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Business Today ‐ Samsung  According to the founder of the Samsung group, the meaning of the word “Samsung” in Korean Hanja means tri star or three stars, three representing something big, numerous and powerful and the stars meaning eternity.


Samsung is a South Korean multinational company founded in 1938, it is headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea (shown in the photo above). It is the world’s largest mobile phone maker, world’s largest television manufacturer and the world’s second largest semiconductor chip maker. Samsung sells a variety of different electronics such as, PC and PC monitors, Mobile phones e.g Samsung galaxy phones, TV’s , DVD’s, Printers, Fridges, Vacuums, Air conditioners, Cameras, Cam recorders, Memory cards, USB’s, Hard disk drives and many more.

Samsung is a global company, it operates in approximately 123 countries including Australia, Austria, Japan, Korea, Canada, India Mexico and many more, and their offices are located all around the world.                    

Samsung is South Korea’s most biggest and powerful business conglomerate; it is now ranked as the world’s biggest technology company eclipsing longer established rivals from Japan, Europe and North America. It is the fastestgrowing producer of mobile phones, televisions and other digital appliances. Samsung has expanded dramatically over the past few years through an aggressive advertising/ marketing campaign in North America and Western Europe. An example of a Samsung advertising method was the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III. “We are launching the biggest marketing campaign in Samsung’s history”, bragged the Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Pendleton, as many people started to follow the company’s social networking pages. Samsung has 6.8 million Facebook friends, which is a 560% increase, and the followers on Twitter increased by 488% with 1.8 followers. The Company discussed “never been done before” advertising strategies for the Samsung Galaxy S III, Fifty kiosks and 40, 000 interactive posters will surface around USA. Samsung also has plans to run a 3D advertisement in 55 theaters across the US. Samsung HEG  electronics  underage 

Samsung has been able to produce a product range in which caters for different markets in different countries based on price. For example, mobile phones in LECD’S are very simple and are usually text only (photo on the right) whereas, in MEDC’S the phones are usually very complex (photo on the let) e.g. smart phones – Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung has been accused for child labor, one of their biggest suppliers; HEG electronics has been employing underage workers (under 16 years). Investigation has proved that 100 underage workers have been employed by HEC, earning not much money.

The TNC, Samsung has many positive aspects. Samsung phones and tablets are better for working services because the internet loads faster than blackberries and other phones, but apple is about the same speed as Samsung phones and tablets. Samsung has a wide range of different products. Samsung comprises around 80 countries. It is highly diversified with activities in areas including construction, electronics, financial services, shipbuilding and medical services.


By Alexandra Tabet & Samantha Dadge

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