wi t the area. advertisin~effo~ on a br_oa~erlevel to of both regional d ti cf bu pu ess sin bu m re ~p~ exposu ons that Will unpact South ~ en 5 target business n,arkets.

1'9pstics: . ordina . • Resp~nsible Bodv: The coch g body r_esponsible for the ic: an me n, tio ina ord co , creation mentation O . pro~ucti~n and impleE! CB the be ll wi n aig mp ca of the ' m conJUnctionwith the \IE.

• Time Line: S months • Budget

$50,000 - $80,000

• Next Steps: ccess stories to highlight. m ads · su ess sin bu w ne (4) r fou fy 1. Identi 2 Photograph identified sites. produce ads. 3. Identify d':5igner / writer to ted publications. ge 4. Place media schedule in tar

Vtideo Recruitmen MarketinW&orkTool;the impact of a marketing

This message better than a video. F~ work tools deliver South Linden's enormous ay rtr po ll wi e tap te inu n-m highly-pr~~ional fiftee of the area. Demographic s ge nta va ad the t gh hli hig ll and wi ~ppo~nes ng programs, the variety of tax ini tra n, tio rta po ns tra to ss acce ~tion, will be dramatically and ity un mm co the of s fit ne be Ulcentivesand all the other J)ersuasivelyconveyed. rk tool! ~e reco~end ~t the wo s thi of ~ us le ltip mu d an ustrial reauitment ~use of the expense 1t can also be used m ind t tha so d ce du pro d an Videobe scripted be delayed until the end ld ou sh eo vid nt me uit rea efforts. The production of the of success stories ~ ~ve _beengen~ted to ~ ·. , which time a variety e initiatives detailed m this Strategic Marketing of 1994by of -th d to real testimonials and many ecial efforts should be launche sp er, rth Fu d. nte me ple im . Plan.Will have ~en rial" for products and/ or Uzjng the video as an "adverto

sponsors, by uti costs. services,to underwrite the video



Bodx: • Responsible

The coorclina .

onsible fo the . ting body resp t, creation/prod Uction r developmen . pro · rib dist and ion mot ' th b u ti'on of th e reawtment video Will e e CBQ in . . , conJunction with the ENE, an d th e City of Cohunb D us evelopment Department • Time Line: 2 months

• Budget $30,000- $50,000

. • Next Steps: b 1. Schedule a meeting of. the all Hit Team m em ers to strategy. plan re~tment . ne all· ·names, titles and addresses of the busm ess 2. Detemu d . Iocati on eas1on makers of the targeted comp · ber~o~eet with 3. Schedule appointments for Hit Team mem targeted business decision makers. uitment packages. 4. Assemble South Linden New Business recr

Recruitment. Branch Bank

e market opportunity for a bank. The residents and businesses represent a prim ing power and income of area Researchconducted by DCI revealed that the buy office within the community. A residents justifies the presence of a financial branch for South Linden, and "Hit" team should be formed to secure a bank ''Hit" _teamshould align the bank utilizing the CRA mandate given to banks, the reqwrements. recruitment to South Linden directly with CRA

Logistig: be approached: • The following financial institutions ~hould • NBD (National Bank of Detroit) • Bank One of Columbus, N.A.

• BancOhio National Bank • Huntington National Bank • Fifth-Third National Bank • Society Bank ·· • Star Bank Institutions • Commerce Bank n Loa • Targeted Savings and



.:,, • The "Hit" te• am ·hyy_.~ be composed Of the folloWing. di . ent T lil Vlduals: • Service Recruitm E!Illber M e~ il ta Re en • South Lind Busllless Owner • CBO President entati Ve • Church Re . pres ess Liaison • City Busm • Sou th Un den Resident en R .d • Two (2) South Lind a~b1 ents M • Crime/Safe. ty Team -, er ( • C gress1ona1 Representati on ve when targeting ) es ci en ag l ra fede . . ess As • South Lindenc Busin tion President ca so • Chamber of onunerce Representative

• Time Line:


• Bud"t



- $3,500

• Next Steps:

it" Team members to "H l al of g tin ee m ~ 1. Schedule strategy.

plan recruitment

ess addresses of the busin d an s le tit , es m na l al . 2 Determine the targeted companies of s er ak m n sio ci de location bers to meet with em m am Te it H r fo ts en 3. Schedule appointm cision makers. de s targeted busines cruitment packages . re s es sin Bu ew N en nd 4. Assemble South Li


equitmen .GmmmmQttfesict :eteBna nts in central

agencies, particularly Ohio are governmental the purpose of securing ith w ed Some of the larg bl m se as be "Hit" team should ner /tenant in South ow an as stategovernment. A cy en ag or d/ department an an arrangement would ch su m fro • _majorgovernmental ity un m m co ite, benefits to the center, established on-s re ca y Linden. The spin-off da a e ud cl in be ns should n first, and then would tio ca lo betremenctous. Negotiawtio e th at ed oy pl kers em sidents worlcing in the re en thatWould serve state orem nd Li h ut So on phasis opento the public, with COJIUnunity.


ld5fics: . • The following state ag enaes/ departnt ents should be targeted: • Ohi o D epartment of D eloprnent • Small and Deve1ev 0 · g B~iness Division • Economic Developprinne . nt Fmandng DiV.1S . lo no ch 1on Te • .n ns o1· .1o tio va no In a1 gic H hi O vis • o ousing Fimance D.iv.ision . H • Ohio Department f ealth &t Hwnan Services • Ohio Arts Council o . . • Targeted Federal A en ces, including a Post Office BranJ . . mposed of th £ ll . g llldividuals: co be ill w am te .. it "H e • Th e o owin • City Council Person Business Own • South Linden Service er CBO President Church Representative City Business Liaison sidents T~o (2) South Linden Re ber Crime/Safety Team Mem Association President s es th in us B en nd Li u • So • State Representative Representative • Chamber of Commerce

• • • • •

• Time Line: On-going

• Bud1et:CBOstaff

time/$3,000 - $3,500

• Next Steps: to e all Hit Team members th of g tin ee m a le du he 1. Sc plan recruitment strategy . d addresses of the business les an 2. Determine all names, tit of the targeted companies. location decision makers embers to meet with m am Te it H r fo ts en tm 3. Schedule appoin n makers. es. targeted business decisio siness reauitment packag Bu ew N en nd Li h ut So 4. Assemble


i,sf Fggd Best1YRum

. W}lilefast food restaurants do not provide th dinin ambiance and prestige of upbrine do they ents, g ~tablishm scale fin~ ices and jobs to a coa:unuruty.. Thell' presence also demonstr g needed serv le local economy is thriving, which a~acts other kinds of re~t~ ~taesseviab s. A "Hit" team should usm be formed to recnut two, new fast food h Linden. Special exnphasis should be placed on assunn res~urants for Sout owned franchises, n when approaching prospects. Additio!~~an~Americaguid elines should be ~tgn adopted ·to conform these restaurants t hood in the areas of signage, parking, set backs and architecturee.e neighbor


Logistics: ed: • The following fast food restaurants should be approach • Wendy's • Subway • Taco Bell • Rax

• Mark Pi Express • Kentucky Fried Chicken iduals: • The "Hit" team will be composed of the following indiv • Retail Recruitment Team Member • Major Minority-owned Food Business Representative • South Linden Retail Business Owner • CBO President • Church Representative • City Business Liaison • South Linden Resident

• Crime/Safety Team Member

• South Linden Business Association President • Chamber of Commerce Representative

• Time Line: On-going • Budpt

CBC staff time/$5,000 - $7,000


• NextSteps:a meeting


of the all Hit Team m 1. Schedule d ddresses of the business plan recruitment strate~2. Determine all names, atlesfanth~geted companies.


location decision makers O




3. Schedule appointments for "Hit Team" members to meet with targeted business decision makers 4. Assemble South Linden New Business recruitment packages.

Oeaner LmndmmatlPcy Throughout the development of the Strategic Marketing Plan, South Linden laundromat and dry cleaning residents consistently cited the need for a~ services. Such a business would be ideal for the Strip Mall development described earlier or below 17th Avenue. A "Hit" team should be formed to secure a cleaning establishment store for South Linden. The larger, welllaundromat/dry known chains should be approached first, but a new, independent store could be started through the community-based organization's New Business Incubator Center. Lo&i§tics: • The following laundromat chains should be approached: • Swan Coin Laundries • Sunlight Coin Laundry Laundromat • Callandar Oeaners • The Hit Teams will be composed of the following individuals: • Retail Recruitment Team Member • Two (2) South Linden Retail Business Owners • South Linden Resident • CBO President • Church Representative • Qty Business Llaison • Insurance Industry Representative • Crime/Safety Team Member • South Linden Business Association President • Chamber of Commerce Representative • Time Line:


• Budget CBO staff time/$3,000-$3,500

• NextStu,s:

1. Schedule a meeting of the all Hit '!eam memberS to business plan recruitment strategy. the. of addresses and titles names, all Determine 2 location decision makers of the targeted companies.


3. Schedule appointments for Hit Team members to meet with targeted business decision makers. 4. Assemble South Linden New Business recruitment packages.

Office$up.ply Store One of the recommendations by the Retail Recruitment Team of the Strategic Marketing Panel is that new businesses to be targeted should include those that not only can service the residents and businesses within South Linden, but that deliver their products and services. These kinds of businesses, located within the community, are strengthened by their customers outside the area. One suggestion made was for an office supply store, which could serve not only South Linden businesses, but could sell their products outside the area. A "Hit" team should be assembled to secure an office supply retail store for South Linden. The larger, wellknown c:hains should be approached first, but a new, independent store could be started through the community-based organization's New Business Incubator Center.

Loii§tics: • The following office supply chains should be approached: • Howards Office Supplies • Serent Office Supply Stores • Nitschke Office Supplies • The Hit Teams will be composed of the following individuals: • Retail Recruitment Team Member • (2) South Linden Retail Business Owners • South Linden Resident • CBO President · • Church Representative • City Business Liaison • Insurance Industry Representative • Crime/Safety Team Member • South Linden Business Association President • Chamber of Commerce Repres _entative • Time Line:



• Budget

CBO staff time/$3,000 - $3,500

• Next Steps: 1. Schedule a meeting of the all Hit T eam members to Plan recnutm ent strategy. 2. ~et~~~ _names, titles and addresses of the business oca on ecsi~n makers of the targeted companies. 3. Schedule appomtments for Hit Team members to meet with targeted business decision makers. 4. Assemble South Linden New Business recruitment packages.

DiscountDepartmentStore The demographics of the South Linden community and the simple, easy access of the area to even greater numbers of inner city and surrounding residents provide an ideal location for a discount department store. The entire inner city is currently under-represented by this kind of retail establishment, including downtown, German Village, the Short North and Victorian Village. Efforts must be made to position South Linde."\ as the logical location through which to reach this untapped market A "Hit" team should be established to reauit a discount department store to the community. It must be noted that a develop.ment of this size will require detailed coordination and the active support and commitment by the City and the Chamber. All parties must work hand-in-hand if a project of this scale is to succeed.

Logistics: • The following office discount department store chains should be approached: • K-Mart • Marshalls • Harts

• Wal-Mart

• The "Hit" Teams will be composed of th~ following individuals: City Economic Development Official Retail Recruitment Team Member South Linden Retail Business Own~ Chamber of Commerce Representative • CBO President • Church Representative

• • • •


• City Business Liaison

: ~urance Industry Representative Crime/Safety Team Member • Sou th Linden Business Association President • Time Line:

• Budiet


CBO staff time/$7,000 - $8,000

• Next Steps: 1. Schedule a meeting of the all Hit Team members to plan recruitment strategy. 2. Determine all names, titles and addresses of the business location decision makers of the targeted companies. 3. Schedule appointments for Hit Team members to meet with targeted business decision makers. 4. Assemble South Linden New Business recruitment packages.

C 0 tbincStore As identified by both OCI's market research and the Retail Recruitment team of the Strategic Marketing Panel, there is a need for clothing stores in South Linden. Most

such specialty stores are not part of a chain, but are independently owned by

individuals. A "Hit" team should be assembled to identify individuals within South Linden whose experience in the business would make them a candidate for the community-based organization's New Business Incubator Center.

Lo&i5tics: • The "Hit" team will be composed of the following individuals: • Retail Recruitment Team Member • South Linden Retail Business Owner • South Linden Resident · • Financial Institution Representative

• CBO President • Church Representative • • • • •

City Business Liaison . Insurance Industry Representative Crime/Safety Team Member . . . South Linden Business Assooation ~es1dent Chamber of Commerce Representative


• Time Line: On-going • Budget

CBO staff time/$3,000 - $3,500

• Next Steps: 1. Schedule a meeting of the all Hit Team members to plan recruitment strategy. 2. Determine all names, titles and addresses of the business

location decision makers of the targeted companies. 3. Schedule appointments for Hit Team members to meet with targeted business decision makers. 4. Assemble South Linden New Business recruitment packages.


The Services Recruitment Team of the Strategic Marketing Panel identified the need for increased postal services for the South Linden community. The rapid growth across the country of stores that specialize in mailing services in inner city neighborhoods suggests that such a store could both make a profit while fuJfiUiI\g a community need and providing jobs. A "Hit" team should be assembled to secure a mailing services retail store for South Linden. The larger, well-known chains should be approached first, but a new, independent store could be started through the community-based organization's New Business Incubator Center.

Loii§tics: • The following mailing service company should be approached: • Mail BoxesEtc. • The "Hit" team will be composed of the following individuals: • Retail Recruitment Team Member • Service Recruitment Team Member • South Linden Retail Business Owner • South Linden Resident • Finandal Institution Representative • CBO President • Church Representative • City Business Liaison • Insurance Industry Representative • Crime/Safety Team Member 70

• South Linden Business Association • Chamber of Commerce Representative

• TimeLine:


• Budge~ CBO staff time/$3,000 - $3,500 • Next Steps: 1. Schedule a meeting of the all Hit Team members to plan recruitment strategy. 2. Determine all names, titles and addresses of the business location decision makers of the targeted companies. 3. Schedule appointments for Hit Team members to meet with targeted business decision makers. 4. Assemble South Linden New Business reauitment packages.




. .






pride ~d its marketability go hand in hand. A community that is A co~unity's ective businesses. physically run d«:>wnneither engenders pride nor appeals to prosp buildings the ed-up board Indeed, the physical appearance of South Linden - the ue sc:h~l _ not vacant,. overgrown, and litter-strewn vacant lots, and the 11th Aven t new businesses. only stifles community pride, it hampers marketing efforts to attrac of highly-

er It_~ aitical :° the successful marketing of South Linden that a numb ties must activi These d. mente visible physical improvement initiatives be imple accomplish the following goals :

• Involve the active participation of South Linden resic;ients and businesses; and • Replace current eyesores with attractive venues. These activities and initiatives will fall under three categories: • On-going pros,rams that assist businesses and community groups in enhancing the appearance of existing properties. • Grand, high-visibility events (2-3 over three years) that will seize media attention. • On-going, city/ county-based physical improvements that will improve quality of life and enhance marketability of South Llnden.

way toward The initiatives detailed in this Strategic Marketing Plan will go a long n community. The re-positioning the overall image and identity of the South Linde is perceived in the following initiatives are geared to enhance the way South Linden community. maximum The initiatives listed below must be scheduled over time to achieve a community as n exposure and to successfully build the positioning of South Llnde steadily on-the-move.


" ~



,ammunityParleGardens Thereai:ea number of vacant, neglected, and littered properties throughout the South_Lin~en area_ that perpetuate the negative image of the community as ~canng, unp~venshed, and_ dangerous. These lots present an ideal opportunity to ~g

area_ residents. and businesses together in a way that will develop community pnde, while enhanang the marketability of South Linden to prospective businesses. Each ch~ch in South Linden should be aligned with a business in the area to form a Community Park Garden team. Each team will be given the use of one vacant lot in the community to transform into a Community Park Garden. Primary emphasis should be on lots that abut Cleveland, Hudson, 17th, and 11th Avenues. Church members and business employees will clean-up their designated lots, plant flowers, and grass, and maintain them. The City Parks and Recreation Department will provide signs for each park that will list the names of the church and business on the team. Efforts should also be made to ally with other major businesses and public entities to secure in-kind support and discounts to assist in the development of the Park Gardens: Waste Management Inc. to dispose of refuse cleared from the lots; Barefoot Grass for grass seed, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for tree seedlings; etc.


Once a year, a walking garden tour of all Community Park Gard':115~beheld in conjunction with the Fair Days Community Festival. Awards will be given for outstanding design.

This project accomplishes the following: • Enhances the marketability of South Linde."'lto prospective ~usinesses by making the area more visually attractive ana demons~ating the the solid foundation of community resources (markets, laoor).

• Actively builds on-going relationshi~s between area residents ~d. . . area businesses, thereby strengthening consumer loyalty and mmmuzmg the likelihood of business relocation. • Counters misconceptions of South Linden as an unfriendly and dying inner city area. • Provides immediate and continuing source of positive media exposure. • Enhances the quality of life for South Linden residents and builds pride in the community.

... f-

s to specific chur without While the assignment of lot uld b . c:hes must be done fairly and sho ion rat s, suc:h as preference, conside h.~ure that highly visible lot lt;t 11 n dso Hu d, lan those along Oeve venues, be assigned to , th h h t tha ms tea s nes usi ed to make significant h/B Churc e e uman resources need av impact.


could be th.e formation of a perman_ent. South Linden A spin-off of this initiativeuncil will facilita -a . Co e Th . cil un Co h urc Ch oomg communications for on te s. tie ori pri a are den addressing South Lin Lo&i§tics: ble for the

inating body responsi • Res~o!)Sibl: Body: The coord tion of the Community Park nta administration and impleme O, South Linden Business

CB Gard~ program will be the ea mmission, North Central Ar Co ea Ar den Lin uth So Asso~ti~n, rtnership with area churches. pa in C, DA CN n, 1o uss mn Co

• Time


12 months

500 - $10,000 • Budget: CBO staff time/$7,.

• Ne.-ctSteps:

ntify 35 parcels of 1. Utilizing DC research, ide . land that would be appropriate s with property 2 Hold one-on-one meeting ion. owne."Sto secure needed permiss

OCYdandAvenueMm;tls business l Even with the most successfu

e years to recruitment efforts, it will tak t time, Cleveland A venue. Until tha on rty pe pro ery ev e liz sive ita renovate and rev pact made by the most offen im e tiv ga ne the ize nim mi in efforts must be made to st potential for redevelopment lea the ld ho t tha s rtie pe pro properties. These are

the near future.

as ·cultural Murals.• A ted na sig de be ll wi ue en Av uction of Six locations along Cleveland Each mural will be a reprod s. nth mo r fou ery ev ed tedAfricannew mural will be paint graph) produced by a respec oto ph or d/ an ing int (pa ty rk a famous artwo ional mural depicting a varie dit tra a n tha r he rat ach s likely to American artist. This appro into ·art" so that they are les es elv ms the s ral mu the will be of images - will tum for media coverage. Attempts ok ho r tte be a e vid pro ll wi be defaced, and 74



~ade to se_cure African-American artists to paint the murals, preferably South ~den res1?~ts- However, th~ technical re«:ruirements for this kind of project are highly. speaalized, and the quality reprodudlon of the original artworks as murals is essential. A spin-off oi this initiative should be to have a competition organized by the YMCA/YWCA and the City Parks &: Recreation Department that will have various youth/ church groups design and paint their own murals on buildings that do not line Ceveland or Hudson Avenues. This could also serve as a focal point to launch an aggressive ''Big Brothers/Big Sister s" recruitment campaign. 1

Funding for the murals can be pursued in a number oi ways . One possible funding source may be secured by approaching Donrey Outdoor Advertising, Inc. as a public service contribution. Donrey has numerous artists on staff who are used to reproducing artwork on a large scale. An arrangement might also be made with the Private Industry Council and Donrey, so that the sign company can use the mural paintings as a method of training South Linden residents in a highly-marketable skill.

Lna;jstics: • Rest,onsible Bodv: The coordinating body responsible for the administration and imt>lementation of the Cleveland Avenue the CBO, South Linden Area Commission, Murals Program will North Central Area Commission, CNDAC, in conjunction with the Private Industry Council and a local bank.


• T'une Line: • Budpt:


$.S,000- $6,000/mural

• NextSte,ps:

1. Identify area artists with the demonstrated ability to execute the murals.

2. Identify the four (4) buildings along Qeveland Avenue that are the most suitable for murals.

Bannm When showcasing a community for economic develo~ent, sense of excitement and activity be created and maintatned.

· it

· · ~portant


that a

Streetlight banners can


ll a :r ~ fust .'

s excitement , and a1s help create thiTh o serve to advance th · . ·...: ese banners community pos1M,orung. used along aeveland e 1 ~e 17 ht lig eet str ch Ea th and Hudson Avenues. ers. The nn ba o tw ve . ers oth new South Llnden logo. The ich Will Will be of l:i't~ wh ic, cif spe t en ev be il promote activities such as Fair Days and the Fam. ur sec to ns tio tia go Ne est e proper posts should be facilitated with th e City yof Columbus.


Los;istics: . ordina . • Reso?~sible Bodv: The co ble for the nsi po res ~g b~dy administration and iJ:nplementat:ion ot the banner program will be the CNDAC.

• Time Line:

12 months

• Budget $52,500 - $60,000 • Next Steps: can accommodate banners . t tha les po eet str the tify 1. Id~ 2. Design the banners. rs from Recovery Fund. 3. Secure infrastructure dolla street poles to accommodate on are rdw ha J'Y sc\ ces ne l 4. Instal



s Neighborhood

bu conjunction with The Colum in , DO by s ort eff n~ rre cu _ e Th nced. The CNDAC will be ha en d an ed nu nti co be uld ~esign Assistance Center, sho geto promote its services. They an ch Ex ess sin Bu n de Lin South

ess given space at the s of the South Linden Busin ng eti me at er ak spe ed tur shoul~ ~ be the fea ission, oa and others. mm Co ea Ar n de Lin uth So Assoaaaon,


a Improvemen ~l? Infrastructure uth Linden has suffered from So s, od rho bo igh ne dty er Like so many other inn bling curbs, insu!fident tructure over the years. Crum

on that South neglect of its physical infras all contribute to the impressi ing ap dsc lan of k lac a d more attractive lighting an make the nei~rhood or hope. To Linden offers little opportunity c: plan of ~as~ ~provem-:nts must be ati tem sys a , lc:ilman Michael ~ to improve safety der th~ dire«:f:ionof Ci~ CoW mber of Un . ble ssi po as n soo as ittee, a nu unplemented Council's Public: Service Comm the of n ma air Ch ough an as an Colem nned and will be funded thr pla ing be are nts me ve pro lnUc:hneeded im


U~ban Infra~tructure Recovery Fund. The South Linden CBO should work close! with C~uncilm~n t Coleman to prioritize and facilitate the spet?dy implementatioi{ of those Pans, an ensure responsible maintenance once the improvements are



Marl<etiu~orlc ~ Tool; C~ro~itx


Community mvolv~ent m maintaining the appearance and functionality of the neighborhooq and infrastructure is critical. To help residents and businesses initiate prompt response to their concerns, a Community Action Magnet nee:is to be produced. The magnet will feature the new Gateway South Linden Logo and will have the phone numbers people can call to initiate action on a variety of problems. In addition to fire and police emergency phone numbers, the numbers will be given for people to call to report potholes, broken street lights, the City Department of Parks and Recreation and others. These magnets will be distributed to residents and businesses through churches, the South Linden Business Association, the South Linden Area Commission, the North Central Area Commission, and at community and business gatherings.

Logistics: • Responsible Body; The coordinating body responsible for_the creation/production of the Community Action Magne! will be the CBO, ENE, in conjunction with the South Unden Business Association.

• Time Line: 3 months • Budget $3,750-$4,000

• NextSte,ps:

1. Identify the organizations and phone numbers to be listed on the magnet. . 2. Secure a local designer to aeate the mechani°:1 art. 3. Secure three (3)lowest and best bids for the Ohio manufacture of magnets.


.., ~' -t.,

ToeCrimeIssue . c:h Perhaps the single most impor the economic development of f~cng e alleng _tant of issue the South Linden is area businesses, commercial real estate devel c:rune. The ex~ens1vefeedback from nts themselves is that crime is the underlying reason why exis~er~, ~d reside g usmesses leave the community and why new d . . there 1 ocate not busmesses o t be The s~urces _for this prob~em are deep, pervasive, and chronic. They canno and public relations activities. This Plan was not s?lvea m~eiy ~y ~~eting there do so. But cnarged with eliminating the crime problem nor does it even try to

realistic are step~ that can and should be taken that will put the problem in And there are perspective as far as the perception of the communitv is concerned. l step toward steps, too, that can help to foster an element of hope ~hich is a critica bringing about change . unities face serious As stated earlier, prospective businesses know that urban comm nstrate that it challenges. But if South Linden - and the City as a whole - can demo more likely to has commitment to a realistic approach to this problem, they are invest in the community. opment of Most importantly, it is only the successful long-term economic devel .. essness and South Linden that can minimize the conditions that breed the hooel d, the initiatives lack of options that cause and perpetuate crime. If implemente to th~ . included in this Strategic Marketing Plan can strongly contribute tunities to the revitalization of the community and assist in providing real oppor residents of South Linden.

Initiatives Anti-Crime serve to All of the initiatives included in this Strategic Marketing Plan will about South minimiz th misconceptions and negative perceptions that are ~eld unage. The steps Linden :nd ~ create and advance a new, positive and hop~ listed ~ow are aimed at specifically addressing aime-related wues.



EJiminatin; the BarsOn Stm:efrnnts N~~g hampers ~e image of a community more than commercial and residential buildin~ cover~d with steel bars. This is a glaring red flag that will alienate any prospectiv:b~mes~ owner fro~ locating in the area. Such bars make the clear statement This neighborhood is not safe for businesses to operate."

If South Linden is to overcome the already entrenched perceptions that it is


dangerousand unsafe place to do business, the bars must be eliminated from high visibility areas. The owners of buildings in high-visibility areas that have bars should be approached. and persuaded to remove them and, if genuinely necessary, replaced with other protection devices that are as equally effective but not visually offensive, Le. shatter-

proof glass. If building owners are unable or unwilling to be cooperative, consideration should be given for possible, restrictive covenants for specific: geographic areas.

Loptics: • Responsible Bodv: The coordinating body responsible for working with businesses and residents to eliminate bars on the front of buildings along Qeveland Ave. will be the CBO, in conjunction with the South Linden Area Commission, the North Central Area Commission, Milo-Grogan Community Group, the CNDAC, and the South Linden Block Watch Program. • Tune Line: On-going • Budget

CBO staff time/$4,000 - $5,000


·d tify tar ted 1. Conduct meeting between DO and OIDAC to 1 en ge properties for program. . 2. Develop renderings of targeted storefronts to illustrate alternative security options. 3. Set up one-on-one meetings with targeted property owners.

"1Jtrali;ed CoordilJiU<m

t g mechanisms have been identified tha A wide ~ange o~ progr'1l?ls and fundin Linden in the prevention of crime. th Sou of s sse ine bus an~ iz~ C:t would aid the on or individual charged with the But there c-.irrently is no single organizatiprograms. As a result, manv beneficial se application for, or coordination of, the yee of used. A single individual - aJlemolo ng bei not are es urc reso and ms of k gra pro - should be assigned the full-time tas the community-based organization r". prevention programs - a "Crime Cza me c:ri sed -ba nity mu com all g atin coordin the consequent implementation of a and n itio pos a h suc of 1.t e.1 hm us The establis on program - will provide an enormo Ttti ve. pre me c::i ted gra inte and ad wide-s'Dre ms As time passes and the various progra ge. era cov dia me e itiv pos for nity s opportu of success, additional public relation are able to demonstrate an historic pattern ative perceptions about the area will rall neg opportunities will arise and the ove begin to weake.~

~o. stren~en _the community's ~ es issu ~on ven pr~ ~ein ce A single voi , state and / safety officials m vanous aty, cotmty une <:r h wit g rkin wo in ss ene ctiv effe federal departm.ents. Logistics:

g body responsible for the hiring • Resuonsible Bodv: The coordinatin be the CBO. and direc:ion of the C."lme Czar will

• 1lme tine:


,000 • Budfft CBO full-time staif/SS0,000 - 532 .. • Next Sgms: .. ition. I. Write a job description for the pos for the poSition. 2. Utilizing the SMP network, recruit Liaison to amend ~ c lm _ Cr atc :cm As I; Tgg s on ati Bd c bli Pit ·ts . e statistics on South Linden. h the City

the way the

The Crime-Czar should work wit Mar.keting Panel, the figures ety P~~: Columbus Department of Public Saf O ~ den in with several other As revealed by the Crime/Safety Team The compilation method of these ~ dl Sou p lum tr Ci the by d ase rele currently ngnum ers. c:ouununities, resulting in DUSleadi nuinbers must be amended. 80



. . . • Responsible Bodx: The coordina . al responsible ~dividu I bod~ ~g t for the development of ac be the CBO's will e crune ~tatisti~ Crime Czar, in con ·undi cura_th th e City Business Liaison, the South Linden BloJ Wat: rogram and the Columbus Police Department.


• Time Line: On-going

• Budget

Incorporated in base salary

• Next Steps: 1. Develop documentation outlining inaccuracies. 2 Meet with the City Safety Department to facilitate and streamline new process.


Often, it takes getting involved in the solution of a problem before one begins to see the problem as solvable. Area businesses can begin to minimize their own concerns about crime while both ~ctually helping to reduce the problem and strengthening their relationships with the local community. This can be done by aligning businesses with specific block watch groups through a Business Adopt-A Block program . Each business will meet with a Block Watch group in their immediate vicinity and assist them in their efforts by joining the group and actively supporting their efforts. In tum, the neighborhood residents will expand their efforts to cover their sponsoring business partner. Logistics:

. • Res_ponsible Body: The coordinating body responsible for the be will administration and implementation of the Adopt-A-Block program . the CBO, in conjunction with the South Linden Block ~atch Program, the Private Industry Council, and the South Linden Business Association. • Time Line:

9 mon~

• Budget: Incorporated in base salary 81



iJdin~ Iime & Plannini lbe KeysI 0 Ima;eBu s of any mark tin

. The long-term succes ies on the strategically-planned ~el gram pro g e s iou var its of tion enta lem imp asion~ publicity for random events ~cc . ts ~n= ~=~ e uin gen ct affe not will alone will n~t b~d the strong, positive and ~ t ru~ mu com the for ge ima nt prevale a 15 essential if Jobs for South Linden are to be created and retained Ev ts andttmarkefting~orts must be ts ~en ~:rc tha~ ~ led edtt sch and ated 5 coordin itive exposure for· e - a pa ernIt·o pos d all ·ty · certain th e commuru gra u Y changes people 's percepti'ons· 15 important that . " l D ... ; "F~ tak · ·ves · · iati d times. For example ' ust e p ace at ·fixe ays must occur m Aug uut · p e.' tim S en i giv Oh th O st initiatives can occur at any Mo h . ~ed ~ s~ 15 au tate e en w after month, these initiati~es have In order to assure constant visibility,s.month been scheduled around the fixed date



of initiatives and actions that if The Strate~c Marketing Plan contains dozen will begin to create the image needed re, osu exp e itiv pos e ma~ to ~ed properly the quality of life for its residents. e rov imp to and den Lin th Sou to bs JO act to attr of these initiatives and implement them all e ritiz prio to e mad be st mu rt effo ry Eve in a strategically-timed fashion. one possible schedule of The following Timeline Matrix demonstrates ns detailed in the Plan, and should be atio end mm reco the of all for tion enta lem imp noted in the Plan narrative, the Matrix viewed as a guide for planning. Although takes to implement a specific initiative. does not identify the amount of time that it ch such initiatives are implemented in Rather , the Matrix identifies the orderin whi . For example, the Recruitment iatives relationship to all the other marketing init blishment of the Recruitment "Hit" Video should be completed prior to the esta ng product for presentation. Team, so that the "Hit" Team has a marketi tified as "On-going," ~e Timeline Matrix Excluding those initiatives specifically iden For example, the "Business Image outlines suggested implementation dates. s to develop. Ho~ever, the Matrix Advertising Campaign" will take five month be actually placed m the targeted recommends that the advertising campaign lementation. Therefore, the creative publications in the ninth month of plan imp four. work on the campaign must begin in month that the planning process begins in the Regarding on-going activities, ·please note first month shown . 83


Year I Implementation Time Matrix Page 1

__• r.,,yl1,l1i-1Sllll ( llll1: • f C(,(101111(

_l111p1c,·Jt: lllt:IIIS

[Jl:'/l·l• , (,1111:1,I

/C•n_uolnlJI ·--

h,li,y f<,(I tJUll tql -· - -- ---

• P R /G1cmroo1 Mcd1c1 (on gorngJ____


• CBO forrncll/lll1crnc11ivc ldcnlificd fon goin9J

• TIPSCktbs fon-goingJ ----~--"---..=.;...---------• • Strip Mal Oevelopmenr fon-golngl

-•-•- •·-•-·•-··•I-•-•-•_

• Cily BusinessLiaisonRetained ton-going! ---''---------__._---'"'--=----•-•-·-·-

• Fair Days '94 Prep ton·golngl ------------------------------------•-•-• -. -- •--•·- • -• RecrukmentHit TeamsFormed lon-9<?lngl

- 12 TeamsEstablished/BeginRecruiting - Media Event

• Strategic Marketing Plan • Logo for South Linden

• Theme for South linden • Markelin_g~()(;hl.He/Foldcr • PublicUnveilingof SMP

• Premiums (caps. magne1sJ _.....__ _________ • Sou1hl lnden Bmincss DirecloryOiS1ribu1ed • Ga&ewaySouth Linden Park

• South linden Consi.mer ProfileBrochure


1- _ 1

- 1 -t-

_ 1

1-- I ··

_ 1

•• 1

• Banners

• One-Stop BusinessResource Center Planning • B.E.S.T. Program


--1-1-1 - • - •- ·•·· •-

• Soulh Linden RetailLocationFiers

--------------------1-1-1-1 • Crime Czar/CrimePrevenllon lnlllalives



·Storefront Bar elmlnatlon -~curate crime statistics --------------------1,-1-1-1 -Increasedfoot patrols --------------------11

·- 1-1-1-1

- 1-- 1- · 1-

-·1- 1-

,- , -

Year 77,ne

, ,-,p1el77er7r.c,r1e1r7 Malrlx Page Z

• MediaEvent - Pactet/Broct-.Me • Businesimag s e AdvertisingCampaign -


• BusinesSuc s cesSem s inar• Marketing • Money MakerNewSfetter • One-Stop a.islness Resource Cenaer

Opens • Strengthenln9 You BusinesBroc s htn • Galeway a.islness Exchange Mel d • Mural12 Unveiled • Phone Number Unveiled: Gateway 1426-39291 • Media Event • Mentor Programlnillaled • Money Maker Newsletter

• PreferredSh<>pperProgram lnllated


1- •- ·- ·- · -··-·-·-·

·-· -•-•·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·- -··-· -·-·-

• Recrutment Video • Mural I I Unveiled • lnCUbafOI'Center Opens




• Retention Hit Team Formed • Mone}' Maker NewSJelter

f-•-•-• - ·-· - · -·-·-·-·

--·-· ·-·-

1-•-·- ·- ·- ·-··-·-..a-

----·-• --·-·-.-·-·-·-··-


·1-1-•----~ ·-·-·-· -·- ·-•-•-4-·- ·-·-·-·--·-· -·-· ·-·-·-·-·-·-·- -·-·-·-· -·--··- ·-·-·-·-·1-11-1 - -•-·-·- ·-·-·-·-·- -•- ·-·-·-·-·--··-·-·-·-·-

I -

I -1 -- 1-- 1- 1_..,_,_a-•-•-

1--- ··- ·-·-· - ·- ·- ·-·-·-· - ·-·-·-·-·-·-

-·-·-·-·-·- ·-·-·---·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-·-

·-·-·-·-···- •-




-·--·--·-· -·-·--·-·-·-· ·-·--·-·-· -·- •-•-• - •-· --·-·1-1-1



-1 - 1-•-•

• - • - ·•-•

·- ·-·-






-•-•-•-• - • -






t.-,,~ l1 1l1,Pll1• h#1 · llllf •l ,1\1'UH'flh ,,.,) C/ltlll t l# - -- --- . ·---- -· ---··-- ·· • f, , ,ll, /1 11, r-.. ....I, ,, 11u ·,~ fl··-ii lt, \ '-,.,n ~,.·uu,I ---- - ---- ···· - ·. -- ·-···- . - ·- -- ·------


__ ·_!__~ -!~~~ -·~"'' ,J ,. ,, _..,, •• , . "' ~,,_,,, ..~,, - - -·--- • ceeif, ,11n, ·,l / '-/11·111.,11.,· ld11)llfl1 ;,I , .. ll(jCNll!II h

-- ---

• Jll'S







-·---- - - ----- - ---- -- - -·-- --f• O!l'~IIIII - -- . . --- ---- ---- --------


··- . --

• ~lllf• f.1,,fl 0.: 11·~ ,j,/ll1 :rll

• C11yBu\lllt:\\


I kmun R1:1c1incd(, ngoin~l

• FawDays''14 Prc~pfongoin~I

• Rt.'Cnilmenlllit Teams formed


• Money Malter Newsletter

• GM~itJ


• Job fa,

• ~ct/

lhea&re Unveilingll(iclcoff

• Mural I 3 Unveiled

• BusinessSucce\s Semincw- Accounllng/f'lln<Vll:e • Money M;j:er Newsletter • South Linden Busine\sDifeclOryUpdated

• Ye.- In Review - lnllo lhemcine Yea 2

- Su::ceu s,orit.~ - Mc,liaEVl.,'ll

• MoR!y M;j:er Newslcll«:J • Commurily Pait Garden M~ents • Me<ia Even& • Busineu Succe\s Seminar - Growing a Buwlen • Mural 14 Unveiled • Buwless R«rulmenl M Campaign

1-•-•-• -•-

• Money Maker New\lelter


• Communily Parlt Garden Awards

- -

- Media Even1

• Fas 0¥ Evenls • Musbl Celdlfation - Sweet Pol.alo Pie ContcU • Mccia Event



• BusinessSuccessSeminar • Staling a lkniness • Money Malter


• ()a,, Care Center~ • Mccia EYCnl

•• Recnilmen Video Updaled Landsc..peAwards

• GaleW<!!f BusineS5Exchange Held

IJ-1-1-1 1·· ·1_ _ _ _ _.. _1 _ -1· __ .








'°' ~

'' +-,~\

XII. FINANONG Base.d u~on the initia~ves, marketing work tools and public relations efforts detailed_in the ~trategic Marketing Plan, it was determined that a logical entity of strategies aimed at the revitalization of South responsible for ~ple~entation Linde~ m~t be identified. Some entity must be responsible and accountable for the coordination of resources and the development of economic development policy. It was gen~ally a~eed th~t ~e formation of some entity to oversee and implement the strategies contained within the marketing plan would drive funding of all other initiatives in the plan. Staff is required to successfully prioritize and coordinate the initiatives suggested for implementation in South Linden . The Financing Team did not make a recommendation as to the specific form that such an entity should take;

however, it was agreed that a minimum of three staff persons were required with an operating budget of at least $150,000 annually. The goal in forming of such an entity should be to identify at least three years of funding for the operations with a secondary goal of leveraging public to private funding by $3:$1 ratio. The team identified foundations, private corporations such as banks, insurance companies, the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the State's Community Development Corporation (CDC) program as potential funding sources for the formation of the entity charged with implementation of the Strategic Marketing Plan. Subsequent to the funding of an entity to implement the various 7tr~t~gies o_f ~e plan, it was decided that the initiatives should be gro~p~d an~ P:1ontiZed wi~ that grouping. Funding resources will generally b_esimilar ~~ the groupings. The initiatives can generally be grouped as marketing/ advertising: Overall Public Relations Unveiling of Gateway Gateway Package/Brochure Gateway Baseball Caps Business Directory B.E.S.T. Program Newsletter

Consumer Profile Brochure Retail/ Service Renderings Recruitment Video Community Action Magnet Strengthening Your Business Brochure Landscape Award Business Image Advertising Campaign Business Recruitment Advertising Campaign

Several initiatives were also grouped under the pr?je~ or activity cate~o~. It was ¡

p the :~1:,'~~:~~:e: s:;ns~~:~eP!':; ~t c~or:: decided . resources for these activities. Provided below e volunteensm an 5

d der the proJ¡ect or activity heading: str.ategic plan were the best funding are the initiatives that should be groupe un


Fair Days New Business Mentors TIPS Cub Preferred Shopper Gateway Business Exchange Business Recruitment Ceveland Avenue Murals Anti-crime Campaign Media Monitoring

One Stop Resource Center Business Success Seminars Retention Hit Teams Gateway Bus Fares Job Fair Community Park Gardens Banners Adopt-a-Business Overall Public Relations

The final category for grouping initiatives in the marketing plan is development projects. These proposed projects should be prioritized and those with the greatest likelihood of success should be pursued Additionally, the project(s} should be structured in such a manner as to generate income for the entity formed to implement the marketing plan with the hope that it should ultimately become self sustaining. The development projects have the greatest number and possible combination of funding resources. Generally, these projects should be able to attract private developers, banks, city and state public financing, city infrastructure and grants and foundation support Below are those initiatives grouped as development projects: Strip Mall: - Restaurants - Office Supply Store - Laundromat/Dry Ceaner - Discount Department Store - Qothing Store

Gateway Theatre Fast Food Restaurants Gateway park Incubator Family Practice Physician Center Fine Dining Restaurant

In conclusion there are a myriad number of possible funding r~urces for t upon ' "taliz e South Linden. The applicatio · "tiau·ves to revi and ti.min . n of them· is thdependen uu g em, ting unplemen entity the n, undertake being are which initiatives finance unpredictable circumstances coming into plar con~ently. . may dix . listing of all funding resources identified that m success the that note to It is im ortant . . ~a appen 1 th Pmix of the aforementioned factors. _an ..ed the strategies contained m the P JS to e ti applying any of these resources




As stated in the INTR?DUCTION to this Strategic Marketing Plan, the marketing challenge and tas.k facng South Linden cannot be underestimated. While there is a golden. opportunity f~r Sou~ Linden to activate an economic development markettng model for mner-o.ty neighborhoods throughout the country, strategic decisions must not be compromised in the urgency of moving ahead too quickly. Careful consideration must be given to identifying the right community-based organization which can serve as the implementer of the marketing _ recommendations. Equally important is the prudent process that must be initiated to prioritize the initiatives detailed in this Plan. Implementing a few, high-impact marketingprograms well will far outweigh the community frustrations of attempting to "do it all" - inadequately. The Strategic Marketing Plan attempts to provide solid marketing options from which the community can draw consensus. However, all of the initiatives should be periodically reviewed for implementation over the long-term. . The most critical factor is reaching consensus regarding who and how the provide cl~ar~y DO can prioritized marketing programs are implem_ented. ~e itself - the the IS 1t , assIStance valuable expertise and needed technical people who live, work and do business in South Lind~ - .wh? m~t unplement action and claim responsibility for assuring that self-revitalizatton is realized.














Strategic Marketing Panel Participants: The following individuals

actively participated in the Strategic Marketing Panel:

Susan Alexander, Community Reinvestment Officer BankOne. Columbus, N.A. Mark Barbash, Executive Director Columbus County-wide Development Corporation


St.Stephen's Community House Veline Barton, Resident

OttoBeatty, Jr. State Representative

KellyS. Boyer,Y.O.U.Coordinator

ty PrivateIndustry Council of Columbus and Franklin Coun Chair:Semces Assesment

JadcieBroadus, President

WindsorTerraceResident Council

CurtisBrooks,Executive Director ization Columbus Metropolitan Area Community Action Organ

DebraBurke, Publisher

Linden Area Monthly Publication Owner LeonBurnett,Business Lifestyle Ministries

PriscillaButler, Assistant Vice President BancOhio National Bank/Community


Lynn Cahill, Vice President Ohio'sCenterof Sdence & Industry . Freeze! D. Calvin, Resident

Frankie Coleman, Executive OirectDr County PrivateIndustry Coundl of Columbus andFranklin

Candace Cooper, Council Aide Councilman Michael Coleman

Beverly Comer, Attorney-at-law South Unden Area Commismon Chair.Service Recruitment K.athieCunningham, Resident Ken Dante!', President Ken Dante!' & Associates Chair. Retail Recruitment

Richard C. Davis, Interim President

DowntownColumbus,Inc. Don DeVere, Executive Director

Center Columbus Neighborhood DesignAssistance Chair.Neighborhood Improvements Stephan R. Douglas, President

SouthLinden BusinessAssociation Chair.Neighborhood Improvem.mts Dubenion Jo.Am

North Central Area C.Ommission MilicentEason Dove Building Services EttaEvans, Business Owner Simmons&: Evans Beauty Salon

JoeFields, Chairman North Central Area C.Ommision Susan r1Sher

Center Columbus NeighborhoodDesignAS:Sistance Vernon Gibson, President

Dove Building Services Owe Service Kec:raitment Maurice Hall, Resident Nobie Hampton, Resident

GeorgeHicks Chuck Highland, Branch Manager

BancOhioNational Bank, Linden Branch

Cynthia Hudson FormerSouth Unden BusineSI Owner


Matt Perrenrod Columbus Housing Partnership David Rivers, Community Developme t BancOhio National Bank, Commuruty ~elopment

BoyceSafford, Project Director DCI Wendell Sanders, Resident Executive Director Eldon W. Ward YMCA


Bernie Senser, Business Owner

Cyclemet, Inc. Sandy Senser, BusinessOwner Cyclemet.Inc.

Rachelle Shells PICLeaming Center Philip Shotwell, Executive Director Minority Development F"mancingCommission Ohio Department of Development Anna Simmons, BusinessOwner Simmons &: Evans Beauty Salon

CaroJStumme,Pastor St. Peter 's Evangelical Lutheren Church

Marvin Swain, Busines.1 Owner

That's My Mama's Sweet Potato Pie

William Thomas, Resident Terry Townes, Vice Chairman South Linden Area Commismm Chair. Crime/Safety

, Adam I<. Troy, Education Rep<>ter WCMH-1V Chair. Community Identity Cark Valentine, Chairman South Linden Area Commission D. Valentine South Linden Area Commission


Gerorge Walker, Sr., Assistant Direc:tc r St. Stephen's Community House Chair. Services Assesment

George Walker, Jr., Resident Leo Walles Ohio Society of Building &: Trades Commission Robert Wallington, Business


R ckS Market

CarlWard, Business Owner McDonalds

Chair: Retail Recruitment Kurt Weiland, General Counsel Century Surety

David Weiss, Vice President BancOhioNational Bank, Community Development Department Chair.Public/Private Financing John B. Williams, Resident

Mike Wllson PIC Administration Harrietta Wood, Resident Carl Woodford, Realtor

DebraYounger,ProgramManager City of Columbus, Department of Development Chair.Public/Private Financing Carol Zelizer, Development Direc:tor




South Linden Strategic Marketing Retreat Participants:

RetreatParticipants; Name

Paul Anderson Ed Armentrout George Arnold Otto Beatty, Jr.,

Kelly Boyer Steve O,.eek Frankie Coleman

Stephan Douglas Vernon Gibson PatGrady James Manuel

Steve Miggo Betty Moore Audrey Owens M.D. Portman Boyce Safford Mark Sroufe Marilyn Tomasi Terry Townes Jon York

Organization Columbus Call & Post Downtown Columbus, Inc. City of Columbus State Representative Private Industry Council of Columbus and Franklin County I-670 Corridor Development Corporation Private Industry Council of Columbus and Franklin County Century 21 Dove Building Services City of Columbus Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce Plaskolite, Inc. Representative Beatty's Office City of Columbus . Columbus City Council Downtown Columbus, Inc. The Tomasi Marketing Group Inc. The Tomasi Marketing Group ~c. South Linden Blockwatch CaptamS Columbus Area Chamber of

Commerce Downtown Columbus, Inc.

Carol Zelizer


Financing Funding Options Following is a partial informatio 0 ta n ~ base on Economic Development Programs and Marketing Funding o ti majority of the resources ~t:~~:~ f~~ ~ Tobsfor ?9uth LindenProject.The e South Linden community in its ai retention and r~cruitment efforts: w

Statefm'1Els; JobTraining • Ohio Industrial Training Program • Ohio Industrial Training Program/High

Unemployment Program

BusinessDevelopment Programs • Economic Development Financing Resource Manual - SBA504 Loan Program - Ohio 166 Manufacturing Loan Program - Ohio 166 Regional Program (Small Loans) - Ohio Mini-Loan P.rogram (Small loan guaranty program) - Withrow Linked Deposit Program • Minority Development Financing Commission/Bonding Program • Minority Business Development Loans • Technological Innovations/Edison Program Neighborhood Development . • Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association cannot otherwise who owners (Provides basic property insurance to property buy insurance in the normal market.)


lob Trainin&


• Private Industry Council of Columbus and Franklin County

Business D~velopment Programs • Conm_um1tyDevelopment Block Grant p rogram - Business Development Fund . - Neighborhood. Comercial Revi·talizanon W o~kin g Cap1tal Loan Fund Retention and Expans·10n Program - Business . Neighborhood Economic Development Fund

Iax Incentives • Tax Abatement/Enterprise Zones in Columbus - Real and Personal Property Tax Abatement for New Investment • Investment Tax Credits • Tax Increment Financing • Special Assesments

Grants Foundation

The following directories and listings will be available at the CBO: • National Directory of .Corporate and Foundation Support for Community Economic Development • National Congress for Community Economic Development • Directory of Central Ohio Foundations and Corporate Support Foundation grants and corporate sponsors should be the primary targets to finance marketing initiatives. Sponsors could include local banks, major insurance companies and major trade organizations. For example: - Fair Days - The Ohio Expositions Commission - Incubator Program - Huntington National Banks - Recruitment Video - Chamber of Commerce


Ex:ended Area . • Cleveland Ave (tau nue .~ • · · · 17 .... Avenue ---





• Fi.11:h Avenue






~- "-' ---=r-a&J&i

J1 I ~



. ..

, I



., ~· ., .,,j



:t , ;



' ·n



. :•

\ ---y-a'


:1 '


Image Building Recruit Businesses·

Retain Current Jobs

Neighborhood Improvements

Create New Jobs

+.· .........,..









Economic Development








Economic Development Marketing Equation




Jobs for South Linden: Strategic Marketing Plan 1993  

Produced by Downtown Columbus, Inc. in collaboration with the South Linden community.

Jobs for South Linden: Strategic Marketing Plan 1993  

Produced by Downtown Columbus, Inc. in collaboration with the South Linden community.