Richmond Nov/Dec 2017

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Celebrating Excellent


In room one, a single mother waits. Her headaches have been getting more intense and frequent lately. Is it the stress of raising three energetic boys on her own, or does she have a brain tumor? She isn’t normally so pessimistic, but her fears have taken hold. In room two, a retired grandfather sits and worries. Although he has worked hard to manage his type 2 diabetes, he struggles with his wife’s developing dementia. He tries to have strong willpower, but finds himself eating too many candy bars to cope with the loneliness and stress. In room three, an anxious mother tries to comfort her coughing child. He has never been this sick in his five years of life, and she worries. Is this just a normal cold that will lead to a quick recovery, or could it be something more serious? Could he be developing life-threatening asthma like his dad has? In room four, a middle-aged father tries to read a sports magazine in an uncomfortable chair. He has noticed his hand shaking lately, and he worries. Is it something perfectly explainable, or could he be developing a potentially debilitating disease that will rob him of the chance to play basketball with his sons?


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